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Tuesday, May 21, 2008


High fives and whoops of joy in the owner’s suite tonight, and not just because of early game home runs by White Sox Carlos Quentin and Jim Thome.

The crowd in the suite was stunned when the Bulls beat all the odds and won the first pick in this June’s Draft.

“I’m thrilled,” an elated Jerry Reinsdorf said.  “We’re all thrilled.  This is great for the organization and great for Bulls fans.”

Cell phones around the room immediately exploded when the drawing was held just as the White Sox vs. Indians game got underway.



Mr. Paxson was just placed in a win-win situation. One of the few bright spots from a bitter season.

meanwhile….. back to baseball and another White Sox winner!!!!!! Good job everybody. Number seven would be heaven…. j.k.

When you can actually beat Sox killer C.C. Sabathia life is very, very good.

Now about that first pick in the draft…

Mark Liptak

big win for the sox. Quentin has been the teams best player. not just for his bombs but he gets on a ton and makes great plays on the base paths like today when he took third in the 9th. most of the other guys would have stopped at second but he steamed into third and really set up a nice inning to make it an easy 9th and bring home a big victory.

as for the bulls…paxson will find a way to mess it up. of course, it isnt baseball so i really don’t care if he does.🙂

Nice win tonight, especially considering it was against Sabathia. I don’t care if he is having a down year or not. Any time we can beat him is ok by me.

As for the Bulls I just hope they make the right choice. This season disgusted me so much that I stopped watching when they fired Skiles on Christmas Eve. As of right now I don’t have confidence in Paxson, but maybe they will get lucky. Really I am just gald Miami did not get the #1 choice after obviously tanking games. If David ” Mr Conspirator” Stern was not in charge of the NBA they would have lost their pick all together.

Love how we got CQ what a pick up

OK, so I’ve been reading all of your commentary since the inception of this blog, and I feel like I know all of you…

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone was going to bring up the whole Dave Wilder fiasco (maybe you, Mark L.?), but I haven’t seen anything yet.

I would like to know all of your thoughts on this. I know the Trib ran a couple articles, and the Sox official site has an article up now about how KW will continue his hands-off management style despite this…

Here’s some additional interesting rumor/dirt on the matter that I came across on Sox Talk. (I doubt Bureau Employee 17 is who he/she says they are, but…)


Thoughts? I personally think it’s really scary if this has anything to do with why our farm system has been subpar. Also, this may loom large with the upcoming draft in sight.

Oh, and the team’s looking GREAT! Glad they’re back home, so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour…

Good to finally be joining you (and Mark L., please forgive me if my spacing is off… I agree with you that it is much easier to read entries when they are spaced. I tried.)


Ladies and Gentlemen we have a challenge on our hands tonight. The great Paul Byrd toes the rubber for the Tribe. After getting our first win ever against Sabthia last night at the Cell maybe a crazy trend will continue. Just maybe we will go beat up on the soft tossing admitted HGH user (sure did not make his fastball any faster). This guy just baffles us.

Lisa – very interesting information. That is a pretty elaborate story so I am guessing part of it if not all is correct. That would be a lot to make up.

If it is true that would be a shame. The lack of talent in the farm system could put them in a bind for 4 or 5 years at least. Even with a good draft this year it will take a few years before those players are either usable at the MLB level or tradeable for MLB talent.

As GM Kenny Williams has to trust his staff to do their job correctly and honestly. He can not look over everyones shoulder all the time. Should he have noticed this sooner? Maybe. You could say they should have seen a trend, but if it has only been happenning for 2 years is that enough to be a trend? I don’t know how a GM would view that, and probably won’t find out because I doubt Kenny will ever come out and talk about this even after the FBI makes the information public. I’m sure he is thoroughly embarassed for having been duped by someone he considered to be a trusted friend.


Your spacing is fine. Very easy to read (unlike some others…)

Regarding Wilder and the two scouts, from everything I’ve seen the Sox can’t really comment because of the on going investigation but fortunately (and I use that term because of what the alternative could be…) the issues appear to be that the individuals were “skimming” some of the money that was supposed to go to the players.

