Going For Three

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup in Cleveland

OC, SS; Ozuna, 3B; Q, LF; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Swish, RF; Ramirez, 2B; BA, CF; Hall, C.  Buehrle pitching.

Since his Opening Day start (gulp, in Cleveland), Mark’s ERA is 3.90.

Last Night

Nice extra-inning win last night to improve to 28-22 (.560) 50 games into the season.

Just for fun (well, maybe I’ll try to come up with some parting gifts in September), I’m asking all of you to record their estimates, on this blog, of the final, regular-season victory total for the Chicago White Sox in 2008.

At our current pace, the White Sox would win 91 games.

Please feel free to post your estimate on this site.  I’ll record them and then we’ll check our guestimates in September and see who came closest.

Factors in my mind …

We have slightly more home games than road remaining (58 to 54),

I do believe our offense will score more runs as the weather warms,

I also believe KW will be aggressive mid summer and improve our team,

and with Jerry Owens and Josh Fields in Class AAA Charlotte, we have offensive depth should we need it.

There’s a long way to go, certainly, and injuries may play the biggest role over the coming months, but count me among the optimists.

Big Numbers

Since 1970, the best SO/9 IP ratios by relievers:

1. Eric Gagne, 2003 LAD … 14.98

2. Billy Wagner, 1999 HOU … 14.95

3. Brad Lidge, 2004 HOU … 14.93

4. Octavio Dotel, 2008 CWS … 14.81


Spoke to Alex Fernandez today.  The former first-round pick is going to join scout Pepe Ortega and represent the White Sox at the First-Year Player Draft on June 9.

Alex is coaching and running a youth baseball team in Florida and stays very, very busy.



If the Sox starte hitting it could get ugly, for the other teams. How they have managed to win this many games with the hitting still in Tucson noone knows. I take it PK is dh ing tonight from the lineup with Thome setting?

I told my fiancee before the start of the season that the Sox would be 91-71 this season… He was skeptical.

I even put a post-it up on my file cabinet at work with “91-71” on it, in case I end up being correct.

In 2005, on the way to the season opener against Cleveland, I called in to the radio requesting a song. The dj asked me where I was/what I was doing, and I told her I was on my way to the Sox opener. She asked how I thought they were going to do in 2005, and I told her they were going to win the World Series… She put our conversation on the radio, and, of course, the Sox did go on to win the WS. We all seem to have those type of stories about 2005, don’t we?

Anyway, put me on record for 91-71… And while we’re at, I think the Sox are going to sweep the Tribe again.


Put me down for 92-70.


Considering the pitching questions coming into this year I was expecting 70 wins at best. However I have been enjoying my crow so far, and I am looking for an 89 – 73 record while winning what was supposed to be the best, but turned out to be the worst division in baseball. That is all being optimistic that our hitting shows up because the pitching will slow down at some point, and we will need the hitting to carry the team for a while.

Put me down for 93 wins and a division title. Should I be expecting a call from Orlando Cabrera complaining about the accuracy of my prediction?

Ok, Mommy Mack and the kids have the following:
Donna (me) 89-73

Megan 15y/o optimistic fan: 101-61

Katie 13y/o non baseball fan: 92-70

Kevin 11y/o baseball guru and family stat keeper:86-76

I have to say I very much enjoyed the extra inning win last night. How about that double by BA!! That was a great effort. Don’t you think Mark is due for a good one against Cleveland?? Hey Scott, how about a date for blog nite??

Judging by the way things are going I will say that the White Sox will win 94 games and the division. Of course things can change.

Two right fielders. Sweet.

Judging by Mommy Mack’s post, either Reifert is now matching up people on dates or else he is being hit on by a blogger. My question is this — Does Mrs. R read this board????

Memo to Mommy Mack — sentence structure is important.

As far as the above comment that the AL Central may be the worst division in baseball, I beg to differ. There are three divisions in the other league that are all worse. Particularly the one that shares the name Central.

Thome may be on the bench but with his history this year against Tribe pitching, I will be shocked if the game is close and he is not used as a pinch hitter.

So Scott, you gonna get dates for the rest of the bloggers on the board as well????

OK TC, I do tend to forget about that other team and their lack of competition. How about I re-word it as the most dissaponting division in baseball. Should Detroit and Cleveland end up below .500 and not contending then I think disappointing would be the correct term considering the expectations. (Now of course it would not be disappointing to me, since it gives the Sox a shot at the playoffs)

I’m gonna go with 88-74, but winning the Central division. All the teams here will continue to beat each other up. Wild Card from the East this year….. maybe Tampa? Go Sox ’08 …… j.k…………

when is Blog night III ? j.k.


