Sweep Thoughts

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swish, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; BA, CF; Ozuna, 3B.  Floyd pitching.

June Production

The White Sox are hitting .309 with 30 home runs and 102 runs scored (6.4 per game) in June as the team batting average has risen from .246 to .261.

Chicago leads the majors in June for average, slugging (.538) and OBP plus SLG (.909) and ranks among the leaders in homers (T1st), runs per game (2nd) and OBP (2nd, .371).


Last night Mark Buehrle marked the fifth time this season a White Sox starting pitcher carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning … Gavin Floyd threw 7.1 no-hit IP on 4/12 vs. Detroit and 8.1 on 5/6 vs. Minnesota … John Danks went 5.0 hitless IP on 4/3 at Cleveland and 4/26-1 vs. Baltimore …


Heading north tomorrow for the first game of our series with the Cubs … did you know that the all-time series between the two teams is tied, 30-30, with each team going 16-14 at home … amazingly, both teams have scored 291 runs against the other …


jk, sox1966, et al (et al … that’s Latin for “da buncha yas”…)

What’s with all the weather talk?… jk, where you are,it’s SUPPOSED to be hot… but it’s dry heat…(yeh, right, Irving…)and Kristine, my little darlin’, what do you think DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS should be — ANCHORAGE???

Now that that’s done… I think that the young man from Marist HS, Tom Gorzelanny, deserves a lot of credit for keeping the Buccos in the game last night… again, it was the bullpen from hell that blew it for him…

So one more game to go and then…

ARMAGEDDON at Jurassic Park at Neverland…

Mark… Your mentioning Ron Hansen made me think back to the trade that Ed Short made with the Orioles to get Hansen, Hoyt Wilhelm and Dave Nicholson for Aparicio and Al Smith… at the time, a 10 year old Quaid wondered why they would get rid of such talent for a bunch of no names(you, I think, could add Pete Ward’s name into that deal as well…)… all that Hansen did was anchor a changing infield at that time… and those of us old enough to remember(right jk?)will never forget Bob Elson saying “… and here comes Dr Wilhelm and his dancing medicine ball…” as No.31 would come in to save yet another game for Lopez and Ray Berres…

Now, can anyone tell me when the last time was that the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network came to the same city TWO WEEKS IN A ROW…and it WASN’T either NYC or Bahston?…
That’s the story, morning glories, even though the city would not like it because of the probability of trouble erupting because the patrons would be imbibing (that’s another way of saying “getting s**tfaced”) long before the first pitch is thrown in anger…

On a Sunday night? Before work the next day? Heaven forfend…

It’s great to see the Sox not curl up and die after that 6 run 2nd. AND the runs weren’t all “Homerun of Nothing.”

Let’s get some more runs and sweep these Bucs!

Alexi is the bomb! He has only struck out 18 times in 149 AB. Keep the line moving.

Scoring runs AND hitting HR’s?! Wow! And HR’s with men on base?! WOW! Isn’t it nice when we can get guys on base.

Obviously the old saying is true…hitting is contagious (or is it… Pirates cure all?) Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

Well what do you know. The Sox did exactly what they were supposed to do against the Pirates. Nice sweep!!!

Winkelmp – you bring up a good thing “HR’s with men on base” Men on base being the key thing. That means not everyone is going up there swinging for the fences and resulting in a bunch of solo shots.

Now we got these 3, but let’s stay consistent at the plate and keep scoring runs. We will need to in the next series.

I like Pablo, but was cursing his name in the 2nd. So so so glad they got that six pack back right away. And good for Gavin. He was not at his best, but still got the win.

Only 1 thing that I would have liked to seen done. 5th inning with 1st and 3rd Thome up with no outs. They had the shift on with the 3rd basemen over in the ss postion. Yeah he did get the single through the shift, but drop down a bunt down the 3rd base line and that gets the same result without having to drive through that shift. He does not even have to be perfect with it. If he bunts it hard enough past the pitcher towards 3rd base it gets the job done. If they start doing stuff like that it will strike fear into pitchers and defenses because it will show vesatility.

I have to admit I was worried after that error by Pablo led to 6 unearned runs in the 2nd inning, but that worry was very short lived wasn’t it. Now on to the cubs who are in danger of being swept by TB ( I guess they’re a pretty good team after all).

TQ, I wasn’t complaining about the heat here in Tucson, I was just comparing our temp to that of Kristine’s. I only complain about the wind or cold anyway and I marvel at the jackets seen at the park the other day. Will I have to bring a parka to Blog night?( whenever that may be).

Anyway, good game guys, let’s keep it rolling up North. Is it colder on the north side of town???….. I’m going golfing now…. temp 105 @ 2:17…….. j.k.

What a great series! I’m hoping we can keep this hitting going on the North side of town. Hoping really hard we take 2/3–I’ll dream of a sweep, but will be more than happy with 2/3.


Two things.

1. I’ve always felt and told Ron the same thing, that deal with Baltimore was the single greatest trade in the history of the franchise because it re-energized the Sox organization and directly led to three straight 90+ winning seasons in 1963, 64 and 65. And three of those pieces nearly helped win the pennant a second time in that stretch in 1967.

2. A slight correction on Bob Elson. When Hoyt would come in he’d say, “traveling medicine show” not only because Hoyt’s knuckleball was almost impossible to hit (Hansen said it was the best he’s ever seen and he’s been scouting for the past 22 years) but because Hoyt was all arms and legs and his head was cocked at a funny angle when he’d release the pitch. He was a site to behold! The greatest relief pitcher of the 1960’s.


It’s nice that for a change the hitters “bailed out” the starting pitchers after all the times the starters have been great, only to see the offense go into a coma.

Granted today wasn’t all Floyd’s fault…..just another reason why Ozuna should NEVER play in the field unless it’s absolutely necessary. He’s a pinch hitter/pinch runner…period.

Ozzie is following Kenny in the “spirit” of things…this according to Scott Merkin of Whitesox.com:

“One thing about Sox fans, they show up and watch the game. “Some people go to Wrigley Field — I’m not going to say everyone — some people go to Wrigley Field from Europe and Paris and want to have a tour of the game. No one wants to have a tour here. They’re legit fans.”

Right on Ozzie.

Mark Liptak

Excellent come back today. Pablo is one of my all time favorite reserves right up there with The Deacon Warren Newson, Norberto “Paco” Martin and the sox all time pinch hit homer king Jerry Hairston. However, I almost broke my television set when the Pirates went up 6-0 in the second on the heels of that disgusting error. Thankfully the anger soon turned to happiness after OC tied it up. Pablo went on to have a fine game at the plate by the way. Nice to get the sweep. Lets get another one this weekend.

PS… Damaso Marte was throwing wonderfully. Wish we still had him.

Sox can beat Pittsburg.
The American League has been like the grim reaper mowing down NL teams the last few day.

Everyone has the wild card coming someplace other than the centeral, but do not be so sure of that. If the A’s fade and the east beats up on each other the central could produce the wild card. There is still a lot of baseball to play this season.

The best Sox pinch hitter of all time was one Forrest “Smoky” Burgess from the mid 60’s.


Cub fans can crawl back in a hole with their talk of how good the cubs are, that after the AL creams the NL. All teams in the NL are starting to question are we that weak compared to the AL. Answer, actually , yes. I mention this because a lot of sports writers were saying earlier in the year the gap was closing.

The only reason the sports writers were saying that the gap is closing is because Johan Santana and Danny Haren went to the National League. Then you have Lance Berkman, Chipper Jones and Chase Utley dominating the numbers in baseball. What they failed to realize is the only reason those guys are dominating so much is that the league just really stinks, so if you are a man among boys of course you are going to have inflated numbers. I truly believe that the Cubs are indeed a good team and one of the best the NL has. However, in the AL they would be fighting for their playoff spot down to the wire because the AL is full of good teams. Even the bad AL teams are dominating top NL teams. (look at KC beating up on STL). The American League has been the dominant league for quite a long time now and in my opinion it is going to continue to be that way.

Just watched crawford, grand slam the cubs. Bull pen melt down for the cubs.

According to the Tribune, Jerry Owens has been put on the DL in Charlotte with turf toe…he joins Josh Fields there.

Mark Liptak

Mark, do you remember Charlie Maxwell from the early 60’s? His nickname was sunday punch as it seemed like he hit a homer every time he pinch hit for Al Lopez team. How does he compare to Smoky? …. let’s start off the next series right……… j.k. (that would be with a W)…..

Charlie Maxwell from Paw Paw Michigan…. If you drive through that town they have a sigh “Paw Paw Michigan Home of Charlie Maxwell”. According to stories from my dad he would go to serious work on Sundays.

kenwo… Charlie Maxwell was known as “the greatest Sunday hitter in baseball… back in the day when the two greatest pinch hitters were the afformentioned Smoky Burgess and a former teammate of his with the Pirates, Jerry Lynch…

Boy, those were the days… You kids in WS Universe should have seen it back then at the Old Comiskey… What fun we had then…

Speaking of memories(nice segue, eh?)… as I write this is is two hours and 40 minutes until hostilities begin at Jurassic Park at Neverland… and three of my favorite WS/Flubs memories occured there… One has already been mentioned, with little Mikey Caruso muscling up after a rain delay and depositing one onto Sheffield Avenue… the second has to be AJ’s lightening rod GS off of Michael (Bad To)Wuertz(pardon the Chris Berman impression…YABBA DABBA DOO !!!), again to Sheffield… but the NUMBER ONE has to be Jose Valentin’s HR and subsequent impression of Sammy Sosa when he got back to the 1st base dugout, and the low camera position there… Randy Hundley was working color commentary with Harry’s grandson…and his only comment was “… I don’t care to comment on that, Chip…”… The old Rebel was PO’d to say the least…

Well, I’ll be viewing, sound muted, on good ole’ Ch 9 the next two days, while listening to Farmio and the triumphant return of Stone Pony on the Score… Then after the game, if the boys do well, I’ll tune my radio to 720 AM to listen to their post game show… to hear the (what they would call) “lowlights”… and to listen for the plaintive whine of “Cubs Legend” Ron Santo… and the excuses that Jim Memolo or David Kaplan or whomever the Cubs apologist would have readily handy…

If the reverse happens… well, I will be in a Silver and Black Funk…(notice, MLB.com censors, I wrote “funk”…)

Also, for those of you who are masochicistically interested, “America’s Sweetheart”, the Weathervane, aka “Jay the Joke” will be interviewed tonight at 7:30 by John Calloway on Ch 11… Teddy Greenstein previewed it in his media column in the Trib today… and he reported that the esteemed Mr Calloway took our friend to task for some of his (you’ll pardon the expression) work, while Jerk-Off threw bouquets out to Rick Telander and Joe Cowley…

This will be much more interesting, I’m sure than the second half-hour of “WWE Friday Night Smackdown” on Ch 9…

This and That:

Good Luck guys this weekend.

