Third Game vs. The Yanks

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Swish, CF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B.  Floyd pitching.

Rainy night here at the ballpark.  This might take awhile.


Hopefully liptak is done posting for a while. dude you are going to wear your computer out. we get your point. come up with something new by god.

carefull, Kenwo, or you’ll be confused with us blind rah-rah types….. so finally some nice temps in Chicago and now it rains?????? now you know why we live in tucson…. j.k. see you all on wgn later i hope….

Wow.. watching the 2005 highlights during the rain delay on WGN… kills me still… does anybody else STILL get choked up?? Pods, Guch, Aaron, Freddie, Jon… list goes on.. what a memory!

After watching this team in the spring and through the first month, I believe we are seeing now what the pundits had predicted. Slow, below average pitching and poor at bats. Just the facts.

that was a great game. even though i am now frozen cold and soaking wet i am glad i stayed to see super joe win it in the bottom of the 9th! too bad they blew it for gavin again!

it was a soggy night at the park but hot on the field. last night was the epitome of what i said yesterday. in our five run inning, how did we score? singles, doubles, walks, but in the end it was hits, hits, hits. we forgot about our stats for a moment and made contact. we took a page right out of the yankees playbook. kenwo, just so you know, the boys didn’t blow it for gavin, gavin blew it for gavin. let’s hope that jermaine’s leg is okay.

today’s debate. chris ronge(sp?), or the ranger or dopey, sneezy, whatever this guy goes by should be taken off the air at the wscr 670. i am sooooo sick of hearing his opinion which is so far off base. people call in to express their opinion and then he think he needs to comment on whether they are right or wrong. chris, here’s a heads up, nobody cares what you think so shut up and let the callers express themselves without your ill-informed opinions.

the D-Backs fans are giddy about having the best record in baseball and that their pitching is doing so well. the red sox fans are complaining that they aren’t winning every game, one guy saying that “the sox lose only to keep some of red sox nation happy to be complaining” and of course they are also happy that the yankees lost. the marlins fans are mostly grumpy about not getting the props they deserve for being in first place. the angels fans are mostly talking about hillary or obama instead of baseball. (pretty laid back in socal i guess). the cubs fans are starting to show some stress at being in first (how long can it last?) but the White Sox fans are really a hoot! we are in first place too, but there are some among us who can’t find anything good to say about this team. if we win with a homer that’s the only way we can do it. if we win with singles and doubles, then we leave too many men on base and if we win with pitching its not going to hold up much longer. amazing! i know we don’t have on paper the best team in baseball, but we are in first place so we must be doing SOMETHING right. enjoy the ride folks and complain all you want. just know this: every other first place team in baseball has troubles, but they don’t overwhelm their fans the way our troubles do. all the rest of the teams in baseball? they wish they were in first place, and are trying to get there, but for now, we ARE in first. i say enjoy it! now let’s take the series from the birds… go White Sox ’08….. j.k.

To me, klein’s point shows that the White Sox can win in multiple ways which is a great thing. HR’s one night, base hits the next, pitching the next night, Defense… I for one am enjoying it and can’t wait to get back into the AL central to knock those teams back down.

Last nights game was great. And what about Floyd coming back out and pitching good enough to win? Great job! The Yanks chose to pull Hughes (who gets praised) while we leave Floyd in (who gets doubted). BTW…ESPN never even mentioned Floyd, I didn’t know he was brought back out until I got online, all they did was praise Hughes for 2 good innings…I hate ESPN (I know most of us do).

Finally, why do we even have B.A. on the team? Dye gets injured and Ozzie brings in Uribe (on his off day) instead of simply putting B.A. in. Why does Ozzie not like B.A???

Scott-please ask Ozzie why he doesn’t use B.A. might as well bring up Owens for the speed off the bench. It’s like we’re playing a man short.

I agree completely with Klein.. I can’t hardly wait to see a game and I have to wait until July!! But.. one thing I can’t stomach.. is the Cubs continue to win, or as mom would say ‘the d**n Cubs keep winning! 🙂

What a game! I hate the nailbiters, but winning them makes it so much sweeter =) I, too, love not living and dying by the long ball. Long ball baseball is FUN, and when you’re in a tied game, can finish things (for one team or the other) quickly, but we won with situational hitting, and some speed..gotta say I was worried when they sent CQ home on that hit, but thrilled when it worked out.
As for the highlights..we own the full postseason of 2005 on DVD, and I still get choked up when I watch it… and I think I always will. As for the Cubs, let them win, there are very high expectations for them, so the pressure will be on. We aren’t expected to do well, so the fact that we are (I know the season is VERY young!) is great and I’m enjoying every minute! -Dawn

Loved last night’s game (got to watch it on WGN – woo hoo)!

My only wish is that Ozzie would be less influenced by the righty-lefty matchup equation, and make pitching decisions based on how the specific pitcher on the mound is doing and has done against the specific batter on deck. I’m not yet convinced about the level of improvement in the Sox bullpen, but I hope to see evidence of that as the season goes on.

Agree with everyone about the fun of watching the 2005 highlights – always makes me smile, never, ever get tired of it!!


Just for you my man!

Another unknown left hander going tonight for Baltimore. We’ll see how the Sox try to hit him. He’s got a career ERA of 5.4 and a career losing record. This year he has more walks then strikeouts.

Have fun my man.

Mark Liptak

Brother Liptak: You really should try to make it in from the wilds of Idaho whenever Blog Night III comes up…the same for yourself, kenwo… Then we could arrange for two out of three falls, no disqualifications…
If any of you were paying attention during the pre-game show last night on Ch 9, and also during the second rain delay… the grammar police are going to get after Joe Crede…
During his interview with Dan Roan, he used the phrase “you know”, by my unofficial count, at least… 42 TIMES!!!
If I had a thousand dollars for every time he used that two word phrase… I could get a ticket for Saturday night’s game with Baltimore…plus concessions,a “soft drink” or two, and more… maybe…
I know it’s nitpicking supreme on my part but… it’s a lot better than always ragging on the team, its performance or any of the hundred-and-one, or more, gripes that White Sox Universe seem to have…
By the way, strictly blowing my own horn(for once…)…I hope that those of you who have the opportunity to pick up the mini Tribune, the RedEye(got it RIGHT this time…), will turn to page 21 and look towards the top right side of that page… there you will see a familiar name, with, to some, an unfamiliar face… but some typical b.s. about five chosen topics…and for my friends outside the area (jk, peggy writes, sox 1966, etc)… I believe that I was informed that the same thing is on the web site…
Anyway, check it out, if you can…my 15 minutes of fame has about 14 minutes and 45 seconds remaining…
To those of you outside the limits of the city, don’t forget…
Tomorrow night, the boys and the Birds from the Cell… 6 PM Central time, 5 PM Mountain time, 4 PM Pacific time… and whatever time it is in Tokyo…

My family knows I started calling HIM, with much affection, Joe “ya know” Crede in 2005. Puhleez, TQ, at least you admit to your nitpicking when you do it. I’m so happy you (finally) recognized Credespeak. To me, still there is worse, for instance saying “No problem”, when the proper response (in my opinion) is “Thank you”. Okay, now we bring you back to your regularily scheduled program: BASEBALL!?!
And post script: Thank you.

OOPS, faux pas, I meant to say that a person should say,
“You’re welcome” for doing something pleasant for another human being. And that person should respond Thank you.
(for shopping at KMart)…

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