Saturday vs. Angels

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; BA, CF; Ozuna, 2B.  Danks pitching.

Notes and Stuff

Spent the morning at The Best of the Midwest Soccer Tournament near Lowell, Ind. and then headed back for a game.  I’ll be back there tomorrow morning for that highly-anticipated U-11 Boys game against Rockford United.

Anyway … Bobby Jenks is one save shy of 100 for his career … today’s starter, John Danks, ranks among AL leaders in ERA (8th, 2.94), opponents OBP (12th, .294), baserunners per 9.0 IP (12th, 10.9), quality starts (T12th, six) and opponents BA (16th, .239).

Danks’ line through nine starts in 2007:  3-5, 4.59 ERA, .282 OBA, 10 HR allowed

Through 2008:  3-3, 2.94, .239, 3 HRA

Orlando Cabrera leads the majors in fielding percentage by **** at .996

Making News

This from veteran baseball writer Ken Rosenthal on Carlos Q.  Worth a look and a read.


I figured Guillen would pull Danks after 5 innings…95 pitches and he was getting hit hard at the end. But nope, he leaves Danks in to face the middle of the order and throw a 96th pitch, good-bye 0-0 tie. We have a rested bullpen…USE IT! I love Guillen and believe he keeps the team fired up and takes all the heat, but I continue to question his game management skills. Oops…next batter doubles down the line, NOW he goes to the bullpen – good call Guillen (rolling eyes). It’s frustrating seeing the Sox outmanaged frequently.

Interesting to note that Guillen himself said the sign of a good manager is his use of the bullpen…well, he showed himself today by not going to the pen soon enough in an obvious situation. Pull Danks, pat him on the back for a good day and let our pen take care of business, who cares if Danks gets a ‘W’ or not. Let him learn from Buehrle…as long as the team wins I don’t care if I go 0-0 on the year.


This is not Game 3 of the World Series. Don’t ask Ozzie to start pulling starting pitchers in a scoreless game in the sixth. The biggest strength of this team thus far in ’08 has been the starters’ abilities to get to the sixth and beyond and set the pen up for the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.

Give Danks a chance to go at least one more inning. this is how we find out just how tough a pitcher he may be.

I, for one, am glad that Ozzie doesn’t overmanage his pitching staff. And the results of the 2005 ALCS will prove it.

I would’ve been fine with Danks staying in had he not been hit fairly hard the inning before with the middle of the order coming up. He is still a young pitcher and 95 pitches through 5 innings shows a struggle with command. I realize it is not game 3, but when your offense is struggling, you don’t take chances with the pitchers.

When the Sox offense decides to show up again, someone please wake me and let me know.

This number could come back to haunt the Sox big-time in September: 7 (and counting…)

That’s the number of games already LOST by the Sox even though they held the opponent to THREE RUNS OR LESS.

My God, you’ve got to win those games…you are throwing great pitching performances right down the toilet.

Mark Liptak

Pitching as we all know is the reason this team is where it is.

It has been just awful to watch this team not hit all year long. Thome is not the only one with issues but he really needs to sit for a long long time and perhaps get his walking papers. I hope I eat my words and he catches fire.

I see where has another story about Ozzie “not concerned” about the offense.…=.jsp&c_id=cws

Maybe that was just a mistake by the headline writer but after what we have seen with this team since July 06 or at the very least the 2007 season how can you NOT be “concerned” with the way the offense has looked? Weaver for example has been getting torched by every other team in MLB….against the Sox he’s the second coming of Joe “Cy Young” Mays.

Maybe I’m missing something.

Mark Liptak

They always struggle against the Angels. Nothing has changed. They will knock out Cleveland on Monday. Hopefully they can get to Lackey tom. so they don’t get swept but I am pretty sure they will have a highly successful road trip on Monday.

Well Weaver has now given up 1 run in 26 1/3 innings against the Sox. The sad thing is that he is the type of guy the Sox usually hit. I hope that guy never ends up in our division!

I also thought Danks should have been gone after 5. Ozzie has consistently pulled him that last 2 years once he gets to the high 80’s in his pitch count. I expected to see Masset to start the 6th and give them a few to see if we could scrape out a run or two and get to Linebrink and Jenks. Leaving him in to face the meat of the order when he was tiring was a mistake.

