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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This from our media notes for today’s game:


The White Sox-Orioles game yesterday was suspended after 11 innings with the scored tied, 3-3 … the game will resume on 8/25 in Baltimore and will be followed by the regularly scheduled contest … all statistics from yesterday’s game count.

It is the Sox first suspended game since 5/8/84 vs. Milwaukee at old Comiskey Park … that game was suspended by curfew with the scored tied, 3-3, after 17 innings … play resumed on 5/9, with the Sox winning, 7-6, on Harold Baines solo homer off Chuck Porter in the 25th inning.

That game remains the longest in major-league history by time (8:06) and longest in American League history by innings (25).

Tom Seaver earned two victories on 5/9/84 … Seaver pitched a scoreless 25th inning to earn the win in the suspended game … he then started the regularly scheduled game vs. the Brewers, allowing four runs on three hits over 8.1 IP of the Sox 5-4 win.

Baines, the Sox first-base coach, went 2-10 with a double and solo homer, while hitting coach Greg Walker started at first base and was 2-4 with a run scored.



The White Sox have been in first place for 21 days this season, including every day since 4/15 … by comparison, the Sox led the division for one day last season and 35 in 2006.

They led the American League Central wire-to-wire in 2005 (182 days) on their way to the World Championship … the Sox current division lead of 3.0 games is their largest of the season.



Carlos Quentin leads the American League in on-base plus slugging percentage (1.077), on-base percentage (.454) and at-bats per home run (12.83) and ranks among the leaders in home runs (T1st, 6), hit by pitch (T1st, 6), slugging percentage (2nd, .623), runs scored (T2nd, 20) and RBI (T5th, 20).

Quentin, 25, has reached base safely in 13 consecutive games, hitting .390 (16-41) with five home runs and 10 RBI … he owns an eight-game hitting streak (.462, 12-26) and has reached base safely 12 times in his last three games, going 7-9 with two doubles, a home run, two RBI, three walks and two hit by pitches.


Why then…is Carlos Quentin not on the All-Star ballot, and Owens is? I had to write him in. He is at the top of his game. If he is not on the ballot, what chance does he have?

I just voted 12 times for All Star picks (all I could do, for some reason the site kept freezing up) and I will do more later. Let’s get JOE CREDE in this year! AND and FYI, if you want to select Carlos Quentin, you will need to put him in as a write in as they have Owens listed for the OF.

Ya, I have been writing him in. My point is why he is not even on the list. I know White Sox fans will think to write him in, but there are thousands of others who vote for the “best” players. How many of them are going to take the time to write him in, even though they very well might when they just have to check the box.

That ballot is set before the season even starts. 99.9% of the time you won’t get a guy battling for a roster spot having a chance to be an All-Star. Maybe Quentin will be one of the 5 we can vote for to get the last spot. We have good history with that.

That’s pretty ridiculous. Quentin is by far our best outfielder and if he keeps it up, deserves to be voted in. Well, at least he will get 25 votes from me.

Jerry Owens picture has been taken off the All-Star advertisement on the White Sox homepage. It used to have nine player’s pictures. Now, only eight.

I guess all of you are new fans to baseball as this has been the case since i can remember. a few players are always left off the ballot. maybe francona will pick him….oh wait he has to pick 75 red sox to make the team.

Today was a great day for Paulie, he gets a no trade clause and now we have 3 and 4 hitters that combined are slower than molasses and can’t hit their weight.

Trade Konerko, put Thome on waivers, bring Owens up to play Center, move Swisher to first and bring fields up to Dh and play some third to spell Crede.

today was a terrible game. nothing new though. most sox games in the metrodome end up being terrible on our side. floyd battled today though. he didn’t have great stuff but didn’t get bombed either which is promising. plus the pen held them. couldn’t get any runs though.

things that disturbed me were nick swishers baserunning. this is the second or third time i noticed that he has gotten doubled up when he shouldn’t have. that cannot happen with your cleanup man coming up representing the tying run. brutal

also Orlando Cabrera’s refusal to get the lead runner at third base on a ground ball that was in front of the runner. this is the second or third time i have seen that as well. this is going to cost the sox a game or two if it continues. you must get that lead runner especially with a guy like mauer coming up. it would have cost us a run today if dye didn’t make a diving catch in right. you are taught at an early age to get the guy at third if the ball is in front of the runner. he better start doing this.

