End of a Quick Homestand

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today’s Lineup

As posted in the White Sox clubhouse …


Ramirez, SS; Q, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B; Hall, C.  Pink-chinned John Danks takes the mound.

I had a chuckle last night when I read Mike Downey’s column on chicagosports.com. Read it here.

I know this isn’t Craig’s List or Ebay, but anyone out there need a used outdoor space heater?  Decent condition, slightly “loved.”

Best part of Mark’s bat-to-heater explosion last night was that he used one of Uribe’s bats.  Juan is very, very protective of his bats and keeps them all down at the far end of the dugout away from everyelse’s lumber.  So the idea that Mark grabbed whatever was nearest to him — in this case Juan’s bat — do inflict his damage is classic.



I need to view the Mark/heater encounter. Where???

Maybe that is what Uribe’s bat needed – CONTACT!

That’s the most use Uribe’s bat has had since the season started.

That’s the most use Uribe’s bat has had since the season began.

Sorry, the website geeked out and I thought my comments didn’t post.

Well, at least Uribe’s bat is NOW smoking hot?? 🙂

Swisher in center field the whole year would be brutal. It does not always show up in a couple of games but then games occur that show that the arm, the range is at the bottom of center fielders and that costs games. Truth is the sox are not fitting up real well with their players, and the positions they play, ex the sox have 3 guys that play a better center field then Swisher but cannot get them in the lineup. Yet Swish is hitting below 200 , yet no way he sits with what the sox gave up that would not happen be too much like oh I might have made a mistake. And I think energy wise Swish is a great addition he will hit , I think. But he should not be in center field, again the sox are somewhat confusing as a team with the players that they have available and who plays.

And of course, Carlos was a huge pick up, so I am not saying everything is bad about moves, Just pointing out all is not good either.

THe frustration level with the ball club is getting to the boiling point… But it would help tremendously if the bats could be used on the opposing pitches, instead of inanimate objects…
What I’m saying is a blowout game, kind of like the one the North Siders had against the Brewers, would be, perhaps, the tonic that ails the boys… especially since they are going to their least favorite locations to play the last few years…
Seattle, Anaheim and the other end of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco…
There is nothing wrong that good, solid, consistent play won’t cure…
By the way, Mark…What is with the formality all of a sudden?… If I wrote anything that upset you, I apologize…maybe MY priorities should be re-analyzed…But I haven’t been called “Thomas” that much since my days with the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, back in grammar school…

And a thank you to Mike Downey, whose work I have always enjoyed, and to Kevin Hench at foxsports.com, for putting things into the proper perspective…

If only Robert Feder’s radio/TV column would move over to Michigan Avenue… I might become a steady reader of the broadsheet(that’s a NEWSPAPER term for a form of style, NOT a comment on what occured in Toronto…)…

Buehrle did put some life into Juan’s bat.

amazing! the twins looked like…. well.. us in the eighth…. amazing. we took a series…. yeah. let’s don’t stop now… on to seattle….. tomorrow folks… j.k.

Nice to get a win today after that disaster yesterday. 99% of the time I can not stand Juan Uribe, but he gave the Sox a big lift today. Not just the 2 run homer (our first non solo shot in over 2 weeks), but taking a walk on 4 pitches and breaking up that double play in the bottom of the eight was effort we have not seen lately. Absolutely gotta love that! The Twins 3rd baseman made a soft throw that gave him the opportunity to break it up, and he took advantage. Maybe Buerhle beat some life into Uribe last night?

A nice 2 innings also from Dotel, but he needs to keep that up. He seems to follow up every good outing with a bad outing.

BREAKING NEWS: Toby Hall threw out a baserunner today!

In the top of the 5th Wasserman was up in the bullpen with us down 2-0. I thought maybe Ozzie was giving up already. I mean would you put a guy with a 32.40 ERA in during a 2 run game? For a guy who did a pretty good job up here last year, Wasserman sure has stunk so far this year. In 5 appearances he has given up more earned runs (6) than he has gotten outs (5). I sure hope he gets this turned around.

Pay not attention to Wasserman’s ERA. ERA’s after just a few short relief appearances mean nothing. Give him some time before judging his 2008 season.

Uribe had the game of his career , he did it all. Good for him not that I respect his game over the course of 160 games, it would be great if uribe did it all, all year. If Thome really worked on hitting to left , ground balls, he could maybe get a lot of hits, make the clubs not put on the switch as it stands the switch is running him out of baseball along with the strike outs. Just by bunting you bring the corners in and get a lot of extra hits by drawn in corners so thome should hit to left then if the teams abandoned the switch, his pulled balls would go for hits a lot more, it is that time in his career to make that adjustment, my opinion.

Since I am often critical on the team when they are lousy (which has been a ton since July 2006) it is only fair to point out some positive things and there were two this afternoon.

Both were huge in my opinion and neither one involved trying to hit an eight run, 800 foot home run.

In the last of the 8th of a 4-2 game, still winnable by the Twins, the Sox had the bases loaded, one out, Tody Hall at the plate. Hall hits a taylor made DP but Juan Uribe takes out the pivot guy enabling the slowest man on Earth to get to first base, run scores, inning continues.

Then Alexi Ramirez runs hard all the way to first and when Justin Morneau drops the ball, he is safe, another run scores and the inning continues.

Two small, little things that basically put the game away. Kudos to both players….now if only the Sox could steal some bases, pressure the opposition, hit to the opposite field and bunt, then maybe we’d have something.

Notice however that this does not in any way excuse still another blown chance to break the game open with a hit. Bases loaded, one out and Hall does EXACTLY what the Twins want him to do, pound a sinker into the ground for what should have been an inning ending DP. Hall was ahead in the count as well, if memory serves, against a pitcher who had already walked a few guys in the frame.

Sometimes I honestly wonder about the baseball intelligence of the White Sox. Either they simply are “dumb” (by baseball standards mind you), or these coaches simply are doing a poor job of teaching the game and fundamentals (despite what Ozzie says every year he’s going to stress in spring training.)

We’ll see what happens over the weekend in a park that’s difficult to hit home runs in.

Mark Liptak


I’ll tell you what, if you’ll start calling me Mark or Lip instead of Brother Liptak, I’ll stop calling you Thomas.


Mark Liptak

Hey Mark, weren’t there 3 stolen bases today? Even Thome got one. First time since 2002!


It was very nice to see some glances of fundamental baseball in today’s game. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what this team could do if they start firing on all cylinders? The stolen bases where nice to see, as was Uribe’s breakup, but once again we failed miserably with runners in scoring position. Second and third with no outs and we scored zero runs. Bases loaded one out, and we would have had zero runs again had the Twins not given us the last two runs.

Pitching was once again great. That’s the best stuff I’ve seen from Dotel so far. Bobby’s pitching actually looked a little off to me. That curve is still not biting like it should. Hopefully he gets better as he goes along, just like he does every season.


Lip: You have a deal, sir… and I agree with your assessment concerning the lack of intelligence that some of these players display for the simplest of tasks… it’s as if you have to keep drilling them, even though you thought that they had it the first few hundred times you ran through it…
I stand corrected with something I thought I saw in yesterday’s game… concerning the double steal… I thought it was Konerko and Thome on the bases, forgetting that Paulie was at bat, and it was Quentin and Thome on the bases… Now, if Konerko and Thome were the duo doing the thefts, I wouldn’t have blamed Scott Ullger(managing because Gardenhire had been ejected earlier)if he walked out of the dugout and took all the Twins back to the clubhouse, out of sheer embarrassment…
As to what Uribe did… THAT was baseball the way I saw it played growing up… hard, but clean…
Doggone it, Joe Cowley…You had to go and write the sidebar column that you did today in the S-T that made me think you’re not such a bad sort anyway… (Inside Pitch/Perspective, please… Page 73…)and my best to the better half on the upcoming blessed event…
And finally, to Maria, Dawn, Mommy Mac, Pat Klein, Amy Reifert, Lisa and all the other mothers in White Sox Universe… My wish for you is for a peaceful, serene and Happy Mother’s Day… all of you deserve it…

i just watched the archived game from last night and wanted to compliment BA for the excellant catch in the fourth inning. i think only Rowand is able to make that play, so give the kid another start Ozzie, he is busting his butt out there and his bat isn’t a liability… thanks TQ for the Mother’s day wishes for Pat,,,,, let’s make it two in a row in seattle.. j.k.

Hooray! We came away with a W.

I’ll take em any way I can get em.

Thanks TQ for the Mother’s Day wish.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in White Sox Universe.

A big thank you from out here on the left coast to TQ for the Mother’s Day wishes, and to the Sox for the Mother’s Day pink goatees.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms in White Sox Universe!
Cheers, Peggy

The recipe for success?
Easy… Quality pitching, solid defense and juuuuussssttt enough offense to get you over the hump…

Mix it all up in one big mish-mosh, and what have you got?

A good start to a long road trip…and a streak of three wins in the last four games…

That’s hard to beat… even with a stick…(old joke there, but then again… the teller is pretty old hisself…)

I’m almost certain that Mark will agree with that assessment…
Almost, that is…

Thanks for the wishes TQ and all the rest! Right back at all of you on the Mother’s Day wishes!! A White Sox sweep–on the west coast even-would be a great MD gift! Ok, I’ll settle for a series win. You all know I’ve always been a BA fan–what a catch by my boy!! Nice to see Ozzie shaking things up a little. Very nice!

thankfully the Mariners are hitting worse than the sox are at the moment.

hey mommy mac, looks like BA gave you another mothers day gift tonight! Hope you liked it! Have a great day all you moms – I know I will be enjoying it with my two kids!


I award the bone head of the year award to the Mariners. Getting picked off on a 3-1 count to a guy who has hit as many as 48 homers in a season and has one already today is the most ridiculous plays i have ever seen. Usually those are reserved for the white sox to make. I can’t believe Ichiro tried to score even though Bloomquist was safe at second. nice throw by Uribe.

Another nice win tonight, now let’s get the sweep tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s in White Sox Universe! Enjoy your day!

Hey I got my mother’s day wish!! And how about BA, Marie. He is going to make it hard on Ozzie to keep him out of the lineup. Thanks again everyone for the wishes and enjoy the day–rainy or not. And especially to Mrs Jim D happy first mother’s day, congrats to you guys on the little girl!

If memory serves this was Floyd’s first really poor outing of the season. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to it with his next start.

Mark Liptakl

Someone named Nick Adenhart goes for the Angels Monday night. He’s pitched in two games with an 11 and a half ERA. Anyone know anything about him?

Mark LIptak

Sox take two of three on the road in seattle. not bad…hopefully we can split with the angels and take 2-3 from san fran. i think it is possible. At least against the giants we will have the pitcher hitting instead of our “dh” thome who is absolutely brutal. someone needs to kick this guy to the curb.

anyway, liptak whats the deal the sox win 2 games and you don’t have anything to say now that they lost one you leave multiple messages. i am starting to think youre a cubs fan!

Nice to get 2 of 3 in any series, but we were set up to go sweep them in the first 2 innings and just could not get the hits to open the game up early.

Mark – as for Nick Adenhart, he has only had two starts, longest being 4.1 innings. Here is the kicker though – he has a 3.00 WHIP. So my guess is we will load the bases every inning, and not score any runs.

