Thoughts During The Game

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Seems this year that when you go to a White Sox game, you have a good chance to see a near no-hitter … either way.

Overheard at the game when Jose Contreras (who was outstanding) gave up his first hit:  “Do you think Hawk just turned to his wife sitting on the couch and said, ‘Cancel the postgame show?'”

Best Sign

Fans sitting over our dugout (in clear view of the national ESPN audience) with a sign reading:

“Yankees and Red Sox highlights next on SportsCenter”

Sox Fans

Certainly are a unique breed …

Where else can a first-place team be described on a reply to a blog post as “being between a rock and a hard place.”

Do you think that was written with a straight face?

It may be too soon to be optimistic, but can we at least be nuetral until June?


Game over.  Nice coming out party for Carlos Quentin on national television.

Put it on the board.




Way to go TCQ! Nice shot!

Beautiful pitching tonight by Jose.

Can’t wait to get to the Indians tomorrow. Let’s sweep them…again.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!



You are referring to me of course and that was in response to Dleeun’s comment about not having a lot of options with this offense, either from the minor league standpoint (call up’s) or from a trade standpoint (too early yet…)

I agreed with him, making the comment “they are between a rock and a hard place” because they DON’T have a lot of options right now, they have to “sink or swim” with what they have.

But don’t take my word for it… Comcast SportsNite this evening made the statement, “where would this offense be without Carlos Quentin?” Josh Mora’s reply to Luke Stuckmeyer’s comment was (paraphrasing) ‘you don’t even want to think about it.’

This team will go as far as the pitching will take it. The bullpen has been spectacular, a refreshing change from the garbage in 2006 and 2007. The starting pitching has been much better then anticipated (kudos to Kenny for saying it would be so back in spring training…) but unless the offense wakes up from a season and two month coma you are not giving those same pitchers a lot of room for error are you?

Will this staff continue to pitch as spectacularly in September? It would be nice if they didn’t have to pitch as well to win. I’m sure you’d agree with that. I’m sure you’d also agree that when you keep holding opponents to three runs or less it would be nice to reward those pitchers by letting them actually get a win for those efforts.

The Sox scored a total of four runs in three games. They had a total of 12 hits (I think) if those three games, a flashback to a six game losing streak in late April / early May when the bats vanished. Only spectacular pitching even gave them a chance to win one of those games.

I’m a Sox fan Scott, you know that from our conversations, but I also try to look at thing realistically.

The offense MUST get better, somehow, someway.

Mark Liptak

And that fans dissing the Eastern Sports Programming Network was classic.

As Sox fan Richard Roeper would say, “two thumbs up!”

Mark Liptak

I normally don’t watch ESPN but after this evening’s dramatic events I figured ‘why not…’

My mistake.

From the same network that brings you Chris Berman, brought you Jeff Brantley and his personal vendetta against Ozzie Guillen and who had such “wisdom” on the air as, “White Sox fans will be crying in their beer because this division belongs to the Twins (May 05)” along with such “gems” as calling Freddy Garcia, Freddy GUZMAN and saying that Ozzie was “ruining” Dustin Hermanson comes this nugget courtesy of Karl Ravech, on Baseball Tonight after the Sox beat Los Angeles:

“It’s amazing the Sox are in first place because they happen
not to be able to do a single thing right.”

Ummm, I agree they can’t hit for squat but the pitching staff is either 2nd or 3rd in baseball, and they are among the league leaders in home runs… not counting what Quentin has done so far this year.

Another example of what passes for “excellence” from the Eastern Sports Programming Network.

Mark Liptak

Clarification. (My apologies)

Ravech said (direct quote) “Tough to figure out how the White Sox actually find themselves on top of the Central Division. They’re not doing a lot very well.”

Not as bad as originally thought but still pretty stupid.

Mark Liptak

Liptak why are you getting mad at Ravech…he has probably just been reading your blog entries the last couple days.

I was at the game and it was a great one. Contreras has been awesome this year. He was great tonight striking out 10. Too bad he couldn’t get the win but Linebrink was also great as he had been all year. You still hear people talking about how much money he was given…so far you have to say he deserves a bonus! He has been just what the Dr. ordered. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Quentin is the best hitter to come through the Sox since Ordonez and Lee debuted in the late 90s. This guy is a stud. I get on Williams a lot but this was one trade I liked when he made it… even I didn’t expect this much out of Quentin even though I knew he was super talent a few spring trainings ago. I always was a fan of Canseco and Quentin is the closest thing to him I have ever seen.