“Boof” Bonser 1-4 record going in…no problem. He shuts the Sox down. Except for a solo home run of course. The Sox offensive staple since July 2006.

Oh well.

Mark Liptak

Thinking more about this team slump, I’m at a loss to explain this. Since July 2006 this team can’t hit and the strange thing is, it’s not the exact same team. Players have been changed, yet lately no matter who the Sox get, they drop right into a slump.

I’m out of speculation, I don’t have an answer but this team is tough to watch when they can’t hit and obviously they are so short on fundamentals they couldn’t manufacture runs if they had a gun pointed at their collective heads.

I guess after a few seasons now dating back to the second half of 06 you have to at least consider the possibility that the “core” of the team has simply lost it collectively and are now on the downsides of their careers.

I can’t offer any other possibilities right now.

Mark Liptak

“Look at the averages. It’s not the one that’s going to be there at the end of the season. Right now, we’ve got a couple of guys struggling.” -Ozzie Guillen

Isn’t this what we were saying throughout the season last year?

I constantly hear Hawk praising Greg Walker, and everyone on the staff seems to think he is the greatest ever, but yet our players swings still look terrible.

I’m tired of everyone swinging for the fences every at bat and just seeing a bunch of pop-ups.

I don’t know exactly how good of a coach Walker is, I’m not behind the scenes at all, but won’t he eventually have to take the fall for our terrible averages? I gave him a break last year, but it just seems like no changes have been made. It is extremely frustrating to watch.

How come this won’t allow me to put spaces in?

Am I missing something here?

Liptak, how did you put spaces in your comment?

So apparently the preview section doesn’t work very well.

Sorry, I’m new here.


To do it you triple space between lines.

I personally hope everyone starts doing this.

It’s extremely hard to read some comments because without spaces (and capital letters and punctuation) it simply runs on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

There are times when I simply give up and don’t bother to read the comment because it’s so hard to understand.

And I agree with you somewhat concerning Ozzie’s comment. We’ve heard variations on this same theme since July 2006. I don’t know if it’s Greg or not. He may be trying and is getting tuned out by the players, the players or the core players may simply have lost it (although that doesn’t explain the struggles with the news acquisitions…) or it may be they the organizationals philosophy of “home run or nothing” doesn’t offer any alternatives.

For what it’s worth I know an individual who follows the Sox minor league system closely, even to the point where he has supplied information to Phil Rogers of the Tribune by Phil’s request. He has consistently told me that part of the issues are that, in his opinion, the Sox minor league instructors do not good a good job of teaching the game which explains the bad fundamentals PLUS he says the Sox move guys up levels if they can hit…and just hit at the expense of the nuances of the game.

I don’t know much about the Sox minor league system so I can’t say if this is true or not. I do know that Kenny is trying to change things with the firing of Duane Schaeffer but change takes time.

Mark Liptak

I realize the White Sox are still in first place which I am happy about. I do agree that at least Thome and Konerko are on the down side of great careers and I appreciate all that especially Paulie has done.

I really wish they would trade these guys for some young pitching talent and get Fields and Owens up here now.

Excellent point in looking at the minor leagues. But many of our guys now come from trades, however I wish the Sox had their teams closer to home so we could all see them in person.

Need to look at our major league scouting. The free agents or trades we make, do we bring in guys who are fundamentally sound? It was nice to see them get OC and Swish this year to help turn that around.

And for the advanced scouting, how good is the info our batters receive on a pitcher? And how well does Walker break that down? I wonder if the veterans have tuned him out because they are veterans and Ozzie keeps saying that they will turn it around because they have that experience.