I am in complete agreement with you on the most disappointing division opinion if things stay the way they are. And, like you, I will be delighted to be at the top of the most disappointing division.

I love Jim Leyland and I have great respect for the Tribe. But I want to beat both of those teams every chance I have

I could definitely use a date. 🙂

Ok TC I’m blushing …you guys knew what I meant!!

OK TC how about this…..Has a date been set for blog night yet??

Can anyone tell me why Mark gets the Sunday lineup and if he and AJ had a falling out. Toby always seems to catch for him. I know, left hander today, but doesn’t it always seem that Toby catches for Mark?


I’m also curious about why AJ hasn’t been catching Mark? Toby has sure looked pretty good at the plate the last few games.

Put me down for 89-73, and we still win the division.

As things stand today, the AL Central is definitely the weakest division in baseball, based on the win-loss stats of the teams.

Not saying it will stay that way, but for now, it is. Looking forward to the post-season!

Jim…seems you were right about Buehrle in Cleveland. I wonder if Ozzie wants to start considering not pitching him there.

Scott brings up some valid points in his post about the number of Sox wins.

The issue is that the Sox really don’t have much to deal at the deadline in the minor leagues, unless they want to move Fields and I think that would be a mistake.

Now they may be able to pick up some players if they are willing to take on salary, in other words getting another team’s players as part of a salary dump.

Interesting to think about.

I’ll go with 85 wins, still a sizable increase from 2007 and a winning season.

Mark Liptak

Also I’m wondering if anyone who gets the satellite “Extra Innings” package con confirm or deny something that I just read.

It concerns the Twins announcers talking during a broadcast the last time they played the Sox in Minnesota about something.

In a nutshell from what I read, Minnesota’s announcers were talking about how the Sox take batting practice.

Supposedly they said that they marveled on how the Sox batting practice looked like a glorified home run contest, while other teams come in, take their cuts, practice hitting to right, and then work on their power. The tone of what I read implied that the Twins announcers weren’t saying this with envy, quite the opposite, almost with disdain as if trying to explain the Sox hitting problems they past season and a half.

Again if someone gets Extra Innings, can you authenticate or debunk this?

Mark Liptak

Mommy Mack – Hall was in the last couple starts for Buehrle because they were facing a lefty, and Hall has been hitting well so far this year. He is 5 for 6 in the last two games against Laffey and the Tribe.

I have noticed since AJ came here in 2005 it seemed like Mark always got the backup catcher. I think part of that is the confidence Ozzie and Cooper have in Mark to pitch his game no matter who is catching him or behind him defensively. Of course he has been a little rough so far this year, but it is not pitch selection that has been the problem. He is just not hitting his spots, and that was pretty evident tonight.

I just read about this bum Cabrera calling and whining to official score keepers about errors. What a sally. I feel like calling the Angels and complaining that they gave us a bum player instead of a gold glove shortstop. He doesn’t feel comfortable? Maybe its because until this week you couldn’t hit the ball. You can’t bunt. You never get the runner over. You can’t throw. I say trade this guy ASAP. I don’t like whiney players. This reminds me of when the cubs players whined about Steve Stone. Uribe is coming back soon, he plays short just as well as Cabrera does. Ozzie did nothing but talk up how great this guy was all winter and spring. I haven’t seen it except for the Monday game against the Indians. I don’t agree with Ozzie on a lot of things but I am totally behind him on this. Get this sissy out of here. How about you concentrate on running the bases instead of making silly stupid bone head plays on both Sunday and Monday. Should have gotten errors charged to you for those plays. Moron.

Geez, what’s with this Cabrera and Dotel nonsense. I hope this is not the point in the season in which this club proceeds to self destruct. Thing are going very, very well. And on that note, most of the quotables coming from Ozzie so far this season have been appropriate and well spoken, he seems a little more mature from previous ‘altercations’. Hope he can rub off on the headcases taking the field.

Going to see the Sox play the Cubs in June and then will be seeing Boston when they come into town. Figured I ought to see at least one real baseball team this year. But I mostly hope this club can tighten things up and take care of business.

Mr. Devereux, that crow smells great. Waiter! I’ll have what he’s having……

Only three hours to game time. With a 9 AM start, that will leave the whole day for other endeavors. Let’s go guys, take this one and the series. My Indian friend is threatening me with diet pepsi ( and I hate the stuff) if we keep beating his team. But like any good fan, I’d “take” one for the team if it meant a W. Go Sox ’08…… j.k.

