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Monday, June 9, 2008 — Second Entry

Best Home Records

At 19-9, the White Sox rank third in the American League in home winning percentage.  The top 5:

Boston … 25-6, .813

Tampa Bay … 24-10, .706

White Sox … 19-9, .667

Baltimore … 17-11, .607

Oakland … 21-15, .583

And you might find this article on home winning percentages of interest.


With a 3.29 ERA, the White Sox lead all of baseball.  In a stat usually dominated by NL clubs, the top three to date actually are AL teams in Chicago, Oakland (3.44), Toronto (3.56), then the Cubs (3.67) and Atlanta (3.70).

Nice Lid

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama went for a lake-side bike ride yesterday with his family, dodging rain drops along the way, and he sported a White Sox cap under his protective helmet.



dont let up now, boys. it’s definitely payback time for that 32 run doubleheader last year. a win would be awesome, but another double-digit blowout would be perfect!

I’m sure Mr. Obama would love to have the White Sox come visit him in February at his future address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

myp… I would settle for a win by a 1-0 score, or 2-1, or whatever… Just remember… there’s only so much gas in the tank…and with prices the way they are…

Just think, folks… the last time this kind of offense was seen was back when Zeke “Banana Nose” Bonura, Luke Appling and Ted Lyons were on the White Sox… and none of us were even being considered… and back then, that offense was usually the property of the Yank-mes and the Philadelphia A’s…the WS were, to say the least, lacking…

Good luck to us all today…then on to Motown!

(Is that short enough for you, tc?🙂

crazy crazy crazy!!!!!

Great job guys! Bobby made me sweat a little in the end, but it turned out all good. Wow! It makes it even better beating up on the Twinkies for four straight.

Go Go White Sox!!

I love winning!

Oh yeah!!!! How sweet it is. Way to go Chicago White Sox ’08!!!!!!! j.k.

These guys are like rockem sockem robots!!! This is freakin awesome!

Scott – can you please explain why Nick Swisher is wearing Toby Hall’s pants? (per the post game interview with Kerry Sayers today)

This feels GREAT!!!!!

Don’t stop now boys!!!! Go get the Kittens!!!!

Scam, don’t you dare even THINK about taking that hat off!!!!!

I’m walking around grinning from ear to ear!!!!

Nice story about the 3 sailors. Makes me even prouder to be a White Sox fan!!!!

Lisa M.

Awesome – Just Awesome! A sweep of the twinkies!

As for the three sailors at yesterday’s game – I saw that on TV and thought it was an incredibly gracious gesture by the White Sox. What a thrill for the two of them to see their first game.

As an aside, when I was in NY for my pilgrimage to see the NY Stadiums before they are demolished, I had an extra Mets ticket. I tried my best to give it to one of the many sailors that were present outside the stadium, but they all had tickets. I finally ate the ticket because no one wanted it – don’t know if that’s indicative of NY fans!😉 But it was the least I could do to try to show some support!

Go White Sox! Let’s keep it rolling in US Comiskular East and bury the Tigers!

I was at that Sunday DH back in June of 77 when the Sox swept the Twins to move into first place.

I still remember Lerrin LaGrow on the mound striking out the last batter (Larry Hisle?) to end the game and get the sweep. The crowd starting shouting in unison “we’re number 1!” over and over and over. It was very sweet.

The Sox have now won 23 of their last 33 games. Hope they can keep it going.

The nice thing about putting some distance between themselves and the Twins is the rest of this year’s series, I think, is ALL played in Minnesota including three late season games. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to go to the Metrodome and HAVE to win.

By the way the Sox have now had four games this season where they trailed in the 7th inning or later and came back to win….ironically they wound up getting the lead back in the 7th inning of EVERY ONE of those four games!

Great job, great series…keep it going.

Mark Liptak

On Friday I said, “Piranhas”.

On Saturday I said, “Goldfish”.

On Sunday I said, “Tadpoles”.

And my son of 10 finished it off just now with,

“Mom, now they are eggs.”


Have a nice evening everybody!
I know a certain team will be.


You are welcome to write as long a missive as you want. How about one paragraph per each win in the streak?

Mark, I’m no doctor and I don’t even play one on TV. I meant no harm and knew that it was Scott that brought up the three-run discussion and not you.

A 7-0 homestand and a through butt-whipping of the Twins. Quaid and I haven’t had this much fun since the little college in South Bend lost its first nine football games of the 2007 season.

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