Detroit Matinee

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Q, LF; PK, DH; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Swisher, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; Hall, C.  Buehrle starting.


Confidence booster for today is last time we faced Rogers he only went 4 innings and we got him for 7 runs. Should be steamy outside in Detroit today so hopefully we can get him again.

Toby Hall catching for Mark again. AJ caught last time and a good outing for Mark. Interested to see how this one goes. Two days in a row for my boy BA!! Hoping for a win to come home with. We need a lucky hat or something to start the new win streak…who’s got a charm for us???

It is just dumb luck that Buehrle gets Toby a lot. Mark seems to always pitch on get-away days where it is a day game after night, and he always seems to go up against another lefty (probably explains a lot of tough luck losses over his career). AJ has to sit one of those to keep fresh. Plus it is a matchup issue today with AJ hitting 1 for 11 lifetime against Rogers, whereas Hall is 7 for 21 lifetime. I’m sure if Rogers was going last night AJ would have been out there today and Toby last night.

why your 3rd best relief pitcher in a game of that importance bottom of the 9th?


Ugh, did we really just get swept by a team that was 11 games behind us? Another disasterous performance at the plate, and a Buehrle type gem wasted. Beware that the Tigres are now awake. Only a matter of time before they started to work their way to where they belong.

So, the Tigers bullpen is considered terrible at best, and what do the Sox do? Swing away! Sounds like a wonderful game plan (rolling eyes). The result? Their starters pitch very deep into the game and shut us down as we continue to hack away trying to hit 500-ft HR’s. What happened to the desire to work the count, get on base and move them over? Oh yeah, we’re the White Sox, we don’t do that because we are a slow team…BS!

When do the Sox look good? When they are hitting HR’s (like 19 in 7 games). I’ll consider this a good team when they are able to win without hitting a HR, until then we will be lucky to be swept out of the playoffs. I’m still calling for Owens (especially now that he’s hitting good again, great to see) and a trade. Knowing KW, it’ll happen sooner than later after this DET sweep.

Good news? We got the Rockies and Pirates at home followed by Cubs and then more home games. Let’s get on a big roll for the next month, head into the break with a big lead and lots of confidence!

oh people settle down. my goodness. big deal. we are still ahead by plenty. The tigers still have huge holes to fill. its not that big of a deal. sure it would have been nice to take the series. it didn’t happen. don’t worry yet. it happens. if the rockies and pirates sweep us then we are in trouble. quit acting like cub fans like every game is life and death and game 7 of the series. tigers pitched well and we didn’t the first 2 games. this game was going to be tough going into it and miggy got to one. it happens.

The only thing “consistent” about the 2008 White Sox is their blatant INCONSISTENCY.

TEN losses now where they hold the opponent to three runs or less.

Six straight road losses and six straight road losses scoring under four runs each game.

My, my, my.

Mark Liptak

Thinking about today’s game makes you wonder doesn’t it?

I mean this afternoon was a classic, textbook example of the question that a lot of Sox fans have been asking ad naseum since the start of this decade and that Sox management still (apparently) doesn’t have an answer for. (With the notable exception of 2005…)

“If the Sox don’t hit home runs, how do they score runs and win games?”

Just think about the first 2 ½ months of this season. The Sox have lost ten games where they allowed three runs or less…win half of those games and how big is the divisional lead?

How could the dynamics of the team change, how might today’s game have changed, if the Sox had two, just two guys, who could run and steal 20-30 bases?

Maybe some of these games are won because an infielder in his haste to get to a ball due to the speed of the hitter boots it, or maybe a catcher throws a ball into center allowing said runner to go all the way to 3rd base on a steal attempt.

Speed kills. Unfortunately the Sox don’t have any, nor do they have guys with bat control who can do things like bunt, or execute the hit and run. (Remember Ozzie directly telling the newspapers last year he’d like to play that game but doesn’t have the guys to do it?)

When talking about the Sox their adage is “live by the home run, die without the home run.”

I personally hope they hit a TON of home runs but you can’t rely on that can you? Speed is constant, defense is constant, pitching can be constant, the ability to hit a baseball 800 feet for an eight run home run unfortunately isn’t. There is ZERO balance on this team (again) and it’s costing them.

And the point brought out earlier about Detroit’s bullpen is a valid one too. The Tigers have a bad bullpen, so what do the Sox hitters do? Naturally they swing at a bunch of first and second pitchers allowing Detroit’s starters to stay in longer.

Smart…real smart.

What was that being talked about earlier this season about ‘making pitchers work,’ ‘extending the count,’ ‘drawing walks?’ Seems the Sox hitters need a refresher course don’t you think?

Mark Liptak

Perhaps Scott can comment on something I just heard from another location.