Calling the press box and whining about calls against you doesn’t bother me as much as OC’s comments about not being supported by his manager/team. Ozzie ALWAYS backs his players. I know OC is a gold glover, but cut him for all I care. If he’s got that kind of attitude, then all he can do is hurt the team in the long run.

Hmm..because I believe the pitching is doing well, and the hitting will come around, put me down for 94 wins. Of course, the stars have to align just right, and the injuries need to be at a minimum…but they are winning without several of their big bats being on course, and I think those will show up in June… -Dawn

Put me down for 92 wins.

Does anyone know how you can call that pickoff – f-up a triple steal?? The runner on 3rd was going back to 3rd on the play. Maybe OC had some say in referencing it as a triple steal.

2 outs nobody on and you end up with a grand slam? You have to work hard to do that. Did someone replace Konerko’s Foldgers with decaf laced with sleeping pills???

Bill – I could not believe that was not an error on Konerko for the bad throw. I’d also credit him for a mental error too for not running at the runner between third and home before firing wide left.

Put me down for 88-74 and the Division Title.

Lisa M

I predict 91 wins with a tie and one game play off which the sox win to go to the post season. No place on a team for a whiner like OC, get rid of him now before he has further bad influence on the team. Better than having team discord.

OC must have gotten into Konerko’s head because it , his head, surely was not in the baseball game.


So in my attempt to poke a little fun at Mommy Mack’s expense, I may have turned this blog into Sox-Harmony.com.

Marie, I’m not Dr. Drew Pinsky on Loveline nor am I Chuck Woolery on Love Connection (damn, I’m getting old), but I’m sure that somewhere there is a true Sox fan out there that would be more than happy to accommodate your claim that you “could definitely use a date.”🙂

Of course, your children would have to approve. And if they are teenagers, good luck in getting that endorsement!

Being as my number one dislike is double plays, and # 2 is strike outs, it is hard to like the Sox offense. Thome just rally kills in the first inning and most of the line up is not far behind him on approach. Ozzie do something about these double play rally killers, even if it is wrong , bunt, hit and run steal, as is it painful to watch the strike outs and double plays this offense produces.

I am trying to stay positive, it’s just tough to watch Konerko and Thome, two great guys who just cannot get right. I realize they should snap out of this funk and they are not the only ones.

I could be a real smart butt (have to remember, MLB.com and the censors are reading this as well) and say “just enough” as to how many wins it would take to win the division… but since numbers are necessary… How’s about 91 and 71?… Would that do it?… It seems that in the past it would…

As to last night’s debacle on the shores of Lake Erie…
As an old play by play man(no, NOT me… wisenheimers…it was Monte Moore on an Oakland broadcast when they were blown out by Texas…)said…

“Throw out the first inning, and we’d have a real good game here.”

That contest was one for the blooper reel… and, as far as that “triple steal” goes… As we all know, after all these years… there’s no cooking like home cooking…

tc… will you be back in “two and two?”…(see, I know my Chuck Woolery, too…)

Marie: Anytime, young lady, anytime… We could talk about my fan club, and the phone booth where we hold our meetings…🙂 in addition to our favorite topic… the White Sox (for all you youngsters out there with your minds in the gutter… for shame, for shame…)…

As to the unrest on the team… I think it’s time for the skipper to have another of his “team meetings”… only this one ends with OC and Dotel on the outside, looking in…there is no room whatsoever for ANY insubordination…
NONE… and I don’t care who started it…

That was exciting in the 9th, but Bobby got it done. Now let’s at least split in tampa…… see you all tomorrow night….. j.k.

Wow! Took the series! On to Tampa Bay…

If Cabrera isn’t happy in a Sox uniform, Uribe will be, when he’s healthy again. Note to Ozzie: Uribe is my favorite shortstop. I think he plays better defense, and just as good offense.

Just saw the final score pop up on my screen. Always nice to take two of three on the road, especially in a division rival’s park.

Per Cabrera and Uribe, while Uribe may have a better arm and may be slightly better defensively, I still will take Cabrera’s bat over his any day.

Cabrera’s whining will end when Ozzie has had enough of it. Let’s face it, many of these millionaires are just overgrown and spoiled kids. Cabrera has been playing well the last couple of weeks so let’s not get too bent out of shape over his childish behavior. He is producing. This kind of stuff happens in every clubhouse. Winning usually takes care of it.