Finally, hate to ask this, but I’ve only seen a couple games on TV this year (working in Omaha and new baby), but is Quentin just the next Carlos Lee? Didn’t we trade Lee because we wanted small ball? I hope Quentin turns out better, but that is my fear, that we are going back to the 2001-04 White Sox who lead in HR’s but fail to make the playoffs. I remember going to KC for a game in 04 and the fans saying “dude! every starter has 20+ HR’s!” and his friend replying “yeah, but they can’t make the playoffs so what good is that?” Sums it up, impressive power, but lack results.


According to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune when I asked him about advanced scouting he said that Bryan Little and his staff are not the problem (i.e. getting the correct info to the team) for what that may be worth to you.

Also I didn’t know last night was Bonser’s first win at the Metrodome since last JUNE!

Mark Liptak

Well, then, Lip… If the minor league instructors are doing such a lousy job teaching the fundamentals, perhaps it’s time to resurrect the old Leo Durocher statement…

“BACK UP THE TRUCK.”(Hope you all could read that, as I only double spaced… I think…)

As to the All-Star balloting… You folks tend to forget that this is a popularity contest based on last year’s numbers…

If Quentin did not do well last year, he wasn’t included on the ballot…

winkelmp… I believe that Hawk and DJ were talking about scouting reports on last night’s telecast out of the HumpDump…
To me, advance scouting reports really do not mean diddly jack… Because what an advance scout sees may not necessarily corrolate (my goodness, the boy got the dictionary out today, didn’t he?)to what happens when the team finally faces that pitcher…because that pitcher could have corrected the flaws that were seen before after he was viewed… and before he faced that team…
By the way, Lip… John “Boof” Bonser is not Santana, nor is he Joe Mays…but he is not exactly chopped liver, either…
And don’t blame Floyd for what happened last night, either…
That is just the HumpDump, and the “piranhas” doing their thing yet again…
I can hardly wait for the off season after 2009… so Mike Ditka nd I can go up to Minneapolis …
(Do you get the hint that I don’t like the HumpDump???)

BC, you cannot trade Paul Konerko now. He is a 5/10 guy. He can veto any trade he wants to. You’d have to get him to agree to it.

OK than get him to agree to it and send him to LA or Arizona he’ll be near home and he likes playing in warm weather anyhow.

bc…trade PK? well sure, after 1 month why not? who’s next? AJ? his average has gone down 139 points over the last two weeks. then who? JD? Hey lets trade buehrle too, he’s only won 1 game. must be washed up, huh?

after starting slow, PK’s average is .221 and rising, not falling. he’s seeing the ball and making contact. thome seems to be struggling to say the least. he’s not seeing the ball or making much contact. lets hope he turns it around and fast. at 15.66M a year, we need this guy to produce.

bc, one other thing. you need to get over josh fields. this guy is not ready to play in the major leagues. he could not field any position they put him in last year and he’s an average hitter at best. you think .244 and 123 strikeouts is big news? please. what i don’t understand is why we haven’t sent ramirez down when he’s clearly in over his head with major league pitching.

I’m reminded of the old song, sorry I don’t remember who sang it, “wasted days and wasted nights…”

Well at least they had a winning month and are on pace for 84 wins.

Tom, I never said Bonser is “chopped liver…” I simply pointed out the fact that he was 1-4 this season AND that he hadn’t won a game at the Metrodome since last June. You can draw your own conclusions.

Oh by the way, another back breaking two out RBI by the opposition today. Funny how everyone else seems to be able to do that but the White Sox isn’t it?

Mark Liptak

Ramirez is going to be sent down. Question answered swsafley.

All together now! Here are the updated numbers: 1-for-6 for the afternoon and 5-for-43 in their last five games with runners in scoring position.

This has been going on since July 2006, the Sox have done very little to try to correct things other then changing some players. It’s now become, with some of the vets who have been here for that time period, in my opinion, a mental issue. Hearing and reading so much about this is causing things to get worse, not better. The pressure in increasing.

Sooner of later, the Sox are going to have to address this “home run or nothing,” philosophy which starts in the minor leagues.

Now on to Toronto. Oh joy!

