Cool Wednesday

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Ramirez, 2B; Quentin, LF; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, 1B; Crede, 3B; BA, CF; Hall, C.  Buehrle pitching.

Who’s On First

Ozzie told reporters before the game that he may still consider playing Jim Thome at first base this weekend at Wrigley Field, particularly with Paulie on the DL.

“But I told Jim not to take ground balls or anything (and risk injury),” Guillen said.  “It’s not like he’s going to get better in a day or two.”

Impressive List

With his 521st home run last night, Jim Thome tied Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Willie McCovey last night for 16th on the all-time list.  Heady stuff …

Happy Birthday To You

Sun-Times beat writer Joe Cowley turns 40 tonight.

Sad News

Former Sox pitcher Johnny Buzhardt passed away …click here to read his obit.




If Toby keeps driving in runs I won’t care who he catches for. C’mon though, it is pretty coincidental don’t you think?

oh, by the way, how do we get to see those pictures??? AND when is blog night????

Ok, Mark gets the win, Toby hit a homer, and my boy BA hits one. I’ll lay off on the Toby/Mark combo. Nice win.

Yeah, Scott, when is Blog Night??? Nice win tonight and inspite of repeatedly bein knocked out by, I was able to see our own “pirahanas” come through… (BA, Toby, Alexi, even Juan,,, and Go Joe Go)…….. see you all tomorrow morning.. that would be 10:30 gaame time…. j.k.

P.S. we gotta come up with a name for our back-ups, (the Busters?) We play, you get busted because we bust our you know what off….. tomorrow……oh yeah, nice slide by OC…….

Nice effort (particularly from the offensive side) for the second straight night. It would sure be nice to pull off a sweep heading into Friday at the Urinal.

Mark Liptak

Great way to win a game. Nice pitching performance combined with 8 runs. I will take that every day. Please!

Let’s get that sweep tomorrow and stay on a roll for 3 at the Shrine.

Loved hearing AJ on AM 1000 while on our way to the park. His comments about the upcoming Crosstown series was he loves getting out on the field to play because the clubhouse stinks and the dugout stinks. (He was talking about odors and nothing else.) He also said Toby Hall will be starting against Lilly O Lilly on Friday.

What a great game to be at tonight! But the scoreboard jinxed Buerhle in the 6th inning when they put a question up about someone else’s perfect game as he took the mound. Boom, boom, out goes the ball! Bye bye no-no. Still, it was great to see him back to form, pitching into the 8th inning for the third start in a row.

Good to see Carlos is feeling better and nice time for Toby’s first homer in 2 years. Hope there is more to come (like soon, like Friday).

Will be at the park again tomorrow. Hope to see another SWEEP!!

When was the last time the Cubs and Sox played each other at night? This is the first time in a long time that I can remember….

Good win tonight. Kinda froze my tushie off at the game though. Jesus I thought it was gunna be nice out! Nice to see Toby Hall finally pop one out of the park. Buehrle looked good today. Lets win tomorrow since the rest of the division (minus the tribe) will.

kenwo, I would give serious dollars to freeze my butt off a few nights in a row… 73 already at 8 30 in the morning…..miserable hot down here deepintheheartofhell! 🙂

What’s everyone’s truly honest opinion of the Cubs series, I’m kinda concerned they’ll hand our butts to us. What are all the ‘sports writers’ saying up there?

Twatts531 – I could be wrong, but I believe the last Cubs Sox game was 2004 at Wrigley when Marte walked in the winning run. I remember it vividly because we got swept and I was at the Shrine and my family was getting hit with brooms on the ramp and outside the park on the way to the L station. It was like a huge bar fight. I don’t advocate fighting, but there was quite a bit of self defense needed. They weren’t just hitting guys, my fiance (now wife) at the time was getting hit.

Needless to say the drunken foolishness is why they don’t play games at night unless it is picked up by ESPN on Sundays.

Sox1966, Just like most of their fans the writers are falling for the trendiness. No doubt they have a good team, and maybe the best in the NL, but pitching will cost them eventually. Zambrano had to be taken out when he felt a twinge in his shoulder last night. I’m sure they are fearing the worst. If they lose him they will have to pay an inflated price to get a Sabthia or AJ Burnett to replace him.

