Early Monday

Monday, June 9, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Ramirez, 2B; Q, LF: PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Hall, C.  Danks on the mound.


The White Sox have won six in a row entering today and 18 of the last 24 to move a season high 10 games over .500 … the AL Central lead now stands at 5.5 games … the Sox have recorded 15 hits in three straight games for the first time since 7/23-24-2/32 (as in 1932) … Sox are 20-8 vs. the Central … with a win today, the White Sox would record just the fourth undefeated homestand of seven games or more in franchise history and first since 9/5-11/83 (7-0) … Chicago also posted 7-0 homestands on 4/18-26/72 and 5/12-16/65 … the Sox are in position to record their first four-game sweep at home since 9/1-4/05 vs. Detroit and first vs. Minnesota since 7/1-3/77 … the last four-game sweep came at Tampa Bay on 6/25-28/07.

“Winning is fun,” one AL manager once said, “and fun is winning.”

It’s sure nice to have warm weather and to play home games.

Rain Delay

As rain came down in waves yesterday, Lee Stern, a member of the White Sox board, spotted three lone sailors sitting in the center field stands.

“We need to do something for those guys,” Stern said.

So we grabbed the three, brought them in out of the rain (no need for North Atlantic Training at a ballgame in June) and invited them up to Jerry Reinsdorf’s VIP suite to watch the game.

The three, one from Chicago, the other two seeing their first MLB game, had just graduated from boot camp and were enjoying a weekend off downtown.



Thanks for the stats, Scott. I knew this felt unusually great, and now I know that it is! Let’s hope the rain holds off today and we put another W in our books! -Dawn

That’s awesome what you guys did for those sailors. That’s something they’ll talk about for a long time as they serve our nation, especially for the two that had never been to a game. I proud of you guys for that gesture!

That was a really great thing the W/S did yesterday for those 3 sailors. That is something they will always remember and I’m sure in their travels with the Navy be able to pass along to boatloads (pun intended) of people about the day they got to sit in the owner’s suite at the White Sox game.

Keep your foot on the gas pedal boys! Now, let’s go get the sweep!


I don’t see what the big deal about the navy guys is. Three idiots sitting in the rain happen to have military uniforms on so you treat them differently? If it was three regular guys, you wouldn’t have done anything but make fun of them.

blperk, apparently you know of nobody serving or have never served before… your comments lead me to believe you have no respect for the armed forces, I can’t express on here the what I’m really trying to perceive… your are rude, plain and simple.

to blperk, if it wasn’t for men like them serving our country, this blog would probably be in German, or Japanese. Good Job White Sox!!!

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