Is Adam Russell about to be called up from Charlotte? and why?

Mark Liptak

Don’t panic guys. There are 96 games to go. And the Sox have many more home games in the next few weeks. And at the very least, they are coming home with a 4 1/2 game lead.

This season is a marathon, not a sprint. You can not let yourself get too high (like after the last homestand) or get too low (like after this sweep at Detroit).

Dleeun, this game was no more important than than any of the previous 65. And Ozzie was managing his pitcher accordingly.

And don’t get too caught up with the upcoming six games against the team from the minor league that plays on the north side. Those six games are no more important than any others on the schedule. In fact, they are less important than games against teams from our own division.

Floyd has been our best starter in the last 2-3 weeks and he’s on the mound tomorrow. A good sign for the start of what could be another good homestand.

And just to show you that I don’t always agree with everything the White Sox do, I slammed my car door shut after turning off the radio when I heard that Konerko was not asked to bunt in the top of the ninth in a 1-1 game. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the sacrifice, but I do believe that no one is above it in that type of situation.

The key to the det. series was the first game. Cox’s terrible wave home of Carlos. That along with a let down effort after sweeping at home and other moves but that first bad effort, loss ,opened the doors to being swept. I know it happens to all teams, it just happened to the twins facing the Sox, but that is no excuse, a team needs its own standards of play and management. My view is the team still needs a couple of changes to reach a more consistent level of play. For me that is trading Konkerko and Thome , will not happen but those guys are double play machines. And I hate the double play against the Sox.


I hear where you are coming from but the question needs to be asked…does Konerko have a better chance of getting a hit in that situation or laying down a bunt?

I agree ALL players should be able to do the basic fundamentals but that doesn’t mean they can or will.

Remember Ozzie’s comment to the media last summer where he said he’d love to bunt more, run more, play hit and run more but can’t because he doesn’t have the guys to do it.

Asking Konerko to bunt when he’s maybe done it twice in his career with the Sox is unfair to him in that situation and the team (that doesn’t mean again that I don’t wish he could bunt if he had to). You have to remember these are the White Sox, fundamentals need not apply!

Mark Liptak

Funny how when we’re not hitting, it’s because the Sox batters are no good, but when the other team isn’t hitting, it’s because our pitching is exceptional. Doesn’t it work both ways? Today’s game was another “not a total loss” because Mark Buerhle’s performance was outstanding AND Toby Hall called a heck of a game. As I recall after Mark’s no hitter, he said he never shakes his catcher off, just throws whatever is called for. Great job to both of them.

If anyone lost this game today, it was Ozzie for picking the wrong guy to bring in, but really, did he know Dotel was going to pitch a homerun ball? For that matter, did Dotel? At least he didn’t walk two or three batters before he did give it up.

Back home, boys, into the loving arms of your families and fans. See you out there on Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all. LET’S GO SOX AND WIN ONE FOR DAD!!

Sorry, meant to say, WIN 3 FOR DAD!!

why is my guy esteban getting the boot for russell. russell is awful…i seen him give up a few of the longest bombs i have ever seen. loaiza wasnt bad and certainly didnt get a fair opportunity. i am disappointed with this move.

kenwo, From watching Loaiza his velocity was down about 7-8 MPH. After mulling it over and hear that the Sox were doing it to put Nick Masset in more meaningful situtations I really liked the move of bring Loaiza in for long relief and maybe some spot starts. I don’t know that Russell will be any better, but from what I saw Loaiza is just about done.

It’s too bad he pretty much fell off since his 21 win season. He had the cutter working magic for him that year. Unfortunately that is such a “feel pitch” that it is easily lost, and he lost it.

nmbrott, The problem is that the Sox get shut down by guys with sub .500 and records and ERA’s over 5.00. A veteran team with lots of offensive potential that should be a playoff contender should feast on those pitchers. We can’t hit those guys only half the time. To be one of the best teams we need to hit those kinds pitchers 95% of the time.

The Sox pitching is that good that it is regularly exceptional. The fact that any of them other than Buehrle(only because he is really the only guy that has struggled) have more than 2 or 3 losses can be tagged on the inconsistent hitting.

Not a total loss? No, there were some positives(well ok probably just Mark & Toby working well together), but when it comes down to it today’s game gets entered into the wrong column. That is what matters each and every game.

TC – You are right about those upcoming series’ with the northsiders. Not more important than the other 156 games, and it is best to not get too riled up for them. I consider them all equally important because come Sept 28th all those games will matter. I just hope I am looking forward then, and not looking back at “shoulda been wins.”

