Thursday, May 29, 2008

Part of the Team

If you have a moment, please read this.

Obviously, we receive a great many letters from our fans and establish many, many lasting relationships.  This letter is from Diane Fagan, a mom, a Sox fan, and through a terrible tragedy, someone who started her own foundation to help others cope with loss.

Sox fans one and all, the Fagans got to know former Sox bullpen catcher Man Soo Lee through their many games in the outfield seats (who out there didn’t know and love Man Soo).  Tommy Fagan, Diane’s son, loved his White Sox.

One Mother’s Day, Tommy, then a second grader, was given the game ball for his team’s victory in a youth league game.  At a family gathering later that day, he showed the ball off proudly.  In order not to lose or misplace his prized ball, Tommy returned to the family mini van to stowe it away for the trip home.

Some how, some way, Tommy was trapped inside the van, losing his life in a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Diane recently wrote us this letter:

Dear Christine [ed. note: White Sox senior director of community relations],

I know you are incredibly busy, but I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you.  Let me explain.

Last weekend Tom visited the “Champions Plaza” to see Tommy’s brick.  He searched that baseline and could not find it!  After some time, a friend of his who was standing at home plate looked down and there it was!  We never expected it to be in such an important place.  If that wasn’t enough he noticed the brick that apparently Jim Thome’s Mom purchased [note: a brick was purchased on behalf of Jim Thome’s mom, who died of cancer some years ago] for Jim was next to Tommy’s.  For that moment I just thought that Tommy was finally part of the team.

I know when you do your job you don’t always think of the full impact it has on people, but I’ve told you this before, the White Sox just mean so much to us, and honestly bring us comfort in a way.  We would never have thought that we would have this connection to the White Sox the way we do, it’s like those relatives that you don’t get together with or something like that.

The brick is something that our daughter Kristen wanted for Tommy since he died and she is thrilled, as Tommy is, that it’s finally here.  Please thank everyone involved and let them know that what they do is so important.

Thank you again,

Diane Fagan

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Fagan family started the Healing Homes Foundation to help other families cope with such a devastating loss.  This year the Foundation will celebrate Tommy’s 2nd Home Party.  To find out more, click here.

Someone said the placement of Tommy’s brick was purely accidental.  It just happened to work out that way.  I’m not so sure …




We complain and whine about a game (albeit one that’s very important to us all), and it takes a post like this to put things in perspective…….. Thoughts and prayers to the Fagan family and all those who have felt the loss of one so dear. -Dawn

A win for the Sox, and a good start to the tampa series……… But, as Dawn so properly pointed out, this is just a game…….. Please add my thoughts to those of Dawn’s and the rest of White Sox World…….. j.k.

Great win tonight. The sox are looking good. Jackson was the type of pitcher we can hit and with Kazmir and Sonnastine looming over the weekend, hopefully we can beat Shields Friday to assure the split and then hope to win one of the weekend games. Contreras is the man to do this. He has been great. Quentin again looked super and it was nice to see Konerko hitting the ball hard. I am not his biggest fan but if he could improve it would be huge going forward.

Now that really puts things in perspective, thanks for sharing this Scott.

That is a great thing what that family is doing. I checked out their website, and I am going to talk to my wife about checking out their next event.

That was a great win by the Sox tonight. Danks must have felt like it was Christmas or something with all the runs they gave him. He has been snakebitten this year with run support.

We do have Kazmir coming up, but we got Vazquez going against him. Hopefully Javy can go the distance and we can scrape out a couple against Kazmir or get to their bullpen. This is a very important series, not just because of the Devil Rays record, but we have struggled against them quite a bit over the past 4 years or so. I want no less than 3 wins in this series. Start the Devil Rays on their yearly spiral to last place!

I feel exactly the same way about the White Sox. Great organization, great players and great fans. Thanks for sharing this Scott.

The Fagan family is SO RIGHT in what they say and in what they are doing… God bless them ALL… and may everything they attempt to do come up, in the parlance of baseball, as a GRAND SLAM…

Dawn, jk…You folks are exactly right as well… We gripe about things going wrong for the boys… we celebrate for the shortest time when things go right… The “bigger picture” is the one that Diane Fagan paints so vividly…

Everyone who can should go to that game…find the location where the Fagan party is… and salute them…

Here’s a thought for Christine, Brooks and whomever else can put their input into it… How about that night, Diane Fagan throws ou the ceremonial “first toss”(as Farmer puts it…)?…Perhaps a tribute could be produced on the DiamondVision?

Oh, by the way… good start to the last swing on the current trip… Tampa looked like their old selves last night…not the team with the best record in MLB coming in…

You guys, this is no Devil Rays team from years past. This is the new and improved Rays team. As in Rays of sunshine I think is what they were going for. Interesting choice for a team that plays in a dome. As improved as this team is with their young talent, I believe they will still miss the playoffs this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them end the season in fourth place in that division. It is nice to see this franchise starting to turn itself around tho. Hopefully they can get a new ballpark put up real soon. Maybe fans will start coming to their games.


It’s about time the Rays start to do something. I mean how many top 5 picks does it take to create a team that can win? Plus they have the #1 pick this year too.

Just went and voted for Carlos Quentin for the All star game, I don’t thing I’ve did the voting thing since 2005. Hope he gets in, those National “Little” Leaguers won’t know what hit ’em.

OK. I’ve pondered for a few days now on my estimate for the team’s projected record. Some of you will think I’m going way out on a limb here. Some may even ask “what’s she smokin?” But here it is…. 98-64. Yeah, I’ve always been an optimist. But I just don’t think we’ve seen the best of these guys yet.

C’mon Sox! Make a Nostradamus out of me!

I expected this to happen and until this team executes fundamentals at the plate this will continue. Swisher, Thome, Konerko and even AJ (awful on those bunt attempts tonight) need some serious batting coaching.

I think it’s time for Walk to take one. This team needs a fresh new approach with hitting. Pitching has been fabulous and they can’t get a break from the bats.

It is hard to question using Linebrink in that situation with how good he has been….but as soon as i saw he is facing Cliff Floyd I was hoping that Thornton would be allowed to face one more batter. Oh well. Linebrink has been great he is allowed a F up once in a while. Gotta get better hitting eventually. I am still confident we can take one more this weekend- leave with a split and achieve my road trip goal of 2-3 vs the indians and 2-4 vs the rays. go get em tomorrow. How fruity is it that we can’t see the first hour of the game…not a fan of that.

Not Walkers fault that proven veterans can’t hit the fricking ball.

Another outstanding pitching performance wasted.