I just have to say how great it is to have not only Carlos Quentin’s timely hitting, but also his understated personality to go with it. His comments about how it was Contreras’s pitching that kept the White Sox in the game so he could hit the walk-off reminds me of how baseball is such a team sport. To say that anyone player should be traded because he’s not contributing at any given moment to the team is misunderstanding what baseball is all about. As has been said before, its a game of averages, so if someone’s hitting .125 in April, maybe he’ll be hitting .269 in May, right? As for me, I’m just going to enjoy the ride while its going good and hope we’re still in it come October.


rock and a hard place, eh? no place to turn? we’re all washed up? hmmm. sorry, not here. the fact we have guys like CQ who do step up and provide the timely hit or walk off HR is the point this year. last year we didn’t have anyone to do that until our fate was sealed. now we do. JD has shown spurts of his old self. take a look at who the role players have been during the eight game streak and it was a different guy(s) each night that provided the winning margin? no place to turn? are you kidding me? i can hardly wait to see the rest of the boys start to click.

PK was in an air cast yesterday and yet the guy has tried to gut it out since injuring his hand in the baltimore game. yet all anyone could do is say, “trade konerko”. he’s all washed up. some sox fans.

to those of you who can only find fault with this team, how about pretending for a minute that you actually are a sox fan? I agree with Scott, this team is in first place and all any of you can do is complain and criticize. the sox win 8 in a row and you barely have anything positive to say, yet they have a challenging series against the team with the best record in the american league and automatically the sky is falling. i know you’ll all pile on this blog post as well and you’ll try to impress with all your stats and figures. don’t waste your time or mine. you’re either a fan of the sox or you aren’t. there’s no inbetween and don’t tell me sox fans are like this, cause they aren’t.

we got a tough road trip in front of us. go sox!

The sky isn’t falling and the White Sox as a team are not hitting, both facts. It is amazing that this team is in first place but pitching wins championships.

Now I am one of the folks who has not neen particularly fond of either PK or Thome’s hitting. Not realizing that PK had an injury from nearly the start of the season I will back off on him.

Thome, another story. I keep praying he makes me eat my words perhaps June is his month.

SWS (et al):

I didn’t have a lot to say during the winning streak because six of those wins came after 11PM Mountain time. Someone else brought this up and my reply was “I’ve got better things to do that late at night, then type on the internet….sleeping for one thing.”

You don’t appreciate my comments, fair enough.
How about listening to Ozzie (direct quote) from the Sun-Times:

”We can’t just rely on Carlos Quentin to win games. Our lineup is capable of scoring runs, but we’re not doing it now. We’re so inconsistent. We have to help this kid.”

Have a wonderful Memorial Day. (Is that piling on? Although it’s funny just last week or in the last ten days you were agreeing with everything I was saying…..go look it up.)

Mark Liptak


By the way you must have missed this post here Thursday:

“I don’t know about anyone else but I can get used to this winning every single game. No nerves, no anxiety, no suspense.

I like this A LOT.

Also liked the pregame show with Fisk and company. Wonderful to see one of the best G.M.’s and nicest people on Earth, Roland Hemond there as well.

Saunders will be a challenge tomorrow night. Let’s see if the team is up to it.”

Mark Liptak

We do need more offense, but lets still enjoy this. Love Carlos he’s awesome

Any win without injury is good. The GM KW has come out being critical of the way the Sox have been playing, other people can see it also. Ozzie said Carlos had been carrying the club, broadcaster, sports writers , so what are fans supposed to do ,say all is well, I do not think so, but if that is your choice so be it for you. And I would expect the same, so be if for me , if I wish to be critical of aspects of the team. Give the sox a couple of wins and a lot of fans are all over it , thinking what a great team. I would like to see changes in the make up, more speed, situational hitting and so forth. Last night same thing double plays and strike outs with little hitting but great pitching. How about more help for the pitchrs. I did not think being dumb about base ball was required for being a Sox fan.

