Monday in Toronto

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Quentin, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Swisher, CF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Hall, C.  Vazquez pitching.


Crazy-busy today and no time to post.  Will try to write more the next three days.

When it rains, it pours.  We can’t seem to make or catch a break right now.



I like the change in the lineup, hopefully its nets a big W. Even if it does not I like the willingness to change it up.

1. I also am glad to see Ozzie’s willingness to change up the lineup. I don’t think OC is the answer for lead-off man, as I think that should be the job of Owens. I do think the six spot suits Swisher well though.

2. Thome has been reading my posts! He finally flicked one opposite field in his first at bat today. It was nice to see him trying something different during this slump.

3. A win today would be huge. It could really change the momentum of this team. Here’s to hoping for an offensive breakout.


I’m glad Ozzie decided to do a 180 from his published comments over the weekend. If you recall he stated that it wouldn’t do any good to change things because “everyone” (direct quote) is slumping.

I wonder what (or who) changed his mind so dramatically or quickly? Or is this another instance of “Ozzie being Ozzie” and pay no mind to the man behind the curtain or what he says.

Mark Liptak

And Scam you are right…when you’ve lost 10 of 15 and literally everything but the starting pitching has been going south, ANY win is big.

Mark Liptak


That’s all I can say.

Just “wow.”

Mark Liptak

Here’s the line of the year, just fell out of my chair laughing (and brother when you’ve scored nine runs in six games you need a laugh!)

Bill Melton on the post game show just said (direct quote) “the White Sox couldn’t hit Bozo the Clown right now.”

But could they hit Ray Rayner?

Mark Liptak

I can say lots more than just “wow”–like sad, pitiful, disgusting, wasteful. If I was Javvy, I’d be ripping someone a new one for not having my back after a performance like that. All I can say now is when I get the the Cell this week, they are all going to hear it from me personally!!

i got back from handball just in time to see stairs hit his homer, so i don’t know if there was something wrong with Joe before game time or not, but why didn’t he pinch hit for Pablo in the ninth? Great pitching! Don’t change a thing there. now lets sweep the twins and get back into first place…. whata ya say?…. j.k.

Joe was out with a bad headache.

Did you know the Sox pitcher’s ERA on this entire road trip was under THREE….and yet the team got swept on it.

Unbelievable. (But remember according to Ozzie, it’s the fans and the media’s fault! LOL)

Mark Liptak

Ok, I’m officially on the edge so someone throw me a safety net. This feels like the movie Groundhog Day. What year is this? The shame of all this is the great starting pitching we are getting is wasted. It was nice to see Ozzie try and shake things up a little with the line up, but some kind of move has to be made, no?

Bring up Owens and give those big boys with the small averages a rest maybe? I’m just a fan so I don’t know what the answer is but I gotta say, I can’t sit and watch the bases loaded with one out and a team trying to give you a chance in the ninth only to end it with a double play. BRUTAL! No homers, no scoring. Just pitiful.

What is the answer??? How do you start out so well and fall so quickly? Guess I’d be a rich girl if I knew the answer. Let’s hope some home cooking can turn it around.

Uribe and Hall get hits….2nd and 3rd nobody out….cabrera hits a soft grounder to short, quentin flies out and thome strikes out (no suprise there). 1- terrible job by cabrera and quentin. 2- Uribe has to try to score on one of those plays but for god sakes make it easy and get a fricking hit.

Then in the 9th the 1-2-3 double play was so predictable it is scary. We got the bases loaded and i commented “they ain’t gunna score”…sure enough i was right. I wish i had an answer to this but i don’t. i am just upset i have tickets to the wednesday game. right now i don’t care to go.

Thome should sit for a while. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if the Sox cut ties with him.

Dye could move to DH and that opens up a spot for either Anderson or Owens in CF. Or Konerko can DH with Swisher at 1B and Owens or Anderson in the OF.

Or even let Fields DH and spell Crede at third every once in a while.

I’d hang on to Uribe as a utility IF, but I’d call up Getz and see what he could do at 2B. I love Pablo, but it seems as if he’s lost a half step and sadly I think he no longer fits a need on this team.


I agree. Toronto was playing the infield back, they were GIVING the Sox the run and Uribe STILL refused to break on contact.