Eight losses now where the Sox have held the opponent to three runs or less.

These “winnable” games are going to loom even bigger in September.

Mark Liptak

What’s the purpose of starting Swisher over Anderson? It’s a big improvement defensively, and the way Swish is swinging, it’s also an offensive improvement. So why isn’t he starting? Heck, I’d take Wise over Swisher as well. I think some time off would do Swisher some good anyways. Maybe it would help him get his head back on straight.


Kenwo, You are right on about Linebrink. The guy can only be lights out for so long. He was due to give up a run. Not his fault at all.

I got a number from tonights game – 6. That is the amount of baserunners we had with 0 outs in an inning. Of those 6 none of them scored. Some innings accounted for more than 1 baserunner with 0 outs and zippo across the plate. That just says that there is no situational hitting. I miss a guy like Tadahito Iguchi who could situational hit and slap a ball to the right side to move a runner or drive in a run from second. Nobody on this team can do that. Apparently the home run derby from BP is just carrying over to the games.

Another wasted effort by a starter. I’ve always loved Greg Walker because he was one of my favorites as a kid, but eventually a statement has to be made. And if firing a well liked person is that statement then so be it. The players would know that it was them that cost him the job. Just maybe it would light a fire under their butts. This garbage has gone on too long.

Scam – been wondering the same thing myself. Swisher looks lost at the plate. It’s like he lost the concept of the strike zone. For a guy who was known for being so patient he sure does chase a lot of down and in and down and away pitches. He’s been playing so bad he probably is not even tradeable. I hope he breaks out of it, but he is keeping Anderson or Owens out of the everyday lineup. Right now I would much rather see one of those two, and see if they can stick. I don’t think Anderson ever really got a fair shake, but I’d take either one right now. Maybe Swisher will have a mysterious 2 week injury?

I remain puzzled about some of the trades made and not made. What the Sox needed was an improved bullpen, a leadoff hitter, and some speed on the bases. What they got was an improved bullpen, no leadoff hitter, no speed on the bases and a replacement for the second-best fielding shortstop in the majors. I know, Cabrera was supposed to be a team leader and a better hitter – and how’s that working out?

Swisher was a puzzlement to me because the Sox were long on left fielders (the position he plays best) and his hitting had been in decline the past couple of seasons with the A’s. I shared with everyone here that he does not play center field well. I hoped he would prove me wrong, but so far, he hasn’t.

I’d like to see Brian Anderson get more playing time, and see if he could make a real contribution. The team can’t just keep on doing the same thing and expect a better result – that’s the definition of insanity.

That was a tough game to lose last night. But there will be games like that throughout the year. There never has been a team that won every game that was close. Not even out ’05 Sox won every game where we kept the oponents to three runs or less. So let’s get them today. That’s the beauty of baseball…. there’s always a game tomorrow.

I agree that we need to change out Swisher for awhile, and BA should be given a shot. As for the other guys, we all know that Ozzie isn’t going to sit Paulie, Thome or JD, so as tough as it is, I’ve gotten used to the inning ending double play, or failed bunt attempt. That too is White Sox baseball. Not pretty, but that”s our team right now……. With Javy on the mound tonight, I like our chances……… j.k.

I agree with all of the posts on last nights game , that is common ground, common sense. I think AJ looks tired every once in a while needs maybe a little extra time off to re energize. I would try either Alexi or Crede in the second spot , move AJ to 3 and Quinton to 4th spot, just to try and get a situational hitter in the 2 hole. Sox are hurting for a couple of guys that can bunt and do situational hitting mixed into the line up. I think Alexi could if Ozzie would talk to him about cutting down on his swing in most situations. But then Ozzie may go back to Uribe a mistake in my view. Why because Alexi will make plays Uribe cannot get to , better range, just as good an arm or better, makes better contact, runs better and his upside. Besides if they play on playing Alexi at shortstop next yr, he needs to develop as a hitter, will do that only if he plays, my view.

that would be plan on playing , not play on playing.

PS Alexi should be told , the team does not need another guy going for home runs with a huge swing , what team needs is someone that can hit the other way, bunt and situational hit, if he wants a role that should be emphasized to him, again in my view.

kenwo… Teacher, the blame for not being able to see the first hour of tonight’s game falls on two camps… First, the home team… It seems that on certain Saturday, to lure the suckers…uh, I mean, patsies… uh, I mean lemmings (no, that one only works at Jurassic Park at Neverland)…uh,I mean fans… yeah, that’s it…fans… the Rays schedule post game concerts… And tonight, you lucky people, is one of those concerts… And, to boot(you’ll pardon the expression), it’s a country music concert…luring all the NASCAR fans who thought they said Talledaga,and not Tampa…So they need time to set up the stage and what all… so therefore, the earlier start time…

The second conspirator are your friends at FOX… Saturday is, of course, the day when all America gets to see the creme de la creme of MLB (BOY, am I sarcastic today, or WHAT???)…and the start time is always around 3 PM Central time…And with the number of breaks that FOX schedules between innings… a typical game will run close to three hours… and the folks at FOX(and try saying THAT five times fast, and see what your tongue does…)do not give a rat’s rear aperture(hi, Dawn)about any country concert in St Petersburg which causes the Rays to start an hour earlier…their time stays…everyone else has to dance to FOX’s music…and it isn’t country…

The solution?… It’s a little gimmick that doesn’t really have much glamour to it any more…

It’s called “listening to the RADIO, and letting your mind’s eye work visualizing a baseball diamond, where the ball is hit, etc…”

As to last night…jk is right… What hurts even more is that it was Thornwood HS’s own Cliff Floyd that did the damage…

But that was last night…

New page, new chapter…


You might be interested though in this small bit of news.

I have a friend who works in the Boston media who told me he found it “odd” that the Sox were refused permission by MLB for a waiver today allowing them to show the first hour of the game BUT that last year with the Red Sox in the exact same position (a game in Tampa that was running into the Fox “exclusive” window) MLB gave them permission to do so.

I don’t think it’s odd at all….it involved Boston…so naturally they are more important that the other MLB teams. (and for those you don’t see it, there is sarcasm dripping from my voice in those words…)

Mark Liptak

Your tidbit did not surprise me one iota…

Playing favorites has never been exactly covered up with MLB… especially in NYC, Boston and the other locations of power in the Eastern time zone…

And there isn’t one bit of sarcasm from this corner… only the unvarnished truth…

In my humble opinion, Linebrink did not make a bad pitch, Floyd just performed a tremendous piece of hitting–something our guys did not really do last night, with the exception of Alexi’s home run. (Perhaps he heard the rumor that the Sox can’t win games unless one of them has hit a HR?) But if no one is hitting the ball behind him, what’s the point of getting a single?

