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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B.  Floyd pitching.

No Fireworks

Many observors seemed to arrive at the ballpark this afternoon expecting fireworks that never materialized.

Ozzie Guillen and KW got together (they meet every day before games when both are in town) and discussed the road trip and Ozzie’s postgame comments from Sunday.

It was, Guillen said, an uncomfortable conversation with KW because he was afraid Williams had taken his comments personally, not the way he had intended when he spoke after the frustrating loss.  Guillen stressed that he and KW did not have a problem with their partnership or friendship.

Guillen’s postgame comments came out of his frustration with the end of a road trip that saw the club drop three of four games to Tampa Bay, all three winnable.

“If people expect me to have a happy face,” Guillen said, “then they have the wrong guy.

“I’m the No. 1 fan of the White Sox.  It hurts when you lose.  Right now, we’re on top, but I want us to get better.  We should be better, especially the way we’ve pitched.

“I need to push us hard — in a positive way — to make my team better.

“I still believe we’ve got a lot of talent on this team.  The people we have here, they’re going to hit.  I know we have the material here.  They’re my friends.  When they struggle, I suffer.  If we start hitting, my life is going to be easier, believe me.”


I actually read Jay Marrioti’s column for the first time in a long time today only because my wife started her summer vacation today so I didn’t have to drop my son off at grandma’s for the first time so I went back to my old habit of stopping in at a store, picking up a lovely arizona iced T and a newspaper. I don’t know where this guy gets off saying that everyone wants him fired and that White Sox fans should be embarrassed by him.

If he gets fired it better not be for this stupid reason. It better be for numerous on field decisions that I think Ozzie messes up on a consistent basis. I am not embarrassed being a white sox fan because our manager swears a lot. In fact i think that is his most redeeming quality. He is a fun guy to talk to and a good baseball man. I don’t think he necessarily knows how to use his bench and bullpen, and if you want to can him for that….then so be it. But he didn’t say anything different than the people on this blog have been saying for a long time. If anything Williams should be the one to go first.

I like Ozzie also, but my point is he says that he is going to make changes in the lineup. Says this in a very for sure adamant way. And most of the sox fans back him on that, then he backs off, this after getting the backing of most % wise, sox fans. I kind of leaves me with an empty feeling, like why listen to Ozzie if what he says does not mean anything. Granted KW probably talked him out of any major moves, but to me in doing that Kw, if he did it, makes Ozzie look bad. Because fans all know Ozzie had 2 yrs. of good reasons for saying what he did about the offense. It was 1/2 heat of the moment and 1/2 two years of frustrations. Point again is a man says something, he better do it.

It was said, on the blog, what could Ozzie do, several people posted lineup changes that made sense and would have made a point.

Almost gametime. I am surprised also that virtually no changes were made to the lineup. I was expecting the guys who were putting the ball in play to PLAY. I guess I don’t know baseball very well. I agree with dleeun (amazing but true) If you make the noises, then back it up with the actions. Nothing today, but I hope I’m wrong about that. We need a win…. Go Sox ‘ 08…. j.k.

So I have this ugly Sox hat that looks pretty awkward on my head. Last time I wore it however, we went on an 8 game winning streak. I Decided to pull it back out again yesterday and I’m going to wear it until we lose. Hopefully I’ll be wearing this stupid thing for a while.


Well, I know it’s early, but 6-0 going into the 3rd with Gavin looking strong is a good start….

keep wearing that hat, Scam….. we’ve srored more runs in two innings than we did in the last three games……. later all….. j.k.

what that lady needed for that guys hair was a pair of scissors……… the view from out west…… j.k……

News flash!!!!!!! Jim Thome struck out in the eighth!!!!!!

The best thing about watching on the computer is that in between innings I can waste your reading time with these excellant missives ( that one for you Tom Q.)…… Go Sox, Two innings to a winner….. j.k.

jk – I saw that kid’s hair too. What’s up with that? I almost thought it was fake, but it was too ugly to be fake I’m afraid. Nice we can talk about that stuff, since we aren’t stressing about not getting runs tonight.