Mark Liptak


Using your theory that wins in April mean just as much as wins in July and August (which is, of course, true), then why in the world are 2-out RBIs any more important than runs driven in with none out or one out?

Two-out RBI is one of the most overblown stats in the game.

Hitting with runners in scoring position is far more important and can tell a story.

As for the other people who want to trade Konerko right now, I’m awfully happy that you are not Kenny Williams.

The previous blogger was dead on about Josh Fields. A good player with some pop in his bat but truly a man without a position that he can play at the major league level.

Why does so many people think that you can put anyone at first base and have them be successful? First base may be one of the most difficult positions to play. And Konerko is one of the best at that spot.


Just curious.

It is my impression that Sox pitchers are giving up a ton of two out RBI hits and in at least some cases things are happening after they start the inning getting the first two guys out.

It indicates to me, if true, that perhaps signs are being stolen or that Coop and the pitchers need to start changing the pattern with two outs. Giving up two out runs like they have been is very demoralizing especially when White Sox hitters can’t seem to do the same.

On another topic, I thought Swisher’s comment were revealing in the post game autopsy story at White Sox.com. Swisher said he thought this inability to hit with men in scoring position was beginning to get into the team’s heads and that they were starting to press.

If Swisher thinks it’s bad now, wait till he sees what happens if this goes on another month and the ghosts of the 2007 disaster return.

Mark Liptak

thome such a waste ozzie will not take him out in situations where he is obvious to strike out ex late in last game in minn. Twins bring in lefty specialist with paulie on the bench and of course no pinch hitting for thome , that might offend his sensibilities, is the team trying to win or be happy faced to the established players? Come on be more creative and take charge ozzie. Dye, thome and paulie are strike out and double play machines , slow as honey on a cold day in January. The productive players are the younger playes added to the team in the off season.

Without the addition of the new players the sox would be in last place with thome, dye and konerko in the same slumps as last year. I have to give Alexi a break guy has not played in any , any at all cold weather and he did well in spring training but he should be on a short leash. One plus I like how ozzie has use the bull pen this yr. not wasting guys looking at the long season with the pen. One could go on and on about this team but what is the use, more , the twins show what is wrong every time we play them.


Two points.

First, I will make believe that I didn’t see another reference to 2007. Why do White Sox fans live in fear of reliving the past? I had a bad year in my life in 1989 but I sure don’t think that this year will be like ’89 if a few things start to go wrong. 2007 is OVER. What happens in 2008 has nothing to do with 2007!

Secondly, the theory about two-out runs has never sat well with me. First of all, the offense has a distinct advantage in that any and all runners are moving as soon as the ball is hit. And if the count is full, they are moving on the pitch. Plus, they will take more chances trying to score and third-base coaches will be more aggressive with two outs. Those points alone will lead to having more runs scored with two outs.

My only gripe when a team gives up runs with two outs as opposed to with one or no outs is this. It is a true sign that the pitcher may be relaxing just a little too much knowing that the runners will not hurt him if he gets the batter. So many times runners get better jumps and better leads than they should when there are two outs.

Swisher’s comment makes me think that he is thinking too much. Of course, the media wants an answer and he wants to be cooperative and give them one.

As far as Bonser getting his first win at home since last June …. well, the Dome is a tough park for any pitcher to have success. He’s had a good number of quality starts for the Twins. He can’t help it that his name is Boof! I wouldn’t mind having him in my rotation.

My final general thought to all (and not just Mark) is this. Greg Walker cannot be blamed for the guys not hitting with men on base. Of course, Walk has been in the game for years and he knows that he may someday be the scapegoat. But anybody naive enough to put the blame on him is trying to find too easy of a solution to a hitting problem.

Minnesota is a good team. Just like most of the teams in the very dominant American League. It certainly is no embarrassment to lose two to the Twins in the dome. Time to go north and get a few wins.

Very interesting argument going on here, I tend to agree with Liptak for the most part. Two out RBIs can be very frustrating to a pitcher and a team due to the fact you were so close to getting out of the inning.