I’ve been told that Rick Telander had some “interesting” things to say about Jay Mariotti last night on the TV show “Chicago Tonight.”

Regarding Charlie who wasn’t really a pinch hitter that much and his Sunday ability. Well, here you go…

July 29, 1962 – In a double header versus the Yankees, Sox outfielder / 1st baseman Charlie ‘Paw Paw’ Maxwell hits three home runs and knocks home five RBI’s in the split. Maxwell had a curious history of doing his best hitting on a Sunday. When acquired from the Tigers it was discovered that 25 of his 70 career homers (at that point) were hit on the Sabbath. Of his ten in 1962, five came on Sunday. On July 8th, Maxwell got six hits in a game against Cleveland and on August 19th, Maxwell hit a grand slam and knocked in six against Detroit. Yes all of those games were on Sunday!

Mark Liptak

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Lip, I remember “Sunday Punch” well. Now. let’s go out and kick some serious booty. j.k.

Stuck in the car last night after taking dear old mom to the Sox day game, we thought we’d turn on the Flubs game just for yucks and were we ever laughing!! Who’s gonna take Marmol over Linebrink now? Certainly not anyone with half a brain.

After dropping Mom off in Huntley, we listened to the Flubs love fest on AM1000 and had to laugh again at how the insiders were already predicting the Flubs don’t win the WS without Zambrano. Excuses, excuses, excuses . . .

Here’s to catching the northsiders while they’re experiencing an “uncharacteristic” slow down in offense, defense, pitching and bullpen mastery, etc., while our Sox continue to “outperform” according to all the so-called baseball experts predictions. Nice to see some of the reporters are smart enough to acknowledge they made mistakes and the Sox are now going to be in the race come September.

We’ll be watching with our waders on from the soggy state of Wisconsin. GO SOX!! (See you back at the Cell in July.)

From the back page of the Tribune, Teddy Greenstein ranks the Chicago radio and TV baseball broadcast teams. The results…

Len Kasper and Bob Brenly: A-

Hawk and DJ: B+

Hughes and Santo: B+

Farmio and Stoney: B

I was going to comment on this, but I don’t feel like wasting my energy before the game.

Dotel just reminded me why I get all nervous every time he comes into the game – did when he played in Oakland, and still do.

I’ll be the first to comment on Dotel, not impressed anymore. It seems to me although I have no stats to back it up that this guy is getting worse by the week. Once again we get guys in scoring position with less than two out and nothing. Inexecusable in a game like this lay down a bunt!

Ozzie truly does not understand pitching. Why with the wind blowing out would you bring in Dotel to face the power hitters when they can just sit on his fastball because that is the only pitch he throws for a stirke. Danks only threw 85 pitches and had them off balance all game. IDIOT!!!

my irritation level just went up a couple of notches, soon as I heard he was coming in, I got up from the tv… makes me nuts! UGH!

Then Dotel has the audacity to do his little fist pump and yell that he always does after a K to end an inning. Whether that was part frustration or not just go hit the showers.

Bad managing lost that one. Why thome who cannot move a runner over in his dreams. Why not Ozuna to move the runner over. Why dotel, gave it away ozzie today.

Nice job with RISP.

This team is just too streaky.

son of a b**ch! Very frustrating loss!

Dleen absolutely right. Ozzie lost this game. Piss poor managing, get someone who can lay a bunt down not an old, over the hill DH who should have retired after last season. What a disgrace!!

disappointing. I agree with you all. Danks was throwing very well and should have been in the seventh, but that game had a weird feel to it.. let’s get them tomorrow Guys… j.k.

Let’s go Diamondbacks

Yes, ozzie lost it. Get that run over and in top of 9th and bring in Jenks. Sox dump thome and get someone to dh with bat control or lose the division, their choice.
Dotel not the guy you want in either, ozzie did the sam thing in detroit.

Well so much for the momentum both teams came in on. It’s only one game, but it is one that stings especially if we don’t come out and win tomorrow.

I believe it was 3 leadoff doubles left at 2nd base. Nice offense there huh? Bunt anyone please??? Home run or nothing and today it was not enough.


Losing like that late makes me mad no matter whom it is against. Especially when your starter pitched very good. Danks now has 21 runs of support in his last 11 starts. That is less than 2 runs per game. This guy should have 10 wins and he has 4. What a joke.

Microcosm for the season. 8 LOB, at least 5 on 2nd base with less than two outs. Not a single hit with runners in SP. Dotel gives up a lead, yet again. Jim Thome (worst clutch hitter I have ever seen in a SOX uniform) pops up on first pitch as PH in 9th inning with BA on second and no outs. Crede has terrible game at plate 2 Ks, 1 pop-up, 1 DP (all with runners in SP). Live by the HR and today we died by it.
Very, very winnable game that we just let slip by.

This one hurt to lose for so many reasons – Danks’ great pitching, so many wasted opportunities, no bunting.

Thinking about the issues Liptak raises so often: 3 runs or less: check; home run or nothing: check; failure to move runners over: check. End result – Sox lose an entirely winnable game.

Got to come back tomorrow and WIN!!!

Guillen need to take credit for this one.

Scott, you need to put up a new post before tomorrows game. Please! (you posted the last 3 games)

Just sick to my damn stomach.

All I can say is this, the Cubs (who spent 300 million before the start of the 07 season and look like they are one their way to back to back post season appearances) have won 6 out of the last 7 meetings.

Absolutely, positively, disgusting.

Mark Liptak

I was just talking to a friend who is a Cubs fan, and I told him that I can take losing to the Cubs because they are a good team, probably the best in the NL. What I can’t take is losing games the way we consistently fail to do the same things. We just can’t dp the little things.

Ozzie is a hypocrite. If he wants Ozzieball, smartball, smallball or whatever he wants to call it then he has to pull the strings for it. Use Pablo to bunt over BA. He’s one of the few on the team that can bunt. If he is not going to force the issue then at some point a player has to step up and do it on his own. If Thome is this great veteran team guy why can’t he sacrifice himself?

Everybody on our team owes Danks an apology.

“BUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUUUUUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ozzie you S.O.B. BUUUUUUUUUUUUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I thank God that my children were not watching with me, both because of my cursing Ozzie and also because I want them to watch good baseball, learn the fundamentals.

I cannot take losing like that. I don’t care who we play, if we lose like that it’s pathetic. TERRIBLE game management. As I said…we need someone on the bench to get in Ozzie’s ear!!! Crede needed to bunt, Thome needed to be brought back for Ozuna…BA shoulda tried for a SB after Thome pissed himself….WHERE IS OUR SMALLBALL!?! We won ’05 because of it, we’ll lose ’08 because not doing it.

And Dotel…good point jim, he is NOT the guy to bring in with wind blowing out and power hitters up. I don’t care if it’s different from Danks (thus trying to mess them up). Dotel throws a bunch of high fastballs. I need to go lower my blood pressure level after that pathetic display of baseball.

Great job Danks, sorry Ozzie lost it for you.


As I’ve said in the past, in my opinion, there is a disconnect between the kind of game Ozzie wants to play and the kind of team Kenny continues to give him.

I can’t explain the 9th inning other then to possibly suggest (since I’ve seen Ozuna look like a clown trying to bunt at times) that Ozzie has lost all faith in this team to execute anything close to Ozzieball in a game situation.

Remember last year he said he’d love to play that style more but can’t because he doesn’t have the guys to do it.

I have a bad feeling about the rest of this weekend.

Mark Liptak

DJ said at the beginning of the game that if the Cubs want to get in a slugfest with us, then we will win every time. Um, guess not. And that was exactly Ozzie’s game plan. Today he said F playing baseball, let’s go for the win via home-run derby. I will go ahead and defend Thome for being on this team, but that was the worst at bat ever. It never once crossed his mind to try and get BA over. He should never have been up in the first place. Unbelievable.

I cannot remember the last time a baseball game has upset me this much.

Somebody explain to me why a kid who has struggled offensively his entire major league career, is trying to hit the ball 600 feet every at bat. Brian Anderson has huge potential, and our hitting coach is having him swing for the fences.

This team has a shot at going to the playoffs, but unless we make some adjustments to how we play the game, we don’t have a shot of going anywhere if we make it.


Inexcusable. Three hours of my time wasted.

Pitifully painful loss. I knew if we didn’t score in the 9th that we would lose. Wasted opportunities. In theory I agree on the bunt, but WE CAN’T BUNT!! I’m sick to my stomach. I hope things look better tomorrow, but I’m afraid it won’t.

Mark, I agree with your feeling for the rest of the weekend. If we are consistent about one thing, it is when the offense looks bad it is not just one day it is multiple days. I hope they can get to Marquis tomorrow because Dempster has been out of his mind at home this year.

This series is like a test to see if we are a serious contender. Can you beat another contender on the road? And it is almost like a playoff atmosphere whether the players admit it or not.

Random Musings (while trying to forget the abomination this afternoon)

1. You just KNEW the Sox were asking for it when D.J. opened his mouth and said “if the Cubs want to get into a home run hitting contest with the Sox they’ll lose.”

OK D.J. Got anything else for tomorrow to piss off the ‘baseball gods?’

2. What really hurt today was the fact that you have to go back to April 22nd. APRIL 22nd to find the last time the Sox bullpen took a lead into the 7th inning or later and lost the lead and the game. April 22nd! (Yes for those scoring at home it was Dotel giving up a grand slam in the 7th inning of a 9-5 loss to New York)

3. Speaking of Dotel…some week eh? Gives up the game winner in the 9th inning to Cabrera, gives up the eventual winning run in the 7th inning of a 2-0 loss Saturday and today.

4. What is it about the Cubs that bring out the worst in the Sox bullpen? Today was the latest in a long line of failures to those morons. To wit:

June 11, 2000. Cubs 6, Sox 5. Cubs get 3 in the 7th and win in the 9th.

June 22, 2003. Cubs 2, Sox 1. Cubs gets two in 8th to win. Thanks Damaso Marte.

