Return of Esteban

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Esteban Returns

Prior to today’s game, we signed Esteban Loaiza and optioned Ehren Wassermann to Class AAA Charlotte.

Loaiza is in uniform and available for tonight’s game.

KW told the media that Loaiza fills two roles, 1. he will serve as a long man out of the bullpen allowing Ozzie and Don Cooper to use Nick Masset later in games when Octavio Dotel and Scott Linebrink may not be available, and 2. he gives us more depth and security for the rotation should a need arise over the course of the season.



Here’s hoping Coop can work his magic a second time with Loaiza. I can’t help but wonder if KW has done this as a prelude to another move such as trading a SP for a bat IF Loaiza proves worthy that is.

Also good to see that they realize their over-dependance on O-Dotel and Linebrink. They aren’t young pups anymore. Hopefully Masset sees this as a vote of confidence and can become as reliable at the end of a game as those two.

I believe that KW is way too smart to trade one of these five starting pitchers at this point of the year. Any offensive help that may be out there will not be any more attractive than what the Sox already have.

Where exactly are we going to plug someone in. They proved that Konerko and Thome will not be benched. The only one that has a realistic chance of being benched is Swisher, but that is highly doubtful they will do that.

If this really means some meaningful innings for Masset then I like this move. And should we need to rest guys up at the end of the season (for the playoffs of course), or need a spot start somewhere Loaiza would be a good fit.

No Scott posts for a couple of days then Wham-o, two or three all at once. It’s hard to keep up. I agree that Paulie is going to heat up very soon and that he is much better than Swish at first. If line-up changes are still to be made, I’d sit Thome and Swish. BA is better in center and his bat right now is better too. As far as the DH goes, put whomever is hottest in that spot for awhile and rotate as need be.

On the “I don’t believe it” front: While walking to the store the other day I spotted a baseball card. I went right on by it then noticed another and since it was Don Mattingly, I picked it up. I eventually picked up around 500 cards in all. Most were the Topps ’90 set including Ozzie, Greg Walker and KW suiting up for the Sox… These cards must have been somebody’s pride & joy, ( I sold my card collection many years ago), I just can’t figure why they would all be strewn around the dessert as they were. So I’ll go through them as our game plays today. Maybe they’ll be worth the effort…. stay tuned

O.K. so we win one, now let’s back it up with another W……. Go White Sox ’08….. j.k.

Come on Guys, it’s getting late and it’s starting to rain……. Shut ’em down and let’s win it in the bottom of the 14th…… j.k.

Could not have asked for a better matchup to end the game. Konerko hs just killed Gobble, now 5 for 6 with 4 HR’s. Should not have gone that long, but at least we got the win.

Way to go Paulie….. YESSSSSS!!!! j.k.

Another needed win, tough win, thome and konkerko big hits lets hope they continue. Glad for the win, still a bit worried about that offense.

That could be a turn around game. They didn’t give up when it would have been easy to do so. Should have won in 9, but even K.C. can get bloop hits now and again. Real good job by our bull pen again, and Alexi’s play is nothing short of stellar. If this game didn’t prove it, he needs to be annointed our regular 2nd baseman. Hopefully Joe is ok with a great play of his own……..

Now, let’s sweep these guys out of town tomorrow….. j.k.

Pick Yonder Alonso if he is available , sox.

“Konerko can go from being a goat to a hero very quickly in his home park.”

Nice call there tc.

I don’t care how poorly PK hits, we need him at first base. How many balls has he scooped over the two games alone? Plus I doubt his average will be going anywhere but up.

I love Ozzie, but doesn’t common sense say start BA in center? Is there a single reason not to? Frustrating.

Herm Schneider let me try on his World Series ring. It was heavy. And awesome. I almost dropped it.


I am a little worried about Crede. His hand looked really swollen whent he camera closed in on him after he made that play. Let’s hope it is just a bruise.

Dleeun – Here is the info I have about Yonder Alonso. Who on the current Sox roster does he remind you of?

“Alonso has one of the better power bats in this draft and is a relatively high-probability prospect. He’s a prototypical left-handed slugging first baseman, with a slightly open stance, good balance, and a very patient approach almost to the point of passivity. He centers the ball extremely well, has good loft in his swing, and generates easy power with his upper-body strength, despite an early weight transfer. In the field, he’s playable at first but unlikely to be better than average, as he has slightly hard hands but is aggressive about getting after the ball. The one knock on Alonso is the big trouble he has with left-handed pitching, which could relegate him to platoon status and pushes him behind a few other top bats in this draft.”