If Adenhart is as bad as his numbers and the Sox haven’t seen him yet, well, we all know what that means.

Come on guys…Have a lil’ faith!!!!!

Not EVERY no namer has beaten us!!! I think we can ger to Adenhart early and send him packing by the 4th….(fingers crossed).


I hope I’m wrong, but the Sox have proven time and time again that they do not handle no-namers well. Lip has repeatedly given us the numbers.

I just hope I can stay up long enough to watch.
A 9 p.m. start…………Brutal!


It seems that every day we read posts on this board complaining about Thome. Today, it is Kenwo that wants to “kick him to the curb.”

Interestingly enough, if you project Thome’s current numbers (7 HR, 22 RBI) over a full season, he would finish with 31 homers and 99 RBI.

Now, at the end of the year, if the Sox “kicked to the curb” a player who produced those numbers you would all be screaming for Kenny’s head.

Obviously Thome is the type of player that draws very high expectations from fans. And, since he undoubtedly will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, that may be understandable.

But I would never discount what he could do for a team if he gets hot.

TC – Don’t forget the projected 175 strikeouts, 236 total bases (lowest since 1994 of a non-injury shortened season) and the 0 sac flies that he is on pace for. Also he is headed towards the lowest slugging percentage, lowest OBP, and lowest OPS in a non-injury shortened seasson since 1992.

Don’t get me wrong I like Jim Thome, but he should be a part time player. Use Konerko at DH against lefties, or even use AJ on days when Hall is catching if AJ is hitting well.

Sometimes what you hit is not as important as when you hit it. Maybe that is what is bothering some people about Thome. I know he single handedly won 1 game this season, but sometimes that is not enough.


By the time the Friday and Saturday night games were over I had better things to do then go on a message board. Sleeping for one thing.

Mark Liptak

The problem is for a guy hitting in the 3 hole he should be performing so much better. The 3 spot in the order is traditionally the guy who hits the highest average as well as produces runs. If he were not in the 3 spot I think that would make people more willing to accept his faults. I know personally, I would be more willing to see him in the lineup if he were hitting 6th or 7th. It’s hard to say who should be #3 because of the funk everyone is in, but I would give JD or Quentin a shot.


Of course Thome’s numbers are going down. He is getting older and is at the tail end of a great career. I agree with Jim, I would rather have someone hitting in the 3-spot that hits for a better average.

As far as platooning at the DH with Konerko, the question remains who will play first if Paulie is DH’ing. Whoever it is will be a huge step down in defense. Swisher is nowhere near the first baseman that Konerko is.

And when AJ doesn’t catch is when AJ is supposed to be resting. DH’ing him, while not nearly as strenuous as catching, does defeat the purpose a little bit.

lisa and kenwo… It could be a lot worse… I can remember when games on the left coast started at 8 PM…PACIFIC TIME… Kick in two hours coming back here and that made it…(gulp!) 10 PM Central time… and a game which would normally run two to two and a half hours… would make the ending time close to 1 AM…(yawn!!!)… and I also vividly recall some of the classic Sox-Oakland matchups which seemed to go on and on AND ON AND ON… Back then, the American League only had a curfew…which meant that no inning could start after 1 AM, local time…If the boys were on the Coast, that meant (son of YAWN!!!)3 AM Central time…and a couple of times, the Sox and A’s hit that time limit and had to be suspended…
However, I was there at my radio, keeping track of everything… somehow…

TC – Those were my stats. I don’t support Kenwo in saying kick him to the curb, but I would sure want to kick him down in the order. Who knows, maybe it lights fire under his butt, and he ends up having a good year instead of continuing to free fall.

As for AJ, he has the second best batting average on the team, and is hitting .280 against lefties. I know a day off for a catcher is valuable, but I don’t think AJ would turn down the at bats.

Thome’s numbers may be going down but I would consider it a long way from a “freefall.”

With regards to AJ, I would be extremely careful with him. He is the only legitimate “everyday” catcher on the club and he has to be prepared to go the whole season. I am usually not overcautious with anyone as my belief is that big leaguers should be prepared to play at all times, but in AJ’s case I would lean to the more cautious side.

I have nothing against moving him down in the order but the Sox are limited when it comes to LH bats and Ozzie hates to send a string of four or five straight RH bats to the plate in the middle of the order.

Did I read correct that Thome hit an RBI single to LEFT?! I also see it was a broken bat single, does that mean he tried to yank it to right and it went off the end of the bat/or was he jammed trying to hit it out? Or was this an actual honest to God attempt to hit it to Left?

I agree, he should NOT be hitting 3rd, simply switch him and Dye…or put Swisher in 5 with Thome 6…maybe that’ll get Swisher some better pitches and kick Thome into gear?? Who knows, all I believe is something needs to happen…order change, trade, firing, another blow-up (either Ozzie or dolls! haha) anything to light a fire in this offense. How about so-called Ozzie ball again? Force the hitters to stop thinking long ball and concentrate on moving the runners. Ozzie’s job is to try, try and try again. Who cares if Thome has 514, he can lay a bunt down the 3B line and get an RBI double these days!

Interesting stat regarding Jim… I recently saw this and I hope I’ve remembered it correctly. Apparently Jim is now 3-29 against relief pitchers so far this season with 19 strikeouts.

Mark Liptak

Mark, that stat sounds about right. I know that whenever Jim comes up late I EXPECT him to strike out. I agree with Peggy that we won’t have to see Thome in San Fran, who knows maybe one of our pitchers won’t strike out and it will be a minor blow for our side. I watch a lot of the D-Backs and they pinch hit with one of their pitchers! Micah Owings is good. Reminds me of watching Gary Peters hit…

And that’s another Great thing about being out here. Games in Chicago start at 5:11 and ones on the coast start at the proper hour of 7. Leaves time for other endeavors after the game. Plus it doesn’t rain every other day, plus no hurricaines or snow storms or twisters or floods…. Paridise!!!!! Did i mention i was selling my house? see you all later tonight folks….. j.k. (tucson, no daylight savings so we’re on anaheim time)…..

Couple of quick things:

1. I think it was too cold for Floyd. He was lacking a curveball.

2. Buehrle lives and dies on location. When he doesn’t hit his spots, it is easy to hit off of him. Hopefully his funk ends tonight.

3. Is Cabrera back? He boosted his average 21 points yesterday.

OK back to studying now.


Are any major league ” managers” actually managing anymore in the American League? Is it even possible with the multi millionare ball players and the tiny roosters? I think managing should be part of a baseball game, that appears to be not the case as baseball stands right now. The manager is just a cheerleader and P.R. guy. Because if for instance Ozzie was managing the game for sure Thome would not have hit when seattle brought rhodes into the game. Ozzie was done and the sox were done, thome K, walk Paul K. face another lefty A. J. and good by sox. What a missed opportunity 5-3 with runners in scoring position , heart of the order up late in the game. It was as if we, being the Sox just said, we do not care about this particular game. I do not tolerate that approach , sorry no excuses , everyone could see the hand writing on the wall, and I am sure Ozzie saw it but no action that tells me that Ozzie is afraid to make moves, not good. Players need to be told up front, that moves will be made and not take it personal or if they do take it personal move them on to young guys that will not complain. I about blew a gasket when thome was not removed in that spot. Yet I waited to post not wanting to over react.

If he is on pace for 31 and 99 it will be the softest 31 and 99 of all time history. If it wasn’t for Quentin, Dye , Crede and AJ (mostly Quentin as of late)……this team would be the worst offense in the league. It seems like any time 3 and 4 are due up you aren’t going to score. We are better off with 7-8-9 coming up.

It is official….hawk is a ****** bag. How can he blame Uribe, who made a nice play up the middle but lost his footing resulting in men on 1st and 2nd keep saying that Uribe should have made the play blah blah blah…the previous batter hit a simple ground ball to short, a play that was 10 times easier than Uribe’s and he didn’t say anything about it.

Meanwhile this Buehrle cat is brutal. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to give him a contract last year. This guy can’t pitch over a mistake to save his soul, plus, the thing that really irks me is the sox score 3 runs in the 2nd and he gives 2 of them right back in the bottom of the second. This is why I hated david wells when he came to us. everytime we scored he gave the runs right back. This has to stop. He is the worst pitcher on the staff and is getting paid the most money. I would have rather kept Garland

Watching two major league teams but it is not baseball that I am watching , its a home run hitting contest or who can hit into the most double plays and strike out the most, who can not make any moves that are obvious managing like why let vlad beat you? Not fun,

no need to continue watching (even though it’s only 9:18). I don’t think Wassermann is the answer. And unfortunatelly, whenever there is an error from our vaunted defense, a couple of runs score. Buehrle will be OK later this year, but it sure ticks me off to have a lead and give it up…… As kenwo (i think it was him) said, the pitchers will try to toss shut outs due to the lack of offense…. let’s turn it around after two losses in a row and take it to the angels tomorrow…. j.k.

Oh geez. hawk is talking about the sox finding their rhythm…… he has been talking about that since the summer of 2006. “someone is going to pay when we get into a rhythm.” In the year 2015 we will unleash hell on the AL, until then we will suck.

then i read this article about the sox being “fiscally responsible with their first round pick”. that means they are going to take a guy that should be picked later than where he will be and we will let a few future hall of famers slide by. great news.

I am getting like Liptak with all of my posts…but for god sakes would AJ swing in the 9th? The jerk is the tying run at the plate and he takes all 3 strikes? Why bring a bat you bum! My god at least swing the fricking bat and give it an effort. To take three in a row he should be heavily fined in kangaroo court. Awful.

What, the catcher didn’t drop the third strike? That’s what I was hoping for🙂

Better luck tomorrow night!

Konerko and Thome are brutal, they need to try to hang onto Crede. And yes, Hawk is a *********, grade A. I will give the team this, they don’t totally fold up when they’re getting blown out like last year, yet we’re still finding ways to drop the games we need to win. Hope these guys prove me wrong with this series against the Angels. And with AJ standing there and taking three, saw a lot of that crap last year. it got old.

I didn’t hear the Hawk comment, but i get the gist of it from what you all are saying. But, the angels announcers were talking about Buehrle and his lack of run support and the penchant for our defense to dissapear whenever he pitches, and they said that Juan should have made that play and turned two. Before that Cabrera should have made his play and Joe should have thrown out Matthews. By the Angels announcers own account, we were cost three runs by our defense. I know that Hawk can be “edgy” at times, but the opposition people were saying the same thing too. …… This just for whatever it’s worth….. j.k. We need to win tonight.

Well, at least we all know that Kenwo will not have to visit his eye doctor soon. Since he has such perfect “20-20” hindsight vision. This was his post last July after Buerhle agreed to his contract extension . . . . . .

like i said on the last posting- its about time and shouldnt even have been an issue. why do we have to thank them? it is a no brainer. NOW SIGN GARLAND BEFORE ALL THIS B.S. HAPPENS AGAIN NEXT YEAR.
By kenwo4life@aol.com on July 8, 2007 3:27 PM

And this was his comment from above . . . . .

