Twins 2

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Windy City

It may have been the windiest I’ve ever seen it at the ballpark last night, although I’ll take it because it certainly seemed to benefit our offense … for once.  Outfielders had some interesting routes to the ball, and JD’s diving catch of our No. 27 seemed right out of our commerical.

The wind at U.S. Cellular Field is an interesting phenomenon.  Robin Ventura first pointed it out to me in the early 90s.

A wind from the south/southwest (i.e. coming into the ballpark in right field), has some interesting effects.  Balls to right-center or center field get knocked down (think Swisher’s shot last night), while balls to left center take a ride.  Right down the line and the ball might be pushed foul unless it is hit on a line.

The most interesting point is how the ball back out to right is helped.  If you check the flags the next time you are at the ballpark and the wind is howling from the south, you’ll notice that the wind actually is blowing out to right.  That seems to be because the wind for the south hits the left field stands and the bowl-shape of the ballpark routes it around behind home plate (notice the swirling wind on pop ups) and then shoots the jet out to right.

I think that’s why Robin noticed it immediately.  A left-handed hitter can actually hit a ball out to right on a day when the wind is blowing in …


Hit three balls on the nose last night and must lead the AL in line drives caught … check out the piece on Swisher of 2008 compared to Swisher of 2007.


Attended Opening Ceremonies at the new Lemont Park District’s Miracle Field this morning along with Toby Hall and Scott Linebrink.  The guys signed autographs for kids, including the special Challenge Little League players who play the game from their wheelchairs, and then we all took part in on-field ceremonies.

What an honor and priviledge to attend.  This is the sixth Miracle League Field we have funded, in part, through Chicago White Sox Charities.

Several years ago, Jerry Reinsdorf was watching Real Sports at home when he saw a story on the Miracle League and what it means to wheel-chair bound and developmently challenged kids (not to mention wounded veterans), and he came into our offices saying, “This is something we have to do.”

Since then, I am very proud to say we have partnered with many organizations, including the Mircale League of Illinois and Challenger Little League, to build six fields around Chicago and the suburbs.

Those smiles on kid faces as they were introduced next to Major League players are priceless.



Scott, interesting article about Swish. I only hope that he starts moving towards his career numbers, because so far, he doesn’t look that good. Go Boys, Let’s back Mark the same way you did for Javy…. j.k.

Paulie with a triple?!? Ok stat guys, when’s the last time THAT ever happened? Nice 4-run inning with a homer by Crede to cap it off. Keep it going!


According to Ed Farmer, last time Paulie hit a triple was 8 years ago!

Good pitching, good hitting. Adds up to a White Sox winner!!!

Mark Liptak

Double digit runs in back to back games…… Let’s go for three tomorrow and our sixth W in a row. It was nice to be able to watch on the big screen instead of my computer for a change…….. see you all tomorrow….. j.k.

Paulie’s triple was definitely helped by that wind you were talking about, Scott. The replay showed it perfectly. Nice put out by AJ on the speedy Gomez in the first. Sort of set the tone for the kind of defense the Twinkies could expect tonight, with Paulie following suit. Mark sure did look relaxed out there after they put those first 4 runs on the board and even more so after the next bunch. Kind of surprising to see Ozuna out there in the late innings and not Uribe. Wonder when we’ll get to see him back in action? Keep it going Good Guys and I’ll be out to the Cell on Monday with the kids!

Does anyone else think Mark Buehrle pitches better when AJ is catching? (Recall that AJ caught his no-hitter last year.) This is not a complaint about Hall, just an observation, that may or may not be right.

I really like this habit of winning the Sox are developing. Let’s hope this habit is hard to break🙂

Just to be safe, Scam, please keep the hat on!

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