I have a new name for Juan Uribe ——- Wally Pipp!!

My “man-crush” on Alexei grew even more last night.

The star of the game should have been the Comcast person in the truck who had the graphic waiting for when Jimmy Gobble faced Konerko. Hawk couldn’t believe it when he read it and then PK showed why the note was true.

I’m with you on Alexei, TC–ok not the man crush part, but the sentiment behind it. (need to be careful how i phrase my sentences with you!!πŸ™‚ ) He still has some developing to do at the plate and needs to eat a couple cheeseburgers, but don’t you think he should be moved up in the lineup? He’s got speed and he’s hitting. Just what we need. Mr Uribe must be cursing that injury about now.

wow, and to think i left after the 12th inning……..

alexei looks like he could be a special player for us. looks like we might be able to trade uribe….

nice to see contributions from “murderers row” last night…LOL.

really nice to see PK hit the game winner. that’s two dingers in a week for him.

keep wearing your rally cap scam…..tonight we go for the sweep and get ready for 4 with the twinkies……

I’m not a huge fan of Swisher, I think that BA should be starting. I mean we traded Aaron for him so why not give him more shots?

Wow..still recovering here..those extra inning games are brutal and my stomach can’t take many more LOL

Interesting addition of Loaiza…have to say I wasn’t even aware that Wasserman was still out in the bullpen. We wore out the guys last night, and may need Loaiza sooner rather than later. Nice job by Boone!!

Let’s get the broom out! -Dawn

I completely agree with many of you. I think Swish really needs to sit for awhile. BA is definitely better in center and better at the plate as of late as well. Kudos to him for getting a hit in the gap and for his effort in attempting to stretch what was pretty clearly a double into a triple. Too bad it didn’t work out that way.

Jim Thome as much as I love him may need to sit awhile as well.

As much as I love Uribe, I honestly feel his days are numbered. Alexi who I have nicknamed “Skeletor” (any guess why?) has really been impressive lately…haven’t really devoloped a crush on him yet though. My crush is on CQ, which is why I will be sending Terry a letter with a Q-tip!!!!

I really hope Joe is not hurt and that he can play tonight because I don’t think we have anybody that can play defense as well as he does at third, except Fields and I think he is hurt right now.

Let’s go for the sweep tonight guys!

Scam…Keep wearing that hat!!!!!! LOL

Funniest quote of the day for me: (about Alexi)
“He still has some developing to do at the plate and needs to eat a couple cheeseburgers……..” Cracked me up!

Lisa M

One more thing…..I am still nervous about our offense because most, if not all of the runs we scored were via the homerun, I would love to see more manufactured runs….not that I’m not pleased with the results….I’m just sayin’.

Lisa M.

Great column looking at the A.L. Central today from Jayson Stark:

Mark Liptak

Here is who the Sox should pick:

Justin Smoak – 1B – South Carolina. He looks like a Mark Texaira type player. Would be good once Konerko is ready to move to DH in a few years. Here is the report I have on him:

“Smoak is a powerful switch-hitting first baseman with a good approach at the plate and plus defensive skills to boot. He’s a monster on both sides of the plate, with a simple swing, good centering ability and power both to his pull side and to the opposite field. His path to the ball is short and he sets up almost loaded, just clicking back one notch for his swing trigger. In the field, he’s limited to first base, but should be among the majors’ better fielders at the position when he arrives, with good feet, quick reaction times and excellent scooping skills; his only negative as a fielder is a below-average arm. He’s got a chance to be a switch-hitting Adrian Gonzalez, who was drafted No. 1 overall in 2000, with more thump. ”

mark l. nice post on the article. that was a well written column.

lisa….you’re right to be nervous about our offense. until we can balance the “swing for the fences” mentality with the need to manufacture runs a single and double at a time we may lose some games we should win.

i also think BA deserves to start in CF. the guy comes off the bench and pops a double in the gap. too damn bad he thought to stretch it into a triple. kudo’s for hustling, unlike watching AJ stop running 2/3 of the way to first base on his groundouts. what’s up with that?

jose on the mound tonight. someone remind him to come over the top when he pitches…….

