Random Notes

Friday, May 2, 2008

Idle Thoughts

Notice how many bats are shattering lately.  You started to see it more and more in recent years, but it seems worse than ever this spring.  Last night, Kobayashi of the Indians had to dodge what amounted to a spinning spear during Cleveland’s win over the Mariners.  Not sure what can be done, but it is scary, nonetheless.

Hate these four-game series because it is so difficult to win three games from anyone. 

Roster Move

Adam Russell joins the bullpen this weekend in place of Alexi Ramirez, who will spend the weekend in Chicago.  It likely wasn’t the getting into Canada that was going to be the problem for the Cuban defector, but the returning to the States part.

Class AAA Charlotte happened to be in Buffalo, so “Fargo” (Scott Johnson, our Triple A trainer/traveling sec/chauffer) drove Russell to Toronto today.

Can’t you just imagine the look on the border guard’s face.  First, he sees Johnson and Russell (6-8, 250 pounds) leave the country.  Then a couple of hours later, back comes Johnson without his passenger.

“Do you have anything to declare?”

Gratuitous Mention

At dinner the other night with Bulls PR chief Tim Hallam and his wife, Nancy, Hallam smarmily asked if I would mention him in my blog, so here you go.  Dinner at Rosebud Steakhouse was tremendous.

Proud Moment

Not sure everyone saw, but earlier this week, Chicago White Sox Charities made grants of $3.2 million for 2008, taking our all-time giving amount to over $12 million.

None of this would happen without the support of White Sox fans (buying bricks, buying 50-50 tickets, supporting events) … so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Interesting that we brought up another pitcher to replace Alexi for this weekend. Leaves our bench rather short. Hopefullly no one gets hurt.

Glad to see BA back in the lineup…he appears to be hitting well and regular play is the only way he can continue to impress.

Let’s hope that Mark get’s back on the ball tonight and starts out this road trip with a bang.


Just wanted to say I really miss Jerry Owens and Josh Fields. But I’m happy the Sox are in first place and if that’s what it takes, GO SOX!!

Here’s an interesting article on the recent surge of broken bats. I’ve always attributed it to smaller and thinner bats.


This is in response to the fickleness of Chicago fans and the media. I’m from Northwest Indiana. And I’d like to thank Ozzie, and the team for bringing home the Championship in 2006. I,ve been a Sox fan my whole life, and no articles from newspaper ” wanna-be managers” will change that. At least I’ve seen it happen in my lifetime, unlike some Cubs fans!!!!

We won it in 2005.

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