Ozzie Guillen Comments

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ozzie’s Comments Before Tonight’s Game

He hopes JD is back Sunday, maybe Monday after straining his groin sliding into home plate and then doubling in his next at-ba last night.

When asked about his skill as a clutch hitter vs. Joe Crede’s:

“Mine were bloopers.  Joe’s are legitimate.

“But for this organization, the best hitter in the clutch was Harold Baines.

“It;s important that you have the same approach to each at-bat and not try to do too much.  Then it’s a little of being in the right place at the right time.”



I am starting to believe that the white sox contact the anti-christ scott boras and come up with a deal to make for Crede. I have not always been the biggest Crede fan. Actually i despised him for much of the first 4 years he was on the team. I am now in favor of giving him some money. The guy gets big hits week after week. It is almost ridiculous. Where would this team be without Crede? If they had worked out a spring training trade my prediction is they would be 5 games under at this point. Crede has made that big of a difference and we aren’t even out of the first month. Its time to pay the piper.

Swisher has a nice OBP, so either he needs some instruction on base stealing or when he gets on, OC has to move him over. Station to station over the lone haul does not get the job done. Maybe it’s me but it seems the pitchers this year are giving up a lot of 2 out RBI.

I’d have to agree with kenwo on this one… Crede has helped us win at least 5 games with his bat alone and has kept us in many other games as well with some of his fine defensive plays.

How about ‘Hardcore 24’ club.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clutch!

One bottle of Presidential Hot Sauce on sale at Making History, a gift store in Union Station.

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