Looking forward to seeing Toby Hall and his hot bat in the lineup today (even though AJ is my favorite player) and Anderson “somewhere” in the outfield. Would like to see Uribe playing at second (IF he’s hitting) sometime soon. The problem with Swish seems to be he’s trying too hard to get a hit instead of just having a quality at bat.

And one more thing, would everyone please start spelling TCQ’s last name QUENTIN, instead of Quinton? Thanks and GO SOX!!

I saw the first hour of our game. So far so bad 0-2, but I still have hope that we’ll get to kazmir…….. j.k.

Maybe we can get to their bullpen……. j.k.

OMG, that’s the sixth time we’ve been shut out, but more importantly, the eighth time we’ve held our oponent to under four runs without winning……… do I have that number right Lip?……. Tomorrow is the split……. j.k.


It’s now NINE wasted quality pitching performances where the Sox have held the opposition to three runs or less and lost. What can you expect…it’s home run or nothing.

Kenny better have his trading hat on in a month or so because these guys are awful hitting a baseball.

I think some of them are flat out done.

If I was the pitching staff I’d sue the position players for lack of support.

If the pitching staff goes into any kind of funk, watch out.

Sunday Sonnestein, he of the 5+ ERA is pitching and will probably shut us out again.

Mark Liptak

Well what can you say? Same old song, I guess Kazmir has been getting everyone, tip your cap. I still think the main hitting nucleus needs a new approach. Whether Walk gets his papers or they bring in someone on special assignment, they need something.

I guess the thought is why change if you’re in first?


It gets even more inept.

Of those NINE losses where the Sox held the opposition to three runs or less…in SEVEN of those nine games THEY HELD THEM TO TWO RUNS OR LESS!!!!!


Because if you don’t change you’re not going to be in first place for very much longer OR if by some chance the Sox get to the postseason they’ll be a quick three and out.

And with all due respect, the Sox have been “waiting for the weather to get warm” for a LONG time and “tipping their cap,” to a TON of pitchers the past few years, many of whom are not that good.

I’m tired of giving the other guy credit all the time, how many games or seasons does it take before everyone acknowledges there’s a problem here?

I’d just like a framework to go by….one year? two years?? five years??? What’s the timeframe here folks.

Mark Liptak
Mark Liptak


We’re in agreement. I’m stating the obvious that it is unlikely that the WS make a change while they are in first with their hitting coach. I think it’s the right move which I stated yesterday. As for Kazmir they him hit pretty hard just right at the fielders.


I expected to lose Saturday’s game the most of all 4. Kazmir is a very good and probably will become a great pitcher. Even though he is in Tampa, he has become more widely known.

Hawk & DJ said it all tonight about the opponents pitching approach. Changeup, changeup, changeup, changeup, changeup and more changeups. At what point does the batter say “OK Maybe I should sit on and only swing at the chageup”??? What in the world is so hard about that? The book has been out on this team for years now. With the exception of most of 2005 just throw changeups and watch Sox hitters spin in circles.

Someone needs to check Ozzie’s eyes. Did he not bother to look down and see the lefty warming up when he sent Thome up to pinch hit. What an absolutely idiotic move. I hope he gets his head straight before road games in interleague play or Thome will just add to his strikeout total. Fortunately it will only be once per game!

Jim, I think it’s safe to say that Thome has lost it and perhaps for good unfortunately. It seems and I have no stats to back this up that he is getting called looking on third strikes more than ever. This isn’t a slump or a funk, he’s just not what he used to be in his late 4-5 years back and that’s OK. For heaven sakes though he’s a DH and there has to be somebody either in the minors or available through trade to fill this ever widening gap. I have nothing against Thome, he’s just got to call it a day and I have been waiting for too long to eat crow for bagging on him. I don’t care about his contract, look the Blue Jays did it with Frank, he wasn’t a fit for what the team needed. Since that move look at the Blue Jays record.

There is some stroke in the minors that has almost 20 homers. Maybe we should give him a look. Brad Eldred I believe is his name.

The lack of hitting has reached beyond the beyond. Several people on this blog, including myself have called for some changes for over a month, or year. Does this hitting remind anyone of something? How about the denial last year , whereby it was said this is 100yr fluke guys are too good. Seems the 100yr fluke continues or maybe some of the guys are just finished, Thome. You know, everyonce in a while the team has an approach with everyone going to right and up the middle and even the opposition says these guys came in with a good approach today. But But But, they go right back to their bad approaches the next day and days following , so I am thinking it is bad hitting approaches, bad hitting leadership on getting the team straight as much as it lack of ability, maybe more lack of good mental discipline with the way hitting is approached. Thus the low averages, the huge amount of double plays and lack of situational hitting is as much mental , like a ship without a rudder as anything. Change that , Walker? it is worth a chance. Or just Ozzie saying do this or sit. Thome take some butcher boy swings to left or sit. Swisher move closer to the plate. do some things or sit , and let someone else take a crack.

Ps for all I know Walker is telling the players the right things and noone is listening. But that would not be good either. I hate to put someone out of a job but it seems time for a new hitting coach, someone new could be a spark even if they say the same things in a different way.

mark, you seem to be a stats guy. got a question. could you look at the past few years and show us how many baserunners(at least hits+walks) the sox have averaged per game and how many avg runs that would lead to? seems like in 05 we could get only 5 hits in a game, but walk away with a few runs and pull it out. this year it seems like wed need 20 hits to get 6 runs.

Oh, Brother!!!! Lots of chances,,,, maybe we can beat KC?….. see you all tues….. j.k.

That was a terrible managing job by Ozzie Guillen. You know your team can’t hit the damn ball lately and you have your best hitter on the bench for a day off, which is fine. Then you have a man on third with one out in the 9th inning and you leave him on the bench? That was awful! Quentin should have been up for Crede. Crede hasn’t gotten the job done in a long time and didn’t again today. I bet the mortgage that Quentin would have hit a fly to center, bring the run in, then you get Jenks and see if he closes it out. I called it before it happened. Then even worse, you need a hit and you leave Swisher bat? This guy has been god awful. I would have rather put up Toby Hall for goodness sakes. Swisher looks at strike three right down the pipe thigh high. Way to go Swisher.

I understand giving a guy a day off but taking one swing isn’t going to fatigue Quentin. Unless this guy is hurt which no one has said, this is uncalled for. Ozzie has games like this all of the time when you wonder what in the **** he is doing down there. He was probably hung over. Wake up! I called it from 1000 miles away!