That last inning made me nervous, but Bobby got out of it, as usual.

I know they put Uribe on the DL, but I could have sworn I heard Hawk and DJ last night talking about Uribe going to Rochester and he went 0-3. Is that right? Did he go down to minors?


Whew – that was not pretty, but I’ll take it.

Something of note today, DJ mentioned that the Sox are working on bunting off the machine before games. Maybe it is just me, but they should be working on it off live pitching. Nobody on that team can bunt when needed. Use a starters side session or something to get these guys live pitches to bunt.

Probably a rehab assignment for Uribe, Cabrera can keep barking if he keeps it up with the stick. It amazes me the ways that this team is winning.


Maybe Uribe is down on a rehab assignment. I fell asleep after the grand slam last night (see, at least I’m not losing slepp over a bad loss) and didn’t hear what was said on the telecast.

put me down for 93 wins and division title. i’m afraid the wild card is coming out of the eastern division this year. we have to win it outright.

wow, what a come from behind win today. nice job by the bullpen even if bobby jenks made it a bit interesting. still like to see the middle of the order get something going but any time you can take 2 of 3 from the tribe on their field. kudos to the team.

on to tampa bay and those pesky rays.

This and that:

The Sox are 5-1-1 in their last seven series. Plus Wednesday’s win guaranteed them their second straight winning month. Granted they may only be one of two games over every month but if you can do that for the rest of the season you give yourself a shot.

Nice to see another fielding gaffe didn’t cost them, although it certainly could have.

Speaking of gaffs, how many times did the Sox work on the rundown play in spring training? (fundamentals you understand…) That now makes it three blown rundown’s this season.

Kudos to the bullpen (yet again…) it’s really nice to be able to say if the Sox are tied or have a lead after seven, they probably win the game.

This is the 3rd time this season the Sox have rallied in the 7th inning or later to win a game, two of those coming in the last three games.

Finally regarding Orlando. It’s clear he’s gone after this season, at least the Sox will get a draft pick for whomever signs this head case. If memory serves (and I’m sure Scott can confirm this) both Kenny and Ozzie were both very laudatory on him right after the trade and in the spring.

They talked about his leadership, ability to execute fundamentals and defense. What more does Cabrera want? To have his rear end kissed in public?

If this is an example of his “leadership” then nothing more needs to be said, because his fundamentals have been atrocious (even by White Sox standards). Every time he runs the bases he’s usually out and he couldn’t execute a sacrifice bunt to save his life. And his defense has been average certainly nothing like a “Gold Glover” (Maybe that’s why he’s so upset at the “official” scorers?)

Here’s a memo to you Orlando, don’t put the scorer in a situation where he has to rule your screw up an error…make the play and all is well.

One final though. If you put up Hall of Fame numbers like Frank Thomas you can be stat conscious and a little bit of an egomaniac. Orlando Cabrera is not by any stretch a Hall of Famer. If this continues, Kenny will not put up with it, he’ll get rid of him for a bag of balls or ten maple bats if he has to.

Honesty, the gall of this guy. If he didn’t want to be traded to the White Sox he should have not reported and forced the Sox to do something back in the off season.

He deserves all that will be rained down upon him verbally when the Sox come home next week.

Mark Liptak

I really think this Cabrera this has been blown way way way way out of proportion.

Many players have called the press box over the years to gripe. Many more have done selfish things to try to pad their stats heading into free agency.

The Sox acquired Cabrera with the full knowledge that he may only be with them for one season. The alternative was having Jon Garland with them for only one more season. I agreed with their thinking that an everyday shortstop with Cabera’s talent fit their needs better than a starting pitcher. They had faith in Floyd to fill that five hole and liked the upgrade at short that Cabrera gave them offensively. And the added bonus is that Uribe (and now Ramirez with Uribe hurt) has given the team an upgrade at second base over Danny Richar.

I sure hope the fans don’t light up Cabrera over this. Light him up over his atrocious attempts to bunt, but not his silly phone calls.

Monday and today were prime examples of how teams win championships. They overcome their mistakes, get a few timely hits and hand it to the bullpen to save.

It’s been a fun time following this team over the last three weeks. And I think the fun will continue.

It’s not so much his phone calls, but rather his attitude and comments about his team/manager not supporting him. <<That is the real issue that I have with him. And if he gets booed, so be it.