Meanwhile this Buehrle cat is brutal. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to give him a contract last year. This guy can’t pitch over a mistake to save his soul, plus, the thing that really irks me is the sox score 3 runs in the 2nd and he gives 2 of them right back in the bottom of the second. This is why I hated david wells when he came to us. everytime we scored he gave the runs right back. This has to stop. He is the worst pitcher on the staff and is getting paid the most money. I would have rather kept Garland
By kenwo4life@aol.com on May 12, 2008 10:29 PM

I must admit, though, he has more than just good hindsight vision. He has some great “Uribe” vision.

I think these thoughts today, hours after another Anaheim headache…

1) There is something REALLY wrong with Buehrle(NO KIDDING???)… but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is? Is it physical? Is it mental? Is it a combination?…Or has he just run out of gas after providing the White Sox with all those innings in all those starts in the past few seasons, when he was the ace of the staff?

2)Before anyone starts their Mariotti-like criticism of Ken Harrelson,they should have the opportunity, like jk, to pick up the broadcasts and/or the telecasts from the OTHER perspective… that is, the other team’s broadcasters and telecasters… here what THEY have to say, and how they may describe a/o “slant” their coverage…or would you rather have the old style like Harry Caray… who swung one of the largest hatchets in the history of broadcasting, and who didn’t care who he ripped…or, when things were going well, whom he praised… He was a “real fan”,alright…
My foot…
3) There must have been some sort of gremlin afoot yesterday in the keyboards of both jk and d leun… Otherwise, we’d have never found out where jk’s “paridise” was… or how d leun feels about “… multi-millionaire ballplayers and tiny ROOSTERS…”
But , the again, how can I “capon” knocking their feelings?
(Get it?, “capon”, little rooster?… Don’t be chicken, folks…Let me know…)

TQ….. UGH!!! j.k.

JK – Thanks for the input from the Angles announcers. It’s always nice to get the commentary and judgements from the non-hometown view.

As for Buehrle we have seen this before. He goes through funks where he gets hit hard and often. It’s the kind of pitcher he is. He pitches to the bat. He invites contact to make outs. The problem is when he does not locate his pitches those outs turn into hits. He will get it turned around as he always does when he goes into one of these funks. We just have to hope it happens sooner rather than later.

I just hope he is not gonna be that guy that the defense does not support. It seems like no matter the team or the year there is always one pitcher who is snakebitten by either no run support or a lack of defense behind him. Mark can not afford to be that guy because of the way he pitches for contact.

AJ striking out looking last night to end the game was pitiful. He saw the same pitch 5 straight times, and took 3 of them for strikes. Going into that at bat he was 2 – 6 against Rodriguez. With Swisher behind him at a solid 0 – 9 lifetime against K-Rod with 6 K’s we need a hit from AJ not a walk to set up a bases loaded strikeout from Swisher.

yea I made a typo, roster not rooster, but I did not do it on a national stage, Ozzie is in a hugh manager’s slump and that is on a national stage. Also Mark B. should have had enough experience to walk vlad even if ozzie did not make the decision that with first base open. Ozzie brags about his and all the latins growing up playing baseball and knowing baseball inside and out yet this team does not bunt, does not move runners up, does not pinch hit when it is obvious. The sox need two more additions to the lineup to intersperse contact hitters with the rest of the lineup, that know how to move runners up, bunt and put he ball in play. and no I do not call this blog a national stage. and tomquaid be careful knocking other people’s posts unless you want some well leveled critiques of your own so called posts.


In case you haven’t noticed….My buddy, TQ, has absolutely no problems whatsoever criticizing himself when he realizes an error was made in one of his posts.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, everybody is entitled to come to this blog and post their thoughts but I honestly have to say that sometimes it is a REAL challenge to get through and understand your posts. But I try to anyway because you are a guest here just like the rest of us.

…Just sayin’…..


My posts are not for everyone to understand , thanks for trying.


dleeun is harder to understand than ozzie is.

What a great sentence , keno.

that was scarry, but we still have a chance.. too bad Danks won’t win it. he pitched well… good job by O Do-tel… j.k.

I think it is safe to say Jered Weaver OWNS the Sox. After his 7 shutout innings tonight he has allowed 1 run and 11 hits in 18.2 innings pitched against the Sox over 3 games so far in his young career. That comes out to a 0.48 ERA.


terrible effort. though all i wanted was a split in anaheim so the sox need to take the last two….. fortunately contreras and vazquez are on the bump. those two and floyd have my confidence.

swisher needs to get his head on straight. that throw to the plate cost us a run in the 9th inning. his defense combined with his offense so far has made him one of my least favorite players on the team joining konerko, buehrle and thome.

someone has to hit the ball. i am sick of the comparisons to the 2001-2004 white sox. they at least could hit the ball. you never saw carlos lee, magglio ordonez, frank thomas and jose valentin hit as weak as this current cast of clowns is hitting now.

youre right about that kenwo. The sox could hit in that timeframe. Bringing me back to 2003, if that jerk paul konerko could have done anything at all that year, the sox may have won their 3rd championship that year. Ive never liked him since, because by god when brian daubach beats you out of your job you know there is something wrong. That team had great hitting and strong pitching. I dont care what konerko has done since 2003 or what he will do in the future, but I will never forgive him for absolutely sucking in 2003!

Observations 1/4 of the way through…..

Swisher doesn’t have the speed to play CF.

Thome needs to be dropped to about 7th or 8th in the order, provided he stays in it. 33% SO to at-bats and .209 ain’t getting it done. Even scarier, Ozzie is quoted today on this site as saying Thome is fixed or back or something to that effect? He can’t be serious…….

I wonder if Buehrle is hurt. Remember in spring training they kept him out early cause of arm soreness?

Ozzie needs to start managing to win and quit being the friend of his players. Since Thome has come back in the line up we are 0-2. I’d sit Thome and for more than 1 game. Move PK to DH, put swisher at 1st, BA in CF. Then bat ’em like this; OC, Q, JD, AJ, Crede, PK, Swish, BA, and Uribe. Just as well get used to the future today. Thome won’t be here next year. Jerry Owens is in a slump in AAA.

i agree. JIm Thome HAS to sit for more than one game. Put the egos aside and do SOMETHING for the TEAM, Ozzie. Jim is a liability right now, an automatic out, and in the three hole no less! Tinkering with the line-up is fine , BUT if a guy isn’t contributing at all, sit him in favor of someone else. Period…… j.k. we need to win tonight.

Kenwo, I’m glad to see someone else livid about that bonehead throw home by Swisher (in the 8th, the Angels did not bat in the 9th) You have NO chance of throwing out Hunter. I did not see if they did but that was an error by JD, he had plenty of time, just did not look the ball in, that was the real killer. That (JD’s defense costing games) seems to be happening more and more.

This was a real shame to let down the outstanding pitching, yet again.

This stretch is really not making me look forward to visiting the frozen tundra of San Fran.

Lisa… Thanks for the defense, dear… but I’m a big boy now(I used to be a lot bigger, but then I lost weight over the past 24 years…)… I can take it…

Now, which came first? The roller coaster of robust, then anemic hitting… or just outstanding opposition pitching?

Last night’s game was one that any team will find over the course of a season… an absolute heart breaker…

Danks deserved a much better fate…

For a moment in the Angels 7th, I thought I was watching El Duque in Boston in Game 3 of the ’05 LDS…

Dotel… HOCUS POCUS,DOMINOCUS… GOOD-BYE!!! to the batters… but then, unfortunately, came the 8th inning…

And I just KNOW that the “Dump Thome” club is salivating after his failure against F Rodriguez in the 9th, representing the tying run…and not showing any patience whatsoever, going after the first pitch…

Also, I have a solution for the folks out there who are fed up with Hawk and DJ… Just mute the TV audio, tune in the Score, and listen to Farmio and Stone Pony… Once you get past the slight delay between the TV picture and the audio description… you will find that Stone Pony is a lot more inciteful than his TV brethren…

Two final points…

1) No one has yet offered an opinion on my Buehrle post from yesterday… Lip, are you out there?

2) If it’s getting to be such a hassle finding a lineup that can click… why not let the PLAYERS make out the lineup…You know, put the names in a hat, then pick ’em out…
It couldn’t be any worse(supposedly)than it is now…


With these games being on the coast and late even for Idaho, I’m simply trying to keep up with the game then I usually hit the sack and read the details the following day.

To answer you about Mark, he has already admitted in an interview that the fact that mistakes are being made behind him more often this season has been bothering him. He can’t explain why, it just is. By those comments I’d say his issues are more mental then physical (and I can’t blame him for that.)

Bill Melton on the post game Monday made the point that in the past Mark could pitch over the mistakes made by his teammates but he’s not doing that anymore.

Regarding Jim, he’s now 4-41 with 20 strikeouts against relief pitchers this season. As nice a guy as he is, the point has to at least be discussed that he (as well as some of the other Sox hitters) are now in the downside of their careers and that things aren’t going to change.

Ozzie was asked earlier this season, I think, about your comment regarding throwing names in the hat, letting the players decide and so forth and he said he would not be doing that. I got the sense from his comments that he didn’t want to make their not hitting into a mockery. He said he simply wouldn’t do something like have Konerko lead off.

Mark Liptak

Lip… Thanks for the prompt reply…

So Buehrle is suffering from “Garlanditis”?… Remember a few years ago when Jon would blow sky high if the defense behind him messed up?… the same could be remembered about Jim Parque…

Sad to say, but… good pitchers can overcome their sloppy
defense… I think that that was the case with pitchers like Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson…I think that Mark needs to have some work done…and it’s not anything that Cooper can work with… It’s more in the realm of a sports psychologist…

Yet ANOTHER sign that “old school” has been shuttered for good…

BTW, I took a look at the roster for the Giants… and outside of 9 names(Aurilia,Durham,Bengie Molina,Dave Roberts,Rowand,Vizquel(the new AARP champ, now that Julio Franco has retired…),Winn, Zito and Vinny Chulk(ex-Toronto reliever), the old line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid came to mind…


I guess we’ll find out starting Friday night in Peggy’s “Baghdad by the Bay”(with apologies to the late Herb Caen of the SF Chronicle)…


Koufax and Gibson weren’t just good pitchers — they were two of the best to ever take the mound. I don’t know if Buerhle would be honored or downright scared to have you mention their names in the same breath as him.

Now I know that you weren’t comparing Buerhle to those two studs. Of course, the expectations of many bloggers on this board are that he be as good as those two Hall of Famers.

Yes, last night’s loss was painful but for a guy like me who loves low-scoring games, it was a pleasure to watch. There is nothing better in this world than a 1-0 baseball game. Of course, it is always much better when your guys have the “one” and not the “nothing.”

In my book, the greatest and most entertaining baseball game of all time was, of course, game four of the 2005 World Series when a certain team won 1-0.

Oh, Scott….. Are you there? What is the consensus for this years blog night? (remember I can’t make the June date you posted)…….

come on guys we need a win tonight. j.k.

Last year Fields showed me that he had more pop in his bat than Konerko. If I were the GM, Dye , Konerko, Thome and Uribe would all be traded or released. Dye is doing ok but is on the tail end of his career. After thinking about it a second more, I would blow this team up, OC, Swisher go also as sox cannot sign OC long term, did OC have that big of a swing last year or is that walker’s influence? And Swisher stands so far from the plate all the pitchers do is pitch him outside, plus he has no place to play that he can do a good job except 1st base. But wait do you want a weak 200 hitter at first base, thats my point.

