Dodger Stadium

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thoughts From LA

I tried to post yesterday but ran into computer problems, so sorry to leave you in the dark for so long.

I headed out to LA with the club Monday evening.  Dodger Stadium is one of the ballparks I had never visited (I missed our 2003 trip), I needed to meet with my counterpart at the Dodgers to talk spring training, and I like to walk around other ballparks in the league and steal ideas we might be able to implement.

Last Night

What a game by Mark Buehrle, what a play by Alexi Ramirez and what a blast by Jermaine Dye.

Congratulations to Mark on the victory and on topping 1,000 career strikeouts.

I asked him if his dad had made it out to LA.

“No, and he really wanted to see this,” Mark said.  “When I got the one, I’m thinking he wasn’t here.  Each time I got two strikes on a guy, I was thinking, maybe he’ll hit a ground ball and I can get 1,000 in my next start at home.”

And for those of you who stayed up … thanks to Mark’s 2:05 game it didn’t end too late in Chicago, Alexei made an amazing catch and turned it into a double play.  Make sure you check out today’s highlight shows to catch the catch.

Dodger Stadium

So this is my first visit to Dodger Stadium …

As we walk in from the bus in mid afternoon, I see a guy in Sox uniform playing catch with a young boy in Sox garb right in front of our dugout.  I know those mannerisms, I say to Steve Stone as we walk in past first base.  It’s Robin Ventura, playing catch with his son, Jack.  It’s great to see Robin, I congratulated him on the great job he did during the College World Series, and then felt very old seeing Jack running around.

The playing surface at Dodger Stadium was immaculate.  It ranks up there with the very best in baseball.  The stadium itself was a mix between the 1980s and some of the newer work the Dodgers have done to the seating area.  Overall, the ballpark seemed older than I expected, but then it is now one of the oldest in baseball … which is amazing.

I’ve said before that I believe all of us are 12 years old inside, which means for me, it’s always 1977 in some spot in my mind.

So it was fun to see Vin Scully — and great to listen to his telecast — Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela (1981, I know), Ron Cey and run into Charlie Hough in the press box.

World Series Redux

Down on the field during batting practice, I saw Steve Perry — still sporting a 2005 World Series hat.  Also attending the game was Michael Clark Duncan, voice of our World Series video,  proudly wearing his Sox cap (courtesy of Ken Williams), and I was told Common was in the house cheering for the Sox.

Ozzie Being Ozzie

So Ozzie was looking for a way to “get” me for coming on the trip …  his opportunity came during his media session when he told reporters, with a broad smile, that I had just told him some private information about our Spring Training plans.  This wasn’t true.  He just wanted to see me squirm.  He spent the rest of BP laughing at me about it.

Typical Ozzie in his exchange with Juan Pierre during BP.  As Ozzie talked to media from Chicago and LA, Pierre took a lead from first base during Dodger BP. 

“Don’t worry Juan,” Ozzie yelled, laughing.  “You won’t get there tonight.”

“You’re right,” Pierre countered.  “I’ll double.”

“We’ll see.”

Prior to the game, Ozzie told the media one of the keys to JD’s hot streak has been his patience and discipline at the plate.

“He’s been swinging at strikes,” Guillen said.  “That’s the key for any player.”

And then JD’s at-bats during the game illustrated that perfectly.


Joe Crede was a late scratch last night with a stiff lower back.  They’ll see how he feels today.  The victory snapped a nine-game road losing streak.

Lost Weekend

We got our butts kicked last weekend, but keep the bigger picture in mind.  As Ozzie said Tuesday, “I’d rather lose a game to the Cubs than to the Twins”, meaning it’s always better to drop a game to someone outside your division.

Wish I Had Seen

My favorite columnist scurrying down the hallway of the Wrigley Field press box to “escape” two reporters from his very own newspaper and calling for security.

When he excuses his absence from clubhouses and ballparks in terms of feeling threatened, maybe he isn’t talking about players or staff after all.  Maybe it’s the media who scare him.


Now that’s what I am talking about! Great post Scott. This is why most of us check out this site daily. For posts like this one. Great inside stuff with Ozzie and Ventura etc.

I actually sent a email to the editor of the Suntimes after the 3 year extension for “the troll” was announced, if you would like to do the same:

… And it’s interesting to note that Vin Scully is one of the few men in America that has been involved in baseball ever since there were only 16 teams in the major leagues…and 11 of them were in New York(Dodgers, Giants and Yank-mes),Boston (Braves and Red Sox),Philadelphia(A’s and Phillies),St Louis(Browns and Cardinals)and the Windy City(White Sox and “the dark side”)…

kenwo… It’s a shame Vinny can’t find steady employment, especially at the age of 80…81 November 27th…

The thing is… He doesn’t look or sound like it… while others of us who are younger look and sound like death warmed over…

Lip: HOT DOG !!! HE GONE!!!

