Fisk Night

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Ramirez, 2B; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Swish, CF, Hall, C.  Buehrle pitching.

Crazy busy.  Great to see Bo, Pudge, Roland, Kitty, Walk and Ozzie all having fun in the clubhouse.  Seemed like 1991 again.

More tomorrow.


O.k. guys, let’s make it to the “great eight” tonight, whatdya say? And Tom, I’d love to watch the Sox on MLB tv sat. unfortunately, the blackout rule on sat applies to all day games. So, I’ll either listen on MLB radio or watch an archived game later on……. Ain’t that interesting? j.k.

Oh Yea!!!!! j.k.

Can’t say enough about Quentin. I think I was the only one who liked that move when they made it and it is really paying off. I am going to offer up my services to the scouting department. I am pretty sick of teaching…would love to go scout some talent. I think the club could use my services with the recent problems!🙂

Buehrle was good tonight. Kept us in the game…..Linebrink was amazing again as was Jenks. Good starting pitching, clutch hitting, solid relief= 8 in a row!

They even beat a no name lefty….just for you Liptak!

hot damn people!!! woot woot!!!!!

Yea, they really pounded that no name lefty hard…

This White Sox pitching is such a pleasure to watch. It’s nice to see the offense doing better, but they are still very far from firing on all cylinders.

I can’t listen to Hawk anymore. I would turn on the radio but it’s faster than the TV. Kind of takes the suspense away. Any suggestions?


wish we could have gotten buehrle the w, but hey… i’m still going to bed with a smile. lots of good vibes right now. let’s keep it going, guys!

I don’t know about anyone else but I can get used to this winning every single game. No nerves, no anxiety, no suspense.

I like this A LOT.

Also liked the pregame show with Fisk and company. Wonderful to see one of the best G.M.’s and nicest people on Earth, Roland Hemond there as well.

Saunders will be a challenge tomorrow night. Let’s see if the team is up to it.

Mark Liptak

I agree with Liptak, it’s easy to get used to this another day, another win regime.

Think the Sox can re-take the all-time winning streak? Their previous record of 20 straight wins was broken by the A’s, with a 21-game win streak. Maybe the southsiders can go for 22?

At the rate they are playing, it’s possible🙂

That was a great win tonight. Everything looked good. Even Toby Hall. Actually he’s been looking better each game he gets in. I guess I’m not quite ready to kick him to the curb.

On to number 9 tomorrow…can’t wait!


That was a really nice win tonight. Except for the ceremony before the game that park was dead until the 8th. Great to see Quentin come through again. I did not understand that deal at the time, but I will gladly eat crow all year long if he keeps playing like that.

Maybe we did not light up the starter tonight, but we found a way to win. That is what really matters. Would have been nice to get Buehrle the win, but he just threw too many pitches to stick around.

Now hopefully we can keep this going against the Angels. I want to see this team get to Jered Weaver. If they can do that after winning these 3 games against guys we would normally lose to then maybe they are turning a big corner.

Trade Konerko

I’m glad they got this win. That Laffey kid made this team look stupid a couple times last season. Hope they keep it going…..

Happy memorial day weekend everyone!

Another great win! I think it’s helpful to the players to know their role within the team, and that was on display last night: Toby starting against a tough lefty, BA showing good baserunning skills in the pinch, Linebrink as primary set-up man, etc. Everyone knows when/how best they can contribute.

Scam- They’re not hitting on all cylinders, which gets me even more amped up for the warm summer months. And, we play a ton of home games in June… I agree with you that it has been really tough some nights to deal with the Hawk/DJ team lately, especially now that Steve Stone is on The Score. I think it depends if you’re watching in high def or not (high def is delayed from regular stations for some reason.) I think the regular stations are closer to the pace of the radio. With the non high-def station, if you have Comcast cable and can get The Score on your radio, I suggest trying to use the pause feature until you can get it in sync. Worked for me once…


Maybe Hawk will just stop complaining about every single, little thing and then we wouldn’t need to sync our DVR with our radio.

We all know that’s not going to happen and that’s why I just stick to the radio nowadays.


Just FYI. The Sox win streak record is 19, not 20, set back in 1906. Second longest streak is 14 in a row set in 1951.

Mark Liptak

Just to add on a little historical perspective to Mark’s post, when the “Go-Go White Sox of 1951 had that 14 game winning streak, they came home from a road trip to find out that they had displaced the Korean War from the front pages of the newspapers…imagine that!

Mark… I was kind of surprised that Roland was on hand for the ceremonies last night… but then I vividly recall a certain night back in 1983(HOLY TOLEDO, was it THAT long ago?)when Roland Hemond was walking around old Comiskey Park wearing a “champagne suit” after the Western Division clincher against Seattle…and,if I’m not mistaken…Fisk started that bottom of the 9th inning rally with a walk… subsequently, Harold drove in “Juice” Cruz with the winning run… and this old curmudgeon had tears in his eyes, watching 35th and Shields go up for grabs…then later on, watching Hawk interview Roland in the victorious clubhouse bedlam, I started to cry all over again… because I remembered all of the crap that Roland and all of us had to endure when he came here with Chuck Tanner from the Angels organization at the tail end of 1970 until that glorious mid September night…

I have often thanked the Higher Authority for allowing me to see that event… what a nice 31st birthday present that was…

Trade itzrick50 for suggesting to trade Konerko.

That’s right TQ, cause we might not get a bag of batting practice balls for Konerko right now. When he actually makes solid contact you can see the grimace on his face from the pain in his hand. I wish they would just sit him down for 15 days and see if he can get it healthy. Although the fact that they have not done that yet may mean that it is more serious and could require surgery to get it fixed.

I remember that night in 1983 very vividly. It’s one of those moments in life that you remember exactly where you were and who was with you, and to believe I was only 6!

I see no problem putting Konerko on the 15 day DL if that would help – put Swisher at 1st (although not as good with the glove) then put Anderson in CF (an upgrade over Swish) and call up Owens to fill the bench spot. Seems to easy and right now looks like an improvement the way PK is hitting.

I believe though that it’s not just his hand, he puts a lot of pressure on himself to perform and it seems to take him a long time to pull out of a rut like this. Maybe 15 days off would clear his mind?

I’m on the sit Konerko or DL train. It’s not like him playing hurt is helping any. What’s he up to .212?? I’m not anti Paulie, I’m just saying if the guy is hurt, sit him and see if it helps. Swish can go to 1st and BA to CF. If this team is for real we are going to need a healthy Paulie later.
In the mean time I’m enjoying a week plus without a loss! Beating CC and Byrd is impressive for us! Let’s hope we can keep it rolling against a first place team. Will we see Jon again?

Mommy Mac… No Garland this weekend… He goes Monday against the Tigers and Kenny Rogers…

A few things, first Uribe has been placed on the DL so I don’t think Paulie’s going anywhere and Tom the 9th inning rally that clinched the division was started after one out, by a walk to Cruz, followed by a walk to Law, followed by a walk to Fisk, followed by Harold’s sac fly.

It does seem a long time ago doesn’t it?

Mark Liptak

Thanks Lisa. I don’t think I could give up my HD tho. Maybe I’ll start doing my own commentary.


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