What A Day

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Quentin, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Floyd pitching.


Well, today sure was interesting.  Indiana primary this evening, thousands dead in Southeast Asia and yet we make Page 1 of the local tabloid …

Before tonight’s game, KW and Ozzie met with the media to discuss the latest story about our team’s admittedly inappropriate — stupid might be the right word — attempt to break our slump in Toronto.

Williams did reinforce that the effort was “inappropriate,” “disappointing” and “irresponsible,” particularly given the negative images and issues surrounding women in our society.

“We all need to be a little more sensitive,” Williams said. 

The GM met with Guillen over a two-hour lunch earlier in the day to talk about the team and the recent roadtrip.

“We addressed the issue,” Williams said.

Guillen and several Sox players stressed that the incident was intended to be a “team joke,” and was not meant to hurt anyone.

Certainly, the majority of the Chicago press corps was in attendance, so you’ll be able to read several opinions and versions of the afternoon’s comments from the dugout and clubhouse.

So what do you think we’ll all read tomorrow?

Interesting Study

For what it’s worth, a story like this is interesting to me from a journalism standpoint.

A Chicago columnist offered her opinion, and other media have chosen to respond to that story, either picking up on her theme or challenging some of her opinions.

What I find so interesting is how the internet has allowed you — fans or people with an opinion — to reply and respond immediately, passionately, thoughfully (or not so thoughtfully, in some cases).  No longer is the public left without a voice.  The internet allows you to speak strongly, to the team, to the media and to one another.

I’ve spent much of today monitoring websites and chat rooms.  If you have the time and care enough, check out fan reaction on whitesox.com, whitesoxinteractive and even the Chicago Sun-Times website.

Fans are certainly heard.



As beat writer Joe Cowley said this afternoon on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” with Bob Ley, “this is major league baseball, not a chess tournament or a spelling bee. If this goes beyond what is going on now, it’s ridiculous.” He was stating the stupidity of some who were (are) trying to make it out to be more then it is.

My God, now wonder society is headed down the dumper, political correctness much like global warming, is a tactic used by a small number of people to intimidate the majority.

Let’s get real Ms. Slezak, there was no malice of forethought to “degrade” women, it’s a LOCKER ROOM for God’s sake!

Guys like Buehrle, Konerko, Dye appear to be the last people who would do something to intentionally hurt or spite individuals.

And to have folks like Kenny in a position of authority ‘kowtow’ to that minority who is trying to demand that everyone else act, think and talk the way they wish, that’s dangerous. That will embolden them into demanding more.

Like my late father used to say, “if they can’t take a joke, (bleep) ’em.”

Mark Liptak


Also thank you for recommending fans check out http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com

You personally are always welcome to visit (I know Brooks does) and fans are always invited.

Mark Liptak

I read the story and found it laughable. I’m a female and it certainly did not offend me. What I find offensive in this society is how certain individuals take certain things and run them into the ground. I am so sick of everyone having to be PC all the time and wondering how comments will or won’t be taken in context or out of context. Its the White Sox locker room. If I were Kenny, I’d have all the press wait outside. If you can’t do what you want in your own locker room, where can you? Funny how those same people have no problem being in a mens locker room with the players naked or half naked. All for a story. This is ridiculous. I know they didn’t mean anything by it, and by the way, whatever it takes to break the slump, no matter what it is or how PC it ISN”T, I’ll take it.


OMG. Seriously? Was anyone really offended by this? Or are we just filling space in a worthless, second-rate newspaper?

It’s so outrageous, it’s laughable. Well, unless there was pine tar on the bats.

Help Help… I’m in Texas… wth did I miss! Sounds like Maria and I would be in total agreement. Without even reading the article.. I can honestly say that I, as a woman, don’t offend easily, or ever for that matter.. these women that whine just make the rest of us look bad. Somebody direct me to the article.. please.

Another female perspective here…what a joke!

Unfortunately, a statement on our society today. Everyone is so darn sensitive and offended by EVERYTHING! Get a sense of humor and some thicker skin folks and quit taking everything so darn seriously. I find it really hard to believe that any malice was meant by it. I really can’t believe this big a deal was made about it. This is why nobody can have any fun anymore, no matter what you do, someone is offended. You need a raise Scott!!

