Game 2

Saturday, April 25, 2008

Game 2 Lineup

Swish, RF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; BA, CF; Ozuna, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Funny Story

Because I need one …

Hall of Famer Jim Palmer ran into Moose Skowron yesterday and reminded Skowron that he had homered off Palmer, the very first round tripper the Orioles ace had ever allowed in the major leagues.

It came at old Comiskey Park, Moose explained.  And on the bench, Hank Bauer, then Oriole manager and forever best friend/former teammate of Skowron’s with the Yanks, cheered for Moose as he rounded the bases.

Had to make a pitcher feel good …



Again, why was Alexei Ramirez starting in CF. We have an excellent CF in B.A. who can hit just as good (if not better) who would have most likely made that play in the 9th keeping it a close game. Uribe keeps getting the starting nod because of his D, isn’t it about time we do the same at least occassionaly with B.A.? The other night Uribe was brought in as a replacement for Dye with Ramirez moving to CF…it was Uribe’s day off! At least give B.A. a chance Ozzie!

Let’s face it I said it a week ago. This is a very average team, slightly below. Please trade Konerko for some pitching and bring Fields up and have him play first. Also, teams with Thome on them do not win World Series.

Whatever. It’s a WIN. YAY BA!!!! GO SOX!

Hey, I just heard the news on WSCR – they optioned Mike MacDougal to Triple A Charlotte. So long, see you later.

I’m just glad they got a win.

I had really high hopes for this bullpen this year even with McDougal and Logan on it but now I don’t know anymore.

The last ten days they have been really, really shaky. I’m talking 2006, 2007 shaky.

Thornton, Logan and Dotel have astronomical ERA’s (not that that is a surpise for Thornton and Logan) and the only guys who appear to be doing the job is Linebrink and Jenks.

I just don’t get it with the Sox and relief guys this decade.

Maybe they’ll get better. Bringing Wasserman up should help.

One final thought on Dotel…could he be tipping his pitches?

Well if Baltimore isn’t pitching a soft tossing, garbage career pitcher Sunday, maybe the Sox have a shot at two in a row.

Mark Liptak

Good late inning win last night. Hopefully that will carry some momentum forward…. It is tough to sweep a double header so at least we got one. Hopefully Contreras throws good today. Little confused over sending down Macdougal. I know he sucks but he actually has been better than some of the relievers this season. Go get em’

Really, why Mike? Ozzie and Coop spent so much time in spring training boosting his status with the press and he’s actually been doing a lot better than Dotel. Guess his salary isn’t as much as Dotel’s??? Anyway, can’t wait to see Wasserman in the bullpen again. He was the one bright spot in the Sox bullpen from (dare I say it) the dismal showing last year (besides Jenks of course, but that goes without saying).

After last night’s performance, maybe now Oz will give B.A. more chances??


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