I, too, congratulate Score management for having the scales fall from their eyes and seeing what a liability North was… Now as soon as they can clean out some of the other deadwood(Boers, Bernstein,and some of the smart a** producers there…), they might just become a radio station worthy of the affiliation with CBS…

weedenft… Fred… thank you for showing up last night…You are the West Coast equivalent of Scam…only I don’t think you have a WS hat from the dark ages…

Mark B… Congrats on K 1,000… That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age…and our best wishes go out to anyone you may know in St Charles, Mo that might have been affected by the terrible flooding…

jk: Muchas Gracias, amigo, for the Scully monitoring last night… I kind of felt that when he works, it’s him and him alone… no by-play…Do you think that would work at Clark and Addison?… Naaah, I didn’t think so either…

BTW, as I was listening last night, and preparing for tonight on the “U”…(anyone out there STILL have any issues with Ch 26 and the SoxNet coverage… besides the lack of picture quality, that is?…)… I had the picture on and the sound muted on the Flubs… When the final out was recorded, and the O’s left the field… they took a shot of one of the lemmings in the stands at Jurassic Park at Neverland… He just couldn’t believe that they could actually LOSE a game… The guy looked as though someone just told him that there is no Easter Bunny…(I was going to write something else, but I decided not to…)

scam… Yes, I did win an autographed Ozzie jersey at last year’s Blog Nite…(if you ever meet Scott, or the lovely Maria or Donna… ask them how I manipulated time with MOose Skowron…) and every time I put that jersey on and start to speak to someone… they can’t understand what the hell I’m saying… so you KNOW it’s authentic…

Two more to go on Elysian Park Drive… then …


If we could only get Quaid to open up a little bit … say a few words … tell us what’s on his mind ……

You bring up one of my favorite things to rant on: The U channel 26. In my house we refer to it as the fuzzy channel. I have DirecTV so I don get the U in HD which I hear is available on Comcast. I am eager to see the U in HD to see how bad it is. I can not believe that channel is in HD.

And of course the Sox are on the fuzzy channel at least once a week. I believe the Cubs are scheduled to be on there twice this year. Why are the Sox fans relegated to having to watch that garbage channel? Soxnet HD my backside!!!

Mike North gone? Only thing worse than that is ESPN’s morning guys. That big one from Notre Dame really annoys the hell out of me.

Ah, to see the Sox go on a tear about now would be great.

JimD. Be thankful you have that fuzzy channel and don’t have to subscribe to and be forced to view the games on a computer screen every day (wgn broadcasts excepted). The only good thing about watching this way is that I get the home team feed usually and their guys views of our team. Sometimes that can be interesting, although nothing comes to mind at the moment. TQ. you’re welcome, more to come tonight/tomorrow..

I was hoping Scott would refrain from posting to enable the “sweep thoughts” post to come to fruition, but we will just have to go out and beat the dodgers without that “help”. let’s make it two in a row tonight Boys….. j.k.

Klein, I highly recommend the MLB Extra Innings baseball package that you can subscribe to through your satellite or cable provider if it is possible for you. It’s not cheap, but well worth the money. I lived out of market for a bit after college, and really enjoyed it. You don’t get every single game, but a lot more than just what is on WGN. You even get the games in HD. Baseball is absolutely beautiful in HD.

If you have the correct input ports on the back of your TV you can project that picture from your computer to your TV. Many TV’s now you can project using a VGA or DVI connection.

Actually HD on channel 26 on Comcast cable is very good. I was surprised how good when it came out. You have to have Comcast though, Direct TV and Dish Network don’t have it. Plus if you get Comcast you can watch “The Show” on MOJO which, again, is fantastic. I think it is time Sox fans embraced getting the short end of the stick with the media, cable etc. If we had nothing to bit(h about, what would we do on this blog????

Jim, I was going to say the same thing, we have Dish and there’s no extra innings, stinks to high heaven, so mlbtv it is, my husband doesn’t really want to switch to direct tv something to do with the vdr issues, can’t tape 2 things and watch a third or something so I’m stuck.. at least he bought me a really big computer screen! GO SOX!!!

btw, thanks for the great post Scott, love em when they’re like that!

