Sunday, Sunday

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today’s Lineup

Swish, RF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Ramirez, 2B; BA, CF; Ozuna, 3B.  Contreras pitching.


Late last night after our second game, Mike MacDougal was optioned to Class AAA Charlotte.  Prior to today’s game, Ehren Wassermann was recalled from Charlotte.  He arrived in time for today’s game.  In fact, he was sitting in front of his locker when I arrived at the ballpark this morning.


I started playing around with something, in part feeling frustrated by the scoring opportunities we missed at times yesterday.

I decided to compare our first 23 games last year (we were 12-11) to this year in terms of baserunners earned and runs scored.

Last year, through the first 23 games, we produced 275 baserunners (hits + walks + hit by pitch) and scored 95 runs … 4.1 per game.  The team was hitting .225 with an OBP of .317.

Thru 23 games in 2007, we had succeeded in driving in 34.5 percent of our baserunners (admitting my math isn’t perfect in that I haven’t taken the time — this being Sunday morning — to check on errors).

This year, through 23 games (we are 13-10), the team has generated 296 basrunners and scored 121 runs … 5.7 per game.  We are hitting .244 with an OBP of .335.

Thru 23 games in 2008, we’ve scored 40.9 percent of our baserunners.

Not sure it says anything yet, but something to keep an eye on …




Any 7th inning lead, the ball should go to him.

Damn Brian Anderson. He gets one big hit in 3 years and now he is playing again today. So he goes back to his original stink. He has everyone of the fans behind him. Except me. I’m not fooled. He’s still crap.

WOW Keno I don’t think Brian is crap….anyway nice to Wassermann back.

Ehren looked pretty good, but the ump was sleeping, and a couple of bad calls led to an early departure for the kid. I’ll take him over MacDougal any time. I’ve always been a huge fan of Brian’s and he looked great this spring. A clutch hit is always welcome…. -Dawn

kenwo, by your own admission, you said the same thing about Crede at the start of his career, so give the kid a chance. he’s only had what? about 20 AB’s so far? or better yet, keep hating him, and make him turn you into a believer….. good win today, now let’s take the fianale tomorrow so we can leave town with a series win…. j.k.

Nice methodical complete win this afternoon.

They try to go five games over for the first time tomorrow afternoon against a guy who can be an extremely tough cookie.

Would be nice to hit the road with some momentum.

And I LOVED the three stolen bases today. Ozzie was quoted he is going to start pushing guys to run! EXCELLENT. It’s about time.

Mark Liptak

To me, the so called heart of the line up has given less then the rest of the guys as far as quality at bats. A bunch of strikes outs and double plays with a few home runs scattered in. Swisher, OC, Crede and Quentin has been the core of the attack. AJ had a hot starte and Dye’s average is up but situational hitting is about non existent with the big 3 thome , Paulie, and Dye or AJ. I for one have no idea how this will play out over the course of the season. If you insert anderson for dye not much difference when defense and speed factored in team probably wins the same amout of games with either player. Same goes for alexi or uribe both off to bad startes hitting, I like alexi but for sure he has not produced at the plate yet. Keys so far have been Crede and Quinton with Swisher and OC following them. The whole thing is starting to confuse me , I do not usually rant and rattle on but this team is confusing.

Anderson= crap. Quentin= real deal. you can clearly see the difference between the two and anderson has been around since 05. i don’t mind having him around as a defensive replacement but the guy can’t hit and one ground ball through the infield does not change that. i am sick of sox fans always backing this jabronie. in my opinion if he was a latin or african american player who has been garbage for this long he would not get this much love. (keep in mind i am white).

that being said, today was a good day. finally konerko came through (noone is complaining about solo homers today). good pitching. contreras has been real good this year. he pitched a good game against the yankees too but his numbers got blown up because ozzie didn’t put in thornton to face abreau.

It’s bad enough to call any player or person “garbage,” but now we are getting racist remarks on this board????

C’mon folks. This is not why Scott Reifert and the Sox have created this board.

It is remarks like the one above by kenwo that will drive people away from the board and force the Sox to take it down.

Really, how many professional franchises would create a board on their own web site and allow fans to be as critical as some of the ones who have made comments here over the last few years.

And not only have the Sox provided the forum, they have also invited these same critics to come to the Cell for a special bloggers night and hear first-hand from a member of the White Sox front office.

Some of you guys really don’t seem to appreciate just what you have.

That last remark about Brian Anderson was clearly uncalled for and should be removed from the board. If a manager or player siad something like that, the commissioner would suspend and/or fine them.