The alternative could have been that the Sox were actually signing underage players which probably would have resulted in those kids deals with the Sox being voided and hitting the market.

It’s certainly a black mark for the organization and perhaps Kenny personally since ultimately he is responsible for the activities of the organization.

I just hope this doesn’t have an impact on the draft in a week or so. The Sox have a high pick for the first time in almost 20 years. With the minor league system the way it is, they can’t screw it up and I don’t want to hear that garbage about “slotting” or “Scott Boras is his agent.” You get the best possible player when it’s your turn to pick… the rest of the issues be dammed. They you get him signed.

Mark Liptak

With you all the way, Mark, RE: the Scott Boras issue. Although it does seem like relations between KW and Mr. Boras may be thawing somewhat lately.

The things that concern me about the alleged fraud committed by Dave Wilder:

1. Players in our system that have been highly touted, e.g. Juan Silverio, who were originally believed to be roughly 16 (and thus, have a lot of time to develop yet) are actually approximately 5 years older than advertised (and therefore, may not have as much growth potential.)

2. Allegedly, all scouts’ reports were filtered through Wilder for the upcoming draft. Does that mean that our draft information could potentially be tainted? KW is packing his suitcase again and hitting the road himself to do some additional scouting…

3. Exactly how bad of shape is our farm system (particularly the lower levels) in right now?


Oh, and let’s take the Tribe again tonight! I’m hoping for another crisp game like last night…

And predicting that Swisher is the “pick to click” for this evening.

Enjoy the game everyone!


And that makes 7!! Let’s get the sweep tomorrow!

Was JD awesome tonight or what? Tonight’s game was a pure joy to watch.

Not to be a downer, but does anyone else think that from watching the games and keeping an eye on Joe Crede, something tells me his back is bothering him. I hope I am wrong.


Great game again tonight….JD came up huge. nice to see the sox win a game when Quentin struggles at the plate. Javy was good as usual, Linebrink again was money in the bank. 2 homers in 2 games for Thome….is he getting hot? I sure hope so. Good to have the series but lets get that sweep! go sox!

I just finished watching Ozzie’s post game interview and noticed the Cure Autism Now Foundation hat he was wearing. As a father of a boy with Autism, it made me real proud that my favorite team’s manager was promoting awareness to something that has affected my family. I always knew Ozzie had a good heart and this just confirmed it. I’m happy the Sox are doing great and I’m getting the same feeling I had in 05. Tell Ozzie thank you from me and wish him a happy belated birthday (Mines is 01/21). Keep up the great work on and off the field.

Noel Padilla

Well it took a few innings but we finally got to Paul Byrd. Hopefully this is the start of a hot streak for Thome. I can remember twice him going to left center tonight.

Lisa, I could be wrong about this (Mark would probably know for sure), but I don’t believe that any of the Latin players where this whole problem exists are even involved in the draft. If I am correct the draft is specifially for players in the Unites States (including Puerto Rico). That would make the mess a little easier to clean up before the draft.

Concerning the scouting reports being funneled through Wilder. If he did falsify or change information let’s just hope the individual scouts saved their original information. Any smart indivudual would do so to cover their butt.

As for Mr Boras, the guy just dominates the first round of the draft. Last year I believe it was about 50% of the players drafted in the first round were his clients. They better take the best player available with their pick. If they pick someone based on an agent or signability it would be a mistake.

Since my wife and I took our 10 year old granddaughter to see the new Narnia movie, I missed our game live. But because of MLB.tv I just finished watching it “live” anyway. I was worried about byrd, and after 5 innings I thought here we go again, with another wasted pitching performance, but not to worry, along came the bottom of the 6th and a White Sox winner. Good job Boys, don’t stop now…… j.k.

p.s. the movie was o.k., but not as o.k. as the W.S. win…….

I also was worried about our prospects against Byrd last night. It was so great to see the hits our guys were stringing together in the sixth.

JD’s first home run was a thing of beauty…

Javy is looking great, and I lost track, but I think he may have had enough strikeouts to reacquire his status as the AL leader. I was surprised to see that he was leading that category the other day… I guess his nickname (the “Silent Assassin”) is appropriate after all.