I couldn’t agree more about the Crabby, I mean the Cabrera thing. We as fans need to let it play out on the field and allow the Sox (Ozzie and Kenny) to deal with the players individually. If we start an uprising against one of our own players we will be asking for a lot of trouble, so please let cooler heads prevail, sit back, relax and enjoy the games. The time for accountability is in the off season, not now…….

O.K. that’s all for me this time around. Go Sox any which way you can…… j.k.

TC, I think Cabrera helped make this thing much worse by saying that he did not feel support from his manager. That is crazy considering how highly Ozzie thought of and touted him after the trade.

I also believe this hit a nerve easily found with sports fans. To hear a multi-million dollar athlete whining like a petulant baby will always rub the common fan the wrong way.

Personally (and I would bet the clubhouse feels this way )I am more bothered by his blaming a teammate for an error (and that fact that he could not bunt with a snow shovel). That error was shifted to Hall later in the game.


His comments when the Sox were in Anaheim to the L.A. newspapers certainly made it sound (if he was quoted accurately) that he doesn’t want to be in Chicago.

To wit:

On Angels manager Mike Scioscia:

“With all the respect to all of the managers in the big leagues, hands down he’s the best manager. He’s the most intelligent, smart guy in the big leagues right now. Any team that you give to him is going to turn into a team that’s going to win a lot of ball games. He’s a great guy. He’s extremely smart. He teaches you how to outsmart your opponent. You can’t do better than that. I don’t care how big you are or how strong or how good your abilities are to play baseball. If you can outsmart the other team, you’ve got an advantage.”

On his time with the Angels:

“I didn’t think I was ever going to say this before but I really miss this place. I really miss my ex-teammates. Those guys were great to me. The fans here are probably the best fans in baseball right now. I really miss it. Slowly, I’m making the transition to Chicago.”

I actually credit Ozzie for holding his tongue after reading these things. If you think Mike is a better manager then Ozzie, so be it. But keep your opinions to yourself until after the season. By saying what he did he makes Ozzie look bad and he didn’t have to do it.

I’m sure Kenny won’t react automatically or with anger but he simply will not allow this clubhouse to become fractured and possibly jeopardize a post season appearance because Orlando is a damn baby. Cabrera is a bona fide major leaguer making millions of dollars to play a kids game. He needs to shut the hell up and start hitting.

Mark Liptak

Mark, The one thing that I like is that Cabrera told the truth, and was open about what he thought. Much more interesting than hearing the usual bland answers from athletes. Of anybody Ozzie should respect it because Ozzie is one of the few guys that does speak his mind to the media.

I have a theory that some of the players intentionally miss bunts because they do not want to bunt, period, I have a hard time believing that OC cannot bunt better than jabbing at the ball. OC must know better, it is a given, so I assume it is intentional. And I see half attempts with bad form on other guys also. Most do not want to bunt period. A player has to buy into the need to bunt successfully for the ball team.


Very true but considering where this team is right now and how hard it has been for the offense, would it have killed Orlando to keep quiet?

I mean who needs this distraction? Certainly not the Sox and definitely not Cabrerra.

Sox fans are among the smartest and most loyal in baseball. Both you and I can quote numerous examples of players who weren’t that good but were embraced by the fans because they played hard, kept their mouth shut and acted like they gave a damn whether the Sox won or lost.

Has Cabrera demonstrated ANY of the things I mentioned above?

If the Sox weren’t in a position to steal this division, if I were Kenny I’d say, ‘you don’t like it here? Fine…hope you enjoy Pittsburgh.’ (or Kansas City or San Francisco or any other bad team…)”

It would be one thing if Cabrera were hitting .350 and acting like a baby. It’s entirely different when he’s hitting .225 and acting like a spoiled brat.

We’ll see where this goes but again Kenny isn’t a guy who takes getting shown up gracefully. Cabrera may not like Chicago (and it’s very possible the fans, with justification, are going to make his life here a living hell starting next week) but there are worse places he can find himself in if he doesn’t shut up and start acting like wins are more important then his fielding percentage.

And if what Dleeun implies is true (and who knows it may be…) then Cabrera needs to be disciplined or benched. I agree with him, to the extent that Ozzie has supposedly stressed fundamentals the past three spring trainings, yet some of these guys look completely lost doing it. (and I find it hard to believe that ANY player in the major leagues can’t do these things with some competence.)

Mark Liptak

I doubt if Ozzie was too concerned about Cabrera’s comments about Scioscia. In fact, Ozzie has high regard for Scioscia and probably agreed with much of what Cabrera said about his former skipper.