And Scam…keep the hat.

And another White Sox Winner!!!!!!!! Manana Mi Amigos…… j.k.

Nice outing this eveing althought you have to keep in mind Konerko and Thome went a combined 0-7.

Mark Liptak

Sox needed that one, but I still agree with Mark, and others that had a dif. line up, Sox may have done even better if thome, konkerko and swisher were out of the line up. But great win, Ozzie is a genius , right.

Klein , thanks for the backhanded complement, I take them anyway I can get them. Remember , I picked Alexi for rookie of the yr, before the season started, probably not going to happen but who knows.

Alexi will do great if he does not go home run crazy.

sox win big after an ozzie rant. what else is new. i wish he ranted every game, they wouldnt lose

Kenwo, yoa are right on about if and why Ozzie should go. If they fire him it has to be from a combination of team perfromance and management skills. No way can KW and Reinsdorf let the media pressure them in letting Ozzie go. And that is probably one of the reasons they have stood by him. Other than Brian Urlacher I can’ think of anyone else who hates the Chicago media more than KW and Reinsdorf.

TC – When you wrote this earlier it got me thinking and re-reading that column:

“By the way, why does Mariotti say “we” all want Ozzie fired when it is his damn column and not ours? I never read his column but a Cub fan shoved it in my face today.”

In his column he writes how he is the only guy criticizing Ozzie, and everyone else is playing at off as Ozzie being Ozzie. Last time I checked “we” referred to more than one person, yet he believes he is on a one-man crusade.

As for tonights games, nice to see guys in Sox jerseys crossing the plate. Apparently we just left the power at home, but we did score 3 runs without the benefit of the HR. Alexi sure looks settled in now that he has gotten regular playing time. Hopefully he can keep this up. And he looks fairly selective when he chooses to use the power he has. If only Konerko and Thome would get going. I can’t wait for IL play to get one out of the lineup everyday. Nice to see Swisher get a HR, but wake me up when he is appraoching .250. Of course he would have to get noticeably hot to reach that level.

Anyone else think Teahen should have taken one on the back for stepping on Konerko’s foot running out that play? That’s dirty in most books. He got him so good the replay showed that he took his shoe off.

Anyone know where Harold Baines was tonight? I had the audio off for the first couple innings, and did not know if they said anything about him not being there.

I had the audio off the whole game. I also missed when Teahen stepped on Paulie, but if it was dirty I would be in agreement with you Jim.

Swish looks so ugly out in center.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Mariotti is accurate in how he and the ESPN commentators are appalled at Ozzie’s comments, since i think they don’t really follow the Sox. Olney’s a Yankee guy and Mariotti gushes over the Cubs and Cuban, and who knows what the rest of those guys watch. Heck, no one I knew of a blue collar background (which was everyone I knew) likes Mariotti. I don’t mind him, but I know a grudge when I see (or read) one.

He just acts like he give a rat’s what is it? rear aperture? so he can get on guillen or Reinsdorf. I don’t mind the attacks on ownership, but so far this season, I don’t think ozzie has been off on his comments, and certainly not on this latest ‘tirade’. Matter of fact, I loved his last litany of baseball laments. My favorite line was when he said he was “tired of watching this for the last year and a half, f$ck it”. Loved it cause it was so true, that does it, getting a guillen jersey one of these days. Hey, what kind of record did we have against Greinke last season?

Harold Baines was at his son/daughter’s graduation and that’s why he missed the game last night.

Let’s get another win tonight!

Thanks Karen, I was thinking it was something like that.

Scam, remember when AJ did that to Morneau a couple years ago and Gardenhire went nuts over it. I don’t know why Teahen would do it on purpose though, but I have seen lesser things get a guy an HBP next time up.

Great game last night. Took our friend, D.T. with us to insure another White Sox win. (Found out she had the magic last year when no one else would go with me to the game where Buehrle ended up throwing a no hitter. Every game she’s gone to since, the White Sox have won.) Missed the Paulie spike, will have to watch on to see what I missed. Greinke’s record against the Sox is 2-7 lifetime. I thought he was better than that, but he said himself that he was leaving pitches up and didn’t feel very sharp. Gavin didn’t look all that hot himself, but it’s about time the Sox offense picked one of the pitchers up, for gosh sakes! Let’s get about ten more in a row so Ozzie can start to feel better about the team!

