Catching Up

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Swish, CF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Contreras pitching.

No A-Rod

The Yankees will be without A-Rod tonight and tomorrow, reportedly, as he has returned to Miami to be with his wife who is delivering the couple’s second child.

Strange Notes

Did you know … the NY Mets have played three times since we last played a game … the Sox lead the AL in runs scored per game at 5.44 and rank last in stolen bases with three … with a .242 team batting average, the club is 13th, but a .336 team OBP is fifth … our .988 fielding percentage is tied for second in the AL … Sox pitching over the last nine games:  starters:  6-2, 1.44 ERA … relievers:  0-1, 2.00 ERA.

Lunch Break

Attended the Children’s Home + Aid society’s annual award luncheon today at the Palmer House Hilton as Andrea and Jim Thome and Jennifer and Paul Konerko were honored before 500-600 guests.

“This might be the first time since I was 12 that I’ve been honored for something other than sports,” Konerko laughed.  “Usually, I’m honored for things I do inside the two white lines.  This feels pretty good.”

Andrea spoke touchingly of meeting and spending time with foster kids and their host families.

“We know we can make a difference in their lives,” she said.  “And they make a difference in ours.”

Konerko spoke of the importance of this cause to both families (his wife Jen’s family has helped raise foster kids) and said he looks forward to remaining involved in the charity — and with the Thomes — long after his playing career is over.

To donate to this year’s Bring Me Home Campaign (which raised $83,000 in 2007 with hopes of topping $100,000 in 2008), visit




playing well or not… Thome and Konerko….. clall acts…. thank you, now let’s get the yanks… j.k.

make that class acts…. dumb computer, no wait, lousy fingers…. j.k.

Well that was a bad flashback to 2007 wasn’t it?

13 runners left on base, can’t get a clutch hit to save their souls and a second blown game in the past six days.


Mark Liptak

And looking back over things is it just me or are the Sox giving up a LOT of runs with two out?

Examples include Detroit getting to Contreras for five two out runs earlier in the year, Jenks blew the game Thursday night with two, two out runs, Mark gave up three runs on four straight hits after the blown rundown Saturday in Tampa and Dotel with the grand slam this evening.

And based on Scott’s numbers you have to at least begin to wonder if last season WAS NOT a fluke regarding the team batting average. It’s probably wise to wait another month or so and then try to draw some conclusions but the specter is out there for now.

Mark Liptak

I don’t have a clue what in the hell ozzie was thinking during last nights dreadful 7th inning. I was at the game when logan gave up the infield hit to damon… (by the way if Uribe is at short that is an out)…. and i was thinking either you pitch logan vs. jeter with all the lefties coming up or you go to dotel for jeter and thornton for abreau. so he calls on dotel who K’s the overrated jeter……but then? there is no call to thornton. dotel faces abreau and just as i predicted he hits a grand slam. Then he goes and brings in thornton after all of the damage was done. this is the american league. all you have to do is make pitching changes and the occasional pinch runner. it should not be that hard. ozzie is one of the worst managers of the pitching staff i have ever seen. if you have the lead in the 8th my 7 month old son could bring in linebrink and jenks.

Take notice to this as well- every time Don Cooper comes out to visit the pitcher it is the kiss of death. 80 percent of the time the guy gets a hit right after. yesterday was no different as Damon deposited one right after cooper came out. He is the grim reaper.

What a night at the park. Not a breath of air and the beer was cold. The game was frustrating to say the least. While it was great to see 13 hits we can’t leave that many ducks on the pond. We got to move them over and get them across. At some point, you gotta wonder about having Uribe in the line up. Despite his hit early in the game, watching this guy bat is an adventure. Not sure what to call that style….hacking, stabbing…certainly not swinging. As far as effectiveness in the BP, why didn’t they use Linebrink last night? Dotel has shown he can be counted on about 50% of the time. We saw what percent we got last night. PK is seeing the ball and was about 10 feet from going 4-4. One big difference I see this year is we are trying to do anything to get on base early in the game. That’s positive. Its weird seeing Thome and PK walk, but OBP wins games and we’ll start moving these guys over soon enough. One thing I don’t get is later in the game it seems like everyone wants to swing for the fences. Quentin seems to think he’s a home run hitter and he’s not. Maybe Ozzie can explain that to him. He’ll be a good one in time. If these guys would think about getting on base in later innings instead going for “all or nothing”, you might be surprised how many more runs we scratch out. Game 2 tonight, we need a strong effort from Javy. We should eat Mussina alive.