Again, my feeling is this is just another spoiled athlete whining. There are hundreds of them in professional sports. There seem to be more in the NFL and the NBA than there are in baseball. I think that is because baseball teams tend to take care of their own problems internally much better than the other teams.

Let the Sox clubhouse and the players and staff sort this one out. It is certainly nothing to get all worked up about. All it has done is take attention away from a first-place club that has won nine of its last 13 road games and has jumped into the division lead.

I really don’t care about this nonsense. Kenny laughed the other day and called it a new “reality” show for the television networks.

All I care about is winning and that is what they are doing right now. And I think that is what Kenny and Ozzie and the team are thinking about right now as well.

I am just tired of hearing athletes not answer questions or dance around them, and the interviewer never calls them on the carpet for it. Should he have not said what he said? Yes, but I like to hear the truth once in a while.

I find it hard to believe that a player who is talented enough to SWING a rounded object at another round object moving upwards of 100mph with movement and can hit it squarely, but can not HOLD that object out and make that same contact.

Since I don’t think anyone else took 96, I’m gonna go out on a limb and grab that number. Considering the number of quality pitching starts by the Sox pitching staff (leading all leagues so far), I have to believe when the big bats heat up, we are gonna have a couple, if not several, good runs of wins.

As far as Ozzie’s predictions of AJ having more “stuff” than we’ve seen so far, Contreras having a great year, Alexi being a natural athelete and TCQ deserving to make the team, well, so far the results speak for themselves. So if he’s behind Uribe at 2nd, then I’m with him all the way!

Let’s go make some sushi outta those Rays! GO SOX!!

This team is just crazy enough to merit a nick name. Who has a good one?

I for one will make his shortened stay in chicago a very tough one. This guy has been god awful since arriving in Chicago. He should have way more errors than he has (anyone remember the double play grounder on opening day that he booted and didn’t get an error for?)

I would take Juan Uribe any day of the week over this guy. Cabrera was supposed to be a team leader and a great fundamentals guy. Obviously he isn’t either. Use him for his bat while its hot and then dump this piece of garbage. Send him to the Nationals…. he can enjoy being their best player. There has to be a reason why the Red Sox got rid of him after only one year. Obviously he cannot handle being in a market like Boston, Chicago or New York. Sure he thinks the Angels fans are the best…because most of them really couldn’t care less on what happens at the game.

I am not one to stick up for Ozzie and Kenny but these guys went way out of their way to welcome him. Pushed the shortstop who won the world series with you out of the way. Went on to endlessly praise you for months. But you say they don’t have your back. Go to hell Cabrera…. When you come back to Chicago and I sneak down into the front row you will be close!!!!

That almost sounds like a threat kenwo…. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Don’t do anything rash, or anything that would give our fans a black eye. Again I say, let the Sox handle this guy in THEIR way. But while he is on our team, we need to root for him, not against him. Booing him would be very counterproductive. Maybe instead of being a cancer, he’s simply a jerk. But let the team take care of this situation. I wonder if this is how the Angel fans feel about A.J.? Another deep breath and maybe an Ohm or two ( however you spell it)…… j.k.

I agree with you kenwo – I’d take Uribe over Cabrera as well. He’s as good a fielder in my opinion. Plus, everything I’ve read says Uribe is great in the clubhouse and dugout and all the players love him. And – he makes me laugh when he’s at the plate swinging away like he does. He’s certainly no worse than Thome or Konerko lately.

Hey, maybe this is some secret conspiracy to convince everyone that we need Uribe! HA – what a change of tune that would be, wouldn’t it????


I watched how the guys responded today after Cabrera scored on CQ’s double and they all high fived him and acted genuinely fired up. Let the team handle it, plus the guy is catching fire at the plate.

I agree with TC on this whole Cabrera thing. If Ozzie says it isn’t an issue, well then that’s what I am going to assume. Cabrera is a much better player than Uribe will ever be. I think if he continues to improve his batting average everybody will overlook this fairly quickly. Winning cures all.

On a different note, I have thought all season that Cabrera would be best in the two spot. However, now that I have seen his attempts at bunting, I’m not so sure. Any thoughts on where he would be best in the lineup after we get a real leadoff hitter?


Scam, I do not see a real leadoff hitter in this teams future unless one of our outfielders goes down with an injury. So I would assume it is safe to say that Cabrera will be hitting leadoff the rest of the year. Like we expect from most of these guys Cabrera will progress towards his career average. With that happening I would think he will end up doing a lot for us in the leadoff position.