Do you realize the Sox allowed NINE runs TOTAL in FOUR games to the Rays and LOST three of those games?

The “rock and a hard place” doesn’t seem so funny now does it? You can’t just cut or trade all the guys who have been in a funk for the past year and a half and there’s very little in the minor leagues to start with.

It’s not the “weather” folks, it’s not necessarily Greg Walker, it’s the players people, pure and simple.

How many hits today? 12? 13? How many runs scored?

FUNDAMENTALS folks….if they can’t hit a home run, they lose because they can’t manufacture runs.

You don’t need an masters in advanced physics to figure it out.

Mark Liptak

UGH! That’s about all I can say. Another decent pitching job shot. First and third with no outs and we can’t even accidently score? I was so optimistic when I woke up this morning. June 1 in first, most of the month at home….if this keeps up we won’t be in first very long. I know that these guys are big boys and they don’t necessarily need a hitting coach to turn them around, but wouldn’t a new perspective, set of eyes, something help?? Lots of hits, just not when we need them. Trying to keep the faith in the south suburbs! Lets hope a day of rest and home cooking helps.

Ozzie went off in the post game basically demanding changes by Tuesday.

Part of me says, “it’s about damn time…” Part of me says, “I’ve heard this song and dance before.”

What significant changes Ozzie can be made before Tuesday?

The minor leagues are barren and Fields is apparently hurt again. The Sox aren’t going to “cut” Swisher, Thome, Konerko, Uribe. They probably aren’t going to find any suckers to take them in trade….so what are they going to do Ozzie?

Answer: Some cosmetic things because that’s all they CAN do.

Like the Dramatics sang in 1971, “whatcha see, is whatcha get…”

And what I’m seeing is total crap right now offensively. Guys who are over the hill, have lost confidence, don’t have a clue or in the case of Uribe never had one in the first place.

Yet Ozzie is practically demanding changes by Tuesday. You can find this story at both the Tribune Hardball site and at the Sun-Times.


Mark Liptak

Mark Liptak

FIRE GREG WALKER! That’s a start for a change. I don’t know why Ozzie feels the need to protect this guy.

More numbers:

The White Sox went 5-for-39 with runners in scoring position during the four-game series.

That is sickening.

Read the story on Ozzie’s post game blow up at

All I can say is wow! He sounded really angry and frustrated. The part that I noticed was where he specifically mentioned Greg Walker’s name in the part about “not protecting” anyone anymore.

We’ll see.

Something must be done but the options look extremely limited to me.

Mark Liptak

More numbers:

The White Sox went 5-for-39 with runners in scoring position during the four-game series.

Mark Liptak

Sorry folks, my comment double posted. I apologize.

Mark Liptak

KENNY RESPONDS (courtesy Sun-Times:)

Very interesting, very disappointing,” Williams said. ”It’s never a good idea to throw your boss under the bus, especially when that boss has had his back as much as I have. I guess that lineup will be real interesting to see on Tuesday.

”We have the horses. Everyone has to stay positive and keep grinding. If you’re looking for a quick fix personnel-wise, with the climate right now, you’re not going to get it. I expect more of everyone in that uniform and certainly the guy leading the team on the field.”


Well it’s sure going to be interesting come Tuesday isn’t it boys and girls?

As I expected, any “changes” will be cosmetic because the Sox don’t have a lot of options or choices right now on June 1st. That “rock and a hard place” phrase seems appropriate.

I’m not going to take sides on who is at “fault” in this but I will say that Ozzie was quoted at least three times in the newspapers last off season talking about being “sick of strike outs and sick of waiting for a home run as the only way to score.”

Ozzie can only work with what he’s been given and that’s a fact.

Mark Liptak

These are major league players, they should all, all, all be able to bunt. Mickey Mantle could bunt, Willie Mays could bunt why do these big sluggers think bunting is not for them. Example with Crede at bat , if he could bunt that would be an option that he could turn to , even on his own. Just get the runner in from third with less than 2 outs. Dyed big swing when a situational approach or bunt was needed, if these players were producing a high % of the time than they would not have to turn to the bunt option. But they are not and they do not have the bunt option because the cannot do what every college player can do, just watch the college play offs and you will see , they all can bunt and do so. But Ozzie should have been mad a long time ago, this is a way late reaction.

But Mark has a pt. what are the options. Option Konkero, Dye Swisher and Thome to AAA and bring up options? not going to happen. Best players lately have been Carlos, AJ, Alexi and Anderson, than OC and dye, crede, in that order. That leave 4 or 5 guys in the batting order that just are not getting it done. And all of those guys are non contributors as far as speed , defense, situational hitting or bunting, except crede on defense. So whenever Thome, Dye, Swisher or Konerko are out of the line up it does not hurt the team whatsoever. I would not be surprised if Thome is gone or sets very soon. When the team is winning it is overlooked but put a losing streak there and it shows up magnified. It would take a lot of courage to make some moves to change the team make up while in 1st place. KW show that courage it would not hurt the team that we know.

The other side of the coin, Konkero has been making better contact and got a hit to right field, hit a home run in the series. Dye has had some good streaks but very randomly. Swisher looks like he is closer to the plate and may starte turning on some balls with power. Thome nothing . Alexi and Anderson have shown they are ready to step in and contribute. Ozzie have Konkero, Dye, Thome, Swisher and Crede bunt everytime a runner is on first with 1 out or less for a while. It would save the embarrassment of a double play. I must apologize for three straight posts .

Every time Ozzie rants the sox go on a nice little winning streak. I think it will happen and then all I will read is joy and adoration for the Sox on the board. Then they will lose a couple and the roof will fall in. They are in first place- I bet Ozzie and Kenny planned this rant. There is nothing that can actually be done other than DL’ing Konerko and bringing up Owens to lead off. There is no trade market now. Liptak you ******** why do you continuously bring up Uribe in your arguments? I don’t think the guy has gotten an at bat in weeks. Personally I wish they put him up for Swisher in the 9th today.


You need to ask the Sox minor league instructors why these guys can’t execute the fundamentals (if they come up
through the Sox system).

You would assume that these would be taught at the lower levels but I’ve been told by an individual who closely follows the minor league system that “if you can hit you are moved up the ladder, regardless if you can do anything else.”

This has the potential to be an explosive situation between the team, Ozzie and Kenny.

Kenny and Ozzie are extremely frustrated and tired of the fact that the offense has been miserable for the past year and a half (at least.)

Both men have tried their best, both are short tempered right now but as I said and have in the past to me there appears to be a “disconnect” between the two men on the type of team they want on the field.

