Trying to Get Things Rolling Again

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Q, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Today’s News

Actually very quiet, which was incredibly nice for a change.  Sat in the dugout before the game and listened to KW, Steve Stone and others talk about pitching mechanics.  How pleasant.

Earlier today, Nick Swisher (ring leader), Toby Hall, John Danks and Bobby Jenks had their facial hair dyed pink in honor of Mother’s Day.  Swisher, Danks and Hall also will make a donation to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation (Chicago) on behalf of all White Sox players.

Ozzie joked that if it meant the team got hot, he’d paint his beard pink as well.  You might see everyone around here sporting pink soon.

A group of children from Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a national organization whose mission is to eliminate pediatric cancer and to provide hope and support to those who are touched by it, attended as part of the Nick Swisher Foundation’s “Swish’s Wishes” program, and assisted with the players’ hair coloring.

And for the skeptics in the group, this event was planned even before Toronto.

050708 Event 52.JPG

050708 Event 16.JPG

050708 Event 48.JPG

050708 Event 37.JPG

050708 Event 29.JPG

Parting Shot …

Then I’m done.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if a female reader of this blog went through the Sun-Times and jotted down all the sexually-oriented material objectifying women that someone might find offensive …

… as one journalist told me today, “I can’t even let my kids read the newspaper.”





The best response I’ve seen to all this comes from the Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom:

“Sox manager Ozzie Guillen won’t apologize for the stupid blow-up doll blowup, and all I can say is, I’m giving him a standing ovation.

Guillen won’t say he’s sorry, and I’m thinking, the people who are sorry here are the Politically Correct Morons. Look, Sox players were trying to find some joke of a way to break out of their hitting slump and used blow-up dolls to do it in the privacy of their own clubhouse, which couldn’t be more removed from public view.

It’s not like Sox players have been carrying out some kind of female humiliation agenda.

It’s not like they brought the dolls to the bench to make the whole thing public.

It’s not like they host “Beat A Broad Night” at The Cell.

Come on.

Tip for the PC Morons: If you can’t take a joke, then you become one.

Another tip for the PC Morons: If you get upset over what the Sox players did in private while saying nothing or doing nothing about the very public objectifying and degrading of women that you see on “Flavor of Love” and “Rock of Love” shows, then you pretty much have the brains of, well, an inflatable doll.”

Can’t top that!

Mark Liptak

Very nicely put Mark….you better be careful, people are starting to like you on the board!!😉

i’m still waiting for the rain to end and the game to start out here in dry tucson. what an hilarious article…. thanks kenwo. you da man…. j.k.

oh, yeah, I was offended with the saucy language of said link, but i’ll get over it, no need to print anything in the papers…. j.k. let’s go Mark!

Boy the Sox sure have been getting incredibly bad weather the last few home stands.

Tough to play in those conditions and even tougher to have to spend hours and hours waiting at the stadium to see if they’ll play or be in countless delays.

Mark Liptak

These pictures are priceless! Kenwo… thanks for the link, that too was something of amusement!

Late game tonight, I’m watchin the Stros too on tv as I have our boys on, Geoff Blum has really made a spot for himself on this team.. there’s Willie Harris (Washington) and of course Carlos Lee hopefully gettin ready to win it in the bottom of the 9th..

does having two games on make me a fan, a fanatic or just plain nutso!?!?! 🙂

BTW-Stros win another in the bottom of the 9th- Carlos is still pretty amazing! They play the Kentucky Derby ‘theme’ when he comes up to bat (I know ya’ll know what I’m talking about)

I’m blathering.. sorry, not much else to do online when I’m watching the Sox night after night on a computer screen!


Kris in the non-PC state of Tex-*** as we like to refer to it as!

Does Mark have an undisclosed injury or something? Something has got to be wrong with him – doesn’t it? I love Mark, I’m not trying to be negative but this is/was horrible for him yet again. I never thought I’d have nerves on the days he was pitching!

I think they are going to need alot more of those…
Oh my. Oh yea, JD just took them out of a zippo.

I just got back from the game. I took my son for mother/son night. After sitting through the 1 hour 45 minute rain delay, I wish it would have rained out the whole night. What a game. Yuck.

Two things, when Mark came out of the game, he took a bat and beat the crap out of the side of the dugout. You could see it and hear it from where I was sitting, last row of section 128. At least he was thoroughly disgusted with himself.

Then, I saw, in the front row my section an INFLATABLE DOLL! Someone did bring one. I was laughing my butt off at that. Unfortunately, that was the only highlight of the evening. Other than being with my son of course. 🙂


The run totals for the Sox their last eight games.

Well at least the offense is consistent in one thing…they can’t score.

I think Kenny is getting pretty close to rebuilding time like it or not.

Mark Liptak

When you think about it, it’s almost incomprehensible how proven veteran hitters like Thome, Konerko, Dye ect can ALL go south for extended periods of time.

How can it be accounted when guys like Swisher, Cabrerra, Hall for example, guys who are hitters and have shown themselves to be in other organizations, come to the White Sox and fall completely on their collective faces? In what is supposedly one of the best “hitter’s parks” in MLB.

I can’t explain it, the karma is bad, guys are pressing and some of the players probably have seen their better days behind them.

I don’t envy Kenny…so soon after winning a World Series to have to start thinking about rebuilding. What will that word do to the attendance that Brooks and his staff have worked so hard to build up? What will it do to the radio/TV rights? How many advertisers will desert the sinking ship? Can the White Sox afford to lose that much money?…and it’s not like the minor leagues are brimming with talent ready to come up and make an impact. I mean we’ve seen enough of the Anderson’s and Sweeney’s, Jon Rauch’s and Arnie Munoz’s and so forth to make that an easy call.

Kenny and this organization appears to be between the rock and a hard place and I can’t imagine how it will all shake out.

Mark Liptak

On a tough night, this made me smile:


Great Column! (on the Sun-Times)

Mark Liptak

i know a loss is a loss but i would rather get trounced 13-1 than lose 2-1 or 1-0 like we have been doing.


I’d like to read that article you suggest, but when I click on the link, nothing comes up.


Just read that Fields hit the DL.

o.k. so let’s take the series and move on…. j.k.

Anybody know where I can view Mark destroying the heater?

I saw it this morning on the WGN morning news. Maybe try the noon news on WGN? I did look on their website for it, but didn’t find it.


It’s Mike Downey’s column in the Tribune today entitled, “Paper’s Pious Play XXX-Tremely Silly”,1,711714.column

Mark Liptak

And here’s another good one:

Mark Liptak

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