May 21, 2006. Cubs 7, Sox 4. Cubs get four in the 8th inning. to win. Thanks Neil Cotts!

May 18, 2007. Cubs 6, Sox 3. Cubs get three in the 8th inning and go on to win. Thanks Mike MacDougal!

May 19, 2007. Cubs 11, Sox 6. Cubs get six runs in the 8th inning. Thanks Mike MacDougal and Dave Aardsma!

Plus today…that’s three games in the last seven the Cubs have trailed in the 7th inning or later and won.

IF the Sox don’t piss away the games they have won, the series isn’t even close.

All the nice weather, flowers and sunshine can’t take away the sick feeling I have just typing this out.

Mark Liptak

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we lost today because we couldn’t get the one key hit with runners in scoring position that we needed. I hate losing as much as the rest of you guys, but give a little credit to the cubs (whoops, i know i will be excoriated for that one). They are as jimdevereauu said probably the best team in the NL and they were able to maintain their home advantage, so give them some props for being able to come back and to hold us to no more runs. One game only!

As far as Dotel and Linebrink goes, they have been there for us all season long and to second guess Ozzie for bringing them in is rediculous in my opinion. Next time out they both will do what they’ve been doing for our team and that is holding the oposition to nada. Take a deep breath everybody and get ready for tomorrow and a White Sox winner (in dramatic fashion)…. j.k.

P.S. I’ll second that one, weedenft: go D-backs……. and Dodgers and S.D. and S.F. ( hi Peggy)……j.k.

Another thing that I do not like about thome. Thome is a serious brown noser. I have watched him all season after games running to ozzie to hug, standing next to ozzie in the dugout with a bat. Thome is the biggest brown noser on the team , other guys just go about their business. Thome’s business is pass other guys on the home run list, he never departs from the home run swing, trying to move up the list on home runs. I do not like Thome, that in the face of everyone else praising him to the sky. He is not a team player to me.


I hope you’re right. We’ll see. Losing six of seven and giving away three of those games in the late innings isn’t what I’d call a “confidence boost” ya know?


Ozzies 3 bad moves in one game. Lifting Danks. Bringing in a high ball fast ball pitcher with the wind blowing out. Dotel has been terrible as of late. Hitting Thome , when what you want is to move the runner up. Thome a strike out, pop up all or nothing guy.

Ozzies gets into patterns using his bull pen, when it is going well fine but he does not adjust , quickly, when that pattern is no longer working. In crucial games in the 9th inning, detroit, the cubs and others go to their best relief pitcher to give themselves the best chance to win , not Ozzie. I still like Ozzie but he needs help with handling the bull pen in my opinion.

Actually I stand corrected. I was wrong.

The Sox have lost seven of their last eight to these *********.

Nice eh?

The Cubs pounded Buehrle 15-11 the last intercity matchup of 2006, then took 5 of 6 last year and Friday’s give-away.

No matter how you slice it that’s embarrassing.

Mark Liptak

I am with Klien. Although I was hot after the game for obvious reasons this loss is a mirage. The bullpen has been good all season. Just because it was against the cubs it gets magnified. Dleeun youre an ********. Thome has had that exact same swing for as long as I remember. He had a terrible at bat, but no more terrible than the ones by Cabrera, AJ, and the worst of all- Crede. They didn’t get a clutch hit today. Uribe, Quentin, Anderson all had big hits in the game and weren’t able to score.

Tomorrow is another day. I have a good feeling about the rest of this weekend.

I’m not upset because we lost one game, I’m upset because of how we lost it. When there is a guy on second with no outs, you cut down your swing and try to move the guy over.

But we have proved that we can win without fundamentals, right? So why start doing it now?

That’s what the mentality feels like.

Does anybody else think we need a new hitting coach?



If it was going to happen it would already be done. This is simply a bad road team, their mentality changes.

World Series contenders don’t usually have issues on the road like losing seven straight. Which is where the Sox are right now.

Mark Liptak

This is exactly why I’m frustrated Mark. It’s great that we’re in first right now, but what’s going to happen once we get into the playoffs, if we make it? Playing like we are, we don’t stand a chance against the best teams in the AL. Something has to change. I’m just afraid it’s going to take a couple drops in the standings before we do anything.

Once you get into the playoffs anything can happen. What if they go off like they have a couple weeks ago and this week against pittsburgh? They could blow out any team…they may also get shut out but you don’t know that going into October.

By the way I don’t remember too many fundamental plays in the playoffs. I remember a lot of home runs though. Home runs are not a bad thing

No one is saying home runs are a bad thing. The problem is that guys are swinging for the fences every at bat. Since we have very few bunters on the team we need to pick up some sacrifice hits, which we’re not. Instead we’re trying for the long ball. It’s great when it works, but most of the time it won’t.

If we make the playoffs we will be playing teams a bit better than Pittsburgh, San Fransisco, Kansas City, and Minnesota.

We exploded against teams with awful pitching.


Of those seven straight road losses they have scored a TOTAL OF 13 RUNS.

In four of those seven losses they scored ONE RUN or less and three of those seven losses were one run losses.

I agree there’s nothing wrong with a home run, playing half your games at U.S. Cellular Field you have to have power BUT you also need some BALANCE.

In 2005 the Sox won a lot of games without waiting for a home run because when they weren’t hitting them they still found a way to get a run or two. In a playoff game where pitching generally rules that’s often the difference between winning and losing.

The A’s are a great example of this, they can’t win squat in the post season virtually every time they go, because they can’t manufacture a run to save their soul when they need it.

Again home runs are good….home runs are bad when they are the only damn thing you can do to win a game.

In 2005 the Sox hit over 200 home runs…they also were in the top three or four in the league in stolen bases, sacrifice bunts, infield hits and sacrifice flys.

They put pressure on opponents and stole a few games when the other team made a mistake (like the old Yankee clubs used to do in the 50’s and early 60’s)

This club couldn’t steal a game if their lives were in the balance. Ditto for sacrificing, stealing a base, executing the hit and run (good job there today A.J.!) and getting a runner over from second base with none out. (Hello there Thome nice job in the 9th inning!)

Mark Liptak

White Sox, please win on Saturday, please win. You’ll make Liptak stop.

If we make the playoffs I don’t want to go in with a swim or sink mentality. Where either we score 10 a game and advance or we lose 3 straight and don’t score 5 total runs. I want to know that this team can put up 4 or 5 runs and give their pitchers a chance to win. We know the pitching is there so far.

I had to do a little math to figure this out, but if you take the Sox schedule and say they score 5 runs every game it equals to 46 wins 12 ties and 15 losses(that counts games they won, but gave up more than 5 as losses). Split those ties and you are 52 and 21. Now would that not be nice. Of course asking for exactly 5 runs a game would be a little insane, but that is what the Sox CAN do IF they score that many runs regularly. They do average 4.88 runs per game so it is not all that far fetched.

You all will have to beat the cubs without me tomorrow as I will be swinging the clubs ( an early tee time), but then there is the 19th hole if you know what I mean, Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more. ( I kinda like that one, thanks for bringing it back….. 6-5 White Sox tomorrow, with us coming from behind in the seventh to win…… we’ll see. Go White Sox ’08…….. j.k.

I apologize in advance, but I am now going to do a Liptak…

T6… Lead off 2B by Swisher… 2 strikeouts and a foul out later, nothing…

T7… Lead off 1B by Uribe…strike out, pop up, then BB to Quentin… Howry in, Dye up… three pitches later… nothing…

B7… There must have been a reason that Dotel was traded by Hou and Atl… 6 pitches later, we find out why… His career ERA at Jurassic Park: 8.50 — 17 ER in 18 IP…3 HR…

As Chester A Riley used to say…”WHAT A REVOLTIN’ DEVELOPEMENT THIS IS !!!”…

T8… Lead off 1B by Swisher… Crede DP, Alexi GO… nothing…

T9… Lead off 2B by Anderson… Thome up as PH… 1st pitch hit 300 feet… 150 feet up, 150 feet down into Theriot’s glove…

B9… I said it out loud to myself… (True, not hindsight…) “I have a bad feeling about this…”…

Two pitches later… you know…

John Danks… sorry… You pitched your butt off, for nothing…

Octavio Dotel… If I was Ozzie, your a** would be perma bonded to that bullpen bench until your bones bleached…

Finally, as to last night’s Callaway interviewwith the King Of Knee Jerk (HEAVY accent on that 2nd word) Reaction…

In Jay’s own delusive mind, everyone else is wrong but him…everyone one else is in bed with, or in the pocket of, team owners, except for him… His is the lone dissenting opinion in the forest…

What a crock of crap…

What an arrogant, pompous, repulsive twit…

Sox will face very average or below pitching today , lets see what happens. I hear the voice of reason on this blog, why can’t kw and ozzie hear? The last one to know is the GM and Manager, right. They are way too close to the personalities on the team.

Well the Sox aren”t the only ones that got beat up yesterday, I am one of very few Sox fans in my Restaurant, and Friday night, between text messages, phone calls, E-mails and Patrons I should be in intensive care. Come on Sox Do me, US, a favor, get this series. The abuse is almost unbearable!!

Frankly, though no one asked, I feel that Mariotti might be sick. His comments on that callaway thing are kinda extreme and don’t make sense. Isn’t Narcissism more than just an undesireable trait? Isn’t it a psychological disorder when too much of it? Anyway, he just seems hell bent on holding a real big grudge. I feel bad for him. HOWEVER, I hope these fellas from the South Side can take the next two games in a crushing fashion so that he doesn’t get to write a column waxing euphoric over two more losses for the good guys. It’s for his own good…..

Oh, and I agree with the above posted comments, i had a bad feeling and shut the game off at the end of the 5th. Not happy to hear how it ended…… All I can do is shake my head…..

NO wonder ozzie just came out, I noticed a diffrent strike zone since the 1st inning for sox and the cubs

I feel the vomit rising!

when the umpires turn on a team , it can get ugly in a hurry.
Like the NBA, I certainly do not discount anything when it comes to officials. Excuse, yea, but it was noticable before the big cub inning. Ozzie was a little late with that pitching change.

