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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, 1B; Crede, 3B; Ramirez, 2B; Wise, CF.  Vazquez pitching.

Great Off Day

Current players, staff, former players and front office employees joined Chicago celebrities and fans at the ninth annual Field of Greens Charity Golf Tournament yesterday at The Links of Carillon.

Gavin Floyd’s group, at 19 under, edged out Nick Swisher’s group by one stroke.  For anyone who cares, my group was 10 under.

I’ve enclosed some photos of the fun …

The weather was great, the course was perfect and a good time seemed to be had by all.  Best of all, funds raised during the outing go to pediatric oncology research at Comer’s Children’s Hospital of the UC and Children’s Memorial Hospital downtown.

Thanks to all who participated.

Ask Brooks

Anyone with a question for Brooks Boyer, our VP, CMO, make sure you log on to tomorrow’s live chat at noon CT.  MLBAM will begin taking questions around 10:30 am and the chat begins promptly at noon.

Here’s the link.

Series Previews

Already the pre-Series prognostications have begun for the Cubs-Sox showdown this weekend at Wrigley.  I love it because it is only more fodder for the underdogs … that’d be us.


How do we see the “photos of the fun”?

Mark, I heard Mariotti just signed a 2 year extension through May of 2011. So apparantly he is not going to Boston. I’m sure the other scribes at the Sun Times are thrilled.

(on the MariNUTTI signing til 2011).

I want to see the pictures!!!! But how?

Lisa M

Wink brought up a good point with Tiger. When all is said and done this guy will be regarded as the greatest ever. It’s because he does not settle for just being good. He is constantly trying to find ways to improve his game, because anything but winning just isn’t good enough. This is a guy who has already overhauled his entire swing twice in his career. Yet we have a mentality in our organization that is against change because this is the way our guys have always done it, and since it’s worked in the past we’re just going to stick with it. That’s not the way it works. When something is off you work and work until it gets fixed.

I don’t know if anyone was watching the U.S. Open and happened to catch the Nike commercial where Earl Woods was talking about his son. He said that Tiger has never met someone as mentally tough as him, and he never will. And he is probably right, even tho I think you could make an argument for Michael Jordan. There is a reason why guys like that don’t go into prolonged slumps. It’s because anything less than perfection isn’t good enough. Sometimes I wish some of our players had just an ounce of that mentality.

Greg Walker himself said something like “I did it the same way in ’05, I’ve done it the same way the last two years, and I’ll keep doing it the same way.” That makes absolutely no sense to me. Every person in our lineup has incredible talent, and watching them under perform at the level they are is sickening. If you want something than you go get it. You don’t wait for your swing to come around, you practice and practice until it is back to perfection. “We’re taking extra batting practice,” just doesn’t cut it with me anymore.

There is a good chance our offense will improve, because with our talent I don’t see how it can’t. However, I have a feeling that it will be in spite of what Walker is doing, not because of it. If Walker can’t start some change in this offense, than his job status with this team is going to need to change.


Amen Scam!

No professional athlete has the drive that Tiger Woods has. I read about his daily routine once, and he is getting up at the time most of these players are probably going to bed. By the way that was some amazing fun watching him and Mediate on Monday. David nearly slew Goliath.

That was supposed to be a 3 year extension I wrote about before. Somehow I had already jumped to 2009 in my head.


Perhaps the Sun-Times heard the same rumors but fear not they won’t be around in 2011.

As and far as their “award winning” sports department, all I can say is “who has the hottest fans…” That says it all about their “award winning” sports department eh?

Mark Liptak

Walker’s comments about not changing were strange , get better or get worse , there is no standing still.

I disagree with Mark and Keno on trading prospects away.
Times have changed young players are more advanced in there hitting and pitching and in their physical development in this era. I will take the young guy anytime. Old guys get slow and injury prone. My approach is for more youth but with a few proven winner type vetrans. Danks and Floyd, Carlos, Alexei were all pretty much just prospects a yr ago or even this yr. Key is being able to identify and mold talent quickly.

Yeah after Slezak’s uproar over the blowup dolls they go and run something like that. The only thing I look for now in their paper besides Cowley’s notes is Elliot Harris and Quick Hits. I’ve actually found myself reading the other side of the paper lately.


Not saying you are wrong but consider the lack of success the Sox have had say in developing their own pitchers since the early 90’s or the recent lack of developing middle infielders the past five years or so.

The Sox farm system for whatever reason or reasons, has been unproductive overall. We’re not talking the old days of the Expos or the Twins organization where they seem to churn out endless fundamentally sound players at the MLB level.

MAYBE if the Sox system turns around under the new leadership I’ll be more inclined to buy into your view but for right now, I can’t rely on anything that comes up from the minor leagues. I’ll take my chances on someone else from someplace else that has shown some success at the big league level.