Hoping for a win tonight! (Even though I can’t watch on TV.)

By the way, Bill, it’s 91 degrees here on the frozen tundra where I live, and 84 degrees in San Francisco. Forecast for the weekend is much the same. Evenings will be cooler (60’s), but you can leave your parka at home🙂

Just bring some White Sox winning karma with you!

I finished my finals!

I would like to say that results do not always reflect how well a player is doing. Watch how they are playing not just the outcome. With that in mind…

1. Mark Buehrle is just fine. He is pitching almost the same as last year with the exception that he has been missing his spots a little more this year. Have you ever seen a pitcher give up so many cheap hits? I know those dinkers go along with his pitching style, but the amount of them has been ridiclous this year. He has also been plaqued by bad defense and bad decision making when pitching to a certain Vladmir, both of which are not his fault. So pleeeeeeeease stop ridiculing Mr. Buehrle so much and see if his results don’t start improving. I bet they will.

2. Jim Thome needs to change his approach at the plate. Unfortunatley he never will. I wish we had a hitting coach who would tell him that. I guess all we can do is hope and pray he will start producing, cause he’s not going anywhere. I think he can.

3. Paulie has been a great hitter for us in the past due to his great eye. Maybe he needs eye test done though cause he’s been swinging at a lot of balls. It seems like when he slumps he tries to get out of it by hitting the ball as hard as he can. Of course that is the wrong approach. I wish we had a hitting coach who would tell him that.

4. Dye looks old out in the field. It looks like his hustle level is at about 70%.

5. Swisher is not a center fielder. He should be used as a utility fielder, giving our outfielders breaks when they need them.

6. I love Ozzie but he needs some help from me. Yes our veterans do need a hitting coach, you need to put a leadoff hitter in the leadoff spot, you need to put someone in center who has speed, and I know you tried to teach them to bunt last year, but I don’t think it worked.


this just in: with Juan on first, the Angel announcers stated that Cabrera was a good bunter!!!!! I laughed.. Fortunately for us “Q” came through, and then just to make me shake my head again…. Paulie stole second!!!! My oh my and Holy Cow…… stay tuned Sox fans….. j.k.

and that’s a White Sox winner! Good job by Jose….. One more tomorrow Boys….. j.k.

Whew and woo hoo. Finally somebody gets a timely hit. And what a hit it was Carlos. Jose pitches well….again. Can Cooper or AJ keep reminding Jose that when he comes over the top with his pitches he’s hard to hit?

Thome has got to take a seat. I like Thome, but he’s so far off he’s not even close. I only wish Ozzie had the nerve to bench him. Rather than give him groundballs so he can play first when we go to SF, he should sit him down.

Has anybody ever seen Paulie run that fast? Wow. Nice jobs by Quentin and Contreras. Lets light up Garland tomorrow.


You are absolutely out of your mind if you think that anyone could get Jim Thome to change his approach at the plate. The guy has had one of the best careers in the history of the game. He is going to go with what got him there until he can’t go anymore. (which is not too far in the distant future mind you)

You are also out of your mind if you think Swisher is going to be a utility player. They did not trade for this guy, make him a big part of their marketing scheme and promote him this much to make him a utility player in the first 2 months he is here. Personally I would like to see Thome or Konerko moved to create a space for either Swisher at first or Dye as DH, but that isn’t going to happen.

Third, I wanted to get 2 of the games from the Angels. Thanks to Contreras and Quentin we got one of them. Tomorrow is a big game. If we could split this series we have already taken 2 of 3 from the Mariners, we could get 2 of 3 from the Giants and come home from the west coast with a 6-4 record which is what I was shooting for when it started. Luckily, Vazquez is on the bump and he is just the guy to do it for us.

Good win tonight.


1. I don’t think anyone thinks Thome will be changing his approach. That’s a given. Like I said before, we just have to hope and pray that he starts producing with the swing he’s got.

2. When did marketing become more important than winning? Swisher is not a center fielder by any stretch of the imagination. I also think he is a liability at first base. I am sick of having the slowest outfield in the majors. Anderson or Owens should be starting there. What is the benefit of having Swisher in there?

3. I would be thrilled if we could go 6-4 on this trip, and it’s looking very doable at this point. It will be very sad if we are not able to beat up on Garland tomorrow.


Very nice (and much needed) win last night. After what was looking like another wasted effort by a starter we finally get to Scot Shields. I was doubting what wew were getting in Quentin based on his past, but it looks like he was one of those guys who just needed a change of scenery to blossom. I hope they rock Garland tonight.

Scam, marketing is very important to this team, and Swisher is a marketable guy. When you are recognized as the second team in a two-team city you have to do what is necessary to attract fans and sell tickets (especially when you are not willing to pay for star players). Should Swisher be in CF? Absolutely not!!! He is a corner outfielder. Before Carlos Quentin decided he would be the Sox best hitter this year I assumed along with a lot of people that Swisher would end up in LF with either Owens or Anderson in CF.

I agree with kenwo and have been looking for Dye at DH as an option for a while now. He does not have the legs to play the outfield at this point, and it would free up the spot for Swisher and a natural CF. Of course that means Thome has to go, and I can’t see the Sox making that happen.

A couple of thoughts.

One, I am glad that dleeun is not the Sox GM. Fields with more pop in his bat than Konerko?????? Swisher good at first base????? I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on those assertions.

Secondly, I disagree with Jim’s point about the Sox not being willing to pay for star players. The payroll is one of the biggest in baseball. Are you saying that when the Sox signed Buerhle and Konerko to the extensions that they were NOT star players? When the trade was made for Thome, he was still considered a star player and proved it during his first season with the Sox. This past winter, the Sox made a very good offer to Hunter only to be blown away by a ridiculously high offer from the Angels. And the Sox offered the Japanese star player more than the North Siders did. The Sox have and will in the future be willing to pay for star players. They just don’t throw it around nearly as much as the Yankees, Angels, and the team on the other side of town do.

Swisher is a man with no real position on the club unless Dye moves to DH. Even then, I think Swisher has shown that his strength is not his glove. They will just have to find ways to get his presence in the lineup. When hitting well, he does make things happen. But this team is loaded with left and right fielders and has been for a few years. That is why I was surprised to see the Sox acquire Swish last winter. Just goes to show you how few and far between the center fielders who can hit are in this game.

If Cleveland does not go on a crazy winning streak (which it is certainly capable of), the Sox can still wake up the bats and stay in the hunt. And the hunt right now is the most important thing.

While they are very good and fan favorites I don’t consider Buehrle and Konerko star players. They are not the best at their position. I don’t think they are guys that are going to make the indecisive fan buy a ticket to a Sox game. Will signing them keep the regular loyal fans around? Absolutely. The Sox marketing has always been about TEAM. A star player signing would have been someone like A-rod, Ichiro or Soriano. Those are people that the common fan would go to a couple games a year to see play.

I will give you the offer to Hunter was for a star player because he is one of the best in the outfield. However the offer to Fukudome really meant nothing because he made it clear he did not want to play for the Sox. He said he wanted to be the first Japanese player for the team he signed with. I believe the Sox were only trying to drive up his cost.

As for Thome, the Phillies are still paying a good chunk of that contract. Yeah he was a star attraction that sold tickets in year one, but look at how many people want to get rid of him now. You can’t say that people were expecting him to keep up his 2006 pace for very long.


Somebody get me Ripley, at “Believe It Or Not”…

So who steals next Crede, Dye or AJ?


Ichiro and Soriano are talented players but they are not even in the same stratosphere as an A-Rod. When the Sox re-signed Konerko after the 2005 Series, he was a much bigger star than Soriano has ever been. Soriano is still young and may reach that level, but not yet. Konerko is a little past his prime, but still a very good player and one that the White Sox cannot win a championship without this season.

And I will never believe that Kenny Williams thinks about marketing when he attempts to sign players. Show me a GM who signs players to fill seats and I’ll show you a GM who will soon be unemployed or a GM of a team that is a perennial loser. Star players aren’t signed for that kind of money to sell tickets. They are paid to win titles.

And I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see some of these so-called “star” players play the game. I can watch Soriano stumble under fly balls on television.

Enough of this commentary, all I care about today is getting the split in Anaheim. And I hope I don’t have to see Hawk kissing DJ again.

Here’s an interesting site that I stumbled on:
What baseball teams are spending their money well,
and how does it change over the course of the season?


At the bottom of the page it explains how you can adjust it and it even goes back a few seasons. I found it really interesting.


I am not saying that marketing and who they sign has a direct link. However there are two goals whether people want to believe it or not. One is to win and the other is to make money, and you can’t make money without selling tickets and other products such as jerseys. That is why the Sox have such an aggressive marketing campaign. Outlandish guys like Swisher are a dream for a marketing exec. Every owner wants to win, some more than others, and I have no doubt that our owner wants to win, but if he does not make money for his investors he won’t have investors to help pay the players that can win titles.

A-Rod and Ichiro are two different types of players. A-Rod is problably the best “slugger” in the game, while Ichiro is the best pure hitter in the game since Pete Rose, plus he is an elite defensive player. If I had my choice to take either one for this team I would take Ichiro for his hitting ability.

That site was a great find. Very interesting to see young teams like Florida, Tampa Bay and Arizona getting so much bang for ther buck. Shows you what you can do with a good minor league system and a few good trades.


I hated Pete Rose long before his gambling came to light. Couldn’t stand him and therefore couldn’t stand the Reds or the Phillies when he went there. Still, I admire him as a baseball player. Nobody worked harder to make himself a player than Pete did. He was not a pure hitter. He worked his butt off to make himself a great hitter.

In my book, Ichiro is a long way from Rose. And he is even a longer way from A-Rod. Ichiro can hit and has a great arm. A-Rod is simply the most gifted player in the game today and maybe of all time. Unfortunately, he has yet to take his game to the next level and lead a team to a championship. But he still has a lot of years ahead of him. And that championship will happen sometime.

And even though he may one day break Bonds’ record, I don’t consider A-Rod a slugger. He is just a great hitter that happens to land a lot of his hits over the fence.

Marketers in MLB take what they are given and do the best they can with them. Sure, teams need to make money. But show me a team other than the one on the other side of town that has (at least since the late ’80s) made money consistently without winning.

Get players. Market those players. Win games. Then really make money by marketing those winning players. That is the strategy for a successful franchise. Sounds simple, right?

It’s almost too simple!


I never said marketing wasn’t important. I said, “When did marketing become more important than winning?”

You agree that it’s not, right?


Thanks Peggy! I have been following the weather out there daily. Today when I woke up it was 39 degrees here.

Anyone remember when Buerhle vs. Zito was a prime pitching matchup?

C’mon now,

Buerhle has a tough month and people are already giving up on him????????

Of the 29 other big league teams, I would wager that two-thirds of them (if not more) would love to have him in their rotation right now.

The guy is still one of the most effective lefthanders in the game. You can’t discount him after one bad month.