Sox1966 – I almost left DirecTV when they ended their relationship with TIVO. Their new DVR’s are not as good as the TIVO they had previously issued. I only stuck with them for the NFL Sunday Ticket, but their HD package is really good. I forgot Dish Network does not offer Extra Innings anymore. I guess it is DirecTV or your local cable provider. The third solution I would have offered would have been to buy a really big LCD monitor for the computer. Bascically the same effect as an LCD tv if you are watching on mlbtv.

billb – The fact that Chicago sports teams are broadcasting on such a crappy channel like the U is sad. I know they are now in HD, which I still need to see to believe, but it is like that channel is being broadcast out of someones basement. It’s like Wayne’s World, the old Mike Myers SNL skit. That is the kind of channel it makes me think of. How can major market sports teams use such a low budget outlet? We have CSN2HD. Use it more!

Let me be the 3rd to express my appreciation to Scott for a great post. THIS is exactly what makes this blog so special (that and the people!). The inside info is always appreciated… I considered email the town tabloid about their continued lack of intelligence..However, I think with THAT reporter, they believe that any publicity or comments are good, so I won’t waste my time. Let’s grab #2 tonight! -Dawn

I am going to stick up for my old boss here. Back sometime in 2001 a young KenWo worked as an intern at the Score. And while Mike North may come off as a goof sometimes on the radio, the guy was, is and always will be a class act. He takes care of his people and I am sad to see him go. I always tuned into him on my way to work and I will miss his show. I don’t believe he will be gone off the air for very long though. He’ll come back on either ESPN or back on the Score eventually. He is a true Chicago guy and I have nothing but good things to say about him. Boers and Bernstine on the other hand are complete tools and I wish they were sent packing. I think Mike always did his best work when he was paired with Jiggs. Both class acts. Jagbag of the day- Score management for canning the guy that put you on the map.

The U HD on Comcast is very clear. It has the same picture as WGN HD. Although it is broadcast in 720 and not 1080, the quality is still exceptional. I really do feel bad for everyone who doesn’t get it, because watching games on WCIU before this year sucked.

I know it’s a ‘classic’, but I think Dodger Stadium is the ugliest non-dome stadium in baseball. It looks like a minor league field in the outfield, and those yellow seats are just awful. That’s just my opinion tho.

Also, I heard that straight away center is actually 400 feet, even tho they claim that it is 395. Anybody know if this is true?

It’s been a long time since I was at Dodger stadium, but I didn’t like it. In fact it is one of my least favorite stadiums, and I’ve been to all of the older ones. For me, I didn’t like the too laid back attitude that the park exudes. It is too clean. Almost like being at Disneyland. There are “trash men” everywhere. And that wouldn’t be bad except that it gives the park a sterile feel. The people in the stands are more interested in throwing a beach ball or talking on their cell than watching the game. Angels stadium when it was the Big A was much more fun for my money.

Thanks JimD for the info. I have been watching all the Sox games on for the past four years. The quality is much better now than in the past. Now if I could only afford a really BIG monitor…….

Keep it going Sox, let’s make it two in a row tonight…… j.k.

This Dodger announcer has a drone in his voice that reminds me of the tapes you might hear from years and years ago…just long vowels… kinda amusing… anybody know anything about this guy.

Oh my, after all these years this guy just explained Jermaine’s scars on his face… wow…he sure did some diggin for that info!

that is the guy you have heard for all of those years.

kenwo, you sayin this guy in ancient!!! 🙂

I’m assuming this is Vin Scully right, he’s been announcing for 58 years so kenwo, you’re right! 🙂 long time.. what an amazing career.

sox1966 – how DID JD get that scar on his face? Do tell!

Ok, story goes, apparently he was on some hunting excursion (mind you I didn’t catch the whole thing) but it was like in the early hours of the morning and he either ran into a thorn bush or fell over one, something along those lines.. must’ve been a helluva thorn bush.. my husband always thought it looked like he’d been in a knife fight! 🙂 I think I like the thornbush story better!

Another tidbit, Brian Anderson collects monkey’s… stuffed monkeys. Guess his sister started it and his family just continues it.

I’ll tell you, this old guy is a privy of info!

Well folks the league has figured out John Danks. I realize JD had the error but he’s been hit hard of recent. If they can get some guys on base they need to pinch hit for him.

Vin Scully is a legend. Probably not as great as he was in the past, but his voice just makes you love baseball. I believe he used to call the Saturday afternoon game of the week back in the 80’s on NBC. Can anyone back me up on that?

I know I’ve heard his voice somewhere, I was a child of the 80’s… teen… maybe so… I know I’ve heard him before… he really has some neat stuff to say considering he’s all alone. I’m really enjoying this broadcast tonight.

btw… this game sucks so far… blah!

