Good Morning, Sunshine

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today’s Game 1 Lineup

Swish, RF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, CF; Uribe, 2B; Hall, C.  Danks pitching.

This Morning’s News

As I walked into the clubhouse, a serious-faced Ozzie Guillen walked past me toward Mark Buehrle, who was talking to a group of Chicago media.

“I’m going to tell him he’s starting,” Guillen said.  Ever alert, I thought he was joking … since Ozzie never appears that serious and Mark started last night’s abbreviated game.

Turns out I was wrong.  Buehrle will start Game 2 tonight at 6:05 pm.

Here’s what happened …

This morning, Buehrle text-messaged Guillen saying he could pitch.

When he arrived at the ballpark, they met and discussed the idea with everyone.

Result:  the left-handed ace pitches tonight …

“I wanted to make sure,” Guillen said.  “Mark’s my ace and will be here a long time.  We plan to compete all season long and he’s a big part of that competition.”

Guillen did admit that Buehrle’s soft-throwing nature factored into the decision.

“He probably could start every day.”

So Nick Masset was quickly called and told to get to the ballpark ASAP.

“We haven’t had too much luck with doubleheaders here,” Guillen noted, remembering that last year the Twins swept the Sox by what Guillen estimated was a score of 62-4.  “Lots of runs, long games, ugly.

“If you have to play a split doubleheader, at least you have Buehrle pitching in game two.”

To The Record Books

So now the research begins for the last Sox pitcher to start consecutvie games on consecutive days … Wood?  Seaver?

Answer later.



I don’t know about consecutive days but I do know that on July 20, 1973 Wood started both REGULARLY scheduled games in a double header at New York. To my knowledge it’s the last time in MLB a pitcher did this.

Then of course on May 28, 1973 (a game I was at) Wood started both the conclusion of a suspended game from a few nights earlier with Cleveland as well as the regularly scheduled game. Wood wound up pitching 14 innings that night winning both games.

And on May 9, 1984 Seaver duplicated Wood’s feat by pitching both the start of a suspended game and the regularly slated one with Milwaukee. Seaver pitched a total of 9 1/3 innings that night winning both games.

Mark Liptak

Wow…what can you say…still ANOTHER mediocre left handed pitcher with a career ERA of 5.4 and a losing record, completely bewitches, bothers and befuddles the White Sox offense.

I don’t know how many times this is going to have to happen before the Sox follow Bill Melton’s comments on the post game show from today.

“It’s time” to make changes, shake things up and realize this is a problem.

Mark Liptak

I agree. There is absolutely no reason in today’s game with all the video and scouting reports that a team should look like the bad news bears when facing a new pitcher. Clearly they are better against a pitcher they have seen. Get these guys some info! and prepare them correctly. Whose job is that? Walkers. This is a regular occurrence and it’s getting old.

I’m also tired of hearing “he pitched a good game against us today” Been hearing that far too often lately. These are major leaguers, they should pitch a good game every time, the excuse should be…our hitters weren’t prepared and fell back into their routine of trying to hit a HR with every swing.


I asked Mark Gonzales about this last season, i.e. the advanced scouting question and he said that from what he has seen Bryan Little and his group are preparing good reports on pitchers and such.

I take it from that answer that the “fault” doesn’t lie with the scouts. Who it does lie with, I can’t say.

My impression is that it’s a combination of things…Greg Walker, the hitters themselves and perhaps most importantly the organization. By the organization I mean the “philosophy” of ‘home run or nothing’ at the expense of the other more subtle aspects of the game.

That’s been going on with the exception of 2005, since the start of the decade. It’s hard to change overnight even if you want to.

Mark Liptak

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