Happy 13th Birthday

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; PK, 1B; Dye, DH; Swish, RF; Crede, 3B; BA, CF; Uribe, 2B.  Danks starting.

Birthday Wishes

To my daughter, Marley, who celebrates her 13th birthday tonight at the ballpark.

Home Sweet Home

The Sox have won nine straight, and 16 of their last 19, to improve to 21-9 (.700) at home … during the nine-game winning streak, the White Sox have hit .323, scored 69 runs, hit 23 home runs and posted a 2.90 ERA … the White Sox are now 4-0 in interleague play entering tonight.

Friendly Visit

My good friend Art Berke, life-long Sox fan, former SI PR staffer and currently at the Yogi Berra Museum in NJ, came to the game tonight.  Earlier in the day, he escorted his two parents, both in their 80s, to the monument in front of the ballpark to show them the family’s brick.  His parents, South Siders to the core, can’t make it to ballgames anymore but Art wanted them to see their brick.

I can’t tell you how many stories like this I’ve heard and how many people I see posing for photos outside our ballpark at all times of the day.  Makes me smile every time.

Bricks are still available for purchase.  Check out whitesox.com for details.



Another atrocious, and I mean ATROCIOUS, offensive effort tonight. We must be leading the league in pop up outs and strikeouts. Guess we need to tip our cap to another no name lefty. BTW in case anybody is watching we awoke the Tigers. After sweeping us they are pounding on LA. This inconsistent (or more correctly phantom) offense will be the SOX undoing this year.

Well we can consider this “offense” back in the toilet.

NINE hits in two games against one of the worst teams in baseball.

Another desultory performance against a garbage starting pitcher with a losing record and no track record of success.

Shut out for the 7th time this season and for the 11th time loses a game where they hold the opposition to three runs or less.

White Sox baseball…”home run or nothing…”

Simply wow.

Mark Liptak

“Inside the Numbers” on this evening’s embarrassment:

This Rockie team is 15th in the NL in pitching, The Sox faced a guy who had an 8.13 ERA, in one of baseball’s most prolific home run hitting parks. The result, 3 hits, no runs.

I guess you just have to “tip your hat” to him eh? Funny, there seems to be an awful lot of bad pitchers the Sox have been “tipping their hats to.”

When you get beat as often as the Sox do by pitchers who are getting positively ripped apart by the rest of baseball you have some bad issues. (and that’s an understatement.)

Time for Ozzie to explode again, These guys are mailing it in lately.

Mark Liptak

Same pitchers get hammered by other teams but look like all stars against the Sox. I will say it for the again for the Sox to be a better more consistent cub they need some changes. One OC is not a lead off hitter, he is not even a good 2nd hitter, as he does not bunt well either on purpose or just bad at it. OC does not seem to be that good of a situational hitter either. So one lead off hitter needed , someone hitting second needed. AJ has done a good job at the plate but, hitting second, no way, cannot bunt at all and is slow. Two key spots 1st and 2nd need filling. Maybe Alexei 2nd not sure. Otherwise you have what has been stated on the blog by someone, a beer team soft ball club.


I coined that phrase and this stat shows that the description has some meaning:

The White Sox are 3-18 this year in games where they DO NOT hit a home run.

That’s called a total and complete inability to score runs any other way.

That’s the White Sox…”home run or nothing.”

Mark Liptak

This team, the Sox on offense would not suffer by a large make over. It is the starting pitching and relief pitching making this club a respectable team. So make over the offense in a big way ,KW. Ozzie’s rant was justified as followers of the team know. Konkerko, Dye , Thome, OC, and Crede are all expendable in my view. OC has his free agency more on mind than than the team. HIs stats. Of the players listed Crede is probably the most useful. The strike outs and hit into double plays are not going to decrease unless changes are made. Could the team be worse by relying on defense, speed, situational hitting, and bunting, on offenseI doubt it. I dub this team the offensive, offense.


The issue with your comments are that the chances of making over this team, in mid season are probably “slim and none.”

I agree with your premise 100%, this team needs two guys who can steal 20-30 bases each in the starting lineup AND two guys who can handle a bat, bunt, advance runners, hit the other way and so forth, but that is simply not going to happen now.

Now to sound nasty and I’m not trying to insult the individuals that you named, but honestly who’d want Thome or Konerko the way they are hitting? What would they give up that was “decent?” Why should a team give anything of quality to the Sox for a guy who is going to hit the free agent market in three months? Why should a team give the Sox ANYTHING for a guy who can’t even hit his weight and who has seen his offensive production drop every year for the past three seasons (Uribe)?

See what I mean?

Again I’m not disagreeing with your statement but the reality is that a “make over” will come this winter if it comes at all.

There’s an old saying, one that I think Kenny Williams would be smart to say to himself. “Fool me once (2007) shame on you…fool me twice (2007 AND 2008) shame on ME.”

This “home run or nothing” team is what Sox fans are going to have to go with the rest of this season. All you can do is “hope” that after a year and a half of inconsistent, at times downright awful offense, they come out of it enough to win a division that is ripe for the taking.

Mark Liptak

Mark , I do not think that a major make over is coming either. I would just like one. Only way is if a couple of those guys go down with injuries and that is not what anyone wants. But Owens in center, BA in right, Carlos in left. Keep Crede and OC for now, Alexei at second, Swisher at First and pick up some one to Dh that can handle the bat. Sit Konkerko, Dye and Thome that would go a long way in helping the team , in my view.

Oh god we are all in trouble now. dleeun and liptak have become tag team partners.

Win tomorrow, take the series. forget about this bad game. 2-3 is good against anyone. I agree they looked awful tonight and i wanted to throw my tv out the window. however, win tomorrow and everything is forgotten.

You know what is really sad, when the opponent goes up 1-0 and you know the game is over. I can’t even think of a strong enough word to descirbe this offense.

A pitcher who struggles to get deep in games, with a 1-3 record 8.13 ERA and he completely shuts the Sox down. And then they bring in Jason Grilli who we repeatedly hammered when he was a Tiger and we can’t touch him either. I don’t have an answer and apparently the players anc coached don’t either.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Changes maybe? Or will it be another Sunday afternoon tirade from Ozzie.

Oh well. I’m really dreading the Crosstown series now. Look forward the the next Ozzie rant, he’s been right so far this year…. Hey, anyone notice that the Sox this year, seem to be just like the Cubs of last year? We’ll have to hope that the rest of the division continues to tank in order to have a shot at getting swept in the first round of the playoffs…..

Oh, dear. We lost a game. It’s the end of the world as we know it. (grinning and bearing it)

I’ll say it again. Yeah, it sucks to lose, but today is another day that the Sox are in first place. I’ll take it.


jesus. you all got on me when the white sox lead in 05 went from 15 games down to 1/2 game and i was panicking. in september when you’re supposed to panic. here we are on fathers day, with a 4.5 lead, the second biggest in all of baseball, and you pansy ***** are changing your tune more than you change your underwear. just last week you all had ron jeremy sized boners over the sox. now they are terrible and should change things up. quit being a bunch of sally’s for god sake and save your panicking for september. at this rate I will be the only one blogging in september because the rest of you will have jumped off the upper deck by then. calm down

Keno, I have been very consistent with my comments on the sox , on offense. Even , in the off season , and last yr. So if you are including me in your comments , you are way off base , as usual. I might add Ozzie, seems to agree , when he speaks out. And Mark seems to find common ground , maybe it is just they we know baseball.

Adding that most people on this blog do seem to know baseball pretty well, men and women.

dleeun. you can’t even generate a sentence, let alone know about baseball

kenwo, some of your comments are just too ironic, you are an adult?

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