Obviously though, our pitchers overall have been doing a good job. It is tough to argue with the team ERA they have put up so far. There is still a major question mark with that bullpen however. There is not one person I feel confident with coming out of there in a tight situation, and that includes Mr. Jenks. I do expect that curveball to pick up some bite to it as we get deeper in the season, just as it has the past two seasons.

If I had to pick one thing that needs the most immediate attention on this ball club it would be the way we are swinging the bats. And I do literally mean the way we are swinging them. Too many guys trying to hit the ball 500 feet. Why are we not swinging with the pitch and lining those outside pitches opposite field? The outside corner has been killing us this season. Dye looks so incredibly lost when he sees an offspeed pitch down and out.

Watching Brian Anderson swing the bat today was refreshing. He seemed to be the only going up there with a decent approach besides Quentin. He simply was not trying to do too much with the ball. He took what the pitcher gave him. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true.

My last point for now is this: why can Jim Thome not hit around the shift? I love the guy and he is a fierce hitter up there. I love seeing him crush balls into the stands, but I just feel like he could have a good average to go along with those homeruns if he could place his hits. The entire left side of the field is open. I know he is a power pull hitter and that’s what he has done his whole life and that is what has worked for him, but why not go after some free base hits. Can he physically not hit opposite field? When I played baseball every time I took batting practice I would hit a third of the balls to my pull side, a third up the middle and a third to opposite field. It helped me become be able to place the ball better and become a better hitter.

Sorry for all that, it was mostly just venting. Let me quickly just say I think if our averages continue to be abysmal, Walker has to take the fall, whether it’s because of him or not. I don’t know if it is, but something will need to change. Here’s to hoping it will.

The productive players are AJ, Dye, Crede and Quentin. Don’t confuse yourself and say that all of kenny’s offseason pick ups are doing so well. Cabrera has not been good all year long and Swisher is starting to look bad too. Dye is starting to fall off as well after his injury. I think they will be ok AFTER this weekend. I think the blue jays might have their way with us.

Anyone else wondering why Ozzie chose to pitch to Morneau with 2 outs and 1st base open? He’s their best hitter who was, I believe, 4-9 lifetime against Logan. Sounds like a great time to IBB the guy.

Then again, Ozzie called for a suicide in terrible conditions with the guy who just hit a game-winning single the night before standing in the box. Along with several other questionable managerial calls this year.

Fields, not ready for the big leagues? Wow, now there’s the understatement of the year. My comments regarding Konerko and Thome have little to do with this April and more to do with August 2006 through today.

They are both older, slower, more prone to injury and undoubtedly production has fallen way, way off. It’s not personal I like both of them it’s just the facts.

This team needs speed and high average hitters not necessarily power hitters either. God knows we have enough of that and if this were a 12 inch softball squad I’d say I like there chances. Chemistry needs to change quick folks or the elevator ride to the basement will be very quick.

Glad to see this board has reverted back to intelligent baseball discussion. Also glad to see there are people out there who agree with me about Thome.

I am sick and tired of the sentiment that “he is not paid to bunt or hit the opposite way” There are certain situations that a bunt down the 3b line would help the team more than the 10% chance of hitting safely into the shift. You can not tell me that Thome is incapable of laying down a bunt. I have seen Ortiz do it and he is a 4 times better hitter than Thome. If I see Thome hitting against a lefthander late in the game in a clutch situation one more time I swear I am going to break my TV in half.

I keep looking every day to see when Alexi is sent down and Owens gets his well earned shot at the leadoff spot.

I also wonder if anyone knows why the Sox wouldn’t bring up Broadway, who has been on fire, for a spot start?

I want to recommend the Family Field Day to everyone. It is an unbelievable feeling to be on the field playing catch. If you haven’t gone, get your tickets now. I am brokenhearted I will be in the frozen tundra of San Francisco hoping some improved hitting. http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/cws/community/charities_fundraisers.jsp

Glad to see this board has reverted back to intelligent baseball discussion. Also glad to see there are people out there who agree with me about Thome.