Can someone please explain Ozzie’s strategy in the top of the 9th inning tonight?
Crede leads off with a single. Swsiher, who is hitting.204 and is 3 for 24 in his last 24 at bats, doesn’t sacifice but swings away and flies out to right.
Ramirez (who is hitting .160) is given a hit and run, swings and misses, and Crede is thrown out by 15 feet. Ramirez then strikes out.
Am I missing something here ?

omg, what a game. after looking like we gave it away, here we go again. big hits, new role players, ramirez, BA huge with men on……PK had a bad night at the plate but he hit the ball deep twice with power we haven’t seen in weeks. keep an eye on him tomorrow. that hand might be better.

say hey, that’s two in a row…..keep ’em comin…….

Good comeback win tonight from almost everybody on the team. There weren’t too many guys left on the bench. Nice recovery by Bobby in the 12th. And congrats on his 100th save. Let’s make it two in a row tomorrow……. j.k.

Congratulations to Bobby Jenks on his 100th save!! (Always have to make it exciting, don’t ya, White Sox?) Nice to see Thome hitting and O.C.’s numbers are on the rise too. And even when he’s not hitting dingers, TCQ manages to add to his RBI total anyway. Gotta love my SOX!

Nice job by the bullpen. also nice job to Javy. it was evident he didn’t have much in the first inning, yet he only gave up 3 in 6 innings. I questioned guillen on some of his strategy through out the game, but they ended up winning anyway. Hopefully this continues….1 more vs the indians and 2 vs the Devil Rays (i don’t care if they are the Rays now..they will always be the Devil Rays to me). come home 4-3 that would be good. any more would be a bonus.

Nice job by the bullpen. also nice job to Javy. it was evident he didn’t have much in the first inning, yet he only gave up 3 in 6 innings. I questioned guillen on some of his strategy through out the game, but they ended up winning anyway. Hopefully this continues….1 more vs the indians and 2 vs the Devil Rays (i don’t care if they are the Rays now..they will always be the Devil Rays to me). come home 4-3 that would be good. any more would be a bonus.

Very nice win this evening. The second time this season the Sox have come from behind in the 7th inning or later to win the game.

Congrats to Jenks on save #100 and a nice way to start a tough road trip.

Oh by the way, Chet Coppock now has come out and said he thinks the Sox will win the division with 89 victories.

Mark Liptak

Nice job by the bullpen. also nice job to Javy. it was evident he didn’t have much in the first inning, yet he only gave up 3 in 6 innings. I questioned guillen on some of his strategy through out the game, but they ended up winning anyway. Hopefully this continues….1 more vs the indians and 2 vs the Devil Rays (i don’t care if they are the Rays now..they will always be the Devil Rays to me). come home 4-3 that would be good. any more would be a bonus.

sorry for the multiple posts…computer started acting nutsy

SWS: How about we tone down the personal attacks a little bit. You can disagree with someone without making it personal. And just so you know, everybody on here is a Sox fan, no matter how pessimistic they are.

Frank: I think Ozzie didn’t have Swish bunt because the last time he tried to bunt it didn’t go so well. His form was pretty bad. Ramirez missing the ball on a hit and run isn’t Ozzie’s fault. I liked the call.

1. Is that the most hits we’ve had this season? It’s nice to see Cabrera finding his stroke. Hopefully he can continue that. PK really looked locked in at the plate for the first time in a long time. It must have been so frustrating watching all of those balls get caught. Can’t wait for him to be 100%.

2. I just love hearing these terrible Cleveland fans boo Thome after he destroys them time and time again.

3. I thought Ozzy had a perfect game.


Scam – My biggest question about Ozzie tonight was his short use of their long reliever Nick Masset. Yes it did work out in their favor, but that move could have really bit them in backsides had that game gone longer than it did.

I did too agree with the hit and run, but I am wondering if Ramirez either missed the sign or just had a brain cramp swigning for a home run when he should have been swinging for contact. Kinda like he did perfectly in the last inning. That was a thing of beauty.