For what it’s worth I’ve been told by a friend who actually supplies minor league information to Phil Rogers, who has tape sent to him from Charlotte and Birmingham, that the Sox minor league system as a whole, does a poor job of developing players and that the only thing the Sox seem to care about is “can you hit?” If you can, you get moved up, regardless if you can execute the fundamentals, field your position and so forth.

I don’t follow the minor league system closely enough to know if this claim is correct or not. I can only judge by what I see and I’ve seen very few Sox minor league products come up an “succeed” at the big league level. For every Mark Buehrle I see five Jeremy Reed’s, Brian Anderson’s, Ryan Sweeney’s, Brian Keyser’s and so on.

Hopefully that will change because again even if the minor league system is only used to acquire proven big league players, you still have to have something the other team wants in order to make a deal.

Mark Liptak

Damnit Crede. Hit a fricking sack fly instead of yours and Konerko’s usual double play ball.

sac fly. sorry i got riled up there.

I’m back, and ready to watch White Sox baseball…. i’ll catch up on what’s been going on later….. j.k.

Mark you are right in the sense of needing good talent evaluators that is a must. I think the Sox are on the right track in that area with some changes last year. I sure hope so because that is a must in this day.

Another way is to trade vetrans for guys like Danks, Floyd, and Carlos or sign a guy like Alexei, all guys from outside the farm system. Buy young guys right on the cusp of stardom.

Dleeun they didn’t trade veterans for those guys, minus Floyd. Quentin came for a single A player and Brandon McCarthy was traded for Danks.

Anyway nice outburst tonight. Hopefully they saved some for the rest of the series. Javy, after early struggles, came back to pitch nicely.

I did not say they did keno, I implied that was an option in aquiring prospects. Jenks also can up a prospect 2005 another example of a prospect that makes a big long term impact.

My long-awaited moment has come and I’m ready to watch a game! Only thing, MLB.tv isn’t letting me in and I can’t even listen. Now that IS garbage. So i refreshed (that is NOT the right word) myself by reading all of the previous 7 days posts. Some thing will not change it seems. Go good and alls well. Lose a couple of games and we’re in the toilet. One thing is consistant though, and that’s Mark’s stats. When he is sticking to things other than the “3 run rule” he is informative and precise: when not, he tends to be repetitive and tiresome.

But I don’t come on here to scold or to berate anyone. I enjoy the passion even if it is predictable. I like that kenwo is taking a longer view of things ( the season). I too have trouble making out what dleeun is trying to say, but he too cares for this team.

I guess all said , you can put me down for being a fan who likes to watch his team win, but realizes that they won’t win every game. I keep my fingers crossed too in case…. Oh, since Scam’s hat is no longer working and the Boys just scored big, maybe I should “NOT” watch for the next week and see if that works for us….. Nah….. I gotta watch, just like the rest of you do…….. j.k.

I maybe hard for some readers to understand, not sure if it is me or the reader. It is a given that I do not proof read enough and shame on me again, for that also. No apology for my content. Not sure yet if I should be flattered or not for being misunderstood . Anyway a good game for the Sox, that is nice for a change. Not everyone has said that I am real hard to understand ,so far 3 posters.

Adam Russell has a great chance to be an impact pitcher. Watched him 2 yrs ago and thought he was on track for the majors , but he had some kind of set back , now Russell appears to be back on track.

Everybody happy now or did someone do something wrong tonight??? 🙂

mlb.tv did alright for me.. kicked me off a couple of times but for some reason it usually it does.. who knows why.

Now that is the kind of offensive output you should put on a team like the Pirates and pitchers like Ian Snell. I don’t expect 16 runs a game, but I do expect to beat the snot out of the Pirates.

Tons of offensive positives tonight. Every starter except Quentin had 2 hits or more, every starter except AJ and Wise had at least 1 RBI, 7 doubles from 6 different players, at least 1 run scored by every starter and 8 runs without the benefit of a home run.

Vazquez struggled, but was able to settle down. That was nice considering the way he pitched in the 2nd inning I was not sure if he would see the 3rd. And if course 3 innings and only 1 hit from the bullpen.

I sure hope we get to see Marino Salas again. That 7th inning was fun!!!

Sox1966 – We can’t just be happy after one game. That is part of the problem. They do this for a few games and then completely disappear and look like a completely different team.

Like I said before, I don’t expect 16 runs a game, but I expect a strong offensive output against the teams in the bottom half of baseball and pitchers like Ian Snell and Marino Salas, and to battle in close games against the better teams and better pitchers.. We need consistency. That is what will make me happy. And it will take some time to prove that they have achieved consistency.

Jim has it pegged exactly right. Didn’t see the game (19th anniversary this evening…) but any win right now is needed.

The question is, what do they do tomorrow and the next day and the next offensively?

