Series Opener In Detroit

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Alexei, 2B.  Contreras pitching.


This from the Elias Sports Bureau:

The White Sox swept their seven-game homestand, matching the longest homestand that the team has swept in its 108-year history.  The three previous 7-0 Sox homestands came in May 1965, April 1972 and then in September 1983.

Chicago’s offensive totals in those seven games: 61 runs on 91 hits, including 19 home runs.  Only two other teams in major league history have produced that many runs, hits and home runs during a seven-game winning streak: the Athletics did it in 2000 and the Braves followed suit two years ago.

Reports From The Front

It seems my friends at the Sun-Times may be embroiled once again in a bit of a Civil War.  See, it’s not just me.  There is more to this story, I know some of it, but this could be fun to watch play out …

Series By Series

Let’s start winning the first game of each series …



Nate has not been going well most of the yr. Sox match up good in the first game.

The link doesn’t seem to work, here it is for those of you who want to read it,0,3069049.column

As Lisa (aka just like mercury) would say, I’m just sayin’… BUT…

2004 Boston wins the World Series…2005 You-know-who takes the trophy… 2006 The Cardinales… 2007 Boston again…

2008? It’s way too early, and perhaps it’s the sudden heatwave, BUT…

It’s beginning to look a lot like ’05, isn’t it?

And if the parade continues through Detroit city(anyone out there remember Bobby Bare?… OK, I didn’t think so… he was the country/western singer who wrote and sang the song “Last night I dreamed I was in Detroit city…”), just imagine what the reception will be when (Colorado’s)Rockies and their Friends (no Bullwinkle, which will be Badenov… I’m sorry…)come into the Cell Friday night…

As to our friend at the tabloid rag… I think Jay met Mr Rogers one time… and even Mr Rogers wanted to kick Jay’s butt…

This and That:

You can’t win em’ all…but this was certainly a winnable game tonight. Sox had their chances, just couldn’t get the big hit at the key time. 13 left of base is disturbing. Would still like to see them take 2 of 3, they usually play well at Comerica and it would be a chance to bury these guys.

Regarding JR’s “favorite” columnist…rumors are starting up again that he may be headed to the Boston Globe. They have an opening and according to my friend in the Boston media, he’s made no secret he’d like to work in Boston.

Mark Liptak

I wasn’t too worried about the offense after tonight’s game, however it bothered me that Ozzie left Contreras out in the seventh. I understand Ozzie leaves the starters in when they are down to get the victory, but it clearly wasn’t Contreras’ night this evening. I thought putting him out in the 6th was stretching and when he took the mound in the 7th i was almost confused. Dotel came in and did a nice job.

Another thing that got me was Cox sending in Quentin. That was a terrible job of third base coaching. With less than 2 outs and down by 2 it was almost irresponsible. He had just stopped AJ, when AJ could have easily made it. To send Quentin didn’t make sense. Then the next pitch went back to the backstop. Awful job tonight by Jeff Cox.

Either case, go out and get em tomorrow. Sox have had great success against Verlander. No reason for that to stop. Lets just chalk tonight up to Contreras being a little off.

Mark took the words right out of my mouth in his first sentence. The way I look at this game is it should have been 5-5 after 9 innings.

First, Dye can not shorthop that throw to AJ, and Cabrera is out by 10 feet. The whole idea of bouncing a throw in just perplexes me. For one it was not that long of a throw, and certainly a throw Dye should have made on a line drive. By bouncing it you are just asking for trouble, and they got it tonight. Having to play the hop is one more thing for the catcher to worry about.

Second, if Cox does not send Quentin he ends up scoring that inning. That ball was way to shallow to send him. Even the wimpy armed Scott Podsednik could have made that throw.

But hey these things happen so let’s go get the next two.

Mark, If Mariotti went to Boston what would he have to write about? He would have to change his style. There is really nothing to complain or get on owners about there. Of course he could just continue to rip Chicago teams and owners by saying how much better Boston is.

“2004 Boston wins the World Series…2005 You-know-who takes the trophy… 2006 The Cardinales… 2007 Boston again…”

Going way back here, but it also works for the 1917 White Sox as Boston won it all in 1916.

I would much rather have won, but it feels good to take that ugly hat off my head.

I hope those stupid pills the team loaded up on before the game wear off before tomorrows.