Mark – I am a loyal ESPN1000 listener (I know you hate those 4 letters), but I wish Chet Coppock would just please go away! He makes me punch the button. If I recall correctly he had the Sox 4th in the division back in spring training. The only person that likes to hear Coppock talk is himself.

scam and i guess mark l,

you might want to read my blog post again. nowhere in that message is there anything directed to one specific person including either or you. to say i’m attacking anyone just isn’t accurate and wrong. all i said was the tone is negative and it’d be nice to see a bit more support even when the chips are down. hey, i’ve been on thome’s tail all season long. but what’s clear to me now is that ozzie is gonna play him no matter what so i/we best hope the guy hits a home run or hit each time at bat.

all i would ask from anyone is before you start to say i’m criticizing a person, make sure that’s the case.

hope we can get some runs tonight for buehrle and his change in how he pitches a team that normally roughs him up continue to find success.

Just read in the tribune a funny comment by Ozzie, it was about Alexi’s sac bunt turned single.

” He was 3 seconds away from being in AAA to hero!” Lol pretty funny. It worked out but I don’t get the whole pull Masset so quickly but a win is a win and I will take it!. Sad to see Paulie off to such a slow start, you can see his frustration. Same with Swisher, but its still early. If they are batting like this come All Star break then we can start to worry.

Well now we know why Orlando Cabrera has such a good fielding percentage – he calls the official scorer between innings to complain. According to the Sun Times he did this last Thursday when he dropped the high (but good enough to get the out) throw from Toby Hall on a steal attempt. Supposedly this is not the first time either.

So when he comes up short on a play in the hole or up the middle we can expect that he is padding his fielding percentage by not risking an error.

Cabrera is playing for a contract. Like so many others in today’s free-agent era of baseball. It’s too bad, but that’s what we have to live with.

If he gets the big money, more power to him. Let’s just hope he produces for the rest of the year and helps the Sox do something special while he is here.

I gotta believe that Ramirez is the future at short for this club anyway. And his upside is far more than Cabrera’s ever was.


As you probably know that does happen where a player will call the press box and talk to the official scorer, I’m not saying it’s a good thing to do in any case but it does happen.

To me what I found most interesting was Joe Cowley’s ‘conclusion’ (for want of a better word) that talks between Cabrerra and the Sox are dead and that he’ll be leaving after the season.

The Sox may be looking for a shortstop next off season since Ramirez looks to be headed to second and there is no one ready in the minors.

Mark Liptak

Well, what the heck else are you going to do in Cleveland on a Monday night?… They roll up the sidewalks at 7 PM…

Now, for Sunday night… Carlos Quentin showed the entire world of baseball… at least the ones watching that unnamed network… that the GM of the White Sox wasn’t asleep when they “stole” him from the D’backs… At the least, that was back due payment for the crappy way that the Arizona organization,and Buck Showalter in particular, treated the WS ever since the move to Tucson in 1998…

The D’backs were a wet behind the ears franchise, let their organization, and their Napoleonic little manager, treated a CHARTER MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN LEAGUE like a red-headed stepchild…

As to the analysts on that unnamed network…
If ANY of them had a functioning brain cell… they would be a serious threat to society…

Now,finally… I am trying to come up with a roster of the either current, or all time OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)baseball team…

The reason I thought of this was listening to Farmer and Stone Pony last night disecting the pitching (???) of Rafael Betancourt…

I have come up with three pitchers and two position players so far… Betancourt, Steve Trachsel and Barry Zito as pitchers… and Nomar Garciaparra and Mike Hargrove(the original “human rain delay”) as batters…

Can anyone else think of any others who deserve listing?

Let’s hope that Buehrle gets out of Progressive Park alive after tonight… He has been the equivalent of a batting practice pitcher at that facility the last couple of seasons…

Mark – I have heard of guys doing it before, but it is not something I expected from Cabrera. All the propagnda about him when the trade was made that he would be a grinder for us, and he was a great team/clubhouse guy. He did not sound like the kind of player who would care who got credit for the error.

In this case he laid the blame on a guy who is really well liked in that clubhouse, in Toby Hall. I think that says he knows he is one and done here. If he wanted to re-sign here and wanted respect from his teammates he would have let it slide. That may be part of what Cowley is using to draw his ‘conclusion’

I assumed when the Sox signed Ramirez that he would be their backup plan at SS in case they could not keep Cabrera. He definitely has the arm for SS, but we will need to see him play there a little bit to see if he has the range and glove of a good SS. We’ll have to wait and see though. Depending if the Sox are still in the hunt come the trade deadline we’ll see if there are any changes that may affect the long term.