We’ve seen them explode for one or two nights then go into a coma for a week.

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

Congrats on your anniversary Mark.

Here is an article about last years # 1 pick Aaron Poreda. He’s movin on up.


Clayton Richard who was moved to Charlotte has been tearing it up so far. His record was only 6-6 in AA, but looks like he got a little snake bitten by run support. So far 2 really good outings in AAA and 2-0 with 3 ER in 14 innings. He’s a big lefty at 6’5″ 240.

In case anyone wants to know, I am happy that they won. No, it wasn’t fun to see Thome come up with bases loaded and hit the first pitch he saw for a weak grounder to 1st base, especially after the last batter drew a rather easy walk, but he made up for it later in the game. Just as the Sox have been making up for bad games with good games. (That’s why they are still in first place, right?)

Anyone else see what the Rockies did tonight? Crushed Cleveland like they did us. No wait, I take that back. Scoring 10 runs in a single game? No, it took them more like 3 games to score that many runs against us, didn’t it?

Okay, I’m still happy.

Happy belated anniversary, Mark. Now you only need 10 more and you’ll have caught up with me and my lovely bride…..

Good run support tonight for Javy, especially when he needed it. As far as beating the bucs like a drum, that should happen, but there is never a guarantee. That’s why we play the games. Remember we were picked for fourth place in the Central before the start of the year, and so far so good. If we always GOT what was expected, that wouldn’t be baseball and there would be no reason to even play the games. So I say keep the faith, or rather, don’t give up on the team when they underachieve. That will happen. Just look at Det and Cleve and Tampa on the other end of that thought. Enjoy the games, they’re over all too quickly……. j.k.

Rays beat the flubsters, wonderful. And whats-his-face, Couch wrote something about the crosstown series, and Ozzie just keeps giving out some great quotes…… i love it! Hell, I love Ozzie, ahem, in a healthy, Christian kinda way……

lol…… can’t wait to see those commercials…..

Look at the difference between the two leagues. The only 3 teams to win in the NL last night were the Brewers, Rockies and Dodgers. The Dodgers were playing the Reds so naturally an NL team will win there. So out of 14 inter league match ups the NL mustered up 2 victories. At least one of them was over a division rival as the Rockies beat the Tribe. We can’t afford to lose games to the NL because the rest of the league isn’t going to.

Those of us who remember what many consider the “Golden Age” (51-67) of White Sox baseball may have missed this but Johnny Buzhardt a pitcher on those terrific Sox clubs of the 1960’s died last night at the age of 71 at his home in South Carolina.

Unfortunately I never did get the chance to interview him but I’ve spoken with a number of his teammates (ironically I’m doing an interview in a few hours with one of them) and they have told me that he was a good pitcher and a noted Yankee killer.

Here’s the link to Bob Vanderberg’s story on Johnny:


And thanks to those with anniversary wishes.

Mark Liptak

I love Pittsburgh pitchers.

It was nice to see the offense pick up one of our starters for a change.

“Thing is, just don’t do it for one game,” manager Ozzie Guillen said.

First off, Mark… Happy Anniversary to you and your wife…
J.K.: Welcome back from overseas… hope all is well with your son and his family there… BTW, you say you and Pat have been married 29 years?… My Gawd, did you get married straight out of high school???(wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more…(Thank you, Monty Python…))
The tribute to John Buzhardt was well done, and well deserved… We tend to forget about the players whom we grew up watching and what happens to them when they hang the uniform and the glove up… Shame on us…

Now the WS know what the Flubs and the rest of the NL knows… The Pirates pitching staff is DREADFUL… not at all what it once was, when they were challenging for the NL pennant, it seemed, every year…
The roller coaster is now on the upswing… but we all know that every thing that goes up has to come down(Right, Mr Newton?)… I am prepared for the inevitability of that, because I know this team…and I think that I know a little bit about baseball…

Finally, off the board for a moment… Those of you who wrote about Eldreck Woods(aka Tiger)… I have to give him his propers… He is THE most amazing athlete since one M Jordan… Playing with pain and discomfort, he STILL is an absolute freak on the golf course… He does things that make you scratch your head and think “OMG”… and he does it as easily as we breathe…

Congrats also to Mr R and the folks behind “Field of Greens”… another rousing success… even if some who shall be left nameless think it’s a waste of time for athletes and people to support charities such as WS Charities…

But, that’s OK… as always, they are entitled to their opinions…

I don’t think they were saying it’s a waste of time for athletes to support charities…I think they were saying the way they did it, spending money to golf and then giving some to the charity. Now, I don’t know how exactly the money worked out, but I had this same experience at my church. They hosted a golf outing to raise money, I figured they spent about half of the money to pay for greens fees and flag prizes…my question was, wouldn’t it be better to just give all the money to the charity instead of spending half so we could have fun? But then again, in our society we like to receive something in return. Sad.