Should he get moved in the order I could not see him above 7th unless Ozzie decided to break up some of the dead legs from 4-6 (sometimes 4-7 depending where Crede hits). It would be nice to not always have to play station to station baseball with the middle of the lineup.

As far as choosing between Uribe and Cabrera at SS I would have to lean towards Cabrera. I can remember at least 3 plays where he should have had an error that was not ruled an error. With those included he would be on pace for 12 errors in the same amount of games that Uribe committed 17 last year, and that does not include anything that could have been added like I am doing to Cabrera’s number. And when you take into account Cabrera is hitting .048 better than Uribe so far that throws it over the top for me. Uribe does have a stronger arm, but Cabrera has a much quicker release. Chemistry is nice, but not required. Ask the early 70’s Oakland A’s.

I have become more willing to live with Uribe at 2nd. Only 1 error through 38 games so far. I am hoping that they do send him to the minors for a rehab assignment though. I’d like them to give him some time to get locked in at the plate before he returns. That could be something that helps him.

Juan Uribe is in the minors at Charlotte. They said he is eligible to rejoin the team by Saturday which I am looking forward to. He’s been batting .256 during the month of May.

By the way, Mr. Reifert, that is an impressive stat for Oh-do-tell. I’m thrilled the way everyone in the bullpen has been performing this year. The 123 punch of Dotel, Linebrink and Jenks–WOW!! And our lefties, Thornton and Logan, have been giving us studly performances as well.

All this pitching as me looking forward to June instead of fearing the Sox will be melting down into the mess of June 2007.

I suppose an apt nickname for this year’s team would be the “Surprising Sox” since no one predicted this kind of success.

White Sox of ’08 have been playing good ball but Swish, PK and Thome better start hitting to support the club. If they do the CWS should go 92-70 or better. If they don’t the CWS will go 82-80.

so what’s your pick, ndetrans? 92 or 82? Go Sox, let’s start off on a good foot in fla. j.k.

Guys (and gals, too),

We must remember to take Kenwo’s “threats” about Cabrera with a grain of salt. Remember, Cabrera replaced Kenwo’s all-time-favorite-can-never-do-anything-wrong player Uribe at shortstop.

Had any other player pulled the “call-the-press-box-and-b**ch” routine, then Kenwo would not be so riled up.

Marie, you start agreeing with Kenwo too often and you’ll never get anyone to take you up on that “date” you said you needed!

kenwo, you know as well as i what happened the last time the sox picked a good player having a down year and booed him right out of town. goodbye marte and youre pretty stellar career era and welcome aboard macdougal…

im as unimpressed by his play on every level as you, but he is a career .300 hitter and gold glove winner and probably not by fluke. maybe chicago just isnt a good fit for him but id like to give him the benefit of the doubt at least for the whole year. it’s not like we have arod sitting on the bench just waiting to play. we have juan. i know youre a fan, but honestly hes not a real huge step up, if he is at all even from this slumping(hopefully) cabrera. and he plays anyway. so a boot to cabrera would just mean more time for alexei, who while he has been playing better of late, is not all that impressive either.

cabrera’s actions are probably just a result of his all-around disappointing play for two full months. hopefully he’ll work himself out of it.

Wow, this Cabrera is quite the prima donna. Let’s see….

His old manager is the best in baseball yet Ozzie has a ring? Hmmmm. Go figure Orlando.

He calls the scorer to change the result of his errors? Is that how he won his gold glove last year? Scioscia calling the scorer for him? Hmmm.

That Ozzie is one cool cat. Maybe a little, key word little, hubris in the clubhouse is what this club needs. If Cabrera keeps making an issue about this, then Ozzie and KW have to put him in his place. Isn’t it interesting that Cabrera is talking to the Tribune, which is Jerry R’s favorite paper, right?

At the end of this season (or sooner), maybe KW and JR can see the value in spending the money on Joe C. and letting Cabrera go back to S. Cal. Then maybe we put Alexei at SS? He was 2-4 yesterday and I think his average is at .229 now? If he continues to improve he might be a keeper. And we’re only paying him $1m.