That’s why I can see one of the two leaving the organization at the end of the season unless some common ground can be found.

Mark Liptak

As far as Ozzie goes- he may be right as the team struggles to knock in runs but like I said earlier Quentin should have been batting for Crede in the 9th inning. He is an RBI hog and the only guy who comes through. Ozzie is just to stubborn to pinch hit for anyone. He probably would have put Quentin up if Anderson or Alexei came up- and those guys had 2 hits today (if my memory serves me). Show some balls and pinch hit for Konerko. Or Thome. Or Swisher. Or Crede. Or Dye if he isn’t going right. Send a message on the field during the game. Not off the field when the camera’s and audio recorders are around.

Best comment of the weekend by myp00:

mark, you seem to be a stats guy…

Wow, ya think?

Time to regroup and see ya all Tuesday. Let’s get KC.


Kewno – I was right there with ya. Could not believe Quentin was not used to pinch hit. Not scoring that run gave them the momentum.

I was doing my best to give Nick Swisher the benefit of the doubt and hope he would break his slump and be the player he was in Oakland. After his at bat in the 10th today he is no more than a coward to me. All he wanted was a walk so the pressure for the hit was on the guy behind him. He’s done in my book.

How many innings like the 5th are we going to have to endure this year. Get 2 runs, runners on 1st and 3rd nobody out and that’s all we get. The slugs come up and start popping up. Every time we have a chance to put up a crooked number and break a game open we fail. Watching the Mets score 5 runs tonight with 2 outs in the 3rd nearly made me puke with jealousy.

Here is my favorite comment from Ozzie’s rant. “If we think we are gonna win with the offense we have, then we’re full of s***”

Maybe Ozzie will start some pitchers as position players on Tuesday. (Yes I am being sarcastic) Who knows, maybe they can score some runs. If you want something done right, do it yourself!!!


As you well know Gary Peters was used as a pinch hitter often and in fact, in one game against the Yankees, was 6th in the batting order ahead of (if memory serves) Tim Cullen, Duane Josephson and Luis Aparicio.

Credit Eddie Stanky with that one.

Mark Liptak

Good one Lip….. Now, that’s a stat Guy!… I remember Peters very well, and it was as much fun to watch him hit ( I didn’t say bat) as it was to watch him pitch. Catch a D-backs game if possible and look for Micah Owings…. he pitches, but he is a hitter…… Fun stuff.

My thought is this….. Too much ” T”…….. Bad series against Toronto, disappointing series against Tampa……. Let’s see, we haven’t played Texas yet, and if Seattle moves to Tacoma, we’re in deep trouble….

I didn’t see or hear the Ozzie rant, but I’m going to try to find it now. We do need to get better at scoring those runs like in the fifth, but if you remember, Tampa had a runner at third after tying the score and they couldn’t get him in either ( not outs here too), good job by Mark….

O.K. let’s take the series from K.C. and the one from Minn….. After all the trouble we have had in the East, we still play in the Central, and so long as we can beat those teams, we’ll be o.k. at least until the playoffs…….

But I’m getting ahead of myself with that last comment…… Night all….. j.k.

Jim, with all respect, the Nick Swisher you see *is* the player he was in Oakland. His defense is exactly the same, and his offense is as spotty. Which is why I was puzzled the Sox traded for him. And by the way, have you noticed that Ryan Sweeney (one of the players traded for Swisher) is batting 293?


Sweeney hasn’t played in most of the A’s games if memory serves, he’s being used selectively.

For whatever reason or reasons he wasn’t going to fit in with the White Sox, he needed to be traded but I’ll wait a little while longer before passing judgment.

I think that average is something of a mirage.

Mark LIptak

Didn’t Sweeney just go on the DL too? Along with De Los Santos’ season ending Tommy John, I think the trade was a wash for both teams. Oakland didn’t get a steal or anything.

Peggy – looking at Swishers career numbers I was not expecting an all star, but I was not expecting someone that would hit .201. His career average was about .255 before this debacle. He is also way down in homeruns and doubles to his career averages.

I was expecting, and they were promoting someone who was a grinder, and a player who could be clutch for us. Trying to take a walk yesterday when he had to chance to come through with a game winning hit can’t be described by words allowed on this board. You could tell the way he took that pitch he had it set in his mind he was not swinging.

As for Ryan Sweeney, he was one of those guys that needed to play 5 or 6 times a week to get comfortable at the MLB level, but the Sox were not willing to afford him that time just like they didn’t do with Brian Anderson. I also believe the Sox were trying to move Anderson in the deal, but the A’s insisted on Sweeney.

damn. this weekend should of and could have had a different result. game 2 was ours for the taking. 2nd and 3rd innings we had the sacks packed or darn near packed and didn’t get them in. yesterday’s game even more frustrating. why ozzie didn’t pitch hit is a good question. to be battling that close and missing by one or two key hits in both those games drives us all nuts.

not sure what ozzie is trying to accomplish by his tirade. that seems more for KW’s benefit that the players. i know he’s trying to shake the tree as hard as he can, but the amazing, no wait, totally baffling thing is this team is still in first place. maybe we’re destined for a free fall, maybe not, but we’re still 1 game up after a trip that looked like we could go 4-3 or 5-2 instead of 3-4. maybe the consolation prize is knowing we took 2 of 3 from the tribe and the Rays have roughed up everyone in their ballpark as of late. the yankees are included in that. either way, its a bit early to throw people under the bus when we’re still contending. after this season, i’m sure all bets are off. but for now, this is it.

there’s nothing left back on the farm. we will live or die with what we have on this roster. the central division will go to the team that can find their footing before the rest. let’s hope its the sox. the next three should be an opportunity to get back on track. the royals aren’t playing for beans right now. we got 13 of the next 16 at home after only having 22 home games the first two months of the year.


I agree that Sweeney didn’t get a real long look last season and, like you, I think that Oakland insisted on him being part of that deal.

But Anderson was given a lengthy look in ’06. In fact, he had half a season to prove that he belonged in the bigs and did not take the job that was opened for him with the trade of Rowand. In fact, he played so poorly that Ozzie had to play Mackowiak, a utility infielder, out of position to get someone in CF who had a chance to get a hit.

Now BA is getting some sporadic play and is still being given a shot by the club. He has gotten new life more times than any other player in my recent White Sox memory.

I’m usually the guy on this board who preaches patience and is willing to wait for players to produce. And I still am for most of the team. But I am running out of patience with Swisher. His at bat in the 10th Sunday may have been the worst clutch at bat of the season by any Sox player. At least Konerko moved the runner and Crede got the bat on the ball. And Thome started it all with a double. But Swisher’s at bat was inexcusable.