I will be there tonight, making sure they win on my Birthday.

So any complaints tomorrow, submit them to me.


2007 is over. Nothing can change it.

So why do people on this board keep mentioning it? If the players worried about 2007 as much as the folks on this board, then the Sox would be so distracted they would be lucky to win 60 games on the year.


Because fans are wondering if 2007 is the start of a “trend” especially given the poor batting averages by seemingly everyone on the club last year and the start of this season.

It’s a legitimate question and a legitimate concern in my opinion.


My only answer to your question on Thornton is that last year Thornton was hit harder by left handers then he was right handers. In 2007 Ozzie kept trotting him out there to get blasted by lefty’s…maybe that was in his mind when he decided otherwise.

Javy needs to throw another good game tonight and get this club back on track. They haven’t been able to put things together on a consistent basis in the last six days or so.

Mark Liptak

When I saw the highlights last night, I had a flashback to my youth… and to why I… dislike is such a mild word…how about this?
When I was a kid, the White Sox would have a lead in the late innings… Invariable, Mantle, Maris, Berra, Tom Tresh, Elston Howard, Hector Lopez, yes, folks, even Bill Skowron would come up with what seemed like two runners on every base and deposit one either deep into the upper deck at old Comiskey, or right down the right field line (296 feet from home plate)at the Stadium in the South Bronx to leave Bob Elson and me very, very depressed for quite some time…
Same thing last night… dammit…
Lip… Just a thought about your comments about the Steinbrenners…
True, they are winners…
But they also have all the tact,subtlety and people skills of a Panzer tank…
That is, and has been, and will ALWAYS be, the Yank-mes way of doing things… It started with Colonel Ruppert,escalated with Dan Topping, Del Webb and George Weiss, and has crested with the current regime…
But bullies often don’t get their way all the time…
And the last time the Bronx Bummers were in the World Serious was (GASP!!!)eight years ago…
I will say this now, as I’ve said it before…
The Yankees organization, like their fans, like Notre Dame football fans, like any other dynasty in sports, think that it’s their God-given right to be in the championships EVERY DAMNED YEAR!!!… and it’s a conspiracy when they’re NOT…
That is why, when ND goes 3 and 9 in football, and the Yankees get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs…I am as happy as if I was in my right mind…
Because payback can be a REAL bee-yatch…
Finally, congrats to the Thomes and the Konerkos for the marvelous work they do with the children’s Home and Aid Society…
They are all beautiful people for doing that…
The wives, especially…
The husbands?… well… I guess they’re OK, too…

One season plus 19 games does not constitute a “trend.”

My point is this.

Stop worrying about every move of every game and sit back and ENJOY the game of baseball.

Hell yes, I want to win and I hate losing as much as I hate that school in South Bend that TQ referred to above (you know, the one that should have started the season 0-10 if UCLA would have had a backup QB).

But worrying about a start of a “trend” and whether or not a team has consistency in a season that is just 19 games old is absolutely ridiculous.

tc… Thanks for backing up the earlier rants…
But you will find that there are people out there in White Sox Universe who will “spot” trends with only three pitches having been thrown,three batters having been faced, in the first Spring Training game…
To these people, White Sox baseball is not life and death…
It’s much more serious than that…
If you think I’m kidding, trust me… I’m not…
On another note, this time one of self-promotion…
I hope that all of you in White Sox Universe will pick up Friday’s edition of Red Line, the mini Tribune…and check out the Five on Five column in their sports section…
I have been told that it will also be available on line at
You might get a surprise …
(In the radio/TV/print business, that is what is known as a “tease”)