Late in last night’s game it looked more like a team effort than I have seen earlier this year, thats what it takes. Big game to win with a lot of people contributing.

SWS: Let me explain this for you so you can understand.

Your quote:
“rock and a hard place, eh? no place to turn? we’re all washed up?”

You are obviously referring to Liptak’s quote of, “The Sox are between a rock and a hard place here.” While I, and most people on here probably disagree with the quote, you went to suggest that he also said the White Sox team had “no place to turn,” and are “all washed up.” However, I did not find those quotes, and I think it’s wrong for you to suggest anyone spoke them.

Your quote:
“to those of you who can only find fault with this team, how about pretending for a minute that you actually are a sox fan?”

Since this does not apply to anyone on here, I am not sure why you would say it.

Your quote:
“I agree with Scott, this team is in first place and all any of you can do is complain and criticize.”

In this quote not only did you suggest that everyone on here can only “complain and criticize,” you also suggested that Scott expressed the same sentiment. However, this would be a lie as even the most pessimistic of us have provided words of praise for this team. Also, Scott said, “It may be too soon to be optimistic, but can we at least be nuetral until June?”, which is quite different from what you suggested he said.

Your quote:
“you’re either a fan of the sox or you aren’t. there’s no inbetween and don’t tell me sox fans are like this, cause they aren’t.”

In this quote you have suggested that there are people on here who are not White Sox fans. This would also be a false statement since everyone here is a Sox fan. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. It is a bit insulting to suggest otherwise.

You then went on to claim in your next post that, “all i said was the tone is negative and it’d be nice to see a bit more support even when the chips are down.” If this had actually been what you said in your first post, I would never have had a problem with it. All I ask is that you have some respect for others on here, no matter how much you might disagree with them.

Jim: The reason why I liked what Ozzy did with the relievers, especially with Logan replacing Masset, is because he wasn’t trying to win by outlasting the other team. He had confidence that his team would get it done, so he decided to go with the best matchup at a critical point in the game. Also, he still had Wassermann available so he probably figured he could pitch him for the rest of the game, or until his arm fell off.


Scam, Ozzie got away with that approach last night. Had they not scored when they did he would have been forced to put Wasserman out there, and they way he has pitched so far this year it would have been over before he got an out. But it is a win, and I will take it regardless because sometimes you have to gamble.

He sure did. That’s why I was so relieved to see them score. I also thought Ramirez might have missed that hit and run sign, cause that was not a hit and run swing. So glad he made up for it.



now who’s attacking whom? i stand by all my remarks as all have been made at one point or another. btw, when a person chooses to disagree with an opinion, we disagree with the opinion. its not called attacking someone. if I was to “attack” anyone, i would use the name when doing that, which i did make the mistake of doing earlier this season. i’d like to think there’s plenty of room for intellectual discourse on this blog, but maybe i was wrong.

SWS: I was not attacking, I was pointing out your erroneous remarks. I have never faulted you for disagreeing with anyone. I have faulted you for writing untrue statements in a disrespectful manner. If you would like to contribute to the intellectual discourse on here, I would love to see it. As long as it is in a respectful manner. That’s all I ask. I hope you understand, as I would like to put this behind us and concentrate on baseball.


sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. i’ll continue to comment when i have an opinion to share as i’m sure you will. this notion of you thinking its okay for you to criticize because you think you’re right (even if you are not), but when someone else wants to air an opinion contrary to someone else they cannot, or you think its an attack on that person, well, ain’t gonna work. its a round world and no one person is right all the time. that’s why they are called opinions and that’s why this site exists. to express opinions.

enjoy the season.

SWS: You obviously did not understand my last post, so I am going to try and sum up my feelings into one sentence.

I don’t care what opinions you have, as long as you present them respectfully.

I’m sorry if I blew this into something bigger than it needed to be, but I just get frustrated when I feel like someone isn’t treating others with respect. I hope you enjoy the season as well, cause I think it’s going to be a fun one.

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