Bot 6th Swisher blows an out trying to catch the throw on the foul side of first base. Yes a bad throw by Ozuna, but if Swisher plays it right he jumps and comes right down on the bag rather than falling backwards in foul ground and missing the base and tag attempt. We’ll see how many runs that costs us. You would think someone would correct him.

Zero thanks to Matt Thornton! it could have been really bad because the pitcher would have made the 3rd out of the inning, but instead Thornton had to get Pierre too. Nice work Matt!!!

Agree with assessment on Swishers play. Additionally, I really liked the move bringing him over, now I am annoyed by him. I just as soon he stop with the antics and focus on his entire game. There’s a lot to work on there.

I agree with Kenwo that BA should be the odd man out. He’s been given ample chances to make a difference and he just cannot take advantage. This guy probably needs a change of scenery and he will prosper.

BC and Kenwo – Agreed on BA. The kid has all kinds of talent, but he has proved that he needs to play everyday, and that opportunity is not going to be with the Sox. With the inconsistent hitting by this team, they can not afford to sacrifice a bat for defense. With JD and Quentin going well that only leaves one spot, and they are not going to give up on Swisher after KW whiffed over and over this past off season in trying to get a CF. BA will be a good player, but a change of scenery will be needed.

I hope Konerko is progessing well. If not I am ready to experiment with Dye at first base. Eventually Swisher is gonna get plowed by a runner, and it will be his own fault.

Well what new? A virtual no name pitcher looks like Cy Young against the White Sox while the Twins romp to another victory. Am I looking in the rear view mirror absolutely. I will say this, my feeling is if the White Sox don’t leave So Cal in 1st place it will likely be the last time they see it.

This team brought no heart last weekend and it’s still showing. They should have owned the Dodgers in this series. Sick of Hawk talking about the inability to hit the long ball in Dodger stadium. No need for the long ball just string some base hits together.

Apparently the Sox still have not read the book that has been written on their hitters. Throw off speed to get ahead and make the Sox hitters look silly. It sure seemed like every hitter was down 0-2 or 1-2 tonight. Maybe just one of these days they will decide to start hitting off speed early in the count and take it opposite field rather than trying to hit everything 500ft. Or maybe not.

Nice work by the bullpen tonight. Got us out of the 6th and gave us a chance to get back in it, but we got shut down by a soft tossing lefty. Man if I only had a nickel for everytime that happens.

Congrats to the Fresno State Bulldogs. What an amzing run they had. They said it would be like a 15 or 16 seed in the basketball tournament going all the way. Two of their best hitters in Omaha were playing pretty banged up too. Their 3rd basemen had 4 dislocated fingers on his throwing hand, and their right fielder had a torn tendon in his thumb. Both of them just mashed against Georgia too. Really cool to see!

Well looking “at the big picture” what I see is that these “meaningless” interleague games have sliced the Sox divisional lead down to a half game from 4 1/2.

The “big picture” also tells me the Twins have won seven straight “meaningless” interleague games while the Sox have now lost 9 of 14.

Was anybody REALLY shocked that a no-name pitcher with a change up handed the “home run or nothing” White Sox their 8th shutout of the season?

A friend sent me this information which I found very interesting…of course if we had the records from the last seven years of the Sox losing to pitchers basically just up in the big leagues, or pitchers they never saw before, there wouldn’t be enough space to list them all, so just this season will have to suffice. (And to think I stayed up very late for the lifeless effort I saw? Silly, silly me…)

-April 14 vs. OAK — Loss to rookie LHP Greg Smith, making only the 2nd start of his career.

-May 12 @ LAA — Loss to rookie RHP Nick Adenhart, who had only started 2 games prior.

-June 16 vs COL — Loss to RHP Aaron Cook, the Sox put up 10 hits, but it was all from former-NL players who had seen him before.

-June 25 @ LAD — Loss to LHP Eric Stults, who had only started 8 games prior, but gave up only 4 hits in this game.

DISTINGUISHED company there eh? I see numerous Cy Young winners and All Star representatives…

In about twelve hours or so the “all or nothing,” “slow as molasses in January in Idaho” White Sox will attempt to hit eight run, 800 foot home runs against another no-name, rookie pitcher. Hmmm…I’m thinking the over/under on the number of pop out’s for the Sox (based on this evening) should be about eight.

This is really beginning to smell like 2003 all over again.

Mark Liptak

Have stayed up way past my bedtime but I was spending some time thinking about this issue with this team and this organization over this decade.