I am not talking about the organization or the players i am talking about the fans of the team. everyone rips up Uribe and he has done 101010101010 times more in his tenure with the white sox. i am just trying to make sense of why this guy gets so much love. i don’t remember this much love for players who actually produced. Rob Mackowiak was another one. He single handedly cost the sox 2006. yet everyone was talking like he is the greatest player around. At least he was a local guy. I don’t see any reason why Anderson gets a pass. I am not racist either. my favorite ballplayer of all time is Ron Kittle. Harold Baines, frank thomas, carlos lee and Magglio round out my top 5. i just think if anderson was of a different nationality he wouldn’t receive the love he gets. I think if you disagree with me you are lying to yourself.

there you have it Sox fans: to disagree with kenwo is to be lying to ourselves……. Wow! i have no rebuttle for that. i will go meekly into the other room and commit suicide…. oh, damn, where did i put that kool-aid?….. j.k. i guess i’ll stick around for awhle longer……con su permiso sonor kenwo……

kenwo…..what are you thinking? If Dye is capable of playing, brian does not start. And he seems to very well liked by ALL the team. And give the Sox fans alot more credit, we look at what the players bring to the table, not the color of their skin. TC I agree, let’s keep this fun and informative and wih a little debate thrown in. Let’s not take the low road in this blog. thanks Dave

All this negativity after an almost perfect day. My goodness! SOX Win & everyone else in the AL central Lost. If it wasn’t for those darn Brewers the NL central would have had a perfect day, too.

We love BA because he is the best defensive CF the White Sox have, he has realized his mistakes and has come out this year with a new team attitude and (maybe most importantly) his roll in the AJ-cheapshot brawl with the scrubs has elevated him to legend status.

How ’bout this sweet, aggressive baserunning?

kenwo you crossed the line. BA gets the support of the players and fans cause we’re (myself included) glad to see him succeed after struggling the past two seasons. he wasn’t ready for what was thrust upon him in 2006. not too many would be. by the way, BA got two “lucky” hits saturday night accounting for 2 rbi. BA got another hit yesterday. he’s quicker on the base paths than 3/4ths of the team so he’s valuable as a pinch runner to boot. so i’m glad he’s on this team and glad he’s producing. not a damn thing wrong with that. we need more contributors this year to make the playoffs.


Mackowiak “cost” the Sox the 2006 season???? A guy who was a part-time player who was forced to play out of position (in CF) because Ozzie benched Brian Anderson (I guess all that “love” wasn’t enough to keep him in the lineup). It is his fault that the team only won 90 or so games and didn’t repeat as World Champs???????

Now that is really a stretch.

By the way, I think Uribe may not need his car washed today since it is raining.

I can only HOPE that we are all taking kenwo’s comments the wrong way. If not, I too am speechless. I LOVE what Carlos Quentin brings to the team. I also LOVE what BA brings. Do I have a smidge more “love” for BA? YES, because we’ve known him longer…we’ve seen him grow and hoped for him to be the kind of player we’ve seen he can be this spring… My fondness for him has nothing to do with his skin color.. or his heritage…. Reverse the two and I’d have more of a connection with Carlos… As it is, I’m thrilled to have them here and see great potential in them both.

I agree with billb that its ridiculous to whine after another Sox win. I’ll take ’em any way I can get ’em! And as a long time White Sox fan, I have enough love for anyone who puts on a Sox uni, whether they produce during a game or not. If they never produced at all, they’d be gone, right? That said, I’m still wondering why MacDougal and his 2.08 ERA got sent down over Dotel and his 5.87?? Not whining, mind you, just wondering . . .

Any way, I’m thrilled to see Wasserman back in a Sox uniform again. GO SOX!!

j.k.: “… con su permiso sonor kenwo…”?
You do, mister, and you’ll clean it up all by yourself…
To answer nmbrott… The reason that Dotel, with an earned run average which could have been an important date in history, was not sent down is purely a matter of dollars and cents(not sense)… According to Toni Gianetti in the tabloid today, “… but the Sox signed the veteran to a two-year,$11 million deal in the off-season, making a demotion unlikely. …”
In other words, he (Dotel) has the whip hand…and Kenny and Ozzie and Cooper know this… so they can only hope that he improves and lowers the ERA sometime before next season starts…
If those of you will recall my thoughts right before the end of Spring Training, when it came down to Mac Dougall and Wassermann coming north with the team…I was totally in favor of Wassermann instead of “Space Mountain” Mac Dougal…it just took a few weeks for them to realize the decision that should have been made…
What ever happened to the theory that “you root for the uniform, not for who’s wearing it”?

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