Last year at this time it was Contreras that Sox fans were wanting to unload. I doubt if those same fans said the same thing during Wednesday’s outing in Anaheim.

Where has our Scott gone????

I absolutely agree that winning is the most important thing and if we are winning it will fill the park no matter whom is on the field whether it be stars or a bunch of rookies. I am glad that we have an owner that wants to win.

Everyone has to admit though that marketing is very important to this team because we are trying to win the indecisive fan in a city of two teams. That man or woman taking their family to the Cell and spending their money on Sox gear is important. It puts money in the pockets of the people we need to spend money to help us win. Brooks Boyer and his staff do a great job. We need them to do a good job because the other team is able to sell itself on atmosphere and location, and not just based on what is put on the field.

Scott, love the blog, and appreciate a level head. I also would imagine that you are aware of jaythejoke.com, but it is recommended reading regarding our not so favorite “columnist”.

Agree 100% with that Jim.

TC: Who’s giving up on Buehrle?

a couple of gift runs……. come on guys….. we need this W. j.k.

Jim Thome = our stopper……. j.k.

yet another gift run!!!!ARGHHHHH.

Comcast jinxed Uribe, by showing that he was hitting .303 over his last 10 games and he then proceeds to pull up lame running out a grounder.

o.k. i’ll give credit when it’s due….. thank you Mr. Thome…… come on Bobby….. j.k.

Oh YES!!! Peggy here we come…. j.k. Nite all…..

At the least the one hit Thome got this series made a difference. Would have been nice for him to come through in the 2nd with the bases loaded, but at least we got one in the clutch. Of course it could have been a shutout if not for a few defensive lapses. Crede’s 8th error tonight. On pace to double his career worst. I’m sure he will pull it together and probably won’t have 8 the rest of the season.

We got the split with a good team. Now we need to go beat up on San Francisco and make this a successful west coast trip!

So far we are on pace for what I wanted to accomplish so far on this trip. 2 of 3 in seattle 2 of 4 in anahiem…now we need the 2 of 3 in San fransisco. I am a little nervous about the saturday game since we have Buehrle who has been brutal and they have Zito who has also been awful…but as i am sure liptak will get to…is a soft tossing lefty who the sox seem to struggle against. gavin needs to come back from that last outing.

Crede has had errors that either tied or gave the other team the lead late in the game three times that i can remember so far. this is unacceptable and I know he makes some incredible plays but that one today was just bad. he needs to tighten up down there. Either case he is still 70 times better than Fields…but I expect more out of Joe.

Bad break for Uribe he has been hitting decently. Hopefully when he gets back in the line up he is still hot.

Thome finally came through. About time. Maybe this can get him on a little bit of a roll…big hit off a big time closer is always good for the psyche.

Well Kenwo expect to see Toby Hall and Pablo Ozuna in the lineup Saturday against Zito. Here are the .200 and below against Zito

Konerko .156 in 32 at bats,
Cabrera .074 in 27 at bats,
Uribe .125 in 16 at bats,
Thome .200 in 15 at bats,
AJ .000 in 12 at bats

Some of those are just awful. I would not be shocked to Swisher (.333 against Zito) at First and Anderson in CF (.400 against Zito) with Thome and Konerko both on the bench. It sure would be embarassing to make Zito look good and get his first win. Hopefully we can beat up on him a little to get our confidence back against the soft tossers.

jimd… First of all, sir… You must remember…According to, I believe, Mark Gonzales(correct me, please, Lip, if I’m incorrect…), Buehrle is not the same pitcher he was a couple of years ago… and neither, for that matter, is Zito… his stock has really plummeted from when he was one of the aces of the Oakland staff with Mulder and the others…in fact, the Giants were starting to regret signing him…do you think that an 11 and 20 record as a starter might have had something to do with those regrets?

I see also where the “Dump Thome” society has been hushed into silence… for the time being…and since he is not scheduled to see any action at “Whatever the Phone Company’s Name in Northern California Is” Park…except,perhaps, for pinch hitting duties…the society will be silenced until the boys return to the Cell Tuesday night against deanklub’s Tribe…

On a purely provincial not… I think that it is embarassing, here in the middle of May, that the White Sox need to go to the China Basin of San Francisco to find temperatures that are conducive to this time of year… when it is normally close to 80 or 90 degrees…
How humiliating…

Tom, Like I said, I hope we don’t make him look like the Barry Zito of old. We need to beat up on him to gain some confidence. And then again he is probably looking at this start as a chance to build confidence on hitters he has done well against.

It is kind of sick to think about how poorly he has faired since signing a 7 year 18 mil a year contract.

It figures that Thome would get a hit last night that would really help his confidence at the plate and for the next 3 days he will probably be just a pinch hitter.

I want to buy a game used pink bat, but I can’t find the auctions…any suggestions?



In all my years following baseball in Chicago and reading the Chicago newspapers (going back to the 1960’s when there were a minimum of four dailies covering the two teams), I have never felt that one paper showed a bias towards either franchise. Maybe some individual reporters and columnists did, but not the paper as a whole.

Even after the Tribune Company took control of the team on the North Side (I refuse to mention their nickname, the lamest and weakest moniker in all of professional sports — any nickname where fans “lovingly” add an -ies to the name is weak in my book), I never felt that its coverage was biased. And I have subjected myself to many loud, vociferous and obscenity-laden arguments with fellow Sox fans over my belief.

I will be sad when the Trib does sell the team. Because they might actually get new ownership that knows what the hell they are doing with a baseball franchise.

Kind of like the same way I was sorry to see Gerry Faust and Bob Davie relieved of their duties coaching football at that school in northern Indiana. Yes folks, one of the few things in life that was more enjoyable than August and September of 1969 and the final few innings of game 6 back in October of 2003 at Clark and Addison was the first 10 weeks of the 2007 college football season. If UCLA had a backup QB, that overrated school in South Bend would have been 0-10. Those 10 weeks last fall, the final three games of the 2003 NLCS and the final three games of the 1984 NLCS — yes, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Nice game. Was good to see Aaron and Ray D.. loved them both when they were with us. This West coast roadtrip is killing me in the mornings! Night all!

Very interesting news that Dave Wilder and two scouts were fired by the White Sox after MLB investigations in their actions in Latin America.

With the draft just a few weeks away you wonder how this may impact things and you wonder just exactly what they were doing.

Mark Liptak

What a great call by D.J.!Yes!! For a change I was able to watch on the TV instead of computer….. I wasn’t able to pick out Peggy or Marie, but I’m sure they both enjoyed tonights game. Let’s get back in the win column tomorrow Mark…. j.k.

great game. way to go alexei. we needed that one because i have a bad feeling about the game tonight. if we can get one of the next 2 and come home 6-4 that would be awesome. 7-3 would be better though😀

jk… The reason you weren’t able to pick out either Ms McDowell or Ms Kenny was… I don’t believe they were even at “Whatever the Phone Company’s Name in Northern California” Park last evening…

How do I know this, for at least one of those two?… That is a secret I will take to my grave with me…(not really…)

sox 1966…Kristine, my friend, you won’t have to worry about missing any of your unneeded beauty sleep tonight…the game starts at 8:05 Central Time…so it should be over sometime before Sunday rolls around in this part of the world…

kenwo… You are correct, honorable teacher… 6 and 4 would be very good, 7 and 3 would be better… but, then again, we can’t play “coulda, shoulda, woulda”… can we?

obrnmac… Do not concern yourself, Mommy Mac… Mr Reifert will return to this space when the boys come back home Tuesday…

tc1980… You and I are cut from the same cloth…when it comes to certain overrated football programs located in Indiana who have a national TV network…(what, you didn’t realize that NBC actually stands for “Notre Dame Broadcasting Company”?…)… and the folks at the World’s Greatest Newspaper do not have an agenda out for the WS organization, like the S-T seems to have…whether they admit it or not…

The one fly in the ointment from last night is an on-going one that, I feel, can and should be corrected ASAP…and that is the bad habit that the starting pitcher have that I have diagnosed as “Freddy Garcia Disease”… that is, paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to base runners on 1st… because,truth be told, AJ couldn’t throw ME out if I tried to steal 2nd…and I’m 55 years old, and as slow as the US Postal Service…If these pitchers aren’t more careful, and let the runners know that they’re thinking of them and trying to cut their leads down… all that the pitcher will have left of theirs on the mound will be their cap, their glove and their jockstrap and sanitary socks… Everything else, including 2nd and/or 3rd base will be swiped…
Lip, it will indeed be interesting to follow up on the David Wilder story… That has seemed to hurt Kenny even more than whatever lame criticism has been offered about his management style…

TQ, you’re right…I watched last nights game from my house in DG, IL. I dozed off when it was still 0-0 in the 6th and was pleasantly surprised when I woke back up in the 8th. TQ, you’re good.

OK, Sox fans, I’m leaving now for the game, and hope to see a win tonight!

I’ll be sitting in the club level, first row, above the Giants’ bullpen, in case they show that on TV.

Maria will be at the game, too – and she was lucky enough to be there last night, for Alexei’s first home run!!!

TQ, I’m not forgetting my promise!

Go Sox!!!

all right. what’s the promise? This sounds like a conspiracy or something, so give it up TQ…… Whatsa hapnin? Go Sox and Mark. Wow! Two nights in a row on TV……. j.k.

Congratulations to the first place Chicago White Sox. I told you Mark would be fine.


White Sox Fans – Baseball Fans – Please Read

Please White Sox Fans help us out its discrimination, help our boys play t-ball w/out having to wear the Cubs trademark!!

Here’s my story – My Husband and I are Huge White Sox Fans (we eat, sleep, and breathe White Sox) Of course we have passed that along to are children (Daniel – age 6.5, Dylan – age 5, and Brianna – age 3) This spring, my 2 sons’ Daniel and Dylan, are in T-ball. Just are luck they are on the Cubs. It’s not Little League Cubs, it’s Chicago Cubs (same trademark as the Chicago Cubs) When my boys found out they were on the Cubs, they were very upset. I tried to get them moved to a different team a month before the season even started, of course I was unable to. Practice started, it wasn’t bad, I thought the coach was nice, the boys were doing well. Then, we got the uniforms. I could see the confusion in Dylan’s face and the disgust in Daniel’s. We got to the car and Daniel asks me “Do we have to wear these?” I tried to explain that it was just T-ball and not the real Cubs, but they weren’t buying it.
Their first game was just this past Saturday, the day before I reminded them they had a game, at first they were excited, but then, my oldest, Daniel said to me again “Do we have to wear these?” Of course, I say “yes, they’re your uniforms and your team will be wearing them.” Daniel says, “But Mom they’re the Cubs, we can’t wear the Cubs.” My initial thought was – that’s silly, but then it hit me. They are just doing what they have been taught. We are White Sox Fans, and we do not like the Cubs. It is like brushing your teeth before bed or eating all your vegetables. Then after thinking about it, I asked them, “Do you want to wear the uniform,” and they both said No. I couldn’t blame them. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything Cubs. So that night I went out and bought the same color ‘Cubbie blue’ shirts and T-shirt transfers and made them the same shirts without the Cubs trademark. The next morning we got ready to go to the game, and I forgot about the hat. They got an idea to put a sticker over the ‘C’ on the hat. They had some dinosaur stickers left over from a book. Off to the game we go. (BTW my Husband had to work, so it was just the boys, Brianna and I) We get to the game and the coach asks them where their uniforms were as he tears the stickers off their hats. I explained to him that they did not want to wear the Cubs trademark. He told them they had to wear it next time or they could not play. After the game the coach announced the next game and blah, blah, blah. Before we went, he went up to the boys again and said if you don’t wear you uniforms you will be benched. At this point I am livid, I paid $250 for my boys to play T-ball and just because they don’t want to wear the Cubs trademark they can’t play. I completely understand that it is a team uniform but frankly, you could not tell the difference, nobody even noticed it. It’s T-ball, I am paying them, they are not paying us. We left the game, and the whole time I just kept thinking ‘Am I being crazy, should I just make them wear the stupid uniform?’ After talking to my husband, we both agreed that we will not make them wear the Cubs trademark that they should stand up for what they believe in and what they were taught from day one.