Good news is we will miss Carmona next week in Cleveland. He went on the DL today. Unfortunately the bad news is we will probably see a AAA pitcher and get shutdown like usual.

I sure hope we can get it going again soon because these last two games were just pathetic to watch. If you take away the 8th inning of the last game with Cleveland it has been absolutely abissmal. 4 runs over the last 26 innings. Sure glad nobody in the dugout is worried!

Many may not like listening to Hawk and DJ, but someone at Fox needs to get rid of Curt Menefee. For one he is horrible at his main job, as a football broadcaster, and today he referred to Ozzie as Ozzie Smith and Danks as Bobby Danks. Come on, do your homework for your ONCE A WEEK assignment.

I agree with Jim, Menefee is a hack. The give him the worst F-Ball games on Sunday, and he was driving me crazy Sat. He got too excited on the Swisher play when he got thrown out at second, and was totally befuddled when Ozzie was thrown out of the game.

HOW in the world is Carlos Quentin not on the All-Star ballot??????????

Sunday morning, not much to do until our game tonight at 5 pm ( that’s my time folks). So I looked up Marks stat about the Sox losing 7 games when holding their opponent to 3 or fewer runs, and he is correct about that. Every other team in our league also has lost to their opponent when holding them to 3 or less. Boston has lost only three times in such instances: that’s much better than our Sox. But, Seattle has lost only four times in these cases, which is also better than the Sox, but with a record of 18-32, I wouldn’t change places with the mariners, would you? Texas is the best in this catagory with just two losses, but they have a 25-26 mark. The worst team is Toronto with 8 losses so far and a 26-25 record.

My point is that it’s the wins that count not how many losses a team has by the number of runs scored either for or against. I’ll still take our Sox even if they don’t score a lot of runs.. Oh yeah, the Tigers? They’ve lost only THREE times in this “all important” stat…… Do you want to switch places with them?…… later all…….. j.k.


The point is when you hold someone to three runs or less YOU WIN THE DAMN GAME. You are throwing away excellent pitching performances and they don’t grow on trees do they?

What any other team has done or not done is meaningless to the Sox situation.

Come September if the Sox are fighting for their lives, they’ll look back and ask ‘what if’ they had just a little bit of offense and won some of these games.

If the Sox are three back with two weeks to go, you think they’ll be saying “well Seattle has only lost five games where they allowed three runs or less. Boy we’re in much better shape…” PLEASE!

The Sox offense is HORRID and has been since at least July of 2006. It’s going to cost them period. That’s my point.

Next time I’ll just come out and say it instead of trying to be obtuse for you.

And here’s the “stat” of the day, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

“Weaver is 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA against the Sox this season and 2-5 with a 5.37 against the rest of the league.”

Nice eh?

Mark Liptak

And I just found a game notation that shows just how flawed this offense is and how it could cost them a lot.
This is not of my doing but I consider it meaningful:

In 2005, the Sox scored 1 run 12 times and were shut out 4 times.

In 2006, the Sox scored 1 run 12 times and were shut out 5 times.

In 2007, the Sox scored 1 run 18 times and were shut out 9 times.

In 2008, the Sox have scored 1 run 5 times and have been shut out 5 times. The season is 30% complete.

The Sox are on pace to score just one run 17 times and get shut out 17 more times. If these trends hold up, this team will get shut out almost twice as often as the abysmal 2007 team.

The 2005 Sox did not have the most explosive offense. But in tight, low scoring games, when the homers weren’t flying, they manufactured runs to win close games. This team lacks that ability.

That’s what happens when it’s “home run or nothing” have no speed, no guys who can steal bases, no guys who can do the small things like bunt, advance runners, hit and run and so forth. Those numbers above show that Ozzieball is dead on the South Side.

Absolutely strange and heartbreaking considering what happened in 2005 because the team had some balance.