I was doing a little thinking about this issue of why the Sox do so poorly against pitchers they haven’t seen or don’t know. Assuming the problem isn’t with Bryan Little and his advanced scouts (and I’ve consistently been told it isn’t…) then to me this issue boils down to the fact that there appears to be very little the Sox can do to change the dynamics in this situation.

Here’s what I mean.

A rookie pitcher or a young pitcher or a mediocre pitcher is just trying to collect himself on the mound. He’s basically in a survival mode. With the White Sox as currently constructed (and for that matter they way they have been constructed this decade…) what can they do to increase his stress level? How do they get him out of his rhythm and to start to panic?

Think about it. Can the Sox steal bases forcing said pitcher to now have to worry about the guy on first? to throw over there taking something out of his arm? or to maybe have to “give up” on his off speed stuff using a “slide step” to get the ball to the plate that much quicker?

No they can’t.

Can they execute a bunt, or work a hit and run putting guys in motion and maybe find a hole or two.

No they can’t.

This team can’t take a pitcher, ANY pitcher out of his comfort zone. It doesn’t matter how long the guy’s been in the show…he knows if he concentrates on the hitter and can throw stuff off the plate he’s got a great chance of winning.

The key to me is this: The Sox don’t force the play, they react…they don’t act.

Kenny’s personality of one of aggressiveness, he’s a former football player…how he can keep allowing this one sided, non threatening approach (for want of a better word…) is honestly mystifying to me.

They say one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Kenny’s not crazy and he’s no fool but this one sided approach with little options other then to hit home runs is just a real conundrum to me.

Mark Liptak

Mark, I agree with you that we simply can’t seem to be able to beat the “no name” pitchers. That has been the case for years now. I wonder though, in ’05 when we could bunt and steal and move runners up did we have a similar problem with no namers? I seem to remember that we did, and if we did then what is the answer to this problem? My next question would be; do other teams have a similar problem, how often, against whom, etc. Findig an answer to this sounds like way too much work, especially this time of night, so the only thing to do is to beat what’s his name later today, take the series from the Dodgers and get ready for the chubs,er cubs on Friday…. night all…. j.k.

It’s true about the no-name pitchers. I’ll be watching the games and Hawk and DJ will talk about how incredible the guy is and how he’s just mowing down our hitters (quite a formidible bunch!). So, seeing how well the pitcher has just destroyed my White Sox, I’ll pick him up for my fantasy team – thinking I’ve got a steal on my hands that no one else has seen yet. Well, low and behold, 5 days later, my new pick-up is shelled by the Royals or perhaps the Reds or even some AAA team.

I had a bad feeling about this game ever since we didn’t do anything in the 1st inning.

What Mark points out is true about the comfort zones of pitchers. I recall being at a game in either 05 or 06 where the Sox were playing the Tigers and The Gambler (I hate that association with him because I like the REAL Kenny Rogers) was pitching. It was the first inning and the Sox had put a couple runs on the board and had some runners on base and less than 2 outs. Kenny was visible frustrated and was pouting on the mound and whipping his glove down when the catcher threw the ball back. Well, instead of going for the jugular, the Sox proceeded to lay an egg for the rest of the inning by trying for 800 ft 8 run home runs instead of taking the approach that had been successful by the previous hitters. Rogers settled down and the rest is history (A White Sox loser…).

This team has the ability to jump on any pitcher’s throat and destroy them early – they just don’t do it. We string a couple hits together and then guys forget what has just happened and try for the long ball.

Also, why is it that two pitchers who have 10 ABs between the both of them can successfully lay down bunts when other guys who play all year cannot? Unacceptable…

So I totally triple spaced my previous post, what happened? Sorry it’s not spaced well and hard to read…

Andrew, I believe I remember the game it was a Thursday evening game at the Cell against Detroit in 2006 in early June. I just happened to be there as well.

I think it was a dollar dog thursday too. That might have been the night that my then girlfriend (now fiancee) ate 5 hot dogs! (Not bad for someone who only weighs 90 lbs!)

Andrew hit enter 3 times (double space) after you stop typing and it will space nicely.

Like this.


Ok – on a side note – those Nathan’s hot dogs in that contest have NOTHING on a Vienna Beef Chicago Hot Dog.

From Liptak:

They say one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I guess that makes you insane then Mark. You keep telling us the same stuff over and over and over.


I did not see where Mark said that he expected a different result, mmc. Whereas KW keep saying that he does when it heats up. It was 100 degrees somewhere yesterday.