So later that evening I get a call from the VP of the Little League, (I cannot believe that the coach called crying to the Vice President of the Little League about the boys not wearing the Cubs trademark, what a baby!) He explained that the boys will have to wear their uniform or they will be benched, he said that they could lose their LL license if they don’t wear their uniform. I asked him if we could have our $250 back and of course he said ‘no’. I told him I wanted to talk to someone higher up, so he had the President of the LL call me and he told me how he grew up 10 minutes from Comiskey Park and his boys were on the Cubs LL and blah, blah, blah. Basically, the same story, if my 5 and 6.5-year-old do not wear the Cubs trademark then they will be benched. At this point my six-year-old does not want to go back, he said the coach embarrassed him in front of his friends by yelling at him. But, I told both Daniel and Dylan that we are going to every game and they can wear either shirt (the Cubs trademark, or the one w/out it) and if they are benched because of it, then so be it. They will stand up for what they believe in.

Please White Sox Fans help us out its discrimination, help our boys play t-ball w/out having to wear the Cubs trademark!!

If you want to help e-mail

President of Little League Casey Jones – ljones188@comcast.net
VP – Mike Parker – majjparker@att.net

Sorry Kiernand44–I disagree with you on this one. I think your initial instinct was right. What exactly do you want the people here to do? Write to this poor President and say what exactly? Imagine the predicament the league would be in if they had every parent calling cause they were on a team that was an enemy of their favorite, or was a division rival, or not their favorite? It would be a logistic nightmare for the league. When you sign up for these things there is a chance you are not on a team you like. You go in knowing that. My girls were on the Cubs for softball one year and were they happy? No. But it was the team uniform and they wore it. Do you want your kids to learn that if it isn’t the way they like it the rest of their life they should pout and not play? They are going to take your lead on this one. My suggestion would be to set a good example for them for how you want them to deal with these situations for the rest of their life.

Right on obrnmac. The league with it’s rules should not have to bow to the demands of one parent (however distasteful the problem). To do so would invite every family to want to change something, and that would lead to anarchy. Like you advised, take the high road for your childrens sakes. I’d try the compromise approach again. Hopefully the heads of this league could move you to another team, or perhaps you could negotiate with a parent from another team to effect a trade for your kids. In the meantime, enjoy the fun of watching your kids running around the bases after a hit, even if it is for the cubs….. j.k.

That is kind of a funny situation to be in. When I was younger I was was stuck on the Cubs one year as well. I wasn’t as young as 5 or 6 though so I had a little better understanding that it’s a team game and everyone wears the same uniform.

Baseball is a team game and should be emphasized by that by everyone wearing the same uniform and such. I know it’s hard to put on a Cubs uniform, but if you want to play you have to follow the rules.

Profound apologies to Bill B – the fog rolled in last night, and San Francisco *was* the frozen tundra – even I was freezing!

Nice to get the win, though!

By the way, I think the Sox won because of the cold – I have observed for all the years that Barry Zito pitched for the A’s that he cannot pitch well in cold temps. Maybe Lip or one of the statistics gurus on this blog can confirm, but my recollection is that Zito is most effective in hot weather. Not sure why that would be true, but I think the record will show that.

This lady is completely out of her mind. I hate the cubs more than anything else in the world but for god sakes next year maybe they will get on the sox. if you continue to fight it they will strip the league of having real team names/jerseys and you will end up being the purple team, the blue team, the orange team…how dumb is that? Of course i was never on the cubs and if i would have been i would have been mad but you have to get over it. unless you want to be the purple team next year instead of on the white sox or orioles or something cool. Don’t ruin it for all of the other kids in your neighborhood. One of the best parts of little league is getting on a team and putting on your real jersey. What happens if your kid turns out to be a good ballplayer and the cubs draft him? is he going to refuse to play and get paid because its on the cubs? Whine and moan because you don’t gert your way…..this is the essence of the pussification of america.

Thinking about this all morning and reading what you others have to say, I have one question for you, Do you think if the coach was a Sox fan or let’s say not a Cub fan do you think he would of called the VP in the first place?
Are Cub fans that bitter? 100 years is a long time.

Or let’s say one of the kids on the team were very obese and the uniform top was too tight and the mother went out and did what I did, Do you think the coach would have said anything?
Last year my 6 year old was on the Yankees, there was a kid that did not want to wear the shirt and he wore a dark blue shirt, the coach (not the same one as this year) Did not say a thing!

I think our League should elimininate the White Sox and the Cubs (like other communities) so they won’t have these types of problems.

ejfranckowiak you are very right, my kids are too young to understand. They think they are wearing the same uniform as the other children, like I said the tops are the same thing as what the other kids are wearing, just w/out the Cubs logo. They do not understand why the coach would be yelling at them in front of everyone just because they do not want to wear the Cubs logo.

Definition – A team comprises a group of people or animals linked in a common purpose. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks.

A group in itself does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize his or her strengths and minimize his or her weaknesses.

I am teaching my kids that in order to be a team they all have to look alike. I try to teach my kids individuality that all people do not look alike. Black, white, red, blue, short, tall, fat or skinny, we all are different.

This is not major league baseball where they are getting paid to be on a certain team, this is t-ball, we are paying them $250 so my kids can play baseball. If they can’t play then refund my money. They won’t do that, why?

I cannot find anywhere in the t-ball rule book about uniforms, if anyone out there knows the rules, please let me know!

kenwo4life I just read your comment and I guess you didn’t understand what I wrote, I never once told my kids not to wear the uniform, they said to me they couldn’t wear it. Which I thought it was crazy just as you think, but as I thought about, my kids do not know any better. They are thinking that they are being disrespectful if they wear the cubs. Being only 5 and 6 they do not understand.

Continuing this thread: You are the parent and need to make your children understand what it appears that you do….. pick a better battle next time, this is worn out. j.k.

p.s. go White Sox…..

Uh, many pardons….. Go Southside White Team with Black Tops..

It wasn’t that cold Peggy. It was rather balmy compared to some of the games I’ve seen in Chicago.

Zito was awful. Man they sure are marketing the doodly-doo out of him out here, hilarious. The Sox should have been up by 10 by the 3rd inning.That was the most frustrating Sox win I have ever seen. JD swinging at a curveball in the dirt with a 3-1 count after seeing the previous batter walk on 4 pitches, uhhhhh….. He made up for it with that catch a little. It was really cool to see the whole team wait for him outside the dugout afterwards.

All the Sox seemed very interactive with the throng of fans who made the trek. The guy who told Burehle to earn his money got a great look and wave off by Mark.

Our favorite quote from the White Sox fans: ” hey Jermaine, your number 23 on the field, but your #1 in my heart”

Beautiful park, nice fans, awesome nachos. Beware of the “Chicago hot dog”, all I have to say is they put brown freaking mustard on my hot dog! I am still trying to work through it. We are still looking for somewhere to throw the ball around, though.

Peggy, you weren’t by any chance walking into the game through the front gate at around 5:20 or so with a 1983 sox hat on with your husband(?)?

Hey by the way big win last night. I don’t care if they leave 200 men on base as long as they get the W at the end of the night. 6 wins on this trip was my goal and we have reached it but what the hell lets take todays too!

First of all, jk, the “promise” that Peggy made to me was for a program from the game…so I can find out what the Giants are up to… It isn’t anything sinister or serious…

Next question… Watching last night… maybe Lip or Jim D or someone can answer this for me… When did Barry Zito morph himself into Steve Trachsel ?… It seemed to take him FOREVER to get the sign, stretch and then miss the strike zone completely… The juxtaposition(see, the kid got his thesarus out again…$10.00 words, SHEESH!!!)between Zito and Buehrle was absolutely staggering…WGN almost couldn’t get their commercial breaks completely in before the first, or maybe second pitch was thrown by the Sox lefty…while you could get in 15 drop-in promos(I exaggerate, but not by much…)and a station ID break in before Zito delivered…

Now, as to the Little League “controversy”… kiernan, I wish I had had the opportunity to play in Little League when I was growing up… but on the Northwest side of Chicago where I lived, there was no program of that type made available(the fact that I had then, and STILL have no hand-to-eye coordination, and couldn’t then, and STILL can’t today, hit, catch or throw a baseball isn’r important…)…
Whatever team your children get picked for, it should be a honor to be chosen… REGARDLESS of the situation regarding the team name, or the uniform, or anything else…
The lessons(or so I’ve been told)that are learned from early on in Little League, Pony League, Babe Ruth League are vitally important to the growing up process of today’s youth…It really shouldn’t matter what the jersey says…the fact that they are going to play T-ball, or any of the other leagues I have mentioned, is the penultimate(there’s that doggone thesarus again…)achievement…
The major problem that I have had with leagues such as this is one I’ve seen and heard about…
These are CHILDREN, folks… and yet the coaches(frustrated managers, whatever…semantics)and the parents in the bleachers (again, frustartion, living your lives through the kids, perhaps…)are giving instruction to them as if the World Serious was riding on every pitch and every out…
Ane sometimes people wonder why some others are paranoid, with tendencies to think that everyone is telling them what to do and how to do it… when they can easily figure out for themselves how things should go…
Mrs. Kiernan, your children are 5 and 6 and a half…
Let them live their lives the way that 5 and 6 and a half year olds should… unmarked by misguided parental reform…in other words…
Play ball…regardless…
Finally…mmcdowell… Marie… do you STILL think I’m good?…
beacause I could use a president for the Quaid Fan Club…(limited membership…we could hold our meetings in a phone booth… if they still made phone booths…)

When I played in little league, our league did not use the Cubs or White Sox as teams for this very reason. However, since you are in this predicament, here are my words of advice. I love baseball. There is no place on earth I would rather be than on a baseball diamond, playing in a game. The love of the game should triumph anything else. If there are two kids who will not be playing the game this year due to what they have to wear on the field, then it is a sad day in America. If you guys are true baseball fans than you will do whatever it takes to have your kids out there on the field, playing the game. The White Sox are my favorite team, and I will be faithful to them until the day that I die. But, the love of the game will always take precedence over the love of the Sox.


well. the homers got us a 6-3 lead, but it was the doubles and singles after that that won this one for us…….. bottom of the ninth coming up………….. j.k.

yeah!! five in a row… enjoy your day off Boys you deserve it. # Six coming on tuesday? j.k.

