Monday, June 9, 2008

Nice Homestand

To quote one of the assistants here who answers many phone calls:

“Just think, one week ago people were calling and yelling at us …”

What a difference a week makes.


Well when you produce, you do not get yelled at anymore, moral of the story , produce.

Just win baby and the phone call stop. Simple isn’t it?

But count your blessings…Sox fans care enough to be willing to call, that’s more then a lot of other franchises can say.

Mark Liptak

What a nice win. I had no doubts in my mind when they were down 5-2 that they were going to come back and win. I told my 8 month old who started crying (i like to think it was because the sox were losing) “don’t worry they are gunna win, I got the word!” Shortly after the come back was on and the crying had stopped (it stopped because the sox were winning not cuz i made a bottle during the commercial break)🙂

Way to go Konerko….nice clutch hit. Swishy boy is on fire! Contreras on the mound in Detroit tomorrow…i have a very good feeling about this short road trip. I am looking for a sweep. (though if there is one that will give us trouble it will be the Gambler on Thursday). I think we are hot enough to get em.

What a great home stand! Go Go SOX! YES!

First of all, I *always* wear my Sox visor or hat around town (and, for those who don’t know, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area). I am never, ever ashamed to wear it, even when the Sox are on a losing streak. That said, I get more and different comments from strangers these days. People are starting to take notice of the White Sox, and that is such fun for me! I’m sporting what my younger daughter calls my “permagrin” these days. Let’s just keep it up!!!

The Sox are on a tear! Nice sweep of the Twinks. And some averages on the rise too. Keep up the hitting!

But now for some troubling news,(for me)……. We all are giddy with the thrill of victory right now, and we all believe that Ozzie is amazing to be able to extract that kind of production out of a moribund (hi TQ and thesaurus) offense, but I will not be able to share all this cumbiah (sp) because early tomorrow morning I will be flying to visit my Son and his family in Okinawa (Go Army). It may be a week before I can again exchange comments with you all.

So, for the next week: 1) Scam, do not take off your hat. I hope it is the dirtiest smelliest thing in Chicago when I get back home on the 17th. 2) Mark, keep reworking your stats in that positive vein (alluding to the 7th inning comebacks rather than the 3 run lethargy). 3) TQ, continue to keep the younger members of our group informed with your witicisms. 4) Maria and Dawn (Princesses) ( remember that?), keep posting whenever you can, it keeps the rest of us in line. I should acknowledge Peggy in SF and Lisa in Texas too for that matter. 5) kenwo, start thinking about weaning your kid off milk and get him ready for champagne?. 6) Scott, really think about the blog night, because I want to be a part of it this year……..

Keep the faith everybody, and I’ll talk to you all again around the 17th.

P.S. do you think that since I will be a day ahead I will already KNOW the results of the games being played in detroit and Chicago?……. just a thought…… j.k.

Very frustrating game to watch for the first five innings when the Twinkies were scoring runs on pathetic hits. Very refreshing to see Swish and PK come through.

Crede is the best defensive third baseman in MLB. I don’t care want the fielding percentage stats say. I haven’t seen anybody in this league who is able to field some of the balls Crede does. We might have the best defensive infield as well. It certainly is fun watching them. And how about that play from Bobby in the ninth? Double play without letting the run score. Perfection.

Well this offensive explosion better carry over to Detroit, cause we’re not facing anyone with an ERA lower than five. I believe Robertson is above six.



1 : being in the state of dying : approaching death

2 : being in a state of inactivity or obsolescence


Just so you know Klein, if this hat is still on when you get back then Ozzie’s pants will be the dirtiest, smelliest thing in Chicago.

wait a minute… are you saying next time the sox strand a dozen runners in a 2-1 loss theres someone in the organization i can call to yell at???

i must have this number. i promise i wont tell kenwo.

Have a safe trip JK. I’ll cheer twice as loud while you are out of touch for a week.


Klein, If you do know the results ahead of time please let me know so I can call my bookie!

Scam, Crede has a high number of errors this year, but I am willing to accept some errors because he by far makes up for them. He is always in the right position to make a play. I think his positioning before the pitch goes unnoticed. He is always in the right place. Shows he is doing his job prepping off the field too.

JK…Be safe and have a great trip…you’ll be back here before we know it. Here’s hoping we rack up a LOT of W’s before you return! To reiterate…BLOG NIGHT!! Can’t wait! -Dawn


You have got to read Teddy Greenstein’s latest column. I had no idea it was this bad and still have no idea why or how he is still employed:


Mark Liptak

JK – we’ll all think of you, and try to post things you’ll wish you’d been here to read🙂

Travel safely, enjoy your family, and keep us posted if you know the results ahead of time! – Peggy

Thanks for the well wishes everybody, and thanks for the spelling on kumbaya, Scam, ( I really butchered that one). See you all in a week…. j.k.

interesting article on the sun-times. i thought censorship was something you see in communist countries. given the fact the sun-times will probably be bankrupt and out of business within a year, we won’t have to tolerate any of this much longer.

while we all have the phone number to call and bitch when the boys play badly, let me suggest we all take a moment to reach out to kenny williams. this guy needs a slap on the back for what appears to be nothing short of a miraculous off season acquisition spree…..swisher, linebrink, dotel, ramirez and quentin. we still got 99 games to go, but these guys look like keepers to me……on to detroit…..

True that….but thats the way it is.. One time we are yelling the next time we arent….lets get Detroit then take on the national league.

By the way, ignoring those who will vote for McCain wouldn’t it be cool if Obama became President and the White Sox would finally get national recognition since he would be President. Would be pretty cool, maybe he would throw the 1st pitch out at Comiskey ( I still won’t call it the cell sorry)

By the way, ignoring those who will vote for McCain wouldn’t it be cool if Obama became President and the White Sox would finally get national recognition since he would be President. Would be pretty cool, maybe he would throw the 1st pitch out at Comiskey ( I still won’t call it the cell sorry)

Very interesting article by Teddy Greenstein. The only reason Mariotti is still with the Sun-Times is because he is on TV and gives them national recognition (I was going to say credibility, but that word and Mariotti don’t fit in the same sentence). The Sun-Times will bow to him until either he is off TV or the paper goes bankrupt.

The only other way to get rid of him would be for businesses to stop buying ad space. Our buying the paper does not keep it afloat. It is advertising dollars that keep this paper breathing (barely).

If Telander’s column’s are being rejected why don’t they reject Mariotti’s columns when all he does is beat on the same things over and over.

Credibility and Mariotti DO belong in the same sentence. It reads like this: Jay Mariotti has NO credibility.


As the Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants makes their way to Detroit, I can’t help but wonder who will be wearing Hall’s uniform tonight.

Good luck guys. Eight would be great.

Did I miss something? Where will Toby be?

Swish has been wearing Toby’s pants…

but that makes me wonder – who’s pants is (are?) Toby wearing?


At least it’s not a gold thong that they are all sharing.

I am upset that myp won’t give me the number. what the hell i have been more cheery than all…ok most…of you have been this season dammit. i said from the beginning of the year i like the team and its chances to win. where is my back up on this for goodness sakes!

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