Wednesday in Detroit

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Thome, DH; JD, RF; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; Alexi, 2B; BA, CF.  Vazquez pitching.


Good call getting Konerko some rest tonight. He is 3 for 24 lifetime against Verlander.

This is exactly the kind of game that I did not want to see. The sox kick started detroit with that bad game yesterday.

this is NOT the kind of streak I want started! UGH!

the mlb feed is pissin me off tonight… anybody know what the deal is, this is the third time tonight it’s crapped out and the other day it didn’t work until about the 3rd inning… any ideas, let me know.

This series isn’t a huge deal for the Sox, but it is a huge series for the Tigers. If the Tigers sweep, they have hope that they can get back into the race. Put that together with the returns of Rodney and Zumaya and maybe they can. I don’t think so but it would have been nice to bury them. Oh well. Go get em tomorrow. If we can win tomorrow they will still be out double digits.

The past two games have been VERY disappointing. They look flat, lifeless, against a team that was ready to get beat.

What concerns me is that once again the “all or nothing” offense appears to have returned.

No one expected the Sox to hit for the season they way they had the past week, but at least show SOME consistency.

Verlander was throwing a lot of stuff off the plate and (once again) the Sox were getting themselves out….guess what Kenny Rogers is going to be doing tomorrow….yup…..same thing.

If the Sox want to consider themselves an “elite” American League club (and I think their offense inconsistency won’t allow them in that select company) they they have to start winning road games and scoring on the road.

Two things to consider….the Sox have lost five consecutive road games, after playing pretty well away from U.S. Cellular Field, AND they have yet to score over four runs in ANY of those five games.

Mark Liptak

Verlander went with a completely new approach tonight and he made the Sox hitters look like what they are – fastball only hitters. Verlander had always tried to over power the Sox before, but we usually tore him up. So tonight he takes a page out of many pitchers book when facing the Sox and attack them with changeups. So the Sox approach is to attack Verlander early in the count. To fix this they needed to do the one thing they can’t seem to do. ADJUST!!! The result is a complete game and 17 outs in the air. That ain’t good.

This was the game they could least afford to lose. Verlander comes into the game 2-9 with an ERA around 5.00. Last thing we need to is to give this team confidence, and get their ace going. Detroit is a very good team, and one hot streak by them and one slump by the Sox and they will be right there.

I don’t have the confidence in the 2008 team that I had in the 2005 team to fight teams like Detroit off. The ways we have lost games just give a sick feeling.

On that force play in the 9th where BA was clearly safe what was up with our fiery manager. I thought for sure he would get tossed and maybe re-ignite that fire. He had good reason to there. I think that umpire was thinking about his dinner reservations when he made that call. I don’t know what was said but the umpire was smirking at BA. They would have had to drag me off the field there.

Well, we didn’t get Verlander started.. he has thrown about 5 quality games before he pitched against us yesterday, his ERA has been on the decline since about the second week of the season.

I would say completely shutting down the team that has tormented you so bad in the past that you accuse them of stealing signs is a little bigger than 5 quality starts. 5 quality starts don’t mean anything to a guy with a 2-9 record. Shutting down a team that has owned you in the past is a bit more of a motivator.

i think our boys went into motor city thinking the tigers were down and out and were simply going to mail it in. hot on the heals of being spanked 8-2 by the tribe before we arrived.

i also think our pitching in this series has, well, sucked. contreras was simply awful and vasquez didn’t do much to change that last night either. javy has been struggling over his last few outings.

i wasn’t as worried about the offense on tuesday, cause 4 runs used to win a ballgame, but last night watching the ‘O’ struggle like it did was hard to take. but i agree with mark l. in that we need to become more consistent. we’re starting to work on the first to third production, but we’re a ways off from being able to say, “we’re there”.

let’s hope we bring home a winner today, spoil the sweep and get ready for the rockies at the cell this weekend.

“Completely shutting down?” Didn’t we score a run? Possibly could have been two if AJ didn’t decide to try and stretch a single into two? But for a horrible call by a lame ump in the ninth, Sox still had chances. I don’t call that being shut down. A goose egg on the board is “completely” in my book. I’d rather focus on the positives, like the way Javy hung in there and the way two hits equaled a run and the way BA went 2 for 4. It makes losing a game that much easier to take (which any fan knows you have to expect some during a long baseball season). I prefer to keep the positive vibes going.

LET’S GO SOX!! Back Buerhle with some Booms!

1 run on 4 hits and 0 walks would be considered completely shut down to most. Just because they got lucky and two of those amazing 4 hits came in the same inning they scored a run. Other than that how exactly did they have a shot with all 4 of those baserunners, one of which got thrown out trying to stretch a hit. They had less baserunners than Detroit has runs. Verlander only faced 3 over the minumum!!!

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