Ozzie is Ozzie. But Kenny is Kenny and he won’t forget Ozzie bringing up his name in his tirade. It will be interesting to see the ramifications of this post-game tirade.

TC – As far as BA in 2006 is that the bat started to get better as the season went on. I don’t believe they had the same attitude with him as they did with say a Joe Crede. The Sox, and maybe it was because they were coming off a world series, were not willing to let BA have a season ( or 3 like Crede) to get himself accustomed at the plate while playing stellar defense. And maybe it was because they were already making that same sacrifice at the SS position.

Had they given him all of 2006 who knows where he might have progressed to. Watching an out of position Mackowiak blow fly ball after fly ball did not help anyone. Hopefully they sit Swisher for a while and Anderson gets the chance to play every day for a while. Maybe a second full time chance is what he needed. Hopefully he learend from before.

Anemic… Impotent… Pathetic…

These and other adjectives may be used in mixed company to describe the OFFENSIVE offense of the White Sox in the just completed series with the Tampa Bay Rays…

But, even when the Rays were completely lousy, they were able to take care of the boys down in the Juice Box…and so it went…

The discouraging thing is… How many times has it occured when the winning team gets a game-ending (I absolutely REFUSE to use the term “walk-off”)HR in extra innings, against the same team, TWICE withing three games?

Liptak, or Elias Sports Bureau, or perhaps BOTH… would know, I’m sure…

I am absolutely certain that Ozzie and Swisher were an absolute laugh riot on the plane ride back…(HEAVY,HEAVY sarcasm implied…)… The only thing quieter than that plane, I’m sure, was an old Egyptian sarcophagus…

And then, Ozzie has to go and spout off after the game… and all the beat reporters (which, by the way, sounds like a command that outraged fans could do… “BEAT REPORTERS till bloody…”)couldn’t WAIT to get the thoughts to Kenny…who is , I’m sure, just as upset as his field manager…

As the old expression goes… “There is blood on the moon.”…

And it isn’t going to go away overnight… or with a sweep of KC and Minnesota on the home stand… No, I’m afraid this one is going to last a while…

BTW, add “listless” to your adjective list about the last three games…All of those adjectives fit… unfortunately…

geez, guess there ain’t much more to say. I’m still out on walker, but they need to sit some guys on the bench and I really don’t care how brutal the guys they fill in with are. I said this last year, and the organization kept acting like they were in the race. Well, we got some time, but not if things continue like this.

I hope I’m wrong, when I was complaining about the free agents at the end of last year, I feared that some of these sluggers’ trade value wouldn’t go up, and farm system would be too thin to help now. Which is why I hollered so much about these guys buying some help. Oh well, no one could have known for sure. it was just a Murphy’s Law hunch.

Man oh man, shot Buster Olney a nasty-gram on his feedback to his blog. That felt good. Normally he’s got his head so far up the Yankees collective @sses that he couldn’t be bothered to comment on the Chicago White Sox, but hey, miracles do happen outside of 34th street in New York…..

Observation, Ozzie lets them play, not saying anything, asssuming that the players are major league guys. Then when he sees bad situational hitting and bad baseball fundimentals, over and over. Ozzie goes ballistic. Suggestion , Ozzie should flat out tell them what to do in each situation not assume that they will do it on their own. Ex. Crede at the plate man on third one out, Joe , I, meaning, Ozzie, want you to hit the ball to the right side or bunt to get the runner in. Ozzie, I do not think that you can assume that this particular group of players know what to do, so tell them over and over in each situation. Because obviously OC, Thome and others are more worried about their pesonal stats than winning, winning comes second . I will not say that it is intentional on some players parts for winning to come second, but it follows from where most of their attention is, on themselves not the team. Some good posts guys and gals, you bring up valid points.

Putting it more simply Ozzie needs to define the roles very pointedly that he wants each player to execute in different at bats. Team needs direction at the plate and Ozzie is the manager. Not just let them play like he has been doing. Ozzie has said this many times, I just let them play , I do not want to over manage. Getting out of the way is not working on offense.

No way the Sox can let Thome get enough at bats to let his contract kick in for next yr. So , Tome goes soon.


Ozzie has been directly quoted many times, particularly last Summer saying (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘I’d like to play more Ozzie-Ball, more bunting, hitting the other way but they just can’t do it.’

Remember Ozzie (also last year) twice held mandatory bunting practice for the team during pre-game drills.

Ozzie can directly tell them what he wants or not but the point is they simply can not execute the most basic of fundamentals. Things the Twins for example can do in their sleep.

That’s what come from a “home run or nothing,” “beer league softball” type approach to the game….Ozzie telling them, ‘hit to right field,’ ‘execute the hit and run,’ ‘hit a sacrifice fly’ isn’t going to change that one iota.

Mark Liptak

Mark, you are probably right, but from my experience, having a plan a focus is better than going to the plate, dead in the water confused , as many of the sox hitter look like. When a player knows what he wants to do and actually want to do it, the body often follows along and does it. I would rather see Thome , Dye or Konkerko looking like a fool trying to bunt than being a fool striking out or pulling an outside pitch weakly to shortstop for a double play , as they are all slow. But I do see your point, but do not totally agree with it. By the way if they cannot execute basic baseball they should not be playing. Bring up someone who can.

What about this line up tues. OC, ss, Alexi center field, AJ Catch, Carlos LF, Dye Dh, Crede 3b, BA right f. Uribe 2nd base, Ozuna 1st base. or getz at 2nd uribe at 1stbase.
point is get defense and speed into the lineup. set swisher, konkerko and thome. put konkerko on DL.

dleeun: Speed in the lineup would be great, but you can’t sacrifice defense in order to get the speed. We need Konerko at first. He’s a very underrated defender and we need him to pick all those throws out of the dirt. Also it seems like his batting is starting to come around. I would hate to bench him right as he’s is starting to get locked in. Alexi is an infielder and he has been doing incredible at second base. We need to keep him there. I would much rather see BA in center. He is a great center fielder, and I don’t care how poorly he hits, he should be our starting center fielder. I don’t care who plays DH. Maybe someone new every game. I think that would be fun. Uribe is our third best short stop and our second best second baseman. He is a terrible hitter and is the last person the Sox need in the lineup right now. He shouldn’t even be on the team.


Billb: Thanks for the recommendation on “The Show”. If anybody gets the mojo channel I suggest you check it out. It’s kind of neat seeing guys like Quentin and Chris Young on their journey through the minors.