The five game win streak takes some of the sting out of that six game losing streak.

As long as the pitching holds up, IF the hitting can come together, this club has a shot to be there at the end.

Still a long season to go but right now they are playing well. 9 of their last 13 in fact.

Mark Liptak

Yeah TQ, I still think you are good! Sure, I’ll be honorary president of your fan club. As soon as we can find a phone booth that will hold all your fans!

I’ve been thinking about kiernans predicament (?) all day. Both of my kids have been on various sports teams through their growing up years. While neither has been on a “sox” or “cubs” team they never experienced the problem (?) you have. But, even so, I think that you have to instill in your kids a love of the game. Regardless of the shirt they have to wear, its my job as a parent to cheer for them either way. I know you say that they are just 5 and 6 and they don’t understand, but you must have some how impressed upon them the distaste you have for the cubs which is why they are refusing to wear the shirts. The important thing is that they are their to learn to play the game and have fun. Baseball and T-ball are team sports, they need to suit up with their team. There are going to be many times in their lives where situations are going to be not perfect and exactly the way they want them to be. Well, they can’t always have things just the way they want them. Now’s the time to learn to get over the small stuff and just get out there and enjoy playing ball with their friends. There are way bigger problems in today’s world. If this is a big one for you kiernan, then consider yourself a very lucky woman.


Another day of this and I’m putting out an APB on our beloved founder, Mr. Reifert….


I too have been thinking about Kiernan’s problem. I remember when my little boy (who’s now getting ready to graduate hs) had to be a Dodger for a summer and thinking how I wished he was on the Sox but also thinking, it’s just little league baseball… you couldn’t have worded this any better to get the point across. Teaching them one of life’s lessons while they’re young will lead to making it easier when life REALLY gets tough!

I’m so proud of our boys this weekend, they deserve their day off!

Very good game, glad to see the boys hitting again!

Thank you all for your comments about the T-ball debate.

Again I ask, if the coach were a Sox fan do you think he still would have made a big deal about it and call the vp on a 5 and 6 year for not wearing the uniform?
This is T-ball, they don’t even keep score and they only play for 45 min. Half of them are catching bugs and the other half are playing with the rocks.

It is about them just playing baseball, but now they are scared of their coach and do not want to go back. It’s sad, my Dylan (the 5 year old, it’s his first year) he was so excited to play, he couldn’t wait to play. Last year when we would take Daniel to t-ball he was so jealous, all he wanted to do is play. He is pretty good for just turning 5, he’s got a good arm. Jim Thome is his hero, he wants to be just like him.

Anyways, if I had known the coach would have reacted the way he did I would have put my foot down and made them wear the uniforms, I honestly thought he would not even notice or care. Another life lesson learned as a parent, your damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Thank you all for listening!

Go White Sox!!

If the coach really yelled, then he has no business being a coach to very young boys who are very impressionable. I personally as a parent, would take the yelling aspect to a higher level, forget the uniform fight, my children don’t get YELLED at by anybody but me…(and at 20, 18 and 16 they’re turning out to be wonderful young adults!) scolded perhaps but he should’ve come to you and not ripped into them in front of their friends/teammates. He would have me back in his face in front of God any everybody else who wanted to listen!

I predict that our leader ( sorry TQ) Scott will return early this week for the cleveland series. There. Now don’t you all feel better? What is the record for number of people in a phonebooth anyway? …… j.k.

Yes, this is our (my husband and I) fault, mainly my husband, he has taught them that the Cubs are ‘yucky’. If they do something bad he will tell them they have to sit in the corner with a Cub’s hat. They think they are in trouble if they put on the Cubs.

My Father’s side of the family are all huge Cub fans. I became a Sox Fan around age 6 (my Mom and Dad got divorced when I was 3) And my Mother’s friend was a huge Sox fan and would always take me to the games, since then I have always love the Sox. I have heard it most of my life how the Cubs are the best, the Cubs are great, etc, etc. Still hear it, even though we won the WS 3 years ago and the Cubs – 100! But, the Cubs are still the better team. Oddly enough, my Husband grew up the same way, but it’s his step dad’s family that are huge Cub fans and his Mother was the White Sox fan. When she died 5 years ago with cancer, my husband and I are the only ones left in the family that are Sox fans. The whole family are always trying to convert my kids – buying them Cubs stuff, talking bad about the Sox, so yes I am guilty too of putting the Cubs down (not nearly bad as my Husband)
Never thinking about the outcome. So yes I completely agree with you.

My dad was the coach of our little league and after representing Pennsylvania (Pirates and Phillies respectively) he gained enough pull to coach the White Sox. We remained the White Sox from age 9 til I was through with that little league at age 15 and moved to a different league where i became the Marlins????. The guy who coached the Cubs was a huge Cubs fan. Our White Sox won the championship 4 times in a row from 1990-1993….We got to first wear the Red 80s batting tshirts, the black jerseys, the white pin striped jerseys… boy i wish i could go back to those days. I dominated little league. then when we got to varsity and the pitchers started having good curve balls I became a pitcher for good. Just let them enjoy the game. It was a time in my life that I will never forget and my teammates and I still talk about those times like it was yesterday even though it was 15 years ago.

No, Bill, I didn’t enter Sat. night through the main gate, and I don’t have either a 1983 Sox hat or a husband, so that wasn’t me.

Glad you weren’t freezing, and while Barry Zito definitely was not a commanding pitcher, I’m not sure I agree that he was awful. Actually, I’m wondering who was more “awful,” Zito, who got out of the jams he pitched into, or our hitters, who left 14 runners on base.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the win, but I’m not sure that a pitcher who allows that many base runners and so few runs qualifies as “awful” (at least in that game). That said, the Giants fans I know are truly fed up with Zito, at least partly due to his spectacular salary combined with his way-less-than-spectacular performance thus far. Don’t know if it made the news back in Chicago, but the Giants assigned Zito to the bullpen recently for several days, but he never pitched in relief, and I’m not sure he actually missed a start before being put back in the starting rotation. We’ll see if he goes back to the bullpen now.

If it ever gets hot here, Zito may pitch well. Again, check the record books. I’ve never seen him be an effective pitcher unless the temperature was above 77 degrees throughout the game. Perhaps the stats will prove me wrong?

Today’s game was really fun, with so many ups and downs and crazy breaks (I mean, how can one ball hit *both* the mound and second base!!!)? The best part, of course, was the win!!

Glad the visitors all enjoyed the Giants lovely park – it is really a beautiful ballpark, and a very nice place to spend time on a weekend.

Kiernand44, I am taking from this that your kids believe it is ok to “hate” someone or something. That is part of what is wrong with this world we live in. Whether it be something as simple as a sports team, or it be as serious as race, gangs or religions. Hatred of pf people with varying beliefs is tearing apart this world. Not to say you or your husband would be a bad parent. The fact that you are encouraging them to play the great sport of baseball rather than let them sit and home in front of video games says a lot.

I am not saying we need to like everyone, but to hate something like a jersey that would keep a kid from wanting to play a game, learn and have fun is over the top. If I could offer a suggestion. I would tell them each to pick out a Cubs player (or you and your husband could assign them a player) and learn something they like about them. Maybe they play the same position they like to play or hit for power or steal bases. Anything will work. It will help teach them to respect rather than hate. I would recommend teaching them about a guy like Derrek Lee who is not only a good player, but also a good person for all the charity work he does including Project 3000. Or you could talk to them about Kerry Wood and his perseverance battling back from injuries all the time and the charity work that he does.

As far a coach yelling at a kid that age that is ridiculous. If he really did that he should be relieved of his position. I have a lot of Little League experience, not just as a player, but coaching and umpiring some of the older kids, and I have seen some idiots coaching teams so I could believe that someone would yell at a little kid like that. I know a coach who broke umpires car windows in an 8 year old tournament. There are some true idiots allowed to coach.

If your town does belong to “Little League” then it is an insurance issue that kids must be in proper jerseys. While the shirt and hat logos may be extreme they do have people from Little League that come out to check to make sure towns are following all the specified rules. I have always thought Little League was a little over the top with some of their rules. If they don’t follow the rules they get booted and don’t get to participate in their tournament.

Just remembered something…

As you know the Sox are bringing back Carlton Fisk on the 22nd against Cleveland.

Let’s hope this ceremony isn’t as bad as the last one involving Fisk, a number being retired and facing Cleveland.

In 1997 they decided to retire his #72. Jerry Reinsdorf and Ron Schueler didn’t show up for it, then the “genius” Terry Bevington went out to the mound to change pitchers… only he didn’t have ANYONE warming up in the pen.

Finally if memory serves they lost the damn game.

As John Lennon once wrote: “a splendid time was guaranteed for all…”

Mark Liptak

I’m a bit confused. Maybe some of you can help. Why are we “bringing back” Carlton Fisk? I didn’t know he left. Did he go somewhere? Why is he gone? There is a statue of him at the park and pictures of him everywhere. Isn’t he already there? What is he being brought back from? Thanks.

It almost sounds like they are taking a page from one of the really nice moments from the Blackhawks this year. They had the really cool ceremony to”bring back” Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita (and Tony O a couple weeks later). Those guys were distanced from the franchise kinda like Fisk has been. I don’t think it will provide the same emotion, but maybe this is an indication that Pudge and Reinsdorf now have a better relationship.

How about them White Sox! Other than the 2005 ALCS when was the last time we had such a successful west coast trip. Granted those last two wins were ugly, they were in the correct column. Maybe a fastball pitcher like Matt Cain was this thing this offense needed to get back on track. And how about Nick Masset. Please tell me why we don’t need him. And another poor performance from Wasserman. Why in the world is Ozzie using him with only a 3 run lead? If anything he should be the “lost cause” game pitcher. His WHIP is currently 4.50. Almost 3 points higher than anyone else on the team. Might be time to get a fresh arm from AAA.

First of all, jk… I have never claimed to be the leader of anything… This has been Scott’s space ever since he started it… We are just a part of it… and thankful of it…The only reason why he has not been here for the past 11 days is that the boys have been living out of a suitcase in three different ports of call out West…and Mr Reifert does not have to chaperone the excursion anymore… He has Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell to do those tasks…but now the boys are coming home… for a grand total of a week’s time…Late next Sunday night, after they and the Angels have entertained Jon Miller, little Joe Morgan and the rest of ESPN Land(my apologies, Lip, for mentioning the four letters that you can’t stand…)…it’s back out on the road yeat again, to deanklub’s Tribe and under the three-ring circus that is the extremely surprising Tampa Bay Rays…
As to yesterday’s contest of survival… Over the course of a 162 game season, any team is bound to have a game like that one… the late Jack Brickhouse, I believe, used to refer to those kinds of games as “the fat guys versus the thin guys at the office picnic”…but the WS will still take the results…
As to the reunion of Bellows Falls, Vermont’s gift to MLB and his last organization…the hatchet has finally been thrown away… as two prideful men (Reinsdorf and Fisk) have decided, for the common good, to “make nice”…
But, Lip… why did you have to go and spoil all those memories by invoking the name of the man I nicknamed “Willie Lump-Lump”… the man who could have been Bill Cowher’s “evil twin”… the man who, as a manager… was an absolute waste of skin and brains…
Need I go any further?