Here’s the article from today’s Sun Times.


In case I wasn’t clear….NO offense found by this woman!

I just found it, what a crock of crap… she had nothing else to write about, in her opinion!! Geezuz, what’s this country really coming to when people can’t even have fun without pissin someone else off!

I am going to be at tomorrow night’s (Wednesday) game. You know what would be great?? I should bring a blow up doll, dressed of course in a Sox Shirt and Sox Cap. Everyone should bring one and sit it in the seat next to you. That would be great! I wonder if they’d let you bring that in? Hmmm…………………..

Ladies, just my opinion but there is an e-mail address for Carol. to the left side of the page where her story is located.

Feel free to send the comments that you just posted to her.

Mark Liptak

Hey, I know its early (heading into the bottom of the 5th), and forgive my use of the word “our”. (I know it bothers some of you)….BUT, it looks like our boys are back!

Mark, I already left my 2 cents on her little article, not too nicely either…

Hey, got an idea for Brooks. Can we have a Ladies Night at the Cell complete with a free bat giveaway? Just a thought.

Awesome Gavin. Simply awesome.

Two flirts with the no-no already this season. Agreed Marie, simply awesome.

Maria…Love the bat day idea! LMAO!!!

Pitching was awesome again. Must say that I truly enjoyed the singles and doubles. Keep that approach up.

What a 180! They fell a little short of my predicted 10 runs, but hey I’ll take it. Gavin is on a quest for that no-no. Should be fun watching him pitch the rest of the season.


So this is what a win is like?

Can they make it two in a row tomorrow…hope so!

Mark Liptak

About the dolls: Everything about this is brilliant. I guarantee not one person was offended by this. The Association for Women in Sports Media haven’t been able to complain about something in a while, so this just gives them an excuse to feel needed. Ms. Slezak at the Times doesn’t realize that this is the type of column that Ozzie thrives on. All these B rated hack job writers are doing is taking the pressure off of our ball club during their slump. I just love how everyone who isn’t a Sox fan is calling for the removal of Ozzie Guillen. If these people really thought Ozzie was damaging our club they would not want him out of there. They are just bitter because Ozzie has been successful at doing it his own way. They keep saying “Sox fans must be so embarrassed by this stuff.” Well, no true Sox fan is. The only thing these hack jobs have accomplished is making me smile, because to some degree the Sox have gotten to them. I love haters.

Blow up dolls. Haha, I love it. Maybe, it just might have worked.


i am not embarrassed by guillen’s antics. i am embarrassed by his performance in the dugout.

good win tonight though. didn’t see most of the game but gavin was indeed good again. i predicted that floyd would be ok..it is danks we have to worry about. fortunately he has been pretty good too. now the offense needs to continue to hit like tonight.

riefert stop contributing to the pussification of america. don’t apologize or say it is in bad taste…as albert belle claimed years ago…the broads shouldn’t be in the locker room anyway.

hmm wait a minute….if females are allowed in the white sox locker room maybe i could get a job covering that chicago softball team with jennie finch…wouldn’t mind seeing her stepping out of the shower😀

Just a thought…Why does Ozzie not bring in Anderson in the ninth to play center? I know Swisher plays as hard as anyone, but Anderson flat out has more speed and is a better center fielder. I don’t know if BA would have gotten that ball, but he would have had a better shot at it. I have been wondering about this for a while.


Six-game losing streaks are never fun. Of course, it is very hard to find anything positive during such a bad week.

But I would much rather endure a six-game losing streak when the pitching is outstanding and the hitting is poor.


Hitting is more cyclical. It has a much better chance of coming around. Poor pitching is tougher to correct.

As long as the starters keep throwing as well as they have, this team still has a chance of making it an interesting season.

Another great effort by Floyd.

i’ll second (or is that third or fourth) that comment about Gavin Floyd. I have to admit i was worried about him taking over for Garland (in essence) but aside from some early control problems, he looked good once again. Yes, if the pitching continues to go as it has, we will be in the thick of things this year. I had the same thought about Anderson in the ninth too, but that came after mauers hit. maybe Floyd gets his no-no next time out…. now keep the hitting up and move into a tie tomorrow night…. yeah!!!!!!!

and thanks for the link to the article about the “horrible” event that took place yesterday. you’ve got to be kidding, right?? j.k.