Well that was pretty awful. Oh well it looks like we are going to get swept this series. Hopefully we can sweep them back at home. Hopefully we don’t lose three to the Dodgers in between. This Sox Cubs series although many say it is “just another series” sometimes sends the team that losses straight down the hill. It happeend to the cubs in 99, it happened to the sox in 07 (although we were starting down that hill already but that gave us the final push). Hopefully it won’t happen to the sox in 08, but it just might. Masset is doing a nice job in relief here. Shoulda been brought in sooner. I would have yanked Jose after Marquis’ single.

what the f–k happened to our pitching? Jose and the bullpen all looked like a bunch of frickin clowns out there and I am so sick of this inconsistent offense.

Disgusted is the only feeling I have right now besides anger.

Lisa M.

Someone please tell me why this game was supposed to be on Comcast according to all the schedules and so I sat here for 6 flippin innings on my computer only to discover by turning on the tv AFTER turning the game off that it’s been on WGN? Wtf is that all about?? I’m so frustrated at this point about to watch St Louis and Boston, got to be more energizing than this mess and I’m not usually one to complain!

sox broadcast is on comcast, cubs feed on WGN. I would rather watch the birthing video I saw last year with my wife in lamaze class than the cubs feed. Actually I would rather watch that video over this game on any feed.

Again bad call by home ump. changes the game 6 inches outside called strike on alexei then behind him would have walked a run in then who knows. Umpires are not supposed to be such big factors in determining the outcome of games

kenwo – you’re right, I’d rather watch a live birth than this too! actually though, both schedules said comcast so I don’t know, had to listen to cubs announcers on mlbtv too…

Nice job for the most part by the relievers. They should have been used earlier in the game. Leaving Contreras face Lee, Ramirez is just inexcusable. That was a terribly managed inning by Ozzie.

Nice to see the sox come back a little bit and if Alexei gets hit by that pitch, you never know. Don’t know why he jumped out of the way of that. Gotta take one tomorrow nite. It will not be easy but we have to find a way to do it. losing 2 of 3 isn’t that horrible if you look past it being against the cubs- they are on an outstanding run at home.

So our offense wakes up and our pitching goes? You know, this game didn’t feel so bad except that awful 4th. Someone give me a logical explaination why Jose was kept in so long! Let’s at least hope that it is not a sweep. This is exactly what I feared would happen. I gotta say those Cubs look good. Try and enjoy the night sox fans.

Sorry umpires didn’t win or lose this farce today. Sox pitching allowing 11 runs did.

The way Dempster has pitched this season at Wrigley no one should be surprised with a sweep tomorrow night, and nine out of ten for the morons and their drunken fans….and you know what? They deserve to shove it in our faces.

The Sox are embarrassing themselves, the franchise and the fans they represent.

If Kenny is pissed off about things let him do something about it either now or in the winter….like maybe going out and spending 300 million to get every good player on the market like the Cubs did directly because the Sox won the World Series.

Since that spending spree they haven’t been the same ‘lovable losers’ have they?

Mark Liptak

Oh and maybe Scott or one of the fans can answer this…I couldn’t find anything in the Sox media guide.

What’s the franchise record for most consecutive road losses?

Mark Liptak

Here’s what I don’t understand. I realize I’m simple minded so maybe some of you can explain it to me.

I’m stunned at Ozzie’s managing the past two games. Why did Ozzie keep him in for so long to get absolutely shelled?

Danks was dominating yesterday and Ozzie pulls him, and Contreras gets bombed and Ozzie leaves him in.

Pitch count my rear end. Danks should have started the 7th and maybe the Sox get out of this weekend with a win.

Yes maybe he blows out his arm on the first pitch of the 7th inning but you know what, he might also blow out his arm on the 2nd pitch of the 5th inning…that’s baseball.

Mark Liptak

I know we lost, but what happened? The first thing I did when I got back home was to log on to this site. I haven’t even looked at the box score yet. Now we have to wait till tomorrow night…… Come on guys. let’s get it (something) done…. j.k.

mark I think that his pitch count was 85 when danks was pulled, come on now , had the same thought about injury that should not have been a consideration at that point.

Instead of saying I a made a mistake , ozzie says he made the right decision, wow that floored me.
And yes with proper umpiring and pulling jose early sox would have had a chance today. Ozzie is in another mgr. slump , he seems to go numb when he faces L. Pinella. I noticed that last yr.


From the “silver lining in a dark cloud” department… Believe it or not, folks, it has only been THREE innings out of 16 that have beaten them… The 7th and 9th yesterday, and that bloodless coup today…

I think that I heard Ozzie say that he thought that Contreras could get out of that inning with less damage, which is why he kept him in… at least that is what I THOUGHT I heard him say…

Saying that Jurassic Park at Neverland is an ABSOLUTE bandbox when the wind blows out is like saying that the Grand Canyon is a small hole in the ground in jk’s home state… Hell’s bells, folks, Thillens Stadium plays bigger than Wrigley when the damn winds are blowing towards Evanston…

For any Cub fans out there reading this… or, if you’re a Cubs fan, having it read TO you…

Go ahead and laugh now, Uncle Lou… Go ahead and have your jollies now, Hughes and Santo and Kasper and Brenly…
Smile all you want, D Lee and Ramirez and the rest of you…
Just remember… NEXT WEEK, you come South…

And don’t think that this series will be forgotten… Oh, no… it will be tattooed on the inside of our eye lids all week long while the boys are in LA… Then Friday afternoon at 3:05…
It just may be THEIR turn…

And you know what they say… Payback can be a REAL bee-yatch…


We’ll see.

Keep in mind since the Sox swept the Twins and went 6 1/2 up in the division they’ve promptly lost 7 of 11. Everyone is now crawling back in the race and the Sox suddenly can’t win a damn game on the road. It’s not just about the Cubs. (although God knows that’s bad enough)

They are simply to streaky. I’ve never seen a Sox club (and I’ve thought hard about this) as streaky, constantly swinging between good and crap in my life.

It hasn’t even been three months and already we’ve seen an eight game winning streak, a seven game winning streak, a six game losing streak, a stretch where they won 23 of 33 and now this eight game road losing streak.

That’s what you get when it’s “home run or nothing.”

I guess if the pitching holds up and they get a lot of home runs they can still win the division, if they can’t hit home runs and can’t win road games they are toast and will come in around 85 wins and another golden opportunity flushed right down the toilet a la 2003 and 2006.

Mark Liptak

Well I say we hope for rain on the north side tomorrow night so we are not embarassed on a national level, because I don’t expect much from the Sox tomorrow. Dempster has been awesome at home, and they have the momentum for the sweep.

As for today, it was not umpires at all that cost us the game. The homeplate umpire was inconsistent both ways. I watched the WGN broadcast and they were commenting on it, probably not screaming about it like Hawk. In the 4th inning it took the coaching staff forever to get someone up in the pen. They definitely should have had Jose out sooner, but not sure that it would have mattered the way the Cubs are hitting right now. Jose’s last 3 outings have been bad. We have seen streaks from him that last months. I hope this is not the start of a bad streak because that might be the end of him.

Watching the WGN broadcast, Len and Bob were talking (yes unlike Hawk and DJ announcers do have conversations) about Guillen and pulling the plug too early on Danks and brining in the wrong guy for the situation. Brenly did bring up that Danks’ numbers get considerably worse after 75 pithces, but he did disagree with the move. They also talked about how the Sox can only score by homeruns, and that they don’t even try to move runners along. I just find it kind of interesting that the oppositions announcers have our flaws nailed to a tee, and yet we can not do anything about them.

If they ever did fire Guillen, which they probably won’t do because it would be vindication for Mariotti, they need to hire Bob Brenly.

If there was anything that was positive today it was that they did fight to have a chance at the end. Maybe it is something that they can take into tomorrow. Who knows? One thing I do know is I am gonna run out of Tums soon from the upset stomach this team gives me.

Thome needs to go. I have been pleading for this since last summer. He belongs on the North side “lovable loser”. This guy just has a bad stigma teams he plays for don’t win championships and he certainly has not and will not help this team. Get rid of him and go after a true DH perhaps someone that can hit to all fields, Griffey?

As long as he remains on this team and unfortunately in the lineup expect this team to fall out of the lead. He stinks!

No Mark , Sox cannot win it without changes. Ozzie was right about that with his rant in Tampa. Biggest need for change is getting rid of Thome to starte, I agree with that. I was not over exceited about sweeping Pitts. Of course , they need those wins against bad clubs too.

Plug one good DH in the lineup and it would be a big help. I hate to mention this but sox are losing with dye hot and he is also very streaky , like the sox. This season would look a lot different if sox were able to win even 1/2 of the games that were winable. Like the first cub , sox game. First game in Det. Ozzie needs to pick it up and some changes need to be made in the team. But KW seems to like in long term denial, like he did last yr.

I think just about every commentator has had our number as far as a serious lack of situational hitting. What makes this so hard to watch is that these pitching performances are repeatedly going to waste. I really hope ole “bighead” williams doesn’t wait like he did last year to make some changes. This season ain’t over yet and the sox can do this and pitching meltdowns have defiinitely been rare for this team, but the offense needs to stop leaving so many scoring opportunities go to waste the way they are so hot and cold. Talk about frustrating….. I’m not sure why PK gets a pass and Thome doesn’t. they are both hurting the team despite the occasional useful homerun. Isn’t this team one of the heaviest in the league? I heard that somewhere….. Oh well.

Twins won again, what’s the six in a row against crap N.L. clubs? Detroit is winning again as well as I write this.

Like my late father used to say “the Sox can’t stand prosperity…”

Mark Liptak

Quick, Scott another post! You need to change the subject from “Sweep Thoughts” to Sox win!…… waiting to see. j.k.

Other than the pitching this team stinks. Defense, hitting, baserunning, just general fundamentals stink. Prepare yourselves folks this team could move to the cellar quick.

Speaking of “sweep thoughts”!

Dotel going downhill and quick. Starting to remind me of Cliff Polite. What an embarassment to all White Sox fans everywhere this weekend has been. This team has no attitude save for AJ. Cut Thome and bring somebody with a killer instinct in here!

I don’t know who needs a day off more. The Sox or me. Honestly I can’t stand one more day of watching this.
The only way this weekend could have been worse would have been to hear that Minnie Minoso passed away !
I’m afarid what we have seen the last three days is the real WS team. When the pitching goes south (as it has the last two days) and the phantom offense doesn’t show we can’t beat anybody, especially these northside pukes.
P.S. I can’t stand Joe Morgan !