A beautiful spring/summer day, wonderful! A day spent with the one(s) you love, exceptional! That post from Marie, Priceless!!! Way to go mmcdowell! Now, lets go White Sox…… j.k.

What weather has do to on subject the? dleeun? j.k.

Klein, you been out in that Tucson sun playing golf too, long

That game last night, in my humble opinion, was the worst game the sox have played this year. When school let out for the summer I was telling all my cub fan teachers, watch out for the sox…look at the schedule…we will beat these teams. Then we promptly got swept by detroit, lost 2 of 3 to the rockies, crushed the pirates, swept by the cubs and have split so far with the Dodgers. I have a pretty good feeling we will lose this series too. Then the Cubs will come into the Cell and destroy us and the sox will say “well we just had a long flight from LA”.

I am beginning to think this morning is the last morning that we will spend in first place this season. Hopefully I am wrong but I doubt it. The league needs to use the DH in both leagues. I hate these games with automatic outs. I am with Stienbrenner (dont know if that was spelled right) on that.


You are right, Mark doesn’t expect a different result. What I was saying is really, how often do we have to hear about:

No-name pitchers.

Beer league softball teams.

Homerun or nothing offense.

Not being able to bunt or move runners over.

Inability to steal bases.

Runs scored (or not scored) after two outs.

etc, etc, etc, etc.

Last time I checked we all watch, listen to, or follow the games. We know. Do we need to be told it over and over and over again? That is what is insane. That’s all I’m sayin’.



Given that these are the issues that surround this club what else is there to talk about?

Do you want me to talk about Jim Thome’s charitable work? or how about how skinny Alexi Ramirez is? Maybe how the pitching staff can double as a basketball team as tall as they are.

I’ll be more then happy…I’ll be gleeful to stop bringing up the same points as soon as Kenny Williams stops trotting out the same type of team every year and the Sox stop pissing away postseason spots. This year looks when all is said and done to be hanging on the wall with 03 and 06.

Mark Liptak

Marie, Sometimes I think hearing and reading about the Sox inabilities over and over is about as painful as watching it over and over. Yet of course I will tune in everyday and hope for a win, and maybe a change of approach at the plate. Does that make me insane? or do I just enjoy the suffering? Who knows. What I do know is that I will continue to watch and pull for this team no matter how many stomach aches they give me.

Now I am really concerned. The newly optimistic Kenwo is expecting losses.

I too fear this weekend. We got Contreras and Vazquez who have been just flat out bad lately. Mark goes on Sunday, and his last few games against the Cubs were not so good. Hopefully he can stay hot.


It’s Marie, not Maria.

We know that on certain days they stink. Go back and look at your posts. You just use lots of words to say the same things over and over and over. When they win, you are short and sweet, no going on and on and on.

I respect your right to post whatever you want, but do you realize you say the same stuff over and over again? It’s really nothing new. I get it. Trust me. I get it. I watch them every single game (or at least listen to them) but I keep hoping for the best. You watch and look for the doom and gloom. Wasn’t it you who is already predicting trouble for our last regular season series in MN? Jeezooo…….


Marie, I think, opinion only ,that those, including me who post, wanting change. Hope, I know unrealisticly, that by posting we sprinkle a drop in the ocean that might swell in public opinion, and that will reach KW and have an impact, for reasoned change. Just an interp.

DJ doesn’t make too many insightful comments on the Sox telecasts but he made one last night.

He was talking about Joe Torre and the Dodgers’ skipper having all that success with the Yankees in the past decade. He related Torre’s strong belief that if teams are going to be successful, they cannot get too high with the highs (winning streaks, sweeps of rivals, etc.) or too low with the lows. They have to keep an even keel through the long grind that is a major league baseball season. The Yankees were superb in that area. In 2000, they lost something like nine of their last 10 games and limped into postseason play. They promptly then went out and won another World Series title.

The 2005 Sox were similar. Despite the struggles of August and early September, the team never got down on itself and waltzed through the postseason in even more impressive fashion than some of Torre’s great Yankee teams.

Sox fans — particularly some on this board — need to remind themselves of what Torre said. Granted, it is more stressful when you are following a team that is sooooo streaky and inconsistent like our 2008 club. But keep in mind that it is a marathon, not a sprint. When you see the players and feel that maybe they aren’t showing enough anger or emotion after a loss (like Sunday’s poor performance on the Northside), remember that they have all been trained to not get too high or too low.

If baseball managers rode the emotional roller coaster that some of us have been riding, then they would all have nervous breakdowns.