I was thinking the same thing in the 9th. BA may not make that play, but I would have more confidence in him defensively.

A very nice effort by Gavin Floyd tonight. Just like the game against the Tigers he was effectively wild early getting the hitters off balance for the whole game. Kind of ironic, but the days of Gavin Floyd’s two no-hit attempts I had a meal at Bennigans. Scott, if the Sox are willing to buy I will eat there every day Floyd pitches!

As for the blow up dolls I expected the reaction from the ladies on this blog to be what it was. People who understand this game, and really any sport know this stuff goes on. It was a joke to loosen up the team. We have a great female fan base, and I can not imagine that many of them were offended by this. The ridiculous thing is this would not have even broke if the Toronto media did not see it and make a big deal of it because not one Chicago reporter said anything about it until Tuesday’s paper.

For those who saw “White Sox Warmup” on WGN at 11:30 Sunday, Dan Roan referenced it when talking to with Joe Cowley and Mark Gonzalez. They did not make a big deal of it, and just basically said there was a shrine created in the clubhouse that was not suitable for description. One of the two writers mentioned there were dolls invloved, but it went no furthur and seemed to have no importance to them.

Carol Slezak writes some of the most idiotic columns. I would bet she has been in as many clubhouses as her colleague Mariotti – ZERO. There are much worse things going on in this world that the Sun Times should focus on. I sure hope another Roger Clemens mistress surfaces tomorrow cause I don’t want to hear about this issue anymore.

Great win last night, and Gavin looked great. Felt so bad for him. He clearly wears his heart on his sleeve and looked so disappointed. He should be proud of what he did! I wouldn’t put it past him to get another chance soon.

As for that doll BS. Come on, people!! This is not 1940. MOST women, and I see the lovely ladies on this board can prove me right, are not sensitive, whiney, fainting human beings. If things like that are offensive, then they probably have been hanging out in the old west, or a compound in Texas… And to waste the time, energy and AIR on this issue when there are FAR larger and more important things going on in society is just mind-boggling. Before Ms. Slezak starts speaking for our gender, she might want to talk to a few people other women…besides the ones in her head. -Dawn

I feel there is nothing more hysterical than males.

My son is 10, and has played little league for 5 years now, and the boys just love that the ‘dugout’ is their domain.
This year, I’ve already listened to them laugh about the athletic supporters, talk about girls at school, make jokes, talk about ‘boobs’ (only once but they are getting older) , call their coach dumb (not within earshot, though), and thoroughly enjoy each others camaraderie, knowing that they are all in this together.

I love every minute of it.

I laughed at Erstad being Mr. Neatness in the dugout last year, and how the guys would mess it up when Erstad made an out and had to come back to the dugout with the paper cups all over, something like that. I told my husband that you guys crack me up. AND I laughed on Sunday when I heard about the dolls.

Personally, I love the gossip that comes from the reporters, because I guess I have a sense of humor and unfortunately, it’ll be the few that will ruin it for the rest.
I’ve taken my share of sexual comments from the group of salesmen I have worked with and you know what, I would give it right back to them. They loved me for it, and would have my back for anything.

I probably would have walked into the clubhouse and try to set it up better for them. “Wait guys, how about if we put a Sox garter around one of their legs?” LOL

How boring this world will be if we can’t make jokes and laugh about ourselves.
I know women talk smut amongst themselves.
I have worked with women of every nationality and race and these women are all the same as well. I have a hard time believing that Ms. Slezak has never come across this especially in her line of work.

I have 2 teenage daughters and always teach them to act like ladies in public, and to know when and where joking is appropriate. As in, their space, like a locker room.

Hey, everyone, have a great day, and let’s tie these guys up in first. Go Sox!