Totally embarrassing for a Sox fan, no knock down pitches, nothing to try and spark the team. This game was typical. ex 1st inning OC hit, Aj tries to bunt , no. does not move runner up. then Carlos hit. that should have been run number 1 then double play , nothing. Same thing in the second inning failed to move runner up then double play. So typical of the sox. It was painful. Dump ster is not that good. Once the Sox lose the games thay should have won, watch out , a losing streak follows like night after day. Now they go to play a AAA . LA team will not impress me even if they win. Sox are desperate for some BALL players not just swingers. Morgan did say one thing, pitchers are not afraid of sluggers, big swingers, it is the pesky guys that give pitchers fits. Not sure the sox have even one pesky hitter.

I’ve got to tell you that it’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt this angry and embarrassed with the White Sox.

I came close to reverting back to my old self and absolutely smashing a basement door but I caught myself just in time. I had the baseball bat cocked and ready to go though.

When you come on this page the first thing that comes up are Scott’s notes from Friday morning. As I reread them, they actually helped a bit ‘cause I had a good laugh.

Not at Scott mind you, but with the knowledge that once again statistical numbers can be made to say anything.

Well I figure I’ll give it a shot. Here’s some numbers that I think tell a truer story on the schizophrenic 2008 White Sox:

1. The Sox lead in the A.L. Central Division is down to 1 ½.

2. After sweeping Minnesota to go up 6 ½ games the Sox have promptly lost eight of 12 and have allowed everyone else right back in the race. At the rate they are going they’ll be out of the top spot by next weekend.

3. The Sox have now lost nine straight road games. The franchise record in this dubious category is 11 straight set last season. 11 and nine in a row in two straight seasons…nice.

4. Despite the “gaudy” offensive numbers, the Sox record for the month of June, is 11-9, a lousy two games over .500

5. The Cubs have now won nine of the last 10 head to head meetings. Since they spent the largest amount ever in a single off season in MLB history in the winter of 2007 they have kicked the Sox all over the field. That organization and their fans have earned the right to ram it right down the Sox throats.

Like with other Sox teams of this decade, with the notable exception of 2005, this team is ill conceived, flawed and lacking quality performers in key areas.

It would just be a real shame to have the clownish Cubs make the playoffs for the 3rd time in the past six years, while the Sox blow a playoff spot for the 3rd time in those same six years to go along with 2003 and 2006.

Mark Liptak

Well, my customers are happy.

BC you said it, as a diehard Sox fan I am embarrassed. I can take losing to a good team, but to just get pushed aside like we were the last 21 inning of this series is embarassing.

This sweep is a result of Danks being pulled for the wrong pitcher on Friday. That may seem like a small thing, but coming into this series we were hot and they were ice cold. That comeback and walk off homer gave them a complete 180 degree momentum swing. We had no shot once they woke up.

Apparently Ozzie had given up tonight when he let Dotel throw 43 pitches in the 7th. Fortunately they only got 1 run, but that could have been another disaster inning. He didn’t even have anyone in the bullpen, and the ESPN people must have thought he was nuts because they kept showing the empty bullpen on TV.

When is someone gonna hit Aramis Ramirez in the ribs or back with a pitch. When a guy is leaning out over the plate and just crushing breaking pitches all series like that all you have to do is hit him and make him think about leaning out so far.

I was watching the game with my wife and before the 8th started I told her watch Thome will pinch hit to lead off the 8th. Why down 5 runs do you have Thome lead off an inning? Best result of that is you are down 4 runs. Why would you not save him for a situation that can be more runs or game tying/winning situation? Ozzie’s stupid mistakes are so predictable!!!

Go man by man on the Sox and it seems like a pretty good team. That must be what KW does. When you stack the whole team together, however, Then the Sox have a team that cannot do the little things. The problem then is to change the team takes a lot , because man by man they are ok, so where do you starte. Exactly why I have stated , Sox need to totally make over the team, as it is based on starting and relief pitching anyway. If you look closely it does not matter if Anderson, Swisher, Crede, Konkerko, are replaced by ozuna, uribe, wise, and so on , one player has this or that. Again point is as Mark stated the team is ill conceived.
Better to have a well conceived team that produces , than a more talented team that cannot produce and cannot win close games.

dleeun, the problem is the Sox have nothing to trade with. The Sox are pretty much stuck with who they have for this year. Nobody is going to take our base cloggers. The only thing we have to trade is pitching, and that would defeat the purpose.

Nobody is going to take a base clogger like a Thome for example, unless they lose a crucial player to a lengthy injury. Best hope is to be able to trade guy like that in the offseason to teams that lose players via free agency.

The question is will they spend the money in free agency to fox the problems. After this past offseason I would say the answer is no. They have the pitching in place for the most part. They have to buy the hitters to fill out the order since they don’t have the blue chip prospects required to trade for top talent. This regime does not seem to want to dump money into long term contracts for top talent no matter how much we fill the park. Yes we do have one of the top payrolls in baseball this year, but it is a lot of short term money. Much unlike the 300 mil the Cubs spent in the winter of 2007 which got them some good talent for a long term as that money is well spread out.


Of course you must then ask the question, who put together the farm system? Who hired the instructors? Who decides the “style” the minor leaguers play?

I’m not trying to bust Kenny but he was first in charge of the minor league operation before being promoted to G.M. Ultimately everything that goes on, on the field for this franchise is his responsibility.

The farm system is awful and has been for the past five years, which is why the Sox have nothing to deal (and what Kenny has dealt in the past wasn’t any good as shown by the fact that only one guy, Chris Young has come back to bite the Sox on the rear end…) but again who hired the folks that were supposed to run the minor leagues? Kenny.

Who fired one of them last year? Kenny. Who had to fire one of the other ones for illegal activities? Kenny.

I like Kenny and admire his passion and desire to win but only a fool or a madman continues to do the same thing year after year after year and expects anything to be different. (i.e. a beer league type slow pitch, station to station softball team.)

Saturday the Cubs went from 1st to 3rd on three consecutive singles in that awful 4th inning….the Sox couldn’t do that in their wildest dreams.

And reading these comments one thing struck me, that so many Sox fans used words like embarrassed, ashamed, angry.

I hope Scott reads these and I hope he passes along the thoughts to the powers that be.

The fans are right. This organization, less then three years off the possibility of reclaiming their own city, SHOULD be embarrassed, ashamed, angry…once again the White Sox franchise has flushed a golden opportunity down the commode. The Cubs were not about to lose their status as top dog in the city after 2005-06, now how will the Sox organization respond this winter to being “put in their place” by the tribune Company?

Mark Liptak

Watching (and it was utterly painful) these games against the Cubs, I noticed some things severely lacking with the Sox, and not all of them are permanently lacking.

1. Situational hitting – they did that in San Francisco, when they swept the Giants, so they are capable of it. Swisher talked about “floating” a ball out to the outfield, and the success of that.

2. Speed – this seems to be sadly, and completely missing. Note how a speedy runner forces infielders to make hasty, and possibly off-line throws, and can result in its. I also note the leisurely pace at which the Sox players run to first after hitting what looks to be a routine out. Better to be running hard, because you never know what will happen, and because it gets inside the opposing team’s heads.

3. Attitude – everyone on the team talks about how much the games against the Cubs mean to the fans, but I see no evidence of this on the field, except perhaps from A.J. When the cameras showed the dugout, Ozzie and the team had that familiar, flat look they had for most of last season. Not a good thing to watch.

Crap!! I just wrote a plaintive message of complaint and support for our team, but my computer dropped it. I’ll just say this for now; we are still in first place and no one picked us to be in this position, so keep the faith and let’s get on a roll again in SoCal and then come back home and retool the cubbies and then start breating normally again….. j.k. anxious in tucson, but not nearly as much as in ’05… Keep it in perspective. j.k.

According to Paul Sullivan in the Tribune tonight, he says Kenny wasn’t at any of the games at Wrigley Field this weekend.

I don’t know what to say about this. Kenny certainly doesn’t have to be there but given his comments this past week you’d hope that he would show up to face those who question his tactics or motives.

Oh well maybe he stayed at home to watch these guys totally and completely embarrass themselves and maybe that will ultimately result in some good (i.e. changes) down the road.

Mark Liptak

Here’s a sobering thought to end one of the worst weekends that I can recall in a long time for me.

The Sox have seven games remaining with the Twins.

ALL of them, every single solitary one, are at the Metrodome.

Including three the final week of the season.

Can you say mid- September 2003?

Mark Liptak

Quick! What first place team just got swept in their last series? If you said the White Sox, you’d be correct. But you’d also be right if you said the D-Backs or the Phillies. And except for a 13th inning win on Sunday, you would be right about the Red Sox too.

I prefer to stay positive in spite of our recent woes. There is still a long way to go in this season, and until we are eliminated from contention I will root for and support the White Sox. If that makes me a stick-my-head in the sand rah-rah guy, then so be it. After all, what say do I have in how the Sox procure talent or use it? Absolutely none. The way I look at it is nobody expected us to be where we are this year, so enjoy it (either while it lasts or the whole way through) Remember, we all were sweating bullets in September of ’05 and that turned out rather well.

Go ahead, point out to me that that ’05 team wasn’t one dimensional, and that they could manufacture runs as well as hit the home run. I know that and again I say what difference does that make and what difference can I make? Absolutely none! This team will go as far as its pitching and whatever hitting it can muster. That’s the team we have this year. I don’t have a say in it’s makeup. I choose to spend some money every year to purchase mlb.tv so I can watch this team whether they win or lose, so let’s start another win streak and we can all come off the ledge for another week or so. What do you say? j.k.

I think that this sweep hurts more for everyone because it is the Cubs and every moronic Cub fan is rubbing it hard in our faces. I had to finally stop watching because my stomach was getting sick. I’ve watched the Sox lose many and not felt this sick. It is because it is the Cubs. I’m going to hop on JK’s train….do we have issues? Yep. But apparently so does the rest of the Central because nobody would have predicted we would be where we are on June 23. I’m not being a pollyanna, but let the sting of the Cubs sweep wear off today, let’s regroup and hope for the best in LA. Besides, I’m packing up the hubby and kids and leaving for a west coast family vacation Saturday for 12 days (5 ballgames in 5 cities!!) and we always miss the best of the Sox! Enjoy the off day gang.


It’s particularly bad over at the Sun-Times today even worse then I anticipated.

Scott Eyre had some interesting things to say but you know what, like I said earlier…that organization, those players and their fans can say all the stuff they want because they have kicked the Sox all over the field and have been doing so since last year.