More positives: Dye’s sliding rolling grab in right field, Cabrera’s going to the knees grab and popping right up to throw the runner out at first, Quentin’s grab in left, Paulie’s heads-up base running on the Detroit error that ended up costing Detroit in the form of the only Sox run. (I could go on but its late.)

95 percent of the time? What kind of batting average would that give you and when was the last time you saw a baseball player like that? (smile)

I like to think that it’s not each and every game, but the ones that put you in first place or (heaven forbid) take you out of it. At least until October. THEN its each and every game. So for the next four months, I’m going to watch for the Sox to keep grinding away, winning some and, yes, losing some. (Just hopefully not too many.)

And we still lost yesterday because of our inconsistent home run or nothing hitting, that is all the will be said about the game on June 12th come the end of the season. (That is of course if this is not the sweep that jump starts the Tigers.)

I found this stat just unbelieveable. With runners in scoring position and less than 2 outs the Sox are hitting .283, second best in all MLB. However with runners in scoring position and 2 outs they are hitting .191. That would be dead last. They have score only 60 runs (last by 13 runs, AL average is 90) under that category as well. Most teams are about 10-20 points less with 2 outs, but for the most part the order is fairly consistent. I’m not sure I could come up for an excuse for the Sox dropoff there.

Ok i seen that Loaiza’s velocity was down, but he was getting hitters out in the 3 short opportunities he got. He should be given more of a chance than that. I could see maybe if his arm wasn’t getting loose when they needed him or something, other than that it is BS

Kenwo, from what was said about him today in the Sun Times there was some miscommunication as to his activities before the Sox signed him. Apparently he is not where they thought he would be, but that is their fault for not being thorough enough before signing him. Maybe rather than releasing him it will be a DL stint with a few rehab starts to get him up to speed. I hope that is the case, and I have not seen anything official about his release. I like Esteban and he could work out well once up to speed.

All in all, I would much rather have the lead that the boys have currently in their division than the “best record in baseball” that is held by the denizens of Jurassic Park at Neverland, with St Louis nipping at their heels…

Sure, the White Sox have been inconsistent all season… but, then again, aren’t all good teams human at one point or other, rather than be automatons or cyborgs?

Could it be, also, that Loaiza was not only down in velocity on his pitches, but that he had run out of gas for his career?

I say that because, if their is one team that needs pitching at this point in time, it’s the Dodgers… and they couldn’t even use a veteran who thought he might still have savvy to offer…

BTW, in closing, referring to yesterday’s game…I think that it is way too late for Detroit to climb back into the race…and their manager knows that as well… because he has seen his share of good and bad teams in three or four different markets…

Happy Father’s Day to all in White Sox Universe that qualify… including the guy whose name is at the top of this section…(See, tc, I am nothing but a shameless suck-up at times…when appropriate…)

I want to move on to tonight’s game, but until it starts I’m having trouble letting go of that last lost (ain’t it always that way though?) I just keep wishing Ozzie had the guts to pull Konerko in the 9th for someone on the bench capable of laying down a bunt (Ozuna?).

And as for Dotel, it seems everytime I’ve watched him, his pitches to the first couple batters are up in the zone, then he relaxes and blows everyone away…is that really the guy you want facing Mags and Cabrera? A guy who will probably leave one up to a guy who can hit that pitch out?

I continue to question Ozzie’s use of the bullpen and his ability to manage a game, but will continue to love his management of the clubhouse and placing the target on himself for the media. Maybe a loud bench coach who can manage a game and get in Ozzie’s ear?? (do we really think Cora or Baines is capable of that? Not a chance).

You settle down…harold is capable of anything!!!!

I think Russell is going to be very good. Esteban , like him too. My gripe with Konkerko, Thome , and sometimes others Crede is with a runner on first, or runners on 1st and 2nd , they do not situational hit for the team. I can grin an bear it when one of them hits into a double play hitting the other way in an effort to help the team move runners up. But that is so rare. Mostly they just turn over on the ball , pulling a ball into easy double plays as none of those 3 can run at all. The double plays hit into by the Sox are the main reason so many winable games have been lost.

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads in White Sox Nation! I hope the boys start another winning streak in your honor!

Have a great weekend!

Let me add my Father’s Day wishes to all the Dads on the board and White Sox World. Let’s hope the National League does us some good!! Gotta say, we still have 5.5 lead despite the sweep. Let’s be grateful for that!

Kenwo, I’ve heard that Harold is even capable of speaking once in a while. I can’t wait for his speech when they unveil his statue. It’ll be something like “Umm thanks”

Gotta love him though, he was my favorite Sox player as a kid in the 80’s.

Just heard it is 15 day DL for Loaiza. Maybe he will get some rehab time and be back with us at some point.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s on our blog. Hopefully, one of your gifts will be a White Sox win!!!

Lisa M.

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