His old manager has a ring too.

but not as a manager.

swsafley… I don’t know for sure, but I thought that the manager of the Angels in the 2002 World Serious against Dusty Baker’s Giants looked a lot like Mike Scioscia…I could be wrong…I just started wearing glasses at that time…

As to players calling the press box to complain about errors charged… that has been going on since… forever…

The next player who thinks they have never made a bad play in their entire career, and should not be charged with an error… will be the first…

As to the whining of the athletes… In today’s vernacular(oh, oh… Quaid got a hold of that thesaurus again…), they should be given a “time out” in the corner until they learn to behave and share nicely…

Only in some cases, the “time out” should be rendered with the business end of an Adirondack baseball bat…

As to the World’s Greatest Newspaper being the “favorite” of the chairman of the White Sox…compared to the tabloid rag that has a vendetta against anything that Mr Reinsdorf says, does or thinks… He would consider The Hobo News as a pantheon of journalistic integrity…

kenwo… Regarding your jab at the fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cuc…amonga)…Are you possibly suggesting that their stadium is simply Jurrasic Park at Neverland with palm trees?… My one and only(so far)trip to Southern California was 30 years ago (YIPE!!!)this coming September… when the Halos were non-threatening, except for Nolan Ryan… Harry Chappas was with the boys at (literally) short… and a 26 year old Quaid(DOUBLE YIPE!!!)was very impressed with the Big A, as it was called at that time… or maybe that was the end result of the two pints of Wild Turkey in two nights that were consumed AFTER the games at the hotel across the street from Disneyland where we stayed…

Marie: Hi, there… don’t listen to tc… You agree with anyone you want to… An intelligent lady like you(BOY,is this guy milking it or WHAT???)…

Just wondering if anyone else is upset with the victor martinez/Alexi play at the plate. martinez obviously, in my opinion, kicked and spiked Alexi coming home. The only person I heard mention it was DJ on the TV broadcast. Where do you draw the line on a clean block of the plate? You obviously can not throw a roundhouse kick at someone coming home. I sure would be nice to see a little more “old school” out there. If someone leans into an off-speed pitch to get hit he should be drilled with a fastball to the ribs the next time up, mr. dellucci.

Bill, I can say I thought it was a little dirty, but there was no point in that game yesterday for retrobution. He will get paid back later on. It was just to close to risk a baserunner by drilling him.

Tom you may have been going blind, but yes that was Mike Scoisica as the manager in 2002. He was part of a string of former NL cathers who won the world series as managers. Torre, Brenly & Scioscia.

my bad on scioscia, he didn’t weigh as much then as he does now……lol. and he still isn’t as colorful as ozzie……

Ok Marie,

I think that I hear Farmio and Stoney do drop-ins for a law firm every night during a Sox broadcast. Maybe you should contact them to get a RESTRAINING ORDER on Quaid (lol).

You can blame all this on Mommy Mack. She started it with her post about seeking a date for bloggers night. I merely took her words in a little different context (you know, like presidential candidates do all the time) and followed up with a weak attempt (like Cabrera bunting) at humor. Sorry if it has gone too far.

But at least we have given Quaid something else to write about!

BTW TQ, I loved the Harry Chappas reference.

93 – 69 Looking good as we finish up May!

Go Sox!


Looks like the two young pitchers we sent to the A’s as part of the Swisher deal haven’t amounted to much (yet.) Fautino De Los Santos apparently had elbow ligament replacement surgery this week. And Gio is sporting a 5+ era for the A’s AAA team…

Not that Swisher has exactly been tearing it up of late for us either…

Anyway, let’s get at least one win in Tampa under our belts before we have to face Kazmir this weekend. I fear him…


Now wait a minute TC, putting the blame on me?!!! I am going to call the lawyers!!🙂

For those of you who have Comcast HD out there, may I highly recommend the program “The Show” on the MOJO channel (formerly INHD). They only filmed about 5-6 episodes but they are fantastic. It follows the Diamondbacks AAA team, the Tucson Sidewinders in the 2006 season. Carlos Quinten and Chris Young are prominently featured. It is a great show all around, but it is especially cool to see TCQ as a minor leaguer. I have not seen it available on DVD or anything else.

I forgot to predict. Um, since it looks like 88-96 is already taken I guess I’ll go with 97. It’s a long shot, but what the heck. Go Sox!

Thanks for the response Jim. I keep hoping that Mr. Owens will be brought up sometime in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if that never happened tho.


Scam, I like Owens too. He has natural speed that is a gift. I just can’t see a door opening for him without an injury. They are not going to give up on Swisher. He stinks right now, but he will get right eventually.

Another suggestion for a nickname for this year’s Sox team is from the Cleveland announcers during Monday’s extra inning games when he was disparaging the lack of stolen bases from our favorite southsiders, but admiring their homerun power–he said “They’re no longer the GO-GO SOX, they’re now the Boom-Boom Sox.” I kinda like it. What do you all think?

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