And the White Sox select (drumroll please) Gordon Beckham – SS – Univ Georgia. I was not expecting this kid to be there. This should be a good pick, but we can judge that in a few years. Here is the report I see on him:

“Beckham followed up a strong Cape Cod League performance — albeit in the league’s one serious hitter’s park, Yarmouth-Dennis — with an outstanding junior year at Georgia, leading the team to the best record in the SEC this spring. Beckham’s approach at the plate isn’t pretty, as he has a hitch in his swing, an early move down and slightly back that hinders his ability to catch up to harder stuff or adjust to breaking balls. He hits all the same by cheating on his front side and utilizing his very quick wrists, and for a smaller guy has at least average raw power due to his strong forearms. Beckham’s approach at the plate is solid, although his high walk total this year may be a function of the weakness of the rest of the Georgia lineup; to his credit, however, he doesn’t waste at-bats or expand his zone out of frustration. He has an outstanding feel for the game, with great instincts at shortstop that should allow him to stay at the position despite slightly limited range; in Georgia’s first SEC tournament game, he walked in to stand on the lip of the infield grass in an obvious infield-in situation, even though the coach had yet to signal for it.”

I see him as JAMES Beckham.

It’s actually (James) Gordon Beckham

James Gordon Beckham. I believe he usually goes by his middle name. I like this pick…not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed Smoak too, but this shows that the Sox still have some desire to rely less on the HR and have more versatility and ‘baseball guys’ on the team.

But…hard to pass up a “texeira” or “chipper jones” type player. Especially when he would come up about the time Konerko would be moving on. Interesting to watch the draft for the first time, I’m enjoying it and I hope this brings more interest into the minor leagues and thus baseball in general.

Keep the winning going tonight boys. Nice to see Contreras pitching lights out, should keep it going tonight.

Just to add my two cents, how about that outstanding pitching appearance by Nick Masset? Who doesn’t love a guy who can come into a bases loaded situation and leave the mound with the scoreboard numbers exactly the same as when he took it? Way to go, Nick!

Beckham have to see, I would have taken crowe pitcher, smoke, or wallace az st. before beckham , alonso was gone at that point. But it is just an educated guess to some extent. Not sure how beckham fits in with getz , richar, 2nd, alexi ss but sox must have had their reasons.

Sox may project Beckham as 3rd base about only thing that might make sense.

I think this was a very solid and good pick. It badly fills an area of need IF the Sox can sign him.

Which begs the question….who is his agent?

If it’s Scott Boras, you can kiss him goodbye…it’ll be Jeff Weaver and Bobby Seay all over again.

Mark Liptak

dleeun – What is most impressive about this pick is the they did not look down the board and pick someone they might have an easier time signing. He may end up being a second basemen, it depends what happens over the next few years. I’d like to see what Alexei can do playing SS everyday.

This kid could be there in 2 years though. Keep in mind he is finishing his JR year in college. Not like he is a high school kid who would need a lot of time. Playing as good as he has in the SEC would probably be like having played through rookie ball and into single A level. He certainly has the bat to make an impact. .397 .505 OBP 24 HR’s and 65 RBI this year. Those are pretty impressive numbers for a 62 game season so far.

Mark, I do not believe he is a Scott Boras client. I am still trying to find out exactly who his agent is, but he does not appear to be linked to Boras.

I am not that familar with Beckham, he may turn out great, I hope so. But Jim on the who does Alonso remind you of comment, Jim Thome , I presume, and Yes I would take a young Jim Thome, possible HOF power guy, I do not care for him now , but yes when starting out for sure, and Alonso does have some things in common.

Yes, it is Thome that he reminds me of as far as some of his characteristics. I don’t think he would have been the right guy for the Sox though, and I doubt he will be as good as Thome has been over the course of his career. Justin Smoak will be the better of the two first basemen. He is gold glove caliber, and resembles a Mark Texaira/Chipper Jones type hitter.

My guess is KW was surprised that Gordon Beckham fell to him. A lot of projections had him going to Cincy with the 7th pick.

I don’t like that the baseball draft is getting so much publicity. 98 percent of the fans don’t know what is going on at triple A other than what the organization feeds to them let alone some kid playing high school ball in Kansas or a college player in Maryland.