I am sick and tired of the sentiment that “he is not paid to bunt or hit the opposite way” There are certain situations that a bunt down the 3b line would help the team more than the 10% chance of hitting safely into the shift. You can not tell me that Thome is incapable of laying down a bunt. I have seen Ortiz do it and he is a 4 times better hitter than Thome. If I see Thome hitting against a lefthander late in the game in a clutch situation one more time I swear I am going to break my TV in half.

I keep looking every day to see when Alexi is sent down and Owens gets his well earned shot at the leadoff spot.

I also wonder if anyone knows why the Sox wouldn’t bring up Broadway, who has been on fire, for a spot start?

I want to recommend the Family Field Day to everyone. It is an unbelievable feeling to be on the field playing catch. If you haven’t gone, get your tickets now. I am brokenhearted I will be in the frozen tundra of San Francisco hoping some improved hitting. http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/cws/community/charities_fundraisers.jsp

billb… As I have stated before, the ability to bunt successfully has gone the way of the buffalo, the dodo bird and staying pure until your wedding night…

As much as I hate to admit it, if you are going to pick a franchise to emulate regarding successful fundamental execution, it would be the Twins… You seldom see them beat themselves…and that has been a trademark going back to when the stoic Tom Kelly managed them…Ron Gradenhire was his lieutenant, and has learned well from his time there…

As to those of you who think that you have all the answers, and think that the GM should trade just about everybody and bring up everybody else and start fresh, I leave you today with the words of Doctor Albert Einstein:

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”
All of you armchair geniuses/GMs in waiting/rotiserrie players… heed the words of the late professor from Princeton…

I hereby apologize to the manager Gardenhire for messing up his name…
And remember as well… At the end of the season there are only two teams left playing for the trophy…
Perhaps neither one of them is skilled in fundamental baseball(“small ball”, for any NL fans having this read to them…)… I seem to recall a couple of teams playing oh, say, about three years ago, who didn’t finesse things…
They just were hot at the right time… and had the “breaks”of the game be on their side…

bc, i’m glad you can chat here instead of manage the team. yes, fields is not ready for the big leagues. if you were a season ticket holder (like I am) or even watched the games last year, you wouldn’t be making those statements. i guess you also forgot josh (can’t)fields cost bobby jenks the record last year when he couldn’t even get to the ball at third.

so you want to compare stats on PK? okay, let’s take a look shall we? 2005=.283 40HR 100RBI, 2006=.313, 35HR 113RBI, 2007=.259, 31HR 90RBI, 2008YTD=.221, 5HR 19RBI. as you can see, your assertion on production falling way way off is simply wrong. we don’t pay PK to have a pretty BA, we pay PK to drive in runs. in the future at least take the time to do your homework before you make such ill informed statements.

this team is going to cause heartburn this year to be sure…all the way to the playoffs. go sox.

Guess who I’m writing about?

This team has managed just 21 runs in their last 9 games…2.6 RPG…

They have 5 hits in their last 54 at bats with runners in scoring position…a .093 batting average…

They are being castigated in their press, and with their fandom, for their “tepid” offensive ways, and their critics are proposing that they make trades— now…

Think I’m writing about the boys?


It’s the opposition beginning tomorrow night…The 11 and 17 Blue Jays… 1 and 7 on their current road trip, with one game to play… 2 and 9 in one run games…

Sounds like two franchises who richly deserve each other meeting on the ersatz carpet at Rogers Centre…

swafley, nice ending to your last post!

Fields couldn’t even be bothered to make the effort to dive for that ball. You would have thought everyone on that team would have given every inch to help Jenks get 42. Man, that p!ssed me off. Not to mention that dim-wit in the booth with his “wrong guy, wrong time”. Somehow you just knew…


Three comments on your postings.

1. Being willing and able to “second guess” players, managers, coaches, G.M.’s is part of baseball. That’s part of the reason fans are fans in the first place. I see nothing wrong with discussion, criticism, trade suggestions (no matter how dumb) as long as they don’t degenerate into four letter words or racial or sexual slanders.

2. In my interview with Brooks Boyer he made the following statement about Sox fans: “I’ve found that Sox fans are extremely passionate about the team and I think there’s a lot of truth to the sense that they are really educated fans.
They “get it.”