When you win nine of ten, you can say anything you please.

If the Sox don’t like it, if the organization is upset about things then win some damn games. (and there’s no new rule in MLB that says it’s illegal to win a road game.)

It’s bad right now and unless the Sox get their heads out of their collective rear ends it’s gonna get a lot worse as this summer progresses.

Mark Liptak

Mark it is easy to predict Doom and Gloom, because nobody wants you to be right. Cubs series hurt really bad, but it hasn’t been 100 years for us, maybe that’s why losing hurts us more, we’ve tasted the other.

That’s true bench to a certain extent but it’s a shame as I said, that the Sox had the greatest opportunity in the world after 2005 to at least take back their fair half of the city and area and they completely threw it away.

The Cubs saw they were being threatened and reacted accordingly in my opinion. The results of which you have seen on the field and in the standings the past two years.

Will the Sox react the same way this off season regardless of if they can hold on and take the division?

Don’t have the answer to that one but if past is prologue I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Almost from day one this ownership group has made statements along the lines of ‘we don’t care what the Cubs do’ which is ludicrous because they are your chief competitor for fans, advertising revenue, media coverage ect.

The Sox are partly in the situation they are in because they chose this approach particularly in the 80’s when the Tribune Company saturated the Chicago market and the Midwest and took was once was a Sox town starting in 1951 through the mid 60’s, and was about a 50/50 split in the early 80’s to their complete advantage.

Like I said it’s a crying shame.

Mark Liptak

It is easy to stand pat and hope all of the players get hot. Not going to happen consistently. I see nothing wrong in trading Dye while he is hot. Crede because we will lose him anyway. Even OC who has come to life but seems to be thinking about next yr.’s contract. But Sox lose OC also. Thome and Konkerko just dump. So Sox do have trade bait, OC and Dye, and Crede but it would take a lot of guts to trade them while being in 1st place. I would do it in a minute and make a little history but never seen a GM that would except maybe owner Finley.


I’m willing to entertain some of your trade suggestions, if you will specify what or whom you’d expect to get in return. And please confine your suggestions to players that are actually available, because Kenny has to trade in the real world, not in a fantasy league. (That’s a statement of fact, not a defense of Kenny.)

I’m fine with trading OC because we have guys on the roster who can play the shortstop position as well as he does, and can hit about as well. Ozzie talked about the leadership OC would bring to the clubhouse, and since I’m not in there, I don’t know whether he has done that, but if he has, it’s been subtle rather than obvious.

I could even see trading Dye, if we got someone of real value, like a genuine, first-rate leadoff hitter, in exchange. (Any ideas?)

Crede I’m less ready to let go, mainly because I can’t think of a quality third baseman we could get for him, and we don’t have anyone suitable and healthy on our minor league teams. Besides, I’m not convinced we will necessarily lose him. Why? First, he has said he wants to remain with the Sox, and second, if they make him a good offer, it may be the best one he gets, given that his numbers (both defensive and offensive) are not all that gaudy.

You have to remember Mark The Cubs have not won it yet. And history has shown us that Wrigley will be packed no matter what their record is. It is not a Baseball Park, It is a Huge Antique Bar, With parties going on everywhere, rooftops, bars, streets etc. People go their for everything else, If only true Baseball fans were there, we would kill their attendance. We cannot compete with that, As long as it is “cool” to be a Cub Fan, and there is no prohibition, Wrigley will be packed and the media goes with the majority, ratings are everything.

Thanks for your post Klein, it was one that helped.

To all the brethren out there taking cr@p: is this sweep more painful than the one by the Diamondbacks at wrigley? No.

Agree 100 percent with jk. The only reason this weekend was embarrassing was the name of the opponent. Had it been Philly or LA, it just would have been frustrating.

And the Northsiders aren’t just good because the Tribune Company spent 300 mil a couple of winters ago. Actually, that is not even the biggest reason.

Much of their success can be attributed to guys like Theriot, Soto and others who have come up from the minors and outperformed their expectations and guys like Ramirez, Lee and Dempster who were there long before the spending spree.

But the biggest reason for their success is a very, very, very weak National League.

They are on a roll, especially at home and not many teams would have fared much better as the visiting team there this weekend.

But their time will come. They have already played more than half of their home games and it is only June 23. The table is set for a September road swoon if they allow it.

Let’s try to get 2 of 3 in LA and then come back to friendlier surroundings.

dleeun, If you trade guys like Crede, Dye or OC all you will get in return during the season is prospects. Teams that trade for talent like that are in a playoff race and are not going to give the Sox anything to help them right away. If there is a chance we make the playoffs I don’t want to see any “white flag trades.” That will send the middle of the road fan that we have to battle to keep over to the darkside very quickly.

I also would not consider trading Dye or Crede unless someone just knocks KW over with an unbeatable offer. Dye is probably the DH of the future here (if not Konerko, but my vote would be Dye), and I have this very suspicious feeling that Joe Crede will be with the Sox next year. He wants to be here, and he is beloved here by the fans and his teammates. He knows that, and when it comes to contract time he will mandate what is best for him.

TC – You are right about some of their home grown guys. They have done a great job in their system, and they have a ton to trade with too. Ramirez though was part of that 300 mil as he was extended that offseason before his free agent year. It takes a good mix though. You have to have homegrown talent where you control them for 5 or 6 years at a reasonable salary, and then spend big money on the star players in free agency. They have that mix right now. The long term contracts may hurt them later on, but you can only play one year at a time. Unfortunately the Sox won’t enter into long term contracts to compete for top free agents and the financial security they want.

Jim d,

The Sox did make similar deals (similar to A Ramirez) with Konerko, Dye and Buehrle. To re-sign Crecde, though, means that his back has to be in good enough shape to warrant a long-term deal and also that Boras and JR sign a peace treaty. If Crede has a big second half, his Boras-established value will go way above what the Sox will be willing to pay.

I love Crede and am not sold on Fields but unfortunately this is a business. That is why I do not get too emotionally tied to any players any more. It is also why I don’t live-or-die with every game like I used to. Too much of baseball is out of my control and I will not invest my soul and all my energy into who plays for my team or whether or not we win a division. I want to win, but I’m not letting a down season ruin my life, either.

Well, at least my daughter’s 16U fastpitch softball team swept the Yorkville TNT Summer Explosion Tournament and went 7-0 to take home the first place trophy!! Woo hoo!!

I hate that the Sox got swept by the flubs, but thank goodness we have lives outside of major league baseball.


TC, You are 100% right to not tie yourself emotionally to players anymore. As much as I love this game, it is all about business now and no longer about the fans.

I am not all that familiar with the terms of Ramirez’s contract, but I remember it being similar to Konerko in money and years. Which is fine because not resigning Konerko after the WS may have caused a fan revolt. Kind of like the one they almost saw with Buehrle last year. Konerko was certainly still worthy of a longer term deal, but the ones with Buehrle and Dye are short term compared to the market average for guys of their cailber.

The thing with Crede though is he wants to be here(like the other 3 you mentioned), and when the final decision is made it is his call to make. If he sticks with Boras you know lies will be told and numbers will be faked to drive up the price. That is how the man does business, but if he really wants to be here he won’t let his agent get in the way. I think Mr Boras has forgotten that he works for the athletes not the other way around. Good chance he learned a lesson from the A-Rod fiasco and being dumped by some other clients this past 9 months.

No kiddin Marie. We threw a party for my daughter’s baptism yesterday, and it made the weekend much more fun than the Sox did for me. Of course I had to hear about how great the Cubs were most of the party, but it was bearable.

Peggy, I am not a GM on the phone knowing actually who the Sox could get. And Jim , I see where you are at but if you forget about the names and talent to some extent and look at it in the light of what kind of a team can win close games and scrap. Then you can starte filling in the types of players that you want. As Peggy says, a good lead off hitter, a good 2nd hitter that can bunt , run and move runners up. If KW would look at the types of players that would help then see what is available. Getz was pretty scrappy at the plate in spring training, if he can bunt and move runners. Actually it would take pages of writing to hammer out how to remake the team. And Peggy I am sure you could do that as well as me. Key is getting in the right mode of thinking and cutting it loose, does not have to be prefect . Sox are a joke of a team as they stand , does not matter if they happen to be in first by, yes, LUCK. Twins loose Johan, Detroit terrible starte. Danks , Floyd and Jose all bringing it , who could have even hoped for that. So why blow it now.

Plus add Carlos coming into his own, Alexei helping and developing, no big injuries. Yes. to me the Sox have been totally lucky. I give someone some credit for talent evaluation on Linebrink, Carlos, and Alexei but still noone expected the pitchers to all have such good yrs. Danks goes from so so to great, same with Floyd and Jose rebounds , come on. So that makes it even more frustrating to see this thing slide away.

It may be sliding, but it hasn’t (as Dizzy Dean used to say) slud yet, so unknot your drawers and enjoy the day off before more frenetic activity tomorrow….j.k.

Reading Liptak and DLeeuns posts made me more sick than watching the games. We got our *** handed to us by a team that has not been beaten in their home park in over a month. Sure I hate it since I got 50 text messages saying how great they are but I think we can get them right back when they come visit us next weekend. The thing I am worried about is their performance this week against the Dodgers. If we lose that series we could be in serious trouble, more so if the recent stretch of bad pitching continues. If we lose 1-0 thats one thing if we lose 13-6 thats another. We are going to live and die with pitching and if the bullpen blows the game like friday (whether you were for leaving Danks in or not, no matter) or the starters get bombed like saturday and sunday we will not win.

Ladies and gentlemen of White Sox Universe…

As I sit down to write this, it is nearly 1:30 Monday afternoon… the “game” has been over for over 12 hours… And yet… I am STILL absolutely LIVID at the lack of effort that the White Sox gave last night…

The others have written what I wanted to, and will, say already…

Let’s face it, folks… They PHONED that contest in last night…

They didn’t want to play, Ozzie didn’t want to manage, Cooper didn’t want to coach pitchers… NOTHING…

And if anyone says anything other than that…

What they should have done was just walked off the field, back to the clubhouse and let the umpires declare a forfeit…
That would have been less painful to watch than that 9 inning CHARADE that they put on…

Did anyone ever see the movie “Midnight Express” ?… about the American in a Turkish prison?…The scene I had in mind is when the American is being caned by his captors, and has to keep saying “Please, sir, can I have another?…Please, sir, can I have another?”…

THAT is what the Sox did to the Flubs… ALL DAMNED WEEKEND !!!
“Oh, Mr Ramirez, you’re just so mighty… We’ll put the ball on a tee so that you and Mr Lee and Mr Edmonds and Mr Patterson and the rest of you can hit it halfway to f**king Evanston, or to Lake Michigan…”…


But, that’s Old School… and Old School has been shut down…

Let’s face facts, folks… the bums on the North Side WANTED this series more than the bums from the South Side… who must have thought that they were still playing the Pirates…

Not ONE WORD of anger came from that rat hole clubhouse the last three days… from NO ONE… They were more embarrassed than angry… and they damned well SHOULD BE!!!