Here’s my lineup for Tues: Alexei (2B), OC (ss), Quentin (SF), AJ (C), Ozuna (DH), Dye(RF), Crede (3B), BA (CF), Swisher (1B). Why do I leave Swish in? Cuz I think he’s one person who will take Ozzie’s tirade to heart, and be motivated by it.

What I don’t understand about the Sox hitters is that they talked in 2005 about going up to the plate with a plan (Dye especially mentioned this) based on the particular pitcher du jour, and executing the plan. Since then, they seem to go to the plate in a fog of confusion, bewildered by any pitch they see, either flailing aimlessly or standing like the stones at Stonehenge. What has made the difference? If Greg Walker can’t help them hit, how about Harold Baines? I mean, can’t coaches offer help in areas that may not fall within their precise job description (maybe not)?

Let’s hope they get back on a winning streak. As so many others have said, nothing cures a funk like winning games.

By the way, the reason there are no spaces in my posts is that MLB has made some changes in the code on their sites that are incompatible with my computer.

Oh, look, today the line spaces work!

According to the Tribune, Kenny and Ozzie meet tomorrow before the Royals game.

Stay tuned!

Mark Liptak

I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting.

Normally when Ozzie has one of his rants it is to make an attraction of himself so the media will leave the players alone so they can break their slump or whatever the situtation is. This time you can tell it was not orchestrated. You could tell this one was a frustrated reaction rather than a planned distraction.

In general I like Ozzie. I question a lot of his moves and non-moves, but I suppose I would do that for whomever is in that role. I doubt it will, but I hope this does not cost him his job. KW gets so bitter with people that cross him that I could see him firing Ozzie by the end of the year if they tank.

Ozzie, just like his alter-ego Tony Montana will probably go down someday with guns-a-blazin’

Scam and Peggy, I like your lineups just as well as the one I put out there maybe better. I actually think you are right about Alexi being a better infielder. The only thing I disagree with is Konkerko as a fielder, I agree his hitting may be coming around, but I do not think Konkerko is a good fielder at all, hawk has been selling Konkerko as a fielder for yrs but I am not buying.

The reason I am not buying Hawks sell , is Konkero is slow, poor range, average arm, and his fielding seems to be adversely affected by his slumping. Ozuna, Uribe would be large up grades defensively at first base, even Swisher is a better fielder than Konkerko. I do think his hitting might be coming around though, maybe.

dleeun – The thing about Konerko is he is one of the best first basemen at scooping throws in the dirt. He does it so well that he makes it look easy. He has saved Crede and Uribe a lot of errors in the past.

He used to scoop pretty well but have you been watching lately, fielding terrible. Probably 4 or 5 balls that he should have had just in the last week., or so.This with a terrible throw home and dropping a routine throw from second. All within a two week span. I think his slump has carried to the field.

dleeun: I know Konerko’s range is pretty poor, but he picks every shorthop that his infielders throw to him. I think I have only seen him miss a couple picks over the last two years. I think I have seen Swisher miss three of those this year in the limited time he has had at first base. Hawk does like to exaggerate it, but he is still above average defensively compared to other first basemen in the American League. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ozuna DH for awhile, but I’d put him in the 9 hole.

Is there a reason why Kenny went to the Tribune instead of to Ozzie? Why does everything have to go through the media first nowadays. I think Kenny might have taken that a little too personally.


Way to beat me to it Jim. Dleeun, that was just one bad game. He will be fine.

Also, you can’t just stick people in positions they’ve never played. Ozuna isn’t a very good infielder to begin with. He has enough trouble picking balls down at third.

What do you guys think will be Uribe’s fate now that Ramirez has proven himself at second? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was cut. That’s what I’m hoping at least.


dleeun, Don’t judge Paulie simply by the errors he made a couple of weeks ago. I agree with jimd…. he is a very good fielder and underrated at that. What worries me is that we are facing K.C’s ace in Grienke. ( that figures). But in the spirit of fielding the best possible team, and sending a message to the rest of the players: Alexi, leading off playing 2nd. O.C. shortstop, Q in left batting third, A.J. catching, Dye in right, Thome at DH, Paulie hitting 7th, Crede at third and BA in center. This probably won’t happen, but the message is sent that if you don’t step it up, you’re moved down the lineup and then out for awhile. Swish started the season great, but he’s tailed off so much, he’s a liability right now. Sit him until he can prove he’s ready to play again. The only reason Thome is in the lineup is to have another left handed bat going. Not much you can do about the team speed(or lack thereof), but you’ve got to put these guys in somewhere. Joe, Paulie and J.D. have to play. Sit Thome if you want to for a couple of days……..

Our lead is shrinking, but I think the central is going to be like this all year long. Keep your fingers crossed that Detroit and the Indians don’t decide to get hot. or it could be a long summer.

The biggest difference this year from last is that we have the pitching this year, both starters and relief. The hitting will wake up. I just hope it isn’t a 10 run explosion one day and done for the rest of the week. As someone pointed out, our lack of hitting makes the pitchers try to throw a perfect game every time out… Bad approach….. stay tuned for tomorrow, boys and girls, this could be fun….. j.k.

Scam, I can tell you that this is definitely Uribe’s last year here. I would like to see him dealt, but I’m affraid the market for an underachieving middle infielder is about a dozen broken bats. No playoff contender in their right mind would take him because he is such a liability at the plate, and his defense has worsened the last two seasons.

I doubt he will be cut, but as long as Alexi keeps playing well Uribe will be the backup to him and OC. That is of course if they don’t trade OC near the trade deadline. Should the Sox not be contending 2 months from now there is no doubt that OC needs to be dealt to get us some depth in the minors. I was looking at the numbers for our minor league affiliates yesterday, and it is nearly as ugly as the big club.

As for Ozuna he could be a decent second basemen, but no more than that. He does not have a good glove. I like him for the spark he provides at the plate. I would not mind seeing him DH, especially against lefties.

Anyone else watcing this Stanley Cup game tonight? I know it’s off topic, but overtime playoff hockey is awesome!

I was watching the hockey game. Pretty exciting game. I can’t wait for next season.

I’ll take 12 whole bats for him. One of the reasons I get so frustrated with Uribe is because it seems like he just doesn’t care. He could be a decent player if he ever decided to get some discipline at the plate.


Per ESPN Rumor Central

“According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles Dodgers’ general manager Ned Colletti said that the team is close to acquiring a veteran utility infielder who could better plug the gap while Rafael Furcal (back) is out. There were no further details on who that player may be.”

Juan Uribe anyone? There were talks between the two back in spring training. This would give them the chance to bring up Richar or Getz.

