Sound And Fury

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, LF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B.  Danks pitching.

Answering the Bell

People often ask, why does Ozzie sometimes say what he says …

My answer often is that it sure seems to work.  Either our team responds to the motivation and/or our players are focused on the task at hand and remain oblivious to the swirling rumors around them.  Impressive either way.

I enjoyed reading this from the Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom here

Family Feud

Truly enjoyed Chris DeLuca’s column from today and not-so-veiled shots at a certain other columnist working at his own paper.  To read Chris’s piece, click here and laugh.

Which also brings me to my desktop file.  I recently came across a column from the October 22, 2003 Sun-Times.

Here are some interesting sections and quotes from the piece:

Headline:  Wave Him Home:  Guillen is the right choice for Sox

The lede:  “He fidgets, paces, scratches, spits, shouts, claps his hands and, when the mood strikes, turns and mugs for the fans.  What, you expected Ozzie Guillen to start standing still, just because he’s going on 40 and coaching third base in a World Series?  Some think the box is where he belongs, forevermore, dismissing him as too hot a potato to manage in the big leagues and too zany a character for any serious job.

“Forgive them for not appreciating the energy of this man, this blizzard of Oz.

“He is precisely what the White Sox need in the dugout next season — a fireball with deep roots in the organization, an enduring fan magnet who will sell tickets in a blue ghost of a ballpark, a legitimate conversation piece in a baseball town dominated by Dusty Baker and the Cubs.  Once the Series is over, it would behoove chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to follow up on his recent marathon phone chat with his former shortstop, get general manager Ken Williams on board, lure Guillen from the Florida Marlins and sign him to a deal.”

Some other tidbits …

“The question is whether Williams … will have the guts to choose Guillen in a hire that could make or break him as a GM.”

” … a special hire is necessary.  The Sox need to make a splash that creates an offseason buzz and sells out the home opener at Whatever They’re Calling Comiskey Park.  That would be Guillen …”

Prescient, don’t you think?

(P.S. I really, really had to fight off the urge to, like the guys on, add my own comments to this piece as I typed it in …)

Fun Concept

John O’Brien of the Southtown Star came up with this fun idea to promote White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin for a spot on the All-Star Game.

Having been involved in Ozzie’s picking the 2006 AL team, I know how tough it is and how few picks the manager even gets.

Either way, start sending those Q-Tips Tito’s way in Boston.  I’m sure he’ll love it.

And One

From Tony Reali, host of ESPN’s Around The Horn:

“They (the show’s panelists) really do get upset when they don’t win.  I’ve gotten phone calls from columnists after a particularly slow week of points for them.”

Gee, I wonder which columnist on that wonderful show would complain?


To Sox fan and Illinois Senator Barack Obama on his historic first as nominee of the Democratic Party.

Reports had Obama leaving his morning basketball game yesterday sporting a White Sox cap.

Keep the Faith.




Another nice piece by Rosenbloom for the Rosenblog. He is so right about Guillen. He tells the truth. Is that a fireable offense? About once a month you hear a sports personality actually say what they think in an interview. It’s like why even do an interview if you know you are going to dodge questions and not give your true feelings. As fans we don’t want to hear BS answers.

Thanks for the link to the Q-tip idea. I’ll be sending my tips to Tito tomorrow.

I like the Q-tip idea also, however I feel it is just a waste of time…I don’t even want to watch the All-Star (nay NY/BOS love affair) game this year. I understand the game is for fans, but this is pathetic…half the names in the lead are doing terrible. Doesn’t say much for baseball fans. I see it is a boring 3 days and can’t wait for the season to start up again.

Sorry for the mini-rant. As for the important stuff, it’s time to put PK on the DL, sit Thome and call up Eldred or Fields (is he healthy?) to DH. Put Swish at 1B and BA in CF.

OC, A-Ram, AJP, TCQ, Dye, Crede, Fields, Swish, BA

On a happy note, I will be making my first trip to the Cell this Sunday (hopefully). Excited to see the new WS monument, find my brick and of course watch the Sox drop the Twins. Big series, even if just June.

All this talk about Konerko needing to go on the DL makes me laugh. If Herm Schneider felt that PK’s injury required a stint on the DL, then he would be there.

The Sox organization trusts Herm — and it should because he is regarded as one of the best in MLB.

If they really wanted to sit PK, then the DL could be an option and Herm could verify the need for it. But don’t try to tell me that Swisher playing 1B and Anderson playing CF is better than Konerko at 1B and either one of the other two in CF. Especially with all these games ahead of us at the homer-friendly Cell. Konerko can go from being a goat to a hero very quickly in his home park.

Nice call predicting the hero thing for Paulie, tc!

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