How the hell do i know if any of these guys will be any good. This isn’t like football. I am pretty sure 30 percent of the first rounders won’t even make the major leagues. It just gives fans who don’t know anything the opportunity to compare guys who may never make it to Chipper Jones and Jim Thome who are most likely 2 hall of famers. I remember when everyone said that Joe Borchard is the best power hitting switch hitter since Mickey Mantle. He ended up only having a handful more home runs than Mickey Mouse. Don’t get excited over draft picks, minor league players, prospects. They turn out to break your heart 90 percent of the time.

As for Konerko last night…..good job, but don’t get too excited. The way Gobble was throwing he should have retired if he didn’t at least get a double. That guy was throwing like he just pitched 6 innings the day before.

O.K. Guys, let’s finish off K.C., but please don’t look past them to tomorrow night…….. It would be good to see BA in center tonight….. Go Sox ’08……. j.k.


there you go White Sox!!!! Now, let’s take on the Twinkies…….. see you all tomorrow…… j.k.

Just as I suspected the Sox sweep after an Ozzie rant. Albeit against the lowly royals….a sweep is a sweep. Twins lose today so we pick up a game with them coming in for a big 4 game set. I am thinking we will take 3 of 4 from the Twins this weekend. I usually like to split 4 game sets but for some reason I think we will do better than a split. I am not impressed with the Twins pitching (starting or bullpen) outside of Nathan. We shall see. Nice job by Contreras. I have a man crush on him!πŸ™‚ He is automatic like the good old days of late 05 early 06!

Just as I suspected the Sox sweep after an Ozzie rant. Albeit against the lowly royals….a sweep is a sweep. Twins lose today so we pick up a game with them coming in for a big 4 game set. I am thinking we will take 3 of 4 from the Twins this weekend. I usually like to split 4 game sets but for some reason I think we will do better than a split. I am not impressed with the Twins pitching (starting or bullpen) outside of Nathan. We shall see. Nice job by Contreras. I have a man crush on him!πŸ™‚ He is automatic like the good old days of late 05 early 06!

Did anyone listen to the game on radio? Again, it was synced up nicely to the TV broadcast. Anyway, my point is, Ed Farmer seems to LOVE Alexi as much or more than TC. If that’s the case, you’re probably going to have to fight Farmio for him. He had another great game.

Nice sweep Sox. Now let’s get to the twinkies and bury them.


Keep the hat on scam!! Ozzie can rant all he wants if these are the results. I’m feeling bad for Paulie though. He justs looked so frustrated after that last strikeout. Kenwo with a mancrush Contreras and TC and Farmio fighting over Alexei….hmmm. Nice to see the men on this board aren’t ashamed of their manlove!!πŸ™‚ Winning is so nice!

I second the advice, Scam – please keep the hat on for the Twins series – the Sox need any kind of magic they can muster against the “piranhas” from Minnesota!

Kenwo – It is fun to speculate and to think about what could be for the future of your team. That is why people get into drafts. I will agree that baseball has the lowest success rate. Part of that is drafting highschool kids that most still need 5 or 6 years before they are near ready to make an impact. You will notice that the amount of college players drafted in the early rounds has increased quite a bit the last few years. Teams are getting smarter, and looking for guys that can jump through the organization quicker.

The NFL draft is the same inexact science. 32 picks in the first round and you get maybe 4-5 guys at most that become annual pro-bowl caliber players. Much like baseball it is about the steals in the draft later on. Baseball is also harder to get info on. Drafts like the NFL and NBA are beat into us by the major media outlets. Baseball only gets a couple days of coverage. Probably because the common fan who does not watch college baseball has no idea who these guys are.

Those players talked about may not be as good as a Thome or Chipper Jones in the long run, but they are just being compared by swings and characteristics. If scouts knew some guy was going to achieve 80% of what either of those two have, then they would be a no doubt #1 pick. I’m surprised someone as critical (mostly good ways) as you would not be more into what the scouts are doing and the potential future players here.

As for last nights game, I wanted to see some more Jimmy Gobble. I was hoping the Cell would go into a collective turkey call. Nice win last night. Scored a bunch with basehits, and even got a rally started for a run with 2 outs. Having speed from 9-2 like we had was really nice, especially since it seemed like they were on base a lot. Got to take my daughter to her first game last night, not that she even knew she was there, but still lots of fun!