Before I get into serious trouble with the folks at Tribune Tower, the name of the mini Tribune is Red Eye, not Red Line…
Red Line is the name of the CTA line that gets you to the Cell… if you wait and pray…

By the way, I was in the Tower yesterday on this business,and i noted a quote from the late publisher of the Tribune, Colonel Robert R Mc Cormick…
It said:
And I was figuring… since I live 10 blocks south of Jurassic Park at Neverland…
The Higher Authority and I are very much on speaking terms…
In fact, I use his name, and his son’s name on many occasions…
Such as when Dotel faced Abreu last night…


Excuse me, it’s not “one season and 19 games.”

It’s 181 games played thank you. That’s not a small sample size.

My point is that those who think something is going on and that potentially it’s not a fluke, an aberration, a coincidence have some legitimate reasons to ask questions and to wonder.

You can bet your rear end Kenny is thinking about it…especially if the team batting average is still at .245 a month from now.

If you or anyone can guarantee me that the Sox will hit two, three run home runs every game for the rest of the season, I’ll say “who cares,” about the team batting average and so forth….but you can’t and you’ve seen enough baseball to know that offenses that live by the home run, die by it when they aren’t being hit and you have few other options regarding scoring runs.

You want to know why the Sox have had such issues playing in Oakland and Seattle say since the start of 2001?

A big part of it is because of their “all or nothing” approach to hitting. It’s hard to hit home runs in those parks, damn hard. No home runs…no other ways to score…lots of losses.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that one out does it?


With respect, I agree, the Yankees conduct themselves (including their fans) many times without a lot of class…but then again they have 26 World Championships and a current string of 12 straight post season appearances.

They can act however they want to with that kind of history in my opinion. Remember Leo Durocher’s famous saying, “nice guys finish last…”

Mark Liptak

Another thing i noticed yesterday was that when the bags were juiced and Uribe was coming up everyone in the crowd was yelling to pinch hit…. I started looking at the potential candidates and I was very unimpressed. I would have let Uribe hit too. Anderson can’t hit. Ramirez may eventually be able to hit but he is over matched. Hall? I may as well go up there. Ozuna is the only decent option and he has no pop. Which made me think that the sox may need a guy on the bench that can come up and get a big hit a la Warren the Deacon Newson or Jerry Hairston. If the Big Hurt doesn’t get any takers I would love to have him come aboard. He probably wouldn’t accept a split time role but man we need someone with some pop on the bench and right now he is the best option.


I’m not disagreeing with what you say about the all-or-nothing hitting issues. And below average batting averages are never good.

But a trend in baseball is not 181 games. It’s more like 4 or 5 years.

This is no trend for the Sox. It is a team that is defined by power hitters and the big play philosophy. Kind of reminds me of Earl Weaver’s old “three-run homer” mentality.

Sure, it is a concern for Kenny and Ozzie. But what happened last night has absolutely nothing to do with anything in 2007. And if they start thinking about 2007 as much as you and apparently many other fans are, then they will struggle like last year.

Big changes have been made since the poor season of 2007. New players (Swisher, Cabrera, Quentin, Dotel, Linebrink, etc.) are aboard that had nothing to do with that team.

How can you expect the players and coaches to move on from 2007 when it is obvious that you and other fans are obsessed with dwelling on it?

Enough of this negativity. I’m a fan that wants to win and not one that worries and complains all the time. Kenny, Ozzie and the staff have a job to do and I’ll let them do it and cheer them on as much as I can.

I’m not a “Kool-Aid drinker” as the guys on the Score call some fans. I have and will be critical of decisions made by the GM and the manager. I will never be a fair-weather “fan” like so many of them on the North Side.

But I will let the guys have the chance to do the job they are paid to do. If they don’t do it, then I’ll criticize. And 19 games are not enough to make any judgments in my book.

And, no, I will not make judgments this year based on last year’s numbers. The time for that was last off season and spring training. It is now 2008 and that is all this team should be focused on.

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