I prefer to do it as I plan to this Sunday: having a free-will offering during church to raise money for all the flood victims in our area (I’m in Omaha, so that’s NE and IA). 100% of the money will go to help and on top of that I hope to get a team of volunteers together to go help repair, rebuild, etc…

Anyone know if I can and how to reach the White Sox to see if they are willing to support? Entire towns are being flooded and thousands of people are losing most if not all they have. I remember ’93 when my grandparents both lost a lot of crops to the flood (not sure how much total was lost, I was only 13)

Finally…let’s keep up the good line-drive hitting! I loved seeing those singles and doubles last night…and only 1 of 4 HR’s were solo! Atta way boys! No wonder the cubbies have such good offensive numbers! hahaha.

Winkelmp – I’ve taken part in my fair share of golf outings for charity and business. Usually with charity the course usually donates the greens fees because it is a tax deductible charitable donation for them as a business. If not free it is probably a highly reduced rate. Prizes and giveaways are usually donations as well. I donate a prize to one of my customers charitable outings. It’s the business outings where there is a ton of money spent. If your church paid a lot for the golf and prizes then they need to look into a different course and sources for prizes. I know the Sox donate items to some of the events I regularly attend.

I went to college in the Quad Cities so I am well versed in the flooding of the Mississippi there. I could only imagine how bad it is in the plains west of there. I know one thing for sure, it is gonna hammer the economy if it ruins crops for this summer.

Scamm’s quote from Ozzie in the newspaper today is right on. 16 runs is great, now do you think you can get more then three tonight?

Tom…spoke with Ron Hansen today and we talked about Johnny in part of it. He brought up something that I remembered in the back of my mind and it pointed out what I really miss about the game today and more importantly what the White Sox as a group miss.

August 20, 1964 the last of a four game series with the Yankees at Comiskey Park. The Sox are going for the sweep. 2nd inning, Sox up 1-0. Hansen’s on third with one out. Al Lopez tells Buzhardt to SUICIDE SQUEEZE with one of the slowest runners in the game at third. (and that’s no disrespect to Ron, he said the same thing).

Buzhardt gets the bunt down, Hansen scores, Sox go on to win 5-0.

If you had a pistol pointed at some of the current Sox players they couldn’t get a bunt down, much less get a suicide squeeze bunt.

And that one move showed why Lopez was the greatest manager the Sox have ever had. A leader, respected by the players, liked by the media and a tactical genius when it came to the game on the field.

Mark Liptak

Thank you Jim for that information. I admit, I did not know that and I will talk to the church to see. I feel a lot better knowing that information. I will also use that information in the future then to do fund-raisers in that manner also. I was wrong in my assessment and am glad to have been corrected.

I have always supported the Sox and their charity work and believe they do an immense amount of it. It is one reason (of many) I am always happy to support the White Sox.

Mark, I agree, I doubt most of the Sox could get a suicide squeeze down and I would LOVE to see them play more that way, every run counts and plays like a suicide really pump up the team and fans. Stop waiting for the HR and play ::haha:: Ozzie-ball (or REAL baseball that is…I don’t think we can call it Ozzie-ball anymore).

With all do respect you have to give props to the Cubs last night than. While I don’t care for them the attempt at the squeeze last night in the 9th was great baseball. Yes they lost the game but I really liked the idea and it nearly worked. Good call by Lou.

Okay, there have been way too many references to the team on the North Side on this board today.

BC – If you are talking about Reed Johnson’s bunt, he did it on his own with no instruction from a coach. Piniella said that in his post game press conference. Knowing that, it is an even bigger slam against the Sox because not many guys on this team would try to bunt on their own, much less be instructed (maybe begged or bribed) to do so.

Winkelmp – call local teams, in your case maybe colleges and they would most likely supply nice raffle items such as autographs. Anyone who does not give away a few free items for a good charity is probably not worth dealing with.

Donna, You will be happy to know that Mark gets Toby Hall tonight. They face another lefty, seems Mark always gets the lefty vs lefty matchup. AJ will obviously get the call for tomorrow afternoons finale with the Bucs and should play all 3 games this weekend. Although Toby Hall has a .409 lifetime average against Lilly in 22 at bats whom we face Saturday. AJ thrives against that team though so that is a toss up. I’d go AJ.

And the references I am referring to are not even about the upcoming series!!!! We have to hear so much about the team with the best record in the Minor League from the Chicago media all the time so I really hate to read about them on this board!!!!

One more about the Cubs, MLB just announced that “if your team does not win the World Series after 100 years of trying, you can pledge your alliegance to a new team without any reprecussions of being called a traitor”.

Well, at least BC’s latest post is keeping in spirit with how this board should view that team from the North Side.

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