Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suspended Game — What I know right now

We’ll finish yesterday’s suspended game before our scheduled game in Baltimore on August 25.  Game time and television coverage is TBA (we hope to know later today).

The game picks up where it left off.  Lineups stay the same and if a player played and then was removed from the game, he’s done when the contest begins anew.  Only quirky rule is that a player added to the 25-man roster between now and August 25 is eligible to then play in the completion of the suspended game.


steevyniu… You are eaxctly correct in your statements, made as the last post of Monday wraparound…
Bud does not make the call… but the schedule makers do…
And, here is where the usually extremely competent front office and groundskeeper at the Cell come in for rare criticism on my part…
Anyone with two working eyes and a sense of what was to be would have seen that there was not going to be ANY “window of opportunity” for that game to be played…
But… as Shakespeare wrote… “Play on, Macduff…(and hope to hell no one gets hurt badly in this slop…)
That STILL doesn’t excuse the lack of fundamentals as well…
The players know it… they admit it… but it STILL is galling to have to witness…

Hey, Brother Liptak:
Do you think that somewhere in Arizona Larry Himes read about what happened yesterday and said…
“Been there, done that.”?

So if added players can play on Aug. 25, does that mean we can add someone who can bunt and we can squeeze in the winning run in the 12th inning?

Sorry… I couldn’t resist.

I assume the Sox will be considered the home team for this oddity?

Mark Liptak

Thats no joke Adam, that is a brilliant idea, actually.

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