Sox vs. Angels

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; BA, CF; Rocket, 2B.  Floyd pitching.

News and Notes

PK is going to get a couple of days off (unless needed to PH) to try and rest his sore hand.

We did place Juan Uribe on the DL (retro to 5/16) and brought up DeWayne Wise from Class AAA Charlotte (.338-8-18) to take his place.

Also, Danny Richar is beginning a rehab assignment at Charlotte.

Earlier Today

Attended ESPN 100’s Lunch with a Legend today at Morton’s downtown as Jerry Reinsdorf sat down with Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman.

They covered a variety of Bulls and Sox topics, and you can listen in at the ESPN 100 website should you care.


Interesting article from Baseball Prospectus, to read it click here.


Great to see The Commander, Bo, Kittle and Roland Hemond last night.

Funny moment from the clubhouse … Nick Swisher introduced himself to Fisk, saying Nick Swisher, “Dirty 30,” and laughing.

Ozzie chirped in … “Did you say .230 or Dirty 30?”

“Hey,” said Swish faking hurt feelings.  “I’ve had too many low blows lately.  Keep them up here.”

Roland related a great story about Rich Gossage.

Roland and Chuck Tanner used an off day to fly to Cedar Rapids while Gossage was with Class Appleton.

“Chuck had Goose throw from the back of the mound so that he had to pull down on the ball as he finished,” Roland said.  “The start before he had walked a bunch of guys.  After they worked on this, he went on to win 18 games.

“At the end of the summer, Gossage asked me what I was thinking about him for the next season.

“The Big Leagues,” Hemond answered.

And a Hall of Fame career began.


During BP one of our players ran past Jerry Reinsdorf and asked,

“So who has the final say, you or John Paxson?”

Stats and Stuff

We are 5-0 in our last five games against the LHP and 7-1 in the last eight … last time we won nine straight was 6/15-24/06 … the Sox lead the AL with 30 quality starts and rank third with a 3.46 ERA … the Sox have hit .327 with runners in scoring position over the last 12 games.

What’s Important

Among his many duties, Ron Kittle often is asked to visit fans who might be home or in the hospital struggling with their health.

Last week, he stopped by to see a season ticket holder at his home.

They talked White Sox, baseball, etc. during the visit.

The Sox fan passed away from his illness the very next day.

We received a call from the family saying how special and important it was to our fan and to them that his final hours were spent talking baseball and laughing with a favorite Sox player.

That’s how spending a few minutes with a fan can change lives, no matter if it is a case of days or years.




Reading that about Kittle brought goose bumps to my skin. I remember being at the big A one day and Kitty Kat tipped his cap to me as he trotted to left field…. that made my day and I can only imagine how it made that fan feel to talk to Ron….. Too much good stuff. Go Sox, how about NINE?….. j.k.

I’m with you j.k. greedy and wanting nine! Nice to have a long post from you Scott. As entertaining and interesting my fellow bloggers have been, have missed you around here! Had an interesting conversation with a stranger in the mall today. Talking about how the Sox have quietly built this win streak and have this nice little lead in the Central. Who would have thought? The Baseball Perspectus article says it really…what you see is what you get. Not pretty, against the odds but hey I’ll take it!

Not much to say about that game. Great stories Scott.

all you can do is tip your hat to joe saunders…… Hey, how about we start a new 8 game win streak?…… beginning tomorrow….. j.k.

I am still VERY concerned with this offense. In the last 9 games (8 wins) the Sox have had six games where they scored four runs or less.

That’s putting an incredible amount of pressure of the pitching staff because they have very little room for error.

Tonight was a great example, the Sox had chances, especially in the first inning, they couldn’t get the hit they needed.

We’ll see what happens over the weekend but these guys have GOT to start hitting soon (don’t they???)

Mark Liptak

Well we need to find a way to get to Jered Weaver tomorrow if we want to win this series. I am not shocked by tonight. Saunders is now 8-1 if I remember correctly.

Jim Thome. I like him and he has had a great career. I draft him in my fantasy league every year. I had zero confidence that he would come through in the 9th. I understand there is nothing you can do about it…you arent going to pinch hit Pablo Ozuna for Jim Thome. But man, I don’t like some players but at least there is a chance that maybe they will come through with a big hit. When Thome came up I told my buddy he’s striking out. It is a shame that this guys career has come to this. Hopefully it is an extended slump, but I don’t think so.

I also was really upset that the new guy, Wize, didn’t steal right away. Should have been off on the first pitch. I don’t understand why he wasn’t running from the start. He eventually stole second. However, it was still unacceptable. If Thome would have gotten a hit on the second pitch it may not have scored him. Obviously it didn’t cost ust the game….but it very well could have.


Just one week earlier, Thome lined a game-winning ninth-inning hot off of Rodriguez in Anaheim. Don’t you think K-Rod remembered that? Don’t you think he was going to pitch him a little differently this time around? That pitch that Thome struck out on was nasty.

I guess Thome has to get clutch hits off one of the premier relievers in the game every time he faces him in order to satisfy you.

Saunders is a helluva pitcher. Very similar to Buerhle only he throws much harder. Quick pace and he throws strikes. So did Floyd, except for the critical stretch in one inning.