I don’t pay a lot of attention to what the media says about us or the spin they try to put on things and by and large I don’t think our fans do either. They aren’t going to be influenced by what someone on TV or the radio says. They’ll look at the situation and decide based on the facts.

There’s a reason our motto is, “pride, passion, tradition…” that’s a reflection of the fans and the organization. We still have something to prove both on and off the field. Our fans feel that way and they expect the same work ethic and passion from us. In fact our slogan for this season reflects that attitude, “share the passion, show the swagger.”

If Brooks has no issues with Sox fans you shouldn’t either.

3. Not to be ugly but in my lifetime the Sox have been to TWO World Series and five post season appearances.

I can think of a few Sox G.M.’s in that time you could have used as much help as they could get from ANY source.

Not trying to be ugly towards Kenny, Ozzie, or anyone connected to the organization, but just because those folks won a World Series in 2005 doesn’t mean they have a lifetime pass now. Sox fans will always be eternally grateful to them for what they accomplished but again that doesn’t when when the team is bad (or could be bad in the future) that they are immune to comments or being questioned.

Let’s face it the Sox track record over the past fifty plus years has been very good in “winning” seasons, good in 90 or more win seasons, but poor in post season appearances and downright awful in World Series appearances.

Mark Liptak

1. Josh Fields is ready for the big leagues as a third baseman, there is just no room for him as long as Crede is here.

2. Fields is a good fielder. Bobby didn’t break the record because he pitched five bad pitches in a row and finally paid for it, not because Fields didn’t make a play.

3. I don’t understand how trading PK or Thome would help the Sox at all. I don’t think there is any team out there willing to give up good pitching for either of those two. They are not “washed up” by any means and both have the potential to have great seasons. I really think it is as simple as changing their approach a little bit.

4. You can second guess Ozzie all you want, I know I do. But at the end of the day he is the best man for the job. I also feel that way about Kenny.

5. I have a feeling we are going to come out strong against Toronto. I hope I’m right.

stop being a company man!

Stop being a company man!

Frankly don’t care about your season tickets, certainly doesn’t make your opinion more meaningful. I’m sure you were at every game in September last year as well. Check Konerko and Thome’s stats when it means something like after the 7th inning with RISP post August 2006 when the team is losing and let me know what you find.

Bagging on Fields because he cost Jenks a record during the meaningless 2007 season is comical. The guy should be playing first base every day at the cell. Out with the old in with the new.



Has Josh Fields ever played first base? I haven’t taken the time to research his college and minor league stats.

Why do so many people think that anyone can play first base? It is by no means an easy position.

Fields hit 20+ homers last year, most of which after the season was a foregone conclusion. He also did something quite frequently that Konerko and Thome are being castigated for on this board — that is, strike out.

I certainly have not given up on Fields. I think he is a great prospect. But there is no way I would dump a proven all-star with career numbers like Konerko and put a transplanted third baseman at first base on a team that is still in first place and still thinking it can contend for a division title.

And getting back one last time to the discussion about two-out runs.

Yes, giving up two-out runs can be very demoralizing and extremely frustrating. Kind of like reading this board has been, even after a Sox win.

I, too, am tired of seeing our offense swing for the fences. When I go to a game, I don’t care about solo home runs…I want to see the Sox win the game.

scammaj, you’re a funny guy. almost as funny as bc. for either of you to tell me josh fields can play third or first is a joke! and bc, my season tickets only mean that i saw it all last year. clearly you did not. seeing it all included watching ozzie demoting fields to left field when he failed playing third. gee, i guess you forgot about that, huh? it also included watching cintron try to play third. that was even more comical. fields failed in left too, btw. he was only put back at third because ozzie had no other bodies to put there. i’m grateful that crede is back and all this nonsense about who plays third is over.

i enjoy humor, so i’ll sit back and enjoy the two of you trying to put fields anywhere for the sake of having his sorry butt on the roster. hey, maybe josh can pitch. now there’s an idea. wonderboy pitches. sure….

tc, I agree with you. i thought this blog was for sox fans. you’d never know it half the time…..i’ll bring the cheese to go along with the whine(ing). LOLOLOL

Not trying to be funny just add my two cents. I clearly understand my opinions aren’t worth any more than two cents much less anything. Let me be very clear: I am still a die hard White Sox fan, still think the right management is in place and if they don’t make my suggested moves (which they likely will not), I won’t lose an ounce of sleep.