Mark Liptak

Well, Mark, I must say you have been right on target with your posts. Imagine what this team would be without Carlos Q. And Noone expected the pitching to be this good , No not a soul. Only a few options that I see right now. Wait and see if hitting warms up with the hot weather. Starte the best speed and defensive team available to help the pitching out that way. Trade or bring up some other players. Then there is manage for one run here and there and do not leave pitchers in too long. On another note, I was all for trading Konerko and Thome in the off season to add more balance and speed on the club, along with drop $ , salary that could be used to aquire someone if needed.

ps my thinking on trading Konerko was, at that time he had value and a good player or 2 could have been had, and I did not see much difference in the offense with fields at first or konerko. Still see it that way.


You are right. The Sox are between a rock and a hard place here. There are very few options in a minor league system that is destitute. And it’s two months until the trade deadline so it’s going to be hard to make any deals at this point in time.

The Sox will sink or swim with these guys, some of whom have been going downhill statistically since July 2006.

And that’s not counting the pressure being put on a pitching staff to be “letter perfect” which is very, very hard to do.

Mark Liptak

So, someone (me) picks on your pet stat and you come unglued? Please! Right back at you. I will agree that our offense is not what we all would like it to be and that we are more of a station to station team this year than in the past, but my point is that ALL teams lose the games that you are pointing to that they should win, but the bottom line IS winning. So get off that horse and start working with what we have; very good pitching and (so far) just enough offense to win a majority of games. I’ll stay with that stat until otherwise proven wrong.

Next time you and I can go rock-paper-scissors to prove our point ….. See ya. j.k.

It is hard to win the close games when in key situations the team has a ton of strike outs and hits into double plays the way the Sox tend to do. Instead of situational hitting, bunting, stealing bases, hit an run and so forth. Now the Sox do win occassionally with the long ball but how many games have the Sox come from behind to win in the 8th or 9th inning does not seem like many. I saw where K Williams more or less agrees saying 7 or 8 games the sox could have won with just basic situational baseball that the club let get away. I do not see any easy solutions though as much as I gripe about it.


It has nothing to do about my (so-called) “pet” stat. It has everything to do with the fact that what the Tigers, or Twins or Mariners do means nothing, not one iota about what the Sox do or don’t do, should or shouldn’t do.

Just because they want to throw away opportunities doesn’t mean the Sox should be doing the same.

These are games that the Sox may want DEARLY come September. You only get so many chances, don’t flush them down the toilet. They are wasting (I could use a stronger term but I won’t) great pitching performances and again because the Tigers are blowing these same type performances doesn’t mean squat to me. Nor does it “justify” doing so in the first place.


To answer your comment, the Sox have won ONE game this season when trailing in the 7th inning or later. That was against Minnesota on April 7th when Crede hit a grand slam in the 7th inning.

Mark Liptak

Aren’t we in first place?

Liptak they lost two games to pitchers they normally struggle against. where is the suprise? we will get back on track in cleveland. don’t jump off the upper deck have a couple of dos equis and enjoy memorial day. jeez louise who would have thought i would be playing psychologist?

Thanks, kenwo to the rescue! Let’s win tonight on espn guys and go back on the road with a 4-2 mark…….. (that’s record, not Liptak)…….. j.k.

Well to me Liptak is again correct. A team needs their own standards of play and execution not what someone else is doing. The approach needs to be correct so that when the game and season are over, each player , manager, and team can look in the mirror and say , I did what was best for the team to win each game. Yes, the manager should be aware of the whole season in using players and pitchers , also.

A thing I really hate is that pitcher has the Sox number or the Twins really play the Sox tough. I hear that over and over , it raises a war cry in me. I would play the twins or certain pitchers like it was the 7th game of the world series rather than roll over and become a weak self fulfilling prophecy team. Those comments are weak and get in players and manager’s heads. It is a form of giving up on a semi conscious level. On the other hand I did have a couple of dos equis, green bottle.

I for one am sick and tired of “tipping my hat (or your hat)” to the opposing pitchers.

The Sox have been doing that so much especially to bad pitchers the past few years they probably all have whiplash.

Mark Liptak

I’m with you Mark, I also am sick and tired of hearing about how great the opposing pitcher was. I’d rather hear the truth… “we sucked at the plate tonight and we let our pitcher down again, we should’ve knocked (insert name) out by the 5th inning…”

This tipping your hat thing will become (if it hasn’t already) a mental issue where everytime they come to bat they’re thinking “wow, this guy has great stuff, I’ll be lucky to get a hit”

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