The difference in the two dugouts last night was interesting to watch. Victor Martinez kicking the bucket (HA!), while our guys were jumping around, laughing together, and seemingly having a blast.

Great vibes. Can’t wait for tonight!


If anyone, Scott???, knows where to find the original or the doctored Brian Anderson workout video please post a link up here!


You are correct, this involves players outside of the actual draft next week.

My reference was along the lines of a disruption in the process that Wilder’s situation has caused. (i.e. taking time away from scouting potential picks and so forth.) Kenny probably has had to pick up addition duties and his time is somewhat limited. You only have 24 hours in a day, not 30.

Mark Liptak

First of all, a genuine, verifiable dictionary definition…

Serendipity (N): An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident; 2) good fortune; luck

White Sox Serendipity: Catching the Indians batters when they are scuffling, avoiding both Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona, and defeating, back-to-back, CC Sabathia and Paul Byrd…

From the “third time’s the charm” department…

Last night, Paul Byrd came down with symptoms of a rare disease native to his mound opponent, Javier Vazquez, in the recent past… meaning, the first two times through the order, three baserunners– Dye twice(HB & BB), Swisher with the only hit…
Third time around, it began with a “parachute” hit by O.Cabrera…the key play was the force out that Quentin hit into… Pierzynski(good old “lightning rod”)put a clean block on A Cabrera, enabling Quentin to just beat the rap at 1st…

Four pitches later to JD…

And when was the last time that you saw emotion like that out of the usually passive right fielder of the White Sox?

How about Game Four of the World Serious three years ago?

Two batters after the HR, Byrd took flight…(obvious pun there, don’t you think, folks?)… then in the 7th, after back to back K’s, back-to-back bye-byes…

By the way, all of you in the “Dump Thome” society… I hope that you were watching the last two nights… two HR’s, both opposite field… and the hit in Anaheim that beat the shift and beat the Angels?… I think that “your hero” is starting to warm to the occasion…

to just like mercury, aka Lisa… and to Senor Padilla down in Miami… Welcome, both of you, to White Sox Universe… We hope that you have a nice, long, pleasant stay…

Lisa, you were correct… I have heard of a “foot in the bucket” batting stance before… but Victor Martinez gave it a whole new meaning, didn’t he?

As to the other project of Mr Reinsdorf…just be glad that John Paxson is his GM, and not Jerry Angelo… or else the Bulkls would be drafting “the best player available” at that time…(involuntary shudder here…)

jk… You and Pat couldn’t wait to take the kid to the new Indiana Jones flick?…

hey Tom, she’s 10! and she didn’t want to see an old man (aka Indy) running around the globe…… she’d rather see kids running around the 8th century (I guess) ….. go figure……. Go Sox….j.k.

The way Dye fired the bat into the ground last night you would have thought he popped up.

We have beaten two of our nemesis this week in Sabathia and Byrd. We have Jered Weaver coming up Saturday. Just maybe we can figure him out too!

Tom – If Jerry Angelo had that first pick he would probably trade it for two second rounders.

jimd… In the famous words of the late Dizzy Dean…

“You ain’t just a woofin’, podner.”
Now, let’s hope that the serendipity continues on the good side tonight… because the Tribe have been one of Buehrle’s achilles heels the last few seasons…

jk… If FOX got smart(boy, THAT’S asking a lot, isn’t it?), they would show the boys and the Halos on Saturday in the general Tucson area… that way, you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with the computer… and Pat would have you on hand for any “honey, do” tasks…

Man I sure miss being able to come on here and get early lineup.. Didn’t even post one yesterday.. Thats the only reason I ever came on.

sportsoptions – if that’s the only reason you are on this site, you are really missing out on some good stuff. Your loss. Scott’s a pretty busy man.


Anyone besides me feeling both *thrilled* that the Sox are in first place, and amazed that their record of 25-20 would be good for second or third place in every other division in baseball!!??

What ever happened to the mighty AL Central?

trade Konerko

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