Apparently Ron Gardenhire has his team in the right frame of mind. After getting destroyed in that four-game sweep at the Cell a couple of weekends ago, they have come right back and are knocking on the door of regaining first place. And I bet that their team is not doing cartwheels down the halls of their hotel in San Diego.

Of course, I don’t think piranhas are physically capable of doing cartwheels!!

Hey, hey, now. I’m Maria. She’s Marie. With an “e”. Let’s get our names straight. :o)

Although I’ve gotta say, Mark, I hear her point. No offense, it’s just that reading the same old negative stats get a little draining for this “Pollyanna”. The scoreboard at the end of the game says it all. I don’t need more. I just move on and hope for the best the next game. (Although I will admit, it took me a few days to recover from last weekend.)

But I respect your desire to microanalyze the game, and hope that someday, someone hears and acts on your opinion. (Maybe they already have… who knows.) You, like everyone else on this blog, has the right to post your thoughts. So have at it! This Pollyanna has learned to breeze through most of them – even though some are fascinating – and spare myself any additional agony after a loss. Nuf said.

Other things to talk about? What is Alexei’s story? I read an interesting article in this month’s Vanity Fair about Cuban players that enter MLB, and I’m wondering if anyone knows the backstory on Ramirez. How he came to the US, got picked up by the Sox, etc.

Is it 2:10 yet? Let’s go Sox!

So , Marie, many posters who seem negative in there posts are actually the most optimistic. That paradox exists because the chances that any change will result by the tiny post is almost non existent, we proceed anyway, in unjustified optimism.

dleeun is a philosopher! Who would have thought that?

LOL. I thought the same thing! The deepest post EVER!!!

Here’s a link to that Vanity Fair article, in case anyone’s interested:

TC – I can understand that all teams have ups and downs throughout a 6 month season. Whats kills me though is that the downs are the same things that have gone on for at least 6 years now. If someone like me can see this, why can’t the guys(players, coaches and GM) who get paid to work for this team fix the problems?

Another thing that drives me nuts is when I can say it’s over after a team goes up 1 or 2 to 0 on the Sox. It’s almost predictable after their first inning or time around the order if they will score more than 1 run.

Good suggestion Maria – I’m fascinated by Alexei Ramirez too. I wonder how he got here?? Anyone know? He is amazing to watch.

Also, I just got around to finishing up watching The Show. I recorded all the episodes. It was really enjoyable watching the likes of Carlos Quentin, Casey Daigle, Chris Young, Bill Murphy, etc. So, whoever out their that recommended it – thanks for the suggestion!!!!!!!


As to Mr Scully and his abilities… While other reporters are busy schmoozing around the batting cage… Vin is sitting quietly, putting together little anecdotes and bits about the players that would not be included in a media guide or a newspaper or magazine article… Then when that player is up to bat, he has that ability to blend in more than just numbers and agate type… he has the ability to make that player just that more human to the listener or the viewer…
In other words, he puts 99 and 9/10ths per cent of the other working PBP men to shame…and he’s been doing that since the days in Brooklyn, when he became the Voice of the Dodgers at the tender age of 26… Hell, when I was 26, I was just learning how to wave bye-bye…

tc, was that TOO wordy for u?… I thought that we had a common bond, with our dislike of a certain football factory in South Bend, Ind. … (Don’t worry, Farmio and the rest of the Subway Alumni… soon you’ll have Charlie the Bartender and the rest of the ND program back on NBC… the Notre Dame Broadcasting Company…) and our mutual like of the boys…

Hi Marie and Maria,

Last night on the broadcast of our game, Vin Scully said that Alexi played for the Cuban team for six ( that seems like a lot to me ) years before defecting to the Dominican Republic. He was making $20. a game for Fidel, so why would he leave? Then Scully mentioned about Alexi coming to the U.S. where the Sox promptly picked him up. He didn’t say who scouted him, but he did mention about him having visa problems and having to stay in country when we went to Toronto earlier. If Scully mentions anything else of significance I will pass it along.

Put me in the camp who is tired of the same type posts from Mark when we lose a game. He is usually right, but we already know what he’s going to say, but then there always seems to be that type poster on here. Rember Dreifer and Kolsens? But there is hope as I remember Kenwo was a big naysayer some years ago, and now he is as pleasant as the rest of us lobotomized fans. ( that one was for you Lip and hatchet-man dlueen)…..