To have an opinion that differs from others and to get on the blog every day to act like what I see is good enough and denounce others opinions while taking a shot at them, that I won’t do. If others choose that route so be it. If the intent of the blog is only for pro White Sox fans who can’t offer a differing opinion, I am sure Scott would have stated that somewhere along the way. However he clearly respects differing opinions.

So is the pissing contest about who can come up with more history and stats over yet?…….YAWN!!!

Go get em tonite White Sox!!!!

People nolmalry pay me for this and you are giving it away!

So is the pissing contest about who can come up with more history and stats over yet?…….YAWN!!!

Go get em tonite White Sox!!!!


No not yet.

A friend has gone over the numbers and has told me that 58 of the 108 runs allowed by the White Sox this year have come with two out.

I don’t know how that compares to other teams but it sounds high to me.

By the way Munoz, I’ll be here all year. Hope you enjoy it.

Mark Liptak


Your friend must really have a lot of time on his or her hands.

Please make sure you pass that statistical note along to your “good friend” Mark Gonzales of the Tribune or Brooks Boyer the next time you interview him.

Geez, let’s hope the Sox don’t drop balls as freely as you drop names on this board.


Names are mentioned simply to give credibility to my comments when they apply…period… or to offer differing opinions on subjects from people who have experience in those areas.

I get what you are implying and believe me I don’t need to try to promote myself on Scott’s board. I work in the media and have done / seen a few things in my time. I’m here because I’m a Sox fan not to “impress” individuals certainly not you.

Mark Liptak

There are these 2 really cool sites where you can get all the stats you need to back stuff up. They are epsn.com and mlb.com. Not all that hard to find info!

Fields did have a high strike out total last year, but keep in mind a lot of that came in the first month or two when he was called up. He was striking out 2-3 times a game at first, but once he got adjusted his strikeouts per at bat went way down. As for being able to play first base, remember that Konerko started out as a catcher.

I don’t doubt that Fields, being the great athlete that he is, can play first base. My comment is simply that you don’t displace a proven veteran like Konerko so a young guy can get “on-the-job” training at first. Especially not when you are in first place.

Being a 5-and-10 guy, Konerko is here for the long haul unless he finds a trade proposal from the Sox that is too good to pass up. As he has proved over the years, he’s a “gamer” and an important piece to whatever success the Sox may have this year.

Don’t worry Mark. I don’t read this board to be “impressed” by you or anybody else. I just like to gauge the temperature of Sox fans.

swsafley: For somebody who attends so many Sox games I would think you would understand a little more about the team. The reason Josh Fields was put out in left field was because at the time we were out of the playoff race and Ozzie was looking ahead to this year. He knew Crede would be at third and was trying to find a spot on the roster for Fields because of how major league ready he was. I’m not sure why you have this idea that Fields was so bad at third last year, but he was already better there than half the third basemen in the league AS A ROOKIE. I do not think Fields should be on the team right now though because third base is the only position he should be playing. We need PK at first. Swisher being at first cost us two runs in the first inning today.

P.S. You’re coming off as very ignorant on this board. You are not the only one who witnessed every game last year. The more ignorant you sound the less credibility you will have. Just letting you know.

scammaj…..opinions vary. everyone has their own view of the world. we shall agree to disagree on the each of our assertions as to why fields was placed in the positions he was, the timing of that, and his readiness to compete in MLB, and let it go at that.

i do agree we need PK at first and i have to believe he picks that ball out of the dirt in the first inning. damn the luck for buehrle, he should have three wins already.

i could care less about whether you think i’m ignorant.


That is the type of comment that I will read and take something from. I appreciate it being toned down.

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