Signed, Chicago City Lady

First things first, I couldn’t agree more with the ladies on this blog. All of my thoughts and feelings were echoed on this blog, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is my warped lil fantasy that both Carol and Jay “accidently” fall off the same cliff into a huge pile of blow up dolls! BTW, GREAT idea by McDowell!

Great job by Gavin last night. And, as much as I love him, I kinda blame Hawk for jinxing him. All in all, great effort, would LOVE to see them to continue to beat up on the “pirhanas”. (did I spell that right?)

Anywho, let’s get em again tonite boys!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you Gavin Floyd… Your effort last night brought peace, unity and harmony to White Sox Universe…
Lisa… for your information, the word is spelled “piranhas”…

Two last thoughts:
1) To Mark and the others who took the time to castigate and ridicule me for my thoughts… Feel free to do so…as the late Howard Cosell said of his critics: “They’re throwing spitballs at a battleship.”

2) To the easily offended Carol Slezak and her cohorts at the Sun-Times… People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… Check out your own paper sometime…and then fondly recall some of the owners that have recently graced your doorstep… particularly Lord Conrad Black and Rupert Murdoch…after that, if you still wish to keep up the agenda that you have against this organization and the individuals working for it… it’s a free country…

Lisa… As to your comment about Hawk “jinxing” Floyd before the top of the 9th… This has been going on ever since radio and TV came into prominence…The superstition of “jinxing” a pitcher is absolutely ridiculous… It’s not like they have a TV or a radio tuned in to the game…Whatever Hawk or Farmer said is not going to cost Floyd or anyone else… If they had the power to have their words shape the fortunes of the ballclub, the Sox would go 162 and 0… with EVERY game being a perfect game…and they would be making a great deal more money than they do already…
Actually, the superstition started with the players on the bench… then drifted up to the press box, to the writers…THEN it was passed on to the electronic media…
In closing… wouldn’t you like to see the players write columns about what the WRITERS do on a road trip?

Thank you ladies for expressing yourselves so well on that stupid topic. I agree, the dugout is a place of comraderie and highjinx…I’m sure it reflects our society.

As for Gavin…what a great game at a time when we needed it so desperately! I think his confidence issue is a thing of the past.

I agree with a couple others who questioned why BA wasn’t in CF last night. That seemed all too obvious to put him in. Ozzie’s great for the clubhouse, but he hasn’t shown me that he’s a great game manager.

Great to get a win, sorry Gavin didn’t get his no-hitter, but the way he’s pitching, he will probably get one this season.

Not offended by the Sox clubhouse prank, and I think Maria’s bat day idea is great!

Finally, TQ, great idea – why don’t the players write on this blog about the antics of the writers. They are as welcome as anyone else here, aren’t they, Scott?


My comments to you were in no way castigation. You seem to feel that my putting the Sox as high on my priority list is wrong. Well it may be, but that’s for me to decide not you.

Like I said, if you feel global warming, the Iraq war, the presidential election and the economy are more important, God bless you. Feel free to do anything and everything you can to solve those issues.

I never ripped you for that attitude nor were my comments
ridiculing you but it appears you think otherwise. So be it.

We simply will agree to disagree on these issues and further as Kenny says, “it is what it is.” (and I’m not going anywhere.)

Mark Liptak

Why do you keep typing that? (“I’m not going anywhere”)Has anybody asked you to go anywhere? Just curious.


Oh Yeah! Thanks Tom Q for correcting my spelling and for sharing your thoughts on the “jinx” issue.

Go White Sox!



Apparently some (not necessarily Thomas) basically said I should go elsewhere.

Mark Liptak

As a woman, I am not at all offened by what the Sox players did. It was all in good fun and if it helps them to loosen up and play better than go right ahead. It would be different if they had actually women in the clubhouse naked or half-naked to help them break out of their slump. Plastic women are fine with me. And I whole heartedly agree with Scott about the Sun times and their lack of sensitivity towards woman, when they show half naked pictures of women in the sports section daily. I won’t even read that paper due to their lack of respect for women! So, in closing let our team play with plastic woman if it helps and if you can’t deal with it then grow up. Baseball is like a big frat and this is to be expected when times get tough. Who knows, they could go Bull Durham on us and start wearing women’s underwear!
Go Sox!

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