Kenwo, this fact about the draft you will find insteresting. With their 6th round pick they picked Ken Williams Jr. He is a decent player, but may be a bit of a stretch here. He would have to be about 200% of what his father was to be an impact player. Supposedly KW was not invloved when they made this pick. They had him slotted for this round, and they took him. He does play for a good baseball school at Witchita State.

Now, that game last night was exactly the kind of game I was hoping to see from our team…RBI’s and MANUFACTURED runs!!!

Me likey!!!!!!!!

Please keep it going this weekend!!!!

Go get em tonite boys!!!!!!!!

Lisa M.

I’m sitting here LMAO at the thought of The Cell in a collective turkey call. Now THAT was funny!

It’s a family affair apparently. The Sox took Jordan Danks in the 7th round. He is a CF.

For those that have access during the day, our first round pick is playing on ESPN at 11am in the college super-regionals. KW’s kid plays at 1PM on ESPN2.

Donna, (obrnmac), it took me a half hour to figure out your LMAO…. now that’s funny. I guess i need someone to come up with a text message encyclopedia for me for the abreviations…..

BTW ( I’m learning), did you get your date yet for the blog nite?

O.K. guys, we’re all rooting for you and Javy tonight, and Scam will be wearing his hat so put it on the board as a White Sox winner…. …..

Uh guys, could you tone down your affections for our players, I’m getting a bit squeemish out here, but maybe it’s just the heat….. j.k.

JimD, I agree the draft is getting more and more fun and important, it is easier to follow players with the college coverage. Players are making the move to the majors quicker and having big impacts. I think trading draft picks in baseball is close that would be interesting also. It just adds to the overall fun of the baseball scene, yes , as keno says they can break your heart but they can also bring some added entertainment. Someday people will probably be able to watch on AAA and AA coverage of a teams minor league affilitates.

Now I’m ROFL *rolling on the floor laughing–I have a 15 year old who texts me these things and I’m forced to figure it out.

JK let our boys have their man crushes….is it wrong??? πŸ™‚

As to the recently completed series… The White Sox just got through with the American League equivalent of the Pittsburgh Pirates… a once-proud franchise, now struggling big time…

But this is what good teams must do in order to stay good…
That is, play the other good teams close, then beat the whoop-dee-doo out of the scufflers…

Concerning the draft choice… I have heard that Beckham is projected to be “the next Derek Jeter”…

PLEASE, people… Let’s let this young man be “the first Gordon Beckham”… there’s enough on this kid’s mind right now as he tries to help UGA to the CWS(lots of abbreviations there…)

Jim D is right about the baseball draft… It IS very much an inexact science… unlike the football and basketball drafts, we don’t get the chance to see these players every weekend… so we know very little about them… The only ones who really know, thank goodness, are the organization people who are paid to know about them…

And for every stud in the “star-studded” lineup, there are going to be five duds whose only abilities are to be able to put their uniform on by themselves(knowing that the cup goes INSIDE the pants)and knowing which end of the bat to hold when going up to the plate…

obrnmac: Mommy Mac, don’t you think that Jimmy Gobble would think about changing his last name… to avoid the scenario that would make you LYAO ?

Scam: for the love of all that is White Sox Universe, get your hat covered so that you can shower with it on, and do all you need to do to keep this ball rolling over the weekend, as well as the weeks and months to come…
(Geez, we’re not SUPERSTITIOUS, are we ???)

Lastly, who considered drafting KW Jr?… Were there any thoughts of … I’m trying to think of the word for a kid taking on the business his father is in without any regard for the son’s abilities, but I can’t come up with it…this is driving me even crazier than I am to begin with…

Sports Illustrated this week has a nice story on Quentin and Kenny. It’s on page 80. The edition has the Celtics/Lakers on the cover.

Mark Liptak

Just mailed my Q-tip to Tito. Don’t forget to send yours.

I sent three letters. One from me, and one from each of my kids.


Not to alarm anyone, but I had to take my hat off for an extended period earlier today. I was volunteering and they made us wear yellow bandannas on our head. Don’t worry tho, it’s back on now and will be for the game.

Don’t hate me if we lose. I feel confident with Javy out there tho. We’re going to figure out Blackburn tonight.


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