Well, next weekend, if they don’t come out with anger in their eyes and fire in their bellies… and revenge on their minds… Well, DAMN IT, LET’S FIND SOME PLAYERS WHO WILL!!!

You can’t turn it on and off like a faucet, guys…

You either play like champs… or play like chumps…

Which is it going to be ?

With no Sox game tonight it is a good chance to check out the future of the Sox tonight. Gordon Beckham tries to lead his Georgia Bulldogs to a college World Series title. They play at 6pm on ESPN2.

Tom , agree, totally, Keno, disagree totally. This team is not going to get anyone right back , that is a good team. Maybe KW is out trying to remake the team. How can you beat a good team that has pitching when you lead the world in double plays and strike outs in key spots. Are last in steals and moving runner into scoring position. They win by blow outs or lose for the most part.

By the way Jim, I am not waving a white flag, just trying to actually look at ways the Sox could win this year.

Hopefully the Tomquaid rant will have the same effect as Ozzie’s. Nice one.

Go Bulldogs!

Can we have a translator for dleeun?

billb, if you follow the thread of what I post over the course of a few wks maybe it would make more sense. I sometimes post assuming bloggers have read previous posts and just add on, that can be kind of hard to follow unless you have reference points. If you want clarification on a point just say so but to generalize that you need a translator is not helpful

Maybe it would help if you read your posts out loud before you hit submit. Just trying to help.

billb – the Bulldogs will win for sure, 100% guarantee. Georgia Bulldogs vs. Fresno State Bulldogs!!!


Send him to NY where he can have a Latin Nirvana
and be the Pinata for the NY media.

We deserve better than this weasel with a big mouth and making the Sox be the team everyone hates. If manages like he talk swe’d would have been in the payoffs these last 2 years. It’s alway severyone else’s fault.

Deport him because he is from Venezuela and could be a terrorist for Chavez . Both changos……..

TQ I think I need to check your blood pressure! I will also respectfully disagree with you that turning the faucet on and off is EXACTLY what this team seems to do. We are either red hot or ice cold. There seems to be no steadiness. I too will hope your rant has the same effect as Ozzie’s🙂

Again, everyone take a deep breath, get the sting of the sweep being at the hands of the Cubs off you and hope for the best in LA. It’s a great day and there’s no game today to lose…go out and enjoy the day!! We can at least safely enjoy one more day in first.

billb, I see a few burps in my posts once in a while but nothing that is that hard to understand. By the way, I post on another site, college football, and have never gotten any comments about being that hard to understand.

Hmmmm, not sure they phoned it it in in those first two games, but they got owned in the third one. I was hoping for a rant or some words of contrariness from Ozzie, but I guess not. And yes, someone should have got brushed back. Is that not Cooper’s thing?

Hamster was tough though….

obrnmac… Donna, you can take my blood pressure any old time you’d like to…(TC, hold your typing “tongue”… Donna is a nurse by profession…you dirty bird…)and windy city… I really don’t know what Cooper’s thing is… In my eyes, he is living off of the postseason of 2005…and if anyone makes the least little suggestion that something is wrong with his staff… he tends to look at you as if you spit on the Stars and Stripes, or kicked an old lady down a long staircase…
If things don’t improve, AND SOON(Donna, here goes my BP AGAIN…)… the Score might just have to fill their pre-game show with a new segment… “Meet The NEW Pitching Coach”, because Dr Cooper’s a** would be grass, if I had anything to say or do about it…

And, no, I did not read the tabloid rag today, to see if America’s Sweetheart wrote anything…

Because I know damned well he did…

I saw Swisher’s soundbite on Ch 2 a while ago, where he said that the North Siders werer “hotter than doughnut grease…”, or something like that…

That is STILL no excuse for the lack of performance, Nickie baby…

As that noted philosopher Larry the Cable Guy would say…

Or go the hell home…

I heard that Kenny talked to Kenny Lofton. Any one know anything about that?

Personally, I believe that we can win with the players we have. I think that some of them need to take lessons from AJ on how to give 100%.


well, that was one heck of a weekend. losing to the most classless franchise in baseball just plain sucks. and since we lost 3 to the cubbies i see the boo birds are back out and the sky is falling again.

friday’s game was ours. ozzie did not manage the pitching. he blew it. big time. come on ozzie what the heck were you thinking???

saturday’s game ozzie mismanaged the pitching again. jose or i guess he’s called josie, blew up. simple as that. blew up. i dont quite follow ozzie’s story about it happening so fast he couldn’t react in time to stop the carnage. last time i checked ozzie it takes a while for the other team to go thru 12 batters. that’s two on ozzie.

sunday’s game there is no blame to lay except to say we didn’t score runs. javy was way off again. That’s 4 in a row now, kiddies.

the first couple months the pitching carried us, now the hitting is there, but the pitching is wearing down and our glorious coaches are making a few blunders. see saw see saw.

the guy who made the comment about coaches living on their laurels of 2005 might be more true than we think. KW needs to look in the mirror and decide just how “accountable” he’s going to hold his manager and coaches. firing razor shines last off season wasn’t my idea of “shaking things up”. no sense in speculating about the next round of changes cause we got to get thru this season and win baby, just win.

even more incredible is the fact this 2008 team is still battling and i’m still betting on a playoff appearance. let’s see what happens this week with the dodgers and i’m looking forward to going to the park on friday to see if we can get a bit of revenge.

Gordon Beckham hits a 2 run bomb in the 8th tonight in a key rally for Georgia. I am looking forward to see where they start him out at. From what I have seen he may go to Birmingham. At the very least he may spend a few weeks in Winston Salem first, but this kid has talent. He could be a fast riser through the system. He had a lot of success in the Cape Cod league so we know the transition to the wooden bat should not be an issue. The Sox need to pony up and pay him and get him in the system ASAP.

Scam, If Kenny Lofton had anything to offer a MLB team he would have been scooped up by now. If they do that consider it desperation. Plus who do they send down for the roster spot? If some of them just ran ground balls out like AJ does they may not have so many double plays. Another reason we need a little youth injected into this team is for that kind of energy. The Nick Swisher manufactured energy gets old when you are slumping and/or losing.

I did not hear this directly, but Lou Piniella said after Saturday’s game that he had a senior moment when he pinch hit for Mike Fontenot in the 4th inning when he had already hit a home run that inning. If the manager of the Sox admitted to a mistake because he had a senior moment he would have been crucified, and his firing would have been demanded. But because the media loves Lou, and he is like the fun crazy uncle everyone has, it gets completely overlooked.

Jim, The reason Lou can get away with that is because they killed us. When you’re winning you can get away with stuff like that. Also, Ozzie could win a world series every year, and he would still be scrutinized. The media is more concerned with persona than actual ability.

Also, I was just asking if you’d heard anything about Lofton, but since it sounds like you wouldn’t approve of him, let me defend him a little bit. In 84 games with Texas last season Lofton batted .303 with a .380 OBP. He also had 21 stolen bases. The entire White Sox team this year has 26 stolen bases through 76 games. We still need more speed, and a guy who can bunt wouldn’t hurt either. As far as the roster spot goes, he would be taking BA’s spot.

I don’t think he is the answer for our problems, but it would be an upgrade. I believe he made 6 mil last year, and I doubt Kenny would be willing to shell out that kind of money for him.

I still would love to see Owens in that lead off spot eventually this season, but I doubt Swisher will ever be benched. I would say put Swish in right, Dye DH and have Thome sit, but I doubt that would happen also.


Kenny Lofton used to be a very good player, accent on “used to be”. If he were still able to contribute at a reasonable level, he would already be playing elsewhere. But I do like your idea of getting Owens into the line-up and using Dye as the DH. It’s tiresome to wait for Thome’s once a week home run while enduring all the k’s and hits into the shift. But you’re right also, that it won’t happen…. see you all later tonight…… j.k.

P.S. how’s that dirty hat of yours? Is it ready to start working it’s magic again? j.k.

Sorry Scam to answer your question more directly, I have not heard anything about KW talking to Lofton recently. I would not be surprised if he did, but a lot of teams have passed him over.

Right on about Lou and Ozzie. That was what I expected to hear. Basically the Chicago media is prejudice for the most part. Which is shocking because you would think the Tribune’s competitor would have been all over that. Especially with the Trib people leaking stuff that is going on in the Sun Times sports department. That would have been a perfect article for Mr. Negativity. Shows to me he is truly bias against the Sox.


Knowing that baseball fans are EXTREMELY superstitious, Scott, you should know not to leave us with “Sweep Thoughts” as your last post before heading into the flubs series!!!!!!

For fun(?) I did the math in June:
On days Scott posted the White Sox are 10-4. On days there was no post, the Sox are 1-5. Plus, the one time in June that Scott posted 2 times, the Sox beat the twinkies 12-2.

POST!!!! POST!!!! POST!!!!!!!

(we better see 2 posts on Friday)

Hmmm billb..you raise an interesting point. And as they say, numbers don’t lie LOL

Anyway, after being out of town for a week, and coming home “just in time” to see the fiasco that was this weekend, I’m turning the page. New week, new series, and hopefully a new attitude and results from the team. Can’t change the past, so let’s look to the future.

Now, not saying this means a hill of beans, but.. we are still in 1st place, and have certainly not played our best ball. Recall that we were expected to be in 3rd or 4th (depending on who you listen to), so every day we remain in 1st is a small miracle. Take a small miracle, and mix it with some solid bats, pitching and D, and we just might continue to surprise folks…. Let’s get a W….start a new streak! -Dawn

I agree with swsas on this point (and I’m not inferring anything by mentioning it at this time) that just because of what happened in 2005 doesn’t give anyone on the White Sox a “lifetime pass.” That goes for both the field staff or upper management.

This is a business and the bottom line of this business is wins and losses.

