Twins In For Four

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B.  Vazquez pitching.

Odds and Ends

I was out yesterday at Ron Kittle’s Indiana Sports Charities golf outing at Briar Ridge Golf Course in Scherville, Ind.  After a hot, humid afternoon of not golfing particularly well, I had to race back to the ballpark just in time for the first pitch.

Our scouting department is thrilled with our draft.  If you caught ESPN or ESPN2 today, you had a chance to see our first pick, SS Gordon Beckham of Georgia and sixth round pick Kenny Williams Jr. of Wichita State.  Both will play again tomorrow.

Early today, we selected John Danks’ brother, Jordan, an OF from Texas.  Projected to go as high as a sandwich pick, Danks was still available in the seventh round.

Draft day is always fun in that it gives you a sense of re-birth and renewal.  Yesterday and today were no different.

Hmmm …

Fans, the public and members of the media often grouse about salaries paid to professional athletes.  Often, baseball players seem especially called out as targets.

A recent list of the top 50 highest-paid American athletes, in terms of total compensation (salary plus endprsements), shows just nine are baseball players, the top ARod at 35M.

Jeter is 10th (30M), Manny is 20th (22.5M), followed by Giambi (23rd, 21.5), Torii Hunter (28th, 19), Pujols (T41st, 16.5), Delgado (T41st), Pettitte (T41st) and then Jason Schmidt (46th, 16.25).

I guess sometimes it is good to be a Yankee (and this kinda puts the Torii Hunter deal into some kind of perspective).

Ranking No. 1 … Tiger at $127,902,706, more than twice ahead of Phil Mickelson, who ranks second at just over 62M.



Is our team payroll more or less than Tiger?

I havn’t even read any of the previous posts…. I just got back from a golf tourney where we shot 4 under par……. but I had to leave to see what out Team is doing, and so far so good…… I ‘ll check back later… Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Good finish, It looked like the Sox had the gloves out tonight too. I watched from the 6th inning on and not only JD, but OC and Alexi had good plays….. Way to go Sox. I will be watching on WGN tomorrow….. j.k.

I love watching great defense. Sox had three of Sports Center’s top ten with plays by Cabrera, Konerko, and Dye.

1 down, at least 2 more to go. I think the sox are going to put some distance between them and 2nd place this weekend! outstanding job defensively. Way to go boys!

Scam, depending which source you use our payroll varies(I go with the lower number, the Sox officials sometimes like to use a higher number which includes stuff like money from Philly towards Thome’s contract), but it does come out to less than what Tiger makes. I could only imagine how much his contracts with Gatorade, Buick and Nike are worth yearly.

Very nice win tonight. Javy did not have his best stuff, but still did enough and literally flashed some leather.

I hope these bats are alive for good now.

Oh Mariotti where was your column this week about how the Mariners manager should have been fired after his explitive laced press conference earlier this week. I missed that one, or did you not see it cause it was past your bedtime? Oh wait let me guess your next column will be ripping JR about Doug Collins.

Speaking of the Scum Times… Check out the “poll” on who’s fans are hotter. Where’s your outrage on this one Carol?

Good spot to bring Loaiza in. Even though he gave up a couple of hits, including a homerun, they were not bad pitches at all, just some good hitting by the twinks. This is a different Sox team than the one the Twins ran over last time we met. Hope we get to Livan early today and give Mark a confidence boost so he can shut those pirahnas down. I still think the play of the game was Paulie’s grab at first. WOW!! But the other defensive plays were awesome, including the spectacular Dye-fensive play to end the game!


tpk… I do not think that the(you’ll pardon the expression)
management of the sports department at the tabloid rag ran this idea past the easily offended Ms Slezak… and if she did gripe… they’d run it, anyway…

Now, for those of you who saw my effort on the drafting of Kenny Williams Jr… I was trying to think of the word that described the son being taken in by the father to the father’s line of work, with no obvious skills…and I couldn’t think of it…

Well, about two blocks from home yesterday, the word finally came to me… It is nepotism…

Then I read Scott Merkin’s story on, and it mentions that KW Sr was no where near the room when his son was picked… So, obviously, there is no such case of…
what was that word again????(senior moment, right, jk?)

From the “kick a man when he’s down” department…
Now is the time to do so, boys, when the Twinkies are somewhat ailing… only three position players on the bench, and 8 relief pitchers…

Put some distance between yourselves and themselves…but then don’t let up… because there is the tendency to do so, when and opponent is way behind in your rear view mirror… they can catch up very quickly…

To jim d and all the rest who are commenting, or griping, about player salaries… I have said it before and I’ll say it again… There are only four groups who should have this information… the player, his agent, the organization and the IRS… to anyone else… none of your damned business…
This is why I hate seeing those salary figures printed in the paper at the start of each baseball season… because some of the amounts are blown up like the Goodyear blimp…


Again for what it may be worth after the AP released their team payroll figures (which had the Sox at 121 million) I asked Mark Gonzales about it.

He said those figures put out by the AP and picked up by ESPN are wrong because the AP simply averaged the deal by the number of years to get a number. For example the AP said if a guy has a five year, 50 million dollar deal, he gets ten million a season. Mark said that is wrong because contracts aren’t averaged they change every year. Some deals are front loaded, some are back loaded.

Mark said at least four of the White Sox salaries according to the AP for this season were wrong.

He said the Sox team payroll was around 109 million.

I do not know if that is counting the money the Sox are getting from the Angels for Cabrera and from the Phillies for Thome or not.

It may be 109 with that money which means the actual amount of cash the Sox are shelling out could be less. Or it could be 109 counting that money.

This discrepancy explains how the Cubs can still have a lower payroll then the Sox this season despite shelling out 300 million during the off season before the start of 2007. It’s because many of these deals are back-loaded which in a few years will send the Cub payroll into Red Sox territory at around 130 million a season.

The Tigers RIGHT NOW, TODAY are spending much more on payroll then the Sox.

Mark Liptak

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