Okay, I guess it’s okay to have favorites right? I mean it is no secret that Kenwo likes Uribe (somebody has to) and that Quaid likes all the women who post on this board, right TQ? And Liptak, well, he likes the White Sox from 30 years ago. Back when Bob Elson and Red Rush called the games.

Me, I have developed a “man crush” on Alexei R. Every day this guy gets better. I hope to see him on Roger Bossard’s infield for many years to come.

Well since we need hitting so badly the Sox went out and signed Esteban Loaiza to a 1 year contract. That is per Bruce Levine. So he’s gonna hit leadoff right? Is this really the move that needed to be made?

I do not respect most of the media guys, they just react to something and write or talk , trying to be noticed. As with the Ozzie comments and commentaries, the national media guys do not follow the w.sox and have very little perspective or insight on the team. Two moves could be made on the sox starting lineup, Thome and Swisher that is about it, unless someone is injured. Konkerko is starting to come around as far as approach and contact, just has not translated in many hits yet. Thome looks as bad as ever, really think that he should be replaced. Swisher, does not look good at present, I would replace him in center field. Do you get the idea that KW got him so he must play regardless if it makes sense or not?

Alexi is soooo skinny, I’m always amazed he can hit the ball out of the infield, but he’s doing something right. He’s a lot of fun to watch, and really seems to give his all.

I adore Swisher, but he’s not a great play in center. And with his bat struggling, perhaps he’s not the best person in the OF…let alone Center, right now.

Between Swish, Konerko and Thome, if they DO start to swing the bats well, we’d be in great shape. -Dawn


This column today by Chris DeLuca says it all. I found the opening paragraph extremely interesting.

It’s one thing to be criticized by competing media outlets and others, it is something else completely when a person you work with is making the same remarks. It goes along with what I’ve been told by those who work against him as well as with him.

You’ll find this a good summery of things:,CST-SPT-deluca04.article

Mark Liptak

Greg Walker was interviewed today by Waddle and Silvy on ESPN1000. He really made it sound like the relationship between himself and Guillen has soured if there is even a relationship anymore.

When asked about Guillen, he repeatedly said stuff like “All we need to do is win ballgames for Jerry Reinsdorf and the White Sox, other than that who cares” He did not once say he and Ozzie were on good terms or had even spoken about what he said Sunday.

Mark, I saw that article this morning. Absoultely loved the shot in the first paragraph. If that bum ever did accept the challenge of going to the Sox clubhouse they would probably tar and feather him or something crazy. I think DeLuca is a pretty good writer, but this article was excellent.

Anyone other than Ozzie could not fire these guys up, and apparently they need that sometimes.

tc1980… First of all, in the nomenclature of the day(nomenclature… jeez, maneez, the kid dragged the thesaurus out again, didn’t he?)…regarding your assessment…


And I too also liked the days when the Commander(and I don’t mean Fisk)was doing the game, be it with Resley Rush, or Bob Finnegan, or Milo Hamilton, or Ralph Kiner, or the late, underappreciated Don Wells…

Now, as to last night…

Controversy? WHAT controversy?… As I predicted (right, jk?)
in this space yesterday, the air was cleared, Kenny asked Ozzie not to do it anymore…knowing full well he’s gonna do it again, if necessary…the boys came home(BTW, did they need to be given directions on how to get to the Cell before last night’s contest? Seeing as they have been on the road more often than Willie Nelson…)… Greinke took the mound with an 0 and 4, 5.46 record/ERA at the Cell… and within 12 pitches was behind 2-0 on the Quentin long ball…the 2nd inning was worse still… He looked like Buehrle against the Indians…
And peggy writes, if you’re reading this, you would be proud of the Cell in the late innings last night…because it did its impression of Candlestick Park as the fog rolled in, in the famous phrase of Carl Sandburg, “on little cat’s feet” from LF across to RF…
By that time, the outcome was really not in doubt…even though Manchild(aka B Jenks, remember from three years ago when I gave him that nickname?)did his “Proud Mary” relief job(Tina Turner said, “we never do NOTHING easy” in that song, if I’m not mistaken…)before putting the game to bed…
How did I know about the game, and the fog and all, it might be asked?… Well,my friends, for the first time in 2008, I ventured into the Cell IN PERSON…(thanks again, Scott, BTW, for your kindnessin letting me procure the notes last night…)but not before stopping briefly to see the monument to 2005, and the surrounding bricks on the plaza… Very, very impressive…and the messages on some of the bricks left me with a good, fuzzy feeling towards White Sox Universe…