I still feel confident about winning this series, even tho tonights game was supposed to be the easiest.

Anyone else think Quentin could use a day off?


I thought the whole team looked a bit flat on defense. Offense was still there, they just couldn’t string them together. The first thing I said when Quentin got thrown out at the plate was, “Well, Cora would have done the same thing.” My husband surprised me before the game by telling me the betting line was favoring Detroit, so I guess those guys knew something we didn’t?

Swish got a hit in that game, so I’m assuming he’ll still be wearing Toby’s pants. Hopefully, Ozzie got to wash his.

Let’s get Verlander tonight and get another streak going–GO SOX!!

The real reason that the columnist from “heck” (gotta avoid that censor software) is still around… if he left, the collective and joyous celebration from the city of Chicago would be deafening…could break the sound barrier and such, which is an environmental issue =) But I can still hope!

As for the game…winnable, and frustrating, but at least it wasn’t a 1-0 loss. I’m not pleased with base stealing/base running. If I was to name one catcher you don’t try and steal from, it would be Rodriguez… My only other mini-gripe is that I expected Ozzie to go out and calm Jose down in the 5th, when he got shaky, but he didn’t. I definitely would have pulled him a bit earlier.

ANYWHO…let’s get back on track and start another long winning streak! -Dawn


Someone in the Chicago media last night told me that Boston was the most negative and cut throat market in the country and that in a bizarre way Mariotti would appear to be “normal” given the circumstances that are in place in that town.

They also told me they thought the biggest reason he is still employed is because he has a four year contract and the Sun-Times doesn’t have the money to fire him and hire someone else.

Mark Liptak

This may sound like “Monday Morning Managing”, as opposed to Monday Morning Quarterbacking (NOT YET,NFL…WAIT YOUR TURN !!!), but I had a kind of uneasy feeling about last night’s encounter… perhaps from the “even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then” school… or “even a stopped clock is right twice a day…” The law of averages had to catch up to theboys with regards to the Tiges… as they had won 5 of 6 this season going in… The Tigers, let’s face it, are supposed to be one of the class teams of the division, if not the entire league…they have been victimized by a ton of injuries and a lousy start (sound familiar, folks?)…They were bound to break out of their lethargy at least one game… hopefully, last night was it…

It did not help, though, in the 8th inning, down by two runs, to have Jeff Cox do his impression of (pick a name, any name) “Wavin’ Wallace Johnson, Razor Shines, Joey Cora or, for a little North Side flavor, “Wavin'” Wendell Kim… sending Quentin home, only to see him thrown out from Detroit to Tom Paciorek’s hometown of Hamtramack…Crede’s DP ball in the 9th off a scuffling Todd Jones was, of course, the last nail in the coffin…

As to the possibility of the Weathervane moving to Boston…
If that were to occur… Boston would become the luckiest city since Hiroshima… But he would fit in just dandy there, since the sports teams are ORDERED to do well by the spoiled rotten fandom and media there, under penalty of death otherwise…

Hey, Dawn… I’d like to stay and chat more… but I have to catch my “heckacopter” ride home…(See, young lady… I have to avoid that censor software as well…)

Mark, Very interesting. I could see Boston being very cut throat when things are bad. I’m just amazed that they could be negative when all their teams are winning, and if they are Mariotti would be a perfect fit.

I was unaware of his contract situation. I know he got a new contract last year when he mysteriously dissappeared for over a month. Kind of a sticky situation for the Sun Times, especially considering bankruptcy is looming.

If he did go to the Globe they had better widen the door ways so he and Bob Ryan do not get their ego’s stuck in the door.

Terrible game , why? Because you never want to make mental errors and semi hand a game to a team that might suddenly get hot and sweep the sox. It happens , that is baseball no team avoids similar games, but a fan does not have to like it. Sox coaches, mgr. and players were a little lax, that and detroit had some seeing eye hits at the right time. Yes, that comment Sox chance to bury detroit is still here if they can take the next 2. I would not feel bad if the sox could get 1 win in detroit in this series, Just do not let detroit sweep.

Here’s to Thome making me eat Crow, perhaps last night was the start of something long and consistent.

We all keep hoping the evil Indians and Los Tigres don’t wake up until it’s too late…sure hope the Sox aren’t the ones who boost their confidence and rattle their cage.

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