As for the upcoming series all I have looked at is the batter vs pitcher info and we hammer Jason Marquis. I think we got him in St Louis in 2006 when we put up a bunch of runs in one series on them. Lilly is a little tougher and we don’t have many at bats against Dempster. He has been so good though he is due for a stinker. If the offense sticks around I say 2-1 Sox, but if the inconsistent offense rears its’ ugly head it could just as easily be 0-3.

That being said, let’s win today and stay on a roll.

I remember when the Sox and Cubs played a Friday nighter. I want to say it was 2001 when that fat tub of garbage David Wells had all the bunt hits against him and Sean Lowe worked magic to get out of the first inning. Carlos Lee hit a game winning grand slam in that game. And there were a ton of fights as the ramp going down basically turned into a steel cage match. There were also fights on Shields by the parking lot. Good times.

I also remember a night game- not sure what year- my guess is 2000 but I may be wrong, when the sox were winning and Foulke blew the save on a moon rocket shot by Sammy Sosa. I believe the game went 12 or 13 innings and Ray Durham won it with a double down the left field line. More good times. I had a seat here the scout seats now are for that one. Outstanding!

Thinking back on these games are fun….you got Sean Lowe who was a hero, Felix Diaz beat the cubs in 04 I believe, how many times did Jose Valentin do damage against them? Carlos Lee was a monster in this series. Big Frank had his fair share of bombs, including one i remember in 2005. I mentioned Durham in my last post…. How bout Mike Caruso hitting a game winning homer to sweep the Cubs at Wrigley? I believe Mark Johnson also hit one that to those fans who say “this is any other game” they are lying because if it was i wouldn’t remember these things as much.

Lest we all forget, we have a game today against the pirates. I hopt that the Boys won’t forget.

Whatever happened to Mike Caruso? Now there was a guy who could bunt! Seemed like he could lay one down for a hit almost at will. See you all in an hour.

Hey Sox1966, It’s 86 here at 8:57 and I’m not complaining at all. Last week it was really hot @ about 85 with something like 115 % humidity, not that’s nasty. But I’ll take the heat ANY day over the cold. ( you need heat when you’re older!( right TQ?)…. see you all in an hour for the game….. j.k. from balmy tucson if you didn’t remember….

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that that high humidity was in Okinawa….. later all.

The Sox-Cubs stopped playing night games at the request of the mayor because of all the “difficulties” playing in the evening caused. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink SAY no more!)

I remember in the late 90’s a game was being played on a Sunday night picked up by ESPN from what was then called Comiskey Park.

It was delayed in the 8th inning when two drunks took to fighting each other in the lower deck, rolled on to the tarp along the 3rd base line and spilled out on to the field.

I know some of the folks in higher authority running the city aren’t happy that ESPN decided to do two games at night.

Also if you missed it, you need to read Kenny’s comments about the Cubs in the Sun-Times.,CST-SPT-soxnt19.article

Good stuff!

Mark Liptak

Klein, I don’t mind being warm, summer is summer, it’s not supposed to be in the 50’s but I would rather not have the heat that seems continous from about April thru October and even when the actually heat is down in the so called Fall, it’s still humid and being originally from Northwest Indiana (as a matter of fact right where Scott played golf not too long ago) and transplanted here, this crap stinks!

On to Cubs/Sox ball….. I remember going to a game some odd years back and we had a blast. My mom, all 5’0 of her yelled at some Cubs fan (who I might mention was drunk, imagine that) and all my then boyfriend (now hubby) could think was, crap, I’m gonna have to fight this dude ’cause he surely wouldn’t yell at a lady…… strangely, when 5’0 women yell at big burly men, they tend to listen…… but my kids learned many a cuss word at that game, s-u-c-k being a biggy (it was back then, now it’s a common word around here) as we all joined in in a ‘Sosa Sucks’ chant… all fans alike!!! Good times had by all! No fighting that I saw but we tend to linger a bit afterwards enjoying the music and letting the crowd thin out.


I think when the fans refer to the Cubs games as “any other games” they are talking about it from the players’ point of view. Sure, for the fans there is extra special meaning to the games. And maybe even for AJ since he is really a little kid and a fan at heart.

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