That’s what pressure does to you…it makes you think for a nano-second, “what if I’m thrown out?” instead of acting on

I’m reminded of the famous description first used by pitcher Jim Bouton in Ball Four. “These guys are so tight you couldn’t pull a needle out of their rear ends with a tractor.”

Mark Liptak

As i predicted right here….this was going to be a tough series in toronto. for some reason the blue jays have our number. they sent us into that season long slump last year in may as well. hopefully we can shake it off vs the twins but i have no reason to believe it.

Please tell me this is rock bottom. We gave up 8 earned runs in a 4 game series and lost all 4 games. That is darn near impossible. If this does not turn around fast it will quickly become a clubhouse divided. I don’t care how much chemistry they claim to have. Can you ask the pitching to be any better than this. There are not words strong enough to describe how awful these supposed veteran hitters are right now.

I hope Joe is better tomorrow. I sure would have liked to see him hitting in the 9th for Thome. Would have been a better matchup to start the inning.

Uribe absolutely had to score in the 2nd and 3rd situation on the grounder to short. Eckstein was playing back, and he does not have a great arm. The 9th inning was the perfect time to try and squeeze home a run. Ozuna is a decent bunter, and Ryan had to throw a strike first pitch after walking all those guys to laod the bases. This would have been a much better situation than the last time they tried it.

I feel so badly for everyone – the pitchers are performing superbly, and losing!! The fans (including me) are frustrated and frightened of another debacle. Joe Crede gets special sympathy from me for a migraine (I get those, and they are *really* awful). The hitters are undoubtedly frustrated. Ozzie must be very unhappy.

I’m happy that Ozzie at least tried to reconfigure the lineup. It makes me crazy when he says “everything will be fine” when everything except the pitching is so *not* fine.

Let’s hope a change of scenery will bring a change in results! I want to see wins here in San Francisco!!!

Oops, I hit the submit button before I sent my big congrats to Jim and family on their new little Sox fan! Please give her a kiss for me!

Aww poor crede had a headache. he gave me a headache the two games he blew with his defense.

Hey Kenwo, I’ll take your tickets if you decide not to go!!!

Congrats Jim D on your new Lil Blesiing!!!

I love you guys on this blog but sometimes it just gets a lil too heavy for me. I care about this team, this administation and our fans, I respect them too. Baseball is very much a priority in our lives but we do not allow it to be the “be all, end all” of our existence. I pray to the “Baseball Gods” every
night that things go our way but in reality, as a fan, that is pretty much all I CAN do.


It certainly has been an interesting start to the season. Unfortunately I now live outside of the viewing area so I can’t follow the fellas as much as I’d like to. So catching up on the happenings here has been vital and I appreciate Scott and the fellow bloggers for keeping the updates coming.

The last couple of games have been hard, and judging from some comments a shakeup might be necessary. It was shocking to read some of these boxscores from the Toronto series. More shocking than that blowup doll garbage, which is only about the 8th or 9th most offensive thing to come out of the clubhouse this season. Thome is in the top 3.

The bad news is we still seem to be relying on the solo shot to win games.

The good news is the AL Central seems to be in a divisional slump. None of these teams look too good so I expect the Sox to be competitive. Just how competitive depends in large part how the offense responds.

The best news is Jim D is a father. Congratulations on a job well done…though I’m sure Mrs. D did most of the heavy lifting.

1. I had to leave my house during the 7th inning when it was 1-0. When I got back later that night and checked the score I couldn’t help but just start laughing. I just kept thinking, this has to be a joke right? You’ve got to hand it to our starting pitching for throwing like they are despite nothing to show for it.

2. I predict the Sox will score 10 runs tonight. Any thing’s possible right? Should be a nice warm night on the south side. Hopefully the rain stays away.



They very well may score 10 runs tonight. The issue is what happens the next day?

Remember for the past almost decade, the Sox have been world beaters in scoring 10 runs in a game, they the next two days scoring three and one.

It makes the average runs per game stat look great but with no consistency they keep losing more games then they win.

Mark Liptak

Tonight I will enjoy the W. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but it should be interesting to see how they follow up tonights performance. I just don’t know what to expect at this point.


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