Now, let’s go White Sox ’08……. Take this series!! j.k.

kenwo… Teacher, that was not the worst game that they have played this season… That honor, once again, goes to last Sunday night’s sleepwalk against the Flubs… As has been stated before, they looked as if they had no interest whatsoever in playing that contest…

tc… Getting back to the point that DJ made about Torre and the highs and lows of a season… He is exactly right… It seems as though the fandom of the team, as well as the media following the team, make a bigger deal out of losing streaks and winning streaks than the players…

Having said that, Mark… I am to understand that Kenny is in secret negotiations with a robotics manufacturer to invent and develop a line of life-like automatons who will be programmed to not be the type of team that pees away post season spots every year…

Think it might work?… Or will it be back to the drawing board?


Despite some of the banter of the past, your posts can never be too wordy for me. Especially when you are talking about one of the greatest announcers and ambassadors that baseball has ever seen — Vin Scully. Since you and I are of the same generation, we can remember watching NBC every Saturday and every postseason and hearing Vin poetically describe the action on the field. His call of Gibson’s pinch-hit home run (and the drama that led up to it) in the ’88 World Series was one of the all-time great calls in the history of baseball broadcasting.

Scully is a true gentleman and a scholarly man. He not only excelled in baseball announcing, but he was one of the finest football play-by-play guys going in the early ’70s on CBS. And his golf work was also among the best. Shoot, I’m writing about him like he is dead! We still have this treasure and all baseball fans — all sports fans period — should appreciate his greatness. How lucky the Dodger fans have been for the past 55 years.

And Farmio and the other “delirious” fans of that football unit from northern Indiana can almost certainly say that things will be better for them in 2008. But boy oh boy, that 0-9 start was one for the ages. After the games against Air Force and Navy, I was ready to enlist!!!!

They showed Vin Scully last night on the U. Man, if that guy is really in his 80’s – he looks awesome! Do you think that’s his real hair? If so, he is blessed!

Scully has been and is a baseball genius as an announcer, he has set the standard. I do not alway like him, however. Scully does deserve the credit , the poet of baseball broadcasting. Sometimes a bit to wordy for me but still, baseball beautiful.

Dang. The College World Series is over and now I’m forced to follow the Sox again. Such a nice break to watch kids hitting line drives all over the place, trying to steal bases and make things happen.

Truly enjoyed watching Fresno State win even though was rooting for Georgia. Beckham is very impressive, can’t wait to see him in a Sox uniform…he hits line drives all over the place, just has the power that some of them carry out, and he definately the team leader on and off the field.

But, Fresno State won it all by hitting a ton of HR’s from a ton of different guys. Goes to show that when you are hot it’ll take you all the way. Problem is, it’s a long season and you need guys to carry you when the big boppers aren’t doing it. I’m sure there’s a reason Fresno wasn’t ranked high, probably had a lull in their hitting during the season.

Anyway, back to boring Omaha haha. Lets go White Sox! Interesting to see who the Bulls will draft tonight and what trades are made. Baseball trade season among us…always exciting to see what KW will do.

Didn’t intend to make that sound like I don’t enjoy following the Sox…I DO! but this roller coaster ride is a bit much for me. I got too caught up and thank goodness the CWS came around, otherwise I may have had that breakdown. I’m definately ready to watch the Sox again and root for them, win or lose, as I have always done. Let’s go White Sox!

Very interesting article , the link, to Cuba baseball players, thanks

Marie: Yes, dear, those are indeed Mr Scully’s own red haired, with a touch of gray, locks… untouched by time nor chemicals… and, as stated before, he will turn 81 on November 27th of this year…

One funny story about Vin… When he got out of Fordham University, he was working at a radio station in Washington D.C. … He went to New York to interview at CBS Radio for a job with the late Red Barber… Red didn’t have time for a talk with young Scully, but later on, when Barber needed someone to go up to Boston to do a football broadcast, he tracked Scully down and left word at his home in Bogata,NJ…Vin’s mother took the message… but told him that the message was from Red SKELTON (the comedian)…
All problems were corrected, Scully went up to do the game, with NO booth space, on a bitterly cold day… He just had the microphone, a length of cable, and the run of the roof at Fenway Park with which to work… He never once complained… Barber was very impressed, and later on got the Dodgers to hire Vin at age 22 to be their third announcer… working under Barber and Connie Desmond… In 1953, Barber had a falling out over salary with Gillette regarding doing TV for the World Series, and opted out of doing the games… His (Barber’s) contract was up at Brooklyn, Connie Desmond was unreliable due to problems with drinking… and that is when Scully debuted to the world, at age 25, doing the Series coast-to-coast with Mel Allen…
The rest is history…

Sweet story TQ. Thanks for sharing.

Men show their characters in nothing more clearly than in what they think laughable.
– Air Jordan

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