Jim D: That was the most insightful recommendation I’ve heard on this conundrum. Your perspectives on the game have always been must-read’s for me. Hat’s off to you for having a winning attitude off the field, too.

Peggy K: It was great to see you and Dave here in SF. Thanks for your warm hospitality… again! Here’s hoping you can make it to Chicago for the 3rd Annual Blog Night.

Scott R: Hope you’re ok, wherever you are. When is that Blog Night anyway?

I’ve seen a clip of that infamous night at the yard when “Bev” signaled for something he didn’t have …. one of the funniest things I have even seen on a ball diamond.

Wasn’t it during the last week of camp when there was an uproar on this board about why in heaven’s name the Sox would keep Masset and send Wasserman to Charlotte??

I guess it just shows that the staff in uniform and the front office still know a few things that the bloggers don’t.

By the way, didn’t Ramirez look great at SF this weekend? No doubt, the ability to be a future star for this organization. He reminds me of a young Soriano (and I was thinking that even before Hawk or DJ made that same comment).

And Quentin looks so much like a young Jose Canseco, it is uncanny. As Bill Melton said on Sunday’s post-game show, though, a Conseco that won’t be writing a book about steroid use.

Two outstanding roster additions by KW and the club’s player personnel department.

Kiernan, two simple suggestions at this point. Tell the kids they are not playing for the Chicago (hope you don’t live in the city) Cubs, but they are playing for the ______ (insert village name here) Cubs. Also, that the “yelling” coach was doing wrong, and everybody does wrong some times, but that they should not worry about it.


No one ever said fans did know more then the “official” members of the team but that’s part of what being a fan is.

Fans “second-guess”, laugh, curse, cry, scream….that’s why you follow the team, that’s why you follow the sport.

Absolutely, positively, NOTHING wrong with that even if they do get things wrong. (And not to put cold water on your comments but the season isn’t even a third done yet, let’s wait for the results to be complete before anointing anyone as being better then anyone else…)

I think it was the idea explained by the front office and Ozzie DIRECTLY that Masset was on the team because “he was out of options” (direct quote) that drove fans nuts…at least it did me. Positions are supposed to be earned not given.

Mark Liptak

The Sox have done a nice job with the pitchers. Cooper probably deserves most of the credit for improving the pitching staff. Seems all of the pitchers end up with a good change up after being with the sox for a while. Neither Danks or Floyd had much of a change up when the arrived with the sox. Jenks also has added an effective change up to go with his other pitches. Thornton and Boone need to keep working on their change up, Boone could possibly turn into a starter if he could get better command and develop a couple of more pitches. Sox hitters had better approaches in SF , Konerko, and others hitting the ball more up the middle and to right before trying to pull everything, if the would use that approach a lot more for better averages and situational hitting the team would benefit.

Congrats to Jon Lester of the Red Sox for his no hitter tonight. After having the scare of non-Hodkin’s lymphoma and just coming back to pitch is amazing, but what he did tonight is not only a piece of history but should be an inspiration to others.

Good early season challenge the next six home games. We should fare well against the Angels. Even tho we split in LA, we really should have won 3 of 4. Be interesting to see which CC shows up to pitch for the Indians tonight. I think not having his contract done is proving to be a distraction for him given he’s 3-5 on the year.

One can only hope that Ozzie continues with the same batting order. I’m sure we’ll see Thome now that we’re back to AL rules, but lets’ hope its in the 9 hole. We need guys that can get ’em on and move ’em over. We cannot afford to have an almost certain out when the first 4 are getting on base. Even tho we’re still early in the year, these games against the division and especially the Tribe are too important. Time for Ozzie to manage to win, not to coddle bruised egos.

Thome in the 9 spot?????? Yah, right. The day Ozzie bats him in the nine hole is the day that Ozzie speaks perfect English.

Mark, my earlier comment was not a shot at the fans. I was pointing out that field and front office personnel are so much closer to the scene that they often know things and see things that we as fans cannot see.

I was not saying that Masset is unquestionably better than Wasserman. In fact, I don’t compare the two because I see Masset as a starter long-term and not a bullpen guy.

And I totally agree with the Sox making the decision based on Masset’s options. This is a business. They could not just give Masset away because Wasserman had a better spring than he had. They had to protect their interests. Which is exactly what they did and it was undoubtedly the right thing to do. Even if Masset had come out and pitched horribly when the season began, I would have felt the same way. And so would Kenny, Ozzie and the rest of the staff.


i was being generous by putting thome in the 9 spot. if it were my choice, he’d sit. we’re 5-0 without him since his 1-14 performance in anaheim, the 1 being an accidental broken bat single into left field. i agree with you that ozzie won’t do it. he should, but he won’t. so we’ll just have to endure more stikeouts with the bases juiced until kenny says something to ozzie.

as far as masset, i’m glad they did what they did. he has bailed us out on at least two key games. the first was opening day if you all remember. it was masset that came on after buehrle imploded and kept us in the game for 4+ solid innings. and now yesterday he takes out the garbage for wasserman, thornton and dotel. i know they need the arm and we’re short on talent, but how much longer can we use a guy like wasserman with an ERA of 29+?

Ozzie did not use Wasserman right in that SF game. Wasserman is a right handed specailist for spot situations , he entered the game against lefthanders. Ozzie seemed to be totally looking ahead to Cleveland and saving Jenks and Linebrink, only logical explaination. My vote is for Thome to take a seat, if he plays put him leading off begging for a walk. Thome is a great guy and wants badly to help the team but a lot of guys would like to do that, the decision to play or not should be based on other factors, not desire to play. Or most of the fans would be right there in the line up.

It’s clear that many people want Thome out of the lineup. They want it so bad, they’ll even change the numbers to prove their point. Sox are 3-0 since Anaheim (when Thome last started) and his line drive single to right (not a broken bat hit to left) did win one of those games in the big A.

Now, I’m not here trying to defend Jim. He obviously is struggling at the plate. But this team will likely not contend for the division title without contributions from him.

Face the facts. He has 500-plus home runs. He makes a lot of money. He will be in the Hall of Fame. He is a very dangerous left-handed bat when he is hot. Ozzie is not the only manager in baseball that would play him right now. My guess is that 29 other managers would probably be doing the same thing.

It is just too tempting to leave his bat on the bench. I know we all keep waiting for him to return to form. And maybe he never will. But he’ll never return to form if Ozzie doesn’t play him.

Ozzie will keep putting Konerko at first and Dye in right. He will not be satisfied with either one of them at DH. So that means that Thome will play. Instead of worrying about that position, let’s see if Ozzie finds other ways to wake up the bats like he did with the recent batting order changes.

Good comments, tc. We all would like to see Jim return to his former self, when he was hitting his way on or homering in even 25% of his AB’s. But we also know that he will not be on the bench due to his salary and longevity and his potential to break out at any time. I’m sure Jim is as frustrated as we are with his performance thus far (probablly more so). But where DO you bat him? It won’t be 7-8 or 9, or 1st for that matter although him getting on base is an interesting idea. So it has to be somewhere from 2-6, and it won’t be #2 either, so I can see him at #3 or maybe #6 with AJ moving up in the lineup to split up the right handed hitters. We will see.

When it comes to Wassermann, remember that we got what we wished for when he replaced Macdougal…moral? be careful what you with for, it might come back to bite you in the (you all know where). Go Sox, let’s take it to six in a row tonight. j.k.

Respectively disagree that 29 other managers would also be playing Thome. No way, Edmomds cut, Frank Thomas cut, even Ortiz had to take a seat for a while, a team can only go so long and different teams have different perspectives. There are quite a few different approaches that Ozzie could take , along with KW. Just a few are Platoon Thome, take Thome out for a pinch runner early if he gets on base, bring Thome off the bench in certain situations where he might actually be dangerous. But do not please let the managers on other teams dictate the game bringing in a spot lefty to face Thome and not countering the move.

I would like to see Thome sit down for a little bit as much as anyone, but how is he supposed to get back in a groove without playing. Ozzie did the right thing by moving him down, and I see no reason why that would change until he gets locked in again. IF (note the caps) he gets locked in he can carry this team. He may not. He may be completely done, but we will not find out either way by platooning him or flat out sitting him. If he hits in front of a patient hitter like Swisher (Nick is patient most of the time) he may see more fastballs because the opposition is not going to want to walk 2 guys in a row. It has the possibility to fix both their struggles.

Good pt. jimdevereux, I see the logic, but do not agree with that particular line of thinking. What has soured me on Thome more than anything is that he has refused to adjust , examples, no bunting down third, no attempts at grounders to left , that left me with the feeling who is this about? The team or Jim Tome. and I concluded it was about Jim Thome not the team for him too big of an ego to adjust and do what might , at times , help the team more.

dleeun, I agree with the lack of effort to try and change the approach and hit it the other way to beat the shift. The problem Thome faces is that he has to try and do the opposite of what has made him a hall of fame player. Who says he will be any better if he changes his approach. Maybe he becomes worse. I am sure he wants to go the other way, but he is probably more confident going with what he has succeeded before.

Jim Thome is the ultimate team player. Anyone who disagrees did not see the team greet him when he got the game-winning hit in Anaheim. Or has never seen Thome be the first guy in line to congratulate the players coming off the field after a win.

He is struggling with the bat and he should try to go the other way, but in no way can he ever be accused of putting his ego ahead of the team’s success. Thome has never won a World Series. That is what he is playing for.

Edmonds was released primarily because injuries have kept him out of the lineup and have changed his style of play. Thomas was cut after he opened his mouth and publicly complained about how he was being used. I don’t know what happened to Ortiz.

But Thome will never be a problem in the clubhouse and will always do whatever the team asks him to do in order to win. I doubt if you’d hear him complain if he gets dropped to the 6-hole. He just wants to compete for a title. Like all of us do.

If he can’t contribute, then the time will come for a change. Right now, it is May 20 and even in a bad year he has 7 homers. He got a game-winning hit last week and drew a walk with a one-run lead and scored on a homer by the next batter (OC) on Sunday. Sure, he hasn’t contributed as much as in the past, but he is still producing. Just not enough to satisfy himself, or, obviously, dleeun.

I agree a lot with the above comments.

Jim is a great guy to have on a club and he is a sure fire Hall of Famer. He is also making some contributions to the success of the team.

Playing Devil’s Advocate here though, at what point do you say a change is needed? (not only with Jim but anyone hitting under .240…)

Does anyone realistically expect the Sox to stay in the race with a team batting average around .240? Granted with a lot of the team struggling, it’s hard to make wholesale changes (especially when you have nothing in the high minors…) but you have to try something right?

I mean (unfortunately) this is not 1967 when the Sox had the worst offense in the American League yet nearly copped the pennant because their pitching staff was practically unhittable. No offense to the 2008 staff but they have a long way to go before I’ll compare them to Peters, Horlen, John, Buzhardt, Wood, Locker, McMahon and Wilhelm.

These guys must wake up, sooner rather then later for the Sox to hang around. If they do, you never know what Kenny might pull out of his hat at the trade deadline.

The offense needs to give him a reason to be a buyer come July.

Mark Liptak

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