With three bad losses in a row, and with the division lead down to a mere half game… Isn’t it time for the inevitable “closed door, players only” meeting?… so that any and all differences can be sorted out, and that everyone can be “on the same page”?

Meanwhile, in the inner sanctorum of KW’s office, we see the embattled GM swigging from a large bottle of Maalox, right before accepting the visit from his embattled skipper…

Ozzie says to Kenny, “I’m sorry about Sunday… I lost my head because of the outcome.” Kenny says to Ozzie “That’s alright, but just don’t do it again.”… knowing full well he will, right after the next period of lethargy by the boys…

As so it goes at 35th and Shields…

That brought to you by Tom “flyonthewall” Quaid……. stay tuned for further developments….. j.k.

Chris DeLuca in the Sun-Times today has what I consider an excellent analysis of the situation.

He doesn’t side with Ozzie or Kenny, just states the facts as far as where the Sox are right now and how they got there dating back to last year.

I recommend reading it.

Mark Liptak

Konkerko may have had an excuse in fielding with the bad thumb lately also. But I really disliked Konkerko’s comments after the Rays game. Basicly said the Rays did it too. How lame like saying , I did not do my home work, Neither did Johnny, like that is an excuse. All of the players on this team are bad 2 strike hitters. Most players do not do well behind in the count but seems like the sox are worse than bad behind in the count. I recommend looking for something early in the count and taking the ball to right field or up the middle , see if they can starte making better contact.

Adding to that , I have noticed a lot of good pitches to hit being taken, then bad pitches hacked AT , emphasizing the at. When that is happening it is hard to hit. Alexi is the exception he has stayed aggressive. Noticed that when Alexi takes strikes and gets behind in an at bat , he does not do well generally either. Obviously this team is not geared for grinding out at bats , in general. Swisher has tried and failed at that, Thome takes a lot, he has failed. Konkerko takes too many good first strike pitches and he is failing. That may actually not be the main reason but it could be. While AJ , Carlos, and Alexi have stayed more aggressive, only Carlos seems to hit regardless so far.

I can’t believe that anyone thinks Swisher is as good defensively at 1B as Konerko. There is no comparison. Konerko is one of the better fielding first basemen in the league. For that reason, he needs to stay in the lineup and work his way through the hitting slump.

Has a team that was picked by most to finish fourth in a five-team division ever found itself in first place on the 3rd of June and in PANIC mode because it lost three straight tight games ON THE ROAD to the team with the best record in the American League???? Who could have predicted this scenario?

I am a few credits shy of my Psych degree, but I think Mariotti may be a bit obsessive compulsive. The next time he has an original idea for a column will be the first in a LONG time. It’s too bad he does not go to the ballpark. For someone who has such tough talk he sure is afraid of confrontation (and being called names).

TC – Thing is nobody would have picked Cleveland to be mediocre and Detroit to stink so far. And as bad as they have been the Tigers are only 6.5 back and the Indians 4.5.

I am in panic mode because with their early struggles we have been given a chance to compete when we were not supposed to, and we are just giving that opportunity away right now. If we could score runs we would probably be another 7 or 8 games up on those teams.


You’re right, but the Tigers and Indians could use the same logic. If they played closer to their capabilities, they would be right their with us or ahead of us.

Panicking on June 3 doesn’t win a pennant. I don’t think Ozzie is panicking, he just let his frustrations come out in a way a manager in this day and age should not do.

The team needs to forget about its record, its place in the standings and its individual batting averages. Just focus on hitting the ball and getting runners around.

Sounds easy, right? We should all be managers or general managers.

tc if you go team by team and are fair you will find Konkerko way down the list of fielding 1st baseman. Youkillis way better, Pena rays way better, Gload or Tehaen kc better, Morneau better, most of the others are about even garko, millar, caberera det, Kotchman , and so forth , that just some in the American League. I really think that some of you just bought into Hawk’s comments and mostly watching just Konkerko. It is not a big thing really but I point it out . Most major league 1st baseball will regularly make a lot of nice picks that is what they do everyday.

Per ESPN1000 tonights lineup change is Konerko moving to 4th and Dye dropping in the order. For some reason Swisher is supposedly in the lineup. Maybe this is Ozzie’s way of saying if you are going to give me a bunch of slow .200 hitters then I will give you a garbage lineup. If that is his attitude then his days are numbered.


just so you know, i’m not attacking your comments, i’m just commenting back with additional information.

i would like to point out that while these other players have a higher fielding percentage YTD in 2008, the difference is negligible at best. PK stands at .991 in 2008 2 months into the season. PK has never had a fielding percentage lower than .995 since the 2005 season. Say what you will, but .995 is pretty damn good over 162 games. Most of the ones you mention have fielding percentages within .001-.002 of PK in those same years, some better, some worse.

jim, you are right. we probably should have another 6-8 wins in 2008….

let’s hope the rain stops and we come out swinging tonight. the best way to put all this to rest is to put the ball in play and score runs.

OC-SS, AJ-C, Quentin-LF, Konerko-1B, Thome-DH, Dye-RF, Swisher-CF, Crede-3B and Ramirez-2B.

Wow look at all the changes! Seriously why is Swisher playing tonight?

Ozzie backed down on line up changes, I think that he made a mistake doing that, thome, swisher, lame.
Who will respect what he says if he does not back it up, fans, players, himself? You need to back up what you say or become a joke, not good. Not that it matters, but I strongly supported what he said.

Apparently with the right hander throwing for KC, Ozzie did not want to use Anderson.

I really didn’t expect much to change. Partly because the options are very limited.

But also because what Ozzie said Sunday was in the heat of the moment right after three tough losses. The toughest part of a big league managing job is facing the media after a tough loss, let alone three of them. I’ll cut Ozzie a little slack for that.

By the way, why does Mariotti say “we” all want Ozzie fired when it is his damn column and not ours? I never read his column but a Cub fan shoved it in my face today.

And I also never judge a player’s defense by his fielding percentage. Granted, I have seen much more of Konerko and that does influence my opinion but I still think he does a great job with his glove. Certainly much better than Swisher.

A sweep of KC with a couple of big offensive outbursts and we can all go back to debating if Cabrera is a team player or not!


What are Ozzie’s options? Pablo, Anderson, Uribe, Hall???? With as many pitchers as teams carry these days, there are only so many moves a manager can make.

He did it to light a fire and get everyone talking about Ozzie and not the way the team can’t hit. Usually when he does this the sox rattle off a few wins in a row. My guess is they will sweep the royals with the only game questionable being tonight. Grienke is good.

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