Since 2005 we’ve seen the Sox have a sensational first half in 2006 then fall apart, posting a losing record in the second half and missing the post season, and we’ve seen the worst season since 1989 the following year in 2007.

This year still has to be played out but if the final three months are anything close to the first three the only thing the Sox apparently can count on is being “consistently” inconsistent.

Mark Liptak

Lip… Quite a change from the mid 60’s when you and i began watching this team… and this only consistent thing was the White Sox finishing 2nd to the Yank-mes… and in the other league the SF Giants always finishing 2nd to whomever won their pennant chase…

Yeh, that was back when old Comiskey was still standing and Mc Cuddy’s (my second home… orange soda until I was of age, wisenheimers…)was right about where 3rd base might be today at the Cell…

As to Kenny Lofton… I agree with Jim D when he said that someone would have scooped him up by now to fill a hole…so I think that that thought is just that… wishful thinking…

And, as to the report from that little gnome who covers the North Side for the Tribune… KW wasn’t at any of the games at Jurassic Park…but I am dead sure that he wasn’t far from a TV set, either… and knowing his blood pressure got up like my own did over The Lost Weekend…

obrnmac… Donna, I hope that you and John and the kids have a safe time on your trip, going and coming back as well…Who knows, by the time you come back… the WS will either have a new win streak going… or they’ll ber closer to 3rd place in the AL Central…

How much would any of you out there like to bet that, as hot as the Flubs are right now, that by the end of the season, they could be as cold as the boys were over The Lost Weekend?…

It could happen, for one reason, and one reason only…

Because they are the Chicago Cubs… and the Good Lord doesn’t want to see them get TOO cocky…

If that’s the case, Uncle Lou and Dempster and Lilly won’t be so damned amusing then, will they?

Tom – My guess is that KW was in Omaha this past weekend. If he is taking a bigger part of scouting no better place to start scouting the 2009 draft than the College World Series.

Numbers don’t lie, Scott….POST–Twice if possible–for any reason. We had poor scam wearing that smelly hat, the least you can do is humor us with a post! Thanks for the wishes Tom, I hope I miss a big winning streak. I’ll be rooting for the Giants July 1–always root for the home team when possible to be safe unless they are playing the Sox!!

Let us all hope and pray that the flooding that happened in St Charles, Mo. does NOT affect Buehrle tonight… Let’s just hope that no damage was done to his family’s property, or that no lives were lost…

It is STUPID but… He needs to concentrate on his job tonight… and not have any distractions like that weighing on his mind…


Actually I hate to break this to you (and I hate to remind myself of this) but I have vague memories of watching the Sox on TV in the EARLY 60’s!


Mark Liptak

Wow, Lip, you must be old…….. smiles from the ageless-timeless one in tucson…… j.k.

P.S. let’s go White Sox…….

I’m going to the game tonight – I haven’t been to a Sox loss in person since before the 2005 season (I have been to about 5 games in that span of time)…So, I’m expecting a WINNER!

Sorry, the hat will not be worn anytime soon. But just so you know, there is a different reason why the Sox have gone 11-2 at the Cell since May 27th. It is also why I feel good about this upcoming home stand.

So, people keep inquiring about a blog night. I was just wondering if someone could explain that a little bit. Thanks.


Queue announcer:

Something’s happening on the South Side of Chicago! And there’s only one man who knows what it is! Intrigue!, Suspense! Excitement! It’s all there in the palm of his hand! Scam IS the man! He has something up his sleeve and it’s not a dirty hat! What can it be? When will we know what it is? Only Scam the Man knows and he’s not talking! Heart pounding action is only a few days away at the local venue. Get your tickets today and join Scam and find out what he knows that we don’t…… Starting friday, only at the Ball Park………..

Go Sox…. j.k.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Mike “the doofus” North has been fired by WSCR radio.

It’s about damn time.

The intelligence level at that station has automatically gone up ten points!

Mark Liptak

Maybe they will start talking sports in the morning now! Something to listen to since I don’t even bother with the radio until 9am when Mike & Mike are off the air.

North was offered a pay cut of over 50% for his new contract that would have begun July 1st. Obviuosly they wanted him gone. I just hope he does not end up at ESPN1000. They would lose me.

take note fans… that was a manufactured run in the second….. “how about that”…… j.k.

Scam: For the past two years, Scott has organized a blog night, primarily as an opportunity to get to meet other fellow bloggers. The cost included your game ticket and pre-game festivities.

Past evenings have kicked off with a get-together in the Sox auditorium at the ballpark. In addition to meeting and talking with Scott, we got to hear guest speakers such as Kenny, Ozzie, Farmio, Moose Skowron, and Rick Hahn. Scott has also been generous to raffle off several really nifty items. (Ask TQ about his jersey, or Peggy about her bat!) In 2006, we had our own “photo op” with the 2005 Championship trophy. (Very cool!) We all dined together in the Patio area and then headed up to our seats. It’s all makes for a very special night, and I hope that Scott will continue the tradition this year.

Scott still has a link to the 2006 blog night photos in the right margin of this blog. Check them out!

Scam: Maria is very modest. She put together a Blog Book for the first Blog Night (which I, alas, could not attend) and you can also see that using the links in the right margin of this blog. You should definitely check the book out, too!

About my bat – I had the *incredible* good fortune to win a bat autographed by Jermaine Dye. It’s now part of my White Sox display on the wall of my family room, along with World Series and other Sox memorabilia.

I wish Scott would give us a date for the event, and I wish all the dates he suggested were not in the middle of the week – makes it a little hard for us out-of-town members of White Sox Universe.

ok…. Minnesota is startin to get on my nerves people!

To borrow from a fellow blogger: the Twins did what they were supposed to do, they beat a poor team. But they did it on back to back HR’s. How un-Twin like… Good win for us tonight. Scott, keep the “Sweep thoughts” post up for at least the next two days please….. Thanks, j.k.

My streak continues!…Next chance July 18th against KC

That was a huge win tonight. Hopefully it gets the boys a nice feeling on the road. This series (dare i say it) is far more important in the long run than that drubbing we took last weekend.

I love the enthusiasm j.k.

Thank you Maria and Peggy. It sounds like a fun night.

Nice job at the game tonight weed.

Beautiful work by Buehrle last night. We needed that after the last two starter efforts.

Starting to look like Dewayne Wise might be here to stay as the extra outfielder. He is like a cross between Willie Harris and Timo Perez. He totally looks like Willie, but has some of the mannerisms of Timo.

Somthing about Swisher that drives me nuts got exploited last night. I have never seen a first basemen do this as often as he does. Why is he taking throws going back to the foul side of first base. I can’t believe they have not corrected that. It appears to me that he may be afraid to pick the short hop, something Konerko is excellent at. Catching the ball furthur away is going to make close plays closer, give the ball a chance to hit the runner or it is going to get him plowed over by the runner who has the right to the area where he is going to catch the ball. They need to fix that before it costs them a game at some point.

I really like the dimension that Wise has brought to the team. I am the first to admit I was wrong about him being a 30 year old pinch runner. He has swung a good stick in his time here. I would also hate to lose either Uribe or Ozuna. Both of those guys have been hitting well in limited time and if something were to happen to crede (back starting to go), cabrera or ramirez- Uribe can be put right back in there. Ozuna also adds a lot to the bench. In my opinion they should either drop a pitcher, which seems unlikely, (besides who do you drop?) So i think the choice should be to send down Brian Anderson. I just do not think that he brings as much to the table as anyone else on the team. Wise has outplayed him, Uribe can play any infield position well and Ozuna is an ultimate bench guy who we would miss a lot more than we know if he wasn’t there.

Another option is to get rid of konerko, thome or swisher but that isn’t going to happen so i am not going to even talk about it. Has our line up really been worse without Konerko? Personally I think it has been better. Sure it has struggles once in a while but it did when he was in there too.

By the way, I didn’t get to see all of last nights game because I was car shopping and then went to eat afterwards so I watched the highlights of the plays i missed on the website….It is a pleasure to hear Vin Scully do the game. I love Hawk, but Scully is just a voice of baseball that I am glad is still around. I believe he is 80 years old now and he isn’t nutsy like Harry was when he got around that age. Usually I hate hearing other town broadcasts but this was sure a pleasure.

Peggy & Scam: Gotta give credit where it’s due. Dawn (dbrusa) and Bethany (oh, B… where are you these days?) also helped put the blog book together.

Great to get the win last night. Way to go, guys!

Kenwo: Think green. Go with a Prius. :o)

Well, Maria, we may have helped, but it was your brain child, and your hard work! I miss Bethany..going to try and email her right now… Let’s make it 2 in a row… -Dawn

So this is what is called a “road win…” Interesting.

The Twins this decade are like Dracula, until you drive a stake through the heart, cut off the head and burn the body, they will be a presence.

It looks like those three game in Minnesota the final week are going to be important after all….unfortunately.

But this again brings up the idiocy of interleague play. As Bob Costas has said they aren’t even playing the same schedules and it’s effecting divisional races.

The Twins play two of the worst teams in baseball Minnesota and San Diego. The Sox get the Cubs six times.
No other team in the Sox division plays them.

I don’t have an issue with interleague play but for God’s sake play the same damn teams! None of this, ‘OK you’ll play two from the East and three from the West garbage.’
Everybody plays the other clubs in the respective divisions. Central vs. Central, East vs. East and West vs. West. Then you rotate every year. I understand about some divisions with four teams but you can simply add one more game to each of those slates. Instead of playing a club three times, you’ll play them four for those in those divisions.

Mark Liptak

Mark, Completely agree. I like interleague play because it exposes us to other teams, players and ballparks. What I hate though is the unbalanced schedule. They started the unbalanced schedule to make sure the rivalries were played 6 times, such as the Cubs vs Sox, Yankees vs Mets and so on. It’s cool to have those rivalries, but it takes a lot more out of those teams to play those games rather than Minnesota playing Sand Diego for example, and it is just not right that they play them 6 times. It should be that one divison in the AL plays one division in the NL and it gets switched up every year. It started out that way with the exception of the rivalry games, but now it is out of control. At least that is the way it appears to me.

Yah but we wouldn’t be complaining if the Padres were “the best team in baseball” and the cubs were cellar dwellers.

No matter who is better or worse, the Sox Cubs series is hard series to play because there is so much wrapped up into it. The players and coaches can lie all they want about how it is just another 6 games. It means a lot to them as it does to us.

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