Late congrads. to Peggy for posting the best lineup pregame. She had everyone in last night that played except thome and konkerko the guys who did not get any hits.
My top draft choice hopeful is Yonder Alonso, U.of Miami 1st baseman. Anyone else have a top draft want?
Fav. player right now is Alexi, has been since just after they got him, as I saw Alexi in the world baseball classic. Why it is just fun to see him develop and he is an unusual baseball player with the odd build, great arm , speed, some power and upside. How good will he get , don’t know but fun to see and hope.

I just got through reading the Royals beat writer for the Kansas City Star, Bob Dutton, and his story of last night’s game…

The first two sentences are priceless…

“… Perhaps Royals manager Trey Hillman ought to go off on a rant that challenges general manager Dayton Moore to do something to shake up the club’s lethargic attack.

Or maybe that only works for Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox. Or maybe it only works for Guillen and the White Sox when they encounter the Royals. …”

Couldn’t have written it better my own self…

As to the comments made about that waste of humanity columnist in the tabloid rag… I saw his piece from yesterday, and thought yet again “Been there, read that.”

I have thus weaned myself off of that piece of garbage(and the paper he writes for)in favor of getting my news of the “toy department of life” from the World’s Greatest Newspaper, a.k.a. The Chicago Tribune…

At least THEIR beat writers and columnists don’t have an agenda, or a vendetta, against Jerry Reinsdorf and his sports organizations…

At least, I don’t THINK they do… Do they, Lip?… You know Mark Gonzales better than anyone else around here…

I read Mariotti’s column yesterday (I avoid it at all costs, but had to peek when reading everyone’s comments here) and I read DeLuca’s article today. DeLuca was right on. And, dare I say that the one person who wants to see Ozzie fired the LEAST? Mariotti. If Ozzie did get fired, what would that loser write about? He’d lose more than half of his storylines and might actually have to come up with something original.


tc 1980… Just to be contrary, at a point of fact… 30 years ago, it wasn’t Bob Elson and Red Rush calling the games on radio… It was acid tongued Harry Caray, along with Lorn Brown (a name out of the deep, dark past, right, Mark?)and the immortal James Piersall (I worked with Jimmy for a year plus at the old SportsVision before he got fired for his mouth…He knew his baseball, though, and really didn’t give a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn and windy city)about what people thought…)on the old WMAQ…(Frequency now owned and operated by the Score… whom I listen to ONLY for the pre-game and the game itself… I need to listen to the post-game call-ins like I need a third eye…)

I thought everyone had a third eye, Tom.


Right after I hit the submit button and re-read my post, I knew that I had done my subtraction wrong. I meant to say 40 years ago when the Sox kept finishing second behind the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles and whoever else was good back then.

In addition to the list of radio names you mentioned, how about some of the TV names from the 70’s that lasted a year (maybe two) next to Harry on Channels 32 and 44.

Of course, before Harry it was Jack Drees with guys like Bud Kelly, Mel Parnell, the “classiest man in America next to Roland Hemond” Billy Pierce, etc. With Harry came Bill Mercer, J.C. Martin, and the only guy I’ve ever heard more boring than DJ — Bob Waller.

I’m sure there are other names I have forgotten without doing any research. Those are just some that came to my mind.

Red Rush — who can forget his lines when calling DePaul games on TV — “That shot was swella fella, just like taht bread from Gonnella.”

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