Wraparound Series with the Birds

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Swish, RF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, CF; Uribe, 2B; Hall, C.  Buehrle pitching.

Last Night

If you have to spend a late night at the ballpark, it’s always good to win.

Dirty 30

Many of you may have read today’s Sun-Times story click here about Joe Crede quitting Nick Swisher’s “Dirty 30” club in dramatic, theatric fashion.  So, today all over the clubhouse, signs are posted (I wonder by who) saying Mr. Crede has been “expelled” from the Club.

Here’s my thought, let’s come up with a new club for Joe … offer me a few names (tasteful, please) and we’ll see if we can come up with some t-shirts and/or hats to celebrate the group.

As one clubhouse jokester quipped, “You know Joe Crede’s club won’t have t-shirts or hats because he ain’t paying for them.”

Konerko, sporting a “Dirty 30” hat laughed about the “competing” clubs.

“You can see were my allegiances are,” he said, showing a broad smile.

Nothing beats fun in the clubhouse, except perhaps, winning.

Fun With Numbers

Since you can make numbers prove (or disprove) just about anything and everything, enjoy a laugh at these …

Bob Beghtol, our Media Relations staff, happily passed around statistical printouts from the playing careers of our coaches, showing which hitters owned which pitchers and vice versa.  You can only imagine the comments, when our coaches read that …

Eddie Murray owned Kevin Hickey (5-5, HR, RBI)

Ozzie Guillen hit better than .500 in his career against eight pitchers, including Bob Tewskbury (8-14, .571), Mark Leiter (6-11, .545) and Ed Whitson (6-11, .545, HR) and was 1-26 lifetime against Dennis Martinez

Jeff Cox hit 1.000 against 11 different pitchers, including 3-3 against Rich Dotson

Joey Cora hit .571 (4-7) against Jaret Wright and .545 (6-11) against Mark Langston

Harold Baines owned Steve Crawford (11-15, .733, HR) and Greg Hibbard (7-10, .700) but did not necessarily like Dennis Leonard (0-15), Dan Spillner (0-12), Tom Burgmeier (0-10), Richard Yett (0-10) or Rich Monteleone (0-9)

Juan Nieves held Mike Greenwell hitless (0-12)

Greg Walker loved to face Bob Stanley (.643, 9-14, 2 HR) and Chris Bosio (.565, 13-23, 2 HR) but hated to see John Cerutti (0-13) and Bobby Witt (0-10)

Mark Salas hated Dave Stewart (0-13) but loved Jay Tibbs (.714, 5-7) among many …

And finally, everybody loved to face Don Cooper (joking, just joking).




Crede’s Clean-Cut’s?

The Clutch Club?

The Cleaning Crew?

All I can think of is “Crede and Me”

Crede’s Crew?

The Captain Clutch Club?

In the words of Hawk, “Suck ’em up Joe” should be the slogan.

Late Inning Heroes
Crede’s Corner (3b)
Joe Joe’s Circus

LOVED the jumping Quentin and Crede after the winning run last night. Lots of solidarity and smiles. It’s a great feeling seeing your favorite team bond like that and I know we as fans love win! Let’s keep it going!

Clutch Crede’s Club (remember Clutch Cargo?)

Like the Late Inning Heroes also.

What a great win for the Sox!

TQ- i am not agreeing to that match up with liptak….. I appreciate that he sees the struggles and makes predictions. i just wish he would limit them to 2 a day that way it doesnt take me 6 hours to read the blog! However, i think there is too much agonizing going on. I am a harsh critic, but besides from Tuesday night vs. the Yankees I think the year has gone pretty well. That night we had the opportunity to win but the manager did not make the proper moves to get us the W. That gets under my skin more than Bobby Jenks blowing his yearly game vs. the Orioles. Speaking of which maybe the sox could get a 4 run lead going into the 9th this weekend so we won’t have to see Bobby face that team. They got his number!

Regarding Walker’s stats, I’m a little to young to know, and not motivated enough to look it up, but I’m going to guess that Cerutti and Witt were both rookie soft tossing lefties when Walker faced them?🙂

Here’s another one for Joe’s club:

How about “Joe’s Hotties”? (you know, for the hot corner, but also for the hot bats, not to mention the best looking group of baseball players in the Majors!!)

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