If I was going to croak there is no better way to go out than hangin out with the Kitty Man! He was without a doubt my all time favorite white sox player. I was lucky enough to be in Detroit with my family for his final game. He hit one into the upper deck that series off of Mike Henneman.

Speaking of my all time favorite players- my boy the Big Hurt is ripping it up since joining the A’s hitting .305. He has also been on a power binge this week. Screw the blue jays for cutting him! Screw Kenny for thinking that Thome is better than Frank too! Big Hurt also threw a shout out to Fisk and Harold this week saying he wants to be productive past 40 like those 2 were. Happy B-day to Frank on Tuesday. Hopefully he hits 40 bombs for his 40 years.

Speaking on my favorite players again….I want to bring my son, my dad, my brother and my wife to my sons first game on July 20th, the day they unveil Harold Baines statue. Can’t find any decent tickets for the game without paying 150 a ticket on stub hub. If you have some that you can’t use let me know. It is a day game vs. the Royals.

TC- No Thome doesn’t have to get clutch hits every time off of closers for me to be satisfied….but he better hit more than 201. He is having a terrible season and one clutch hit isn’t going to make me change my mind on that. Maybe he can get on a terror, but I don’t think so. He is burying the team almost daily with his constant strike outs, constant hitting ground balls into the shift….. Makes you wonder if Kenny kept Rowand and Frank instead of messing around with Thome and Anderson where the team would have been. I think it would have been far better off.

If you will recall, back in the post season of 2005, the Angels had a stretch where they played successive games in New York, then back home in Anaheim, against the Yankees… Then they had to fly back across the country to open the LCS versus the well-rested White Sox…The Angels won that first game, then lost four straight…

I bring that up because Thursday night they played the Blue Jays in Toronto, then(perhaps)had to bus to Hamilton, Ontario to get to their plane… go through the rigamarole of Canadian Customs, then fly here to Chicago… I could not tell you what time the traveling party may have reached the Westin, but it had to be very early Friday morning…

And besides, their starting pitcher last night was not feeling all that well… I think I read where he lost about 10 lbs during the game(not a recommended weight loss method, by the way), but still pitched an outstanding game…

That was just one of those games that a team will have during the course of a season… where you come in very hot, but then couldn’t hit for anything (and BOY, did I have to clean THAT one up… I wanted to rhyme with “hit” but, well, you know…)…

So it is back to Step One this afternoon…against a tough cookie from last year… hopefully Danks can get some support… he could use it…

Lip: Thanks for clarifying 9/17/83 for me, as to the order of play in the defining ninth… You’re exactly right… It does not seem like all that long ago, but it was… so long ago, in fact(???) that the lovelies Maria, Dawn,Kristine and Donna(aka Mommy Mac) were mere youths…(Oh, TQ, you charmer, you…)

Either the appocalypse, or my being able to find a date, OR BOTH, is next?

Any takers?

1. Now hold up just one second. Saunders was good yesterday, but by no means was he outstanding. He missed his spots on plenty of occasions. We just weren’t able to do anything with hit. How many times did we pop up a rolling curveball? Lets not just look at the fact that he pitched 8 shutout innings and assume he had an amazing game out there. If JD’s ball goes 5 feet to the right, or if we come up with a key hit in the first or ninth inning, it’s not looking like such a great day for Saunders, is it? I’ll be the first to credit great pitching, but I just didn’t see it last night.

2. Who else wants to punch Rodriguez in the face? If I ever saw that guy outside of the ballpark, I swear I would spend a night in jail for one good shot on him. I’ve never seen a little leaguer act as immature as he does. And please do not tell me that he just has passion, because someone who has one ounce of dignity knows how to show their passion without making an *** of themselves.

3. You have a case for arguing that we should still have Rowand, but Thomas? The guy hadn’t produced in the last four years we had him. He was a cancer in the clubhouse, and I don’t exactly think he wanted to stick around in Chicago. Remember the feuds between him and Kenny?

4. You guys make me feel very young on here.


Franks last 4 years here he hit 100 home runs. 2002 he came off of an injury and hit 28 homers and 92 RBI, 2003 he hit 42 homers and knocked in 105….he played in 74 games in 2004 and hit 18 homers and 49 RBI and in 05 he hit 12 homers and 26 RBI in just over 30 games. Sure he had some injury problems. So did Thome. 2006 Thome started out hot then faded as the sox did. Thomas started out cold and went on to hit 39 homers 114 RBI leading the A’s to the ALCS. 2007 Thomas hit 26 and knocked in 95 meanwhile Thome needed a miraculous finish to achieve his numbers well after the sox were out of contention. Add in the fact that we would have had Rowand in the outfield and it is a no brainer- Kenny F’d up.

Come on Kenwo, you can’t say Kenny F’d up with Thomas. You laid all the numbers out there yourself. How many games did he miss over the last 4 years with the Sox(especially the lst 2)? Did KW make the wrong choice? Yes, but I guarantee you every GM in baseball would have let him go also. Especially because of what the Sox would have had to pay to keep him. Remember Oakland signed to him to an incentive laden contract.

Jim is exactly right. Frank had way too much money coming for a guy with his health issues. I loved him as a player too and hated to see him go but it was the right move.

Now of course, the 20-20 hindsight vision that always seems to find its way onto this board says otherwise.

I always said they should keep Thomas. They should have. He is a better ballplayer than Thome.

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