Day Game In LA

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Swish, 1B; Crede, 3B; ARam, 2B; Hall, C; Danks, P.  John enters today ranked third in the AL with a 2.80 ERA.

Pierre, LF; Kemp, CF; Martin, 3B; Loney, 1B; LaRoche, 2B; Young, RF; Berroa, SS; Ardoin, C; Kershaw, P.

As a little experiment today, I’ll try to blog throughout the game, providing whatever thoughts and observations I might have from the press box.

Ozzie’s Touch

We received this nice email from a fan:
Subject: Ozzie
I wanted too write too you and tell you what a fine Manager you have. My wife Susie,my son Andrew and I drove up to Chicago too see Ozzie at Binny’s beverage on 13 June 2008 from the Quad Cities. My son and wife are hugh Sox fans and I am a Cubs fan. When we got too Binny’s a lady over heard us telling someone that we had driven up from the Quad Cities. The night before we had some big storms and our power was knocked out. None the less I wanted my son too meet Ozzie. This lady told Ozzie that we had driven up from the Quad cities and Ozzie was very happy. When we got our turn too meet Ozzie he was nothing but spectacular. He asked if we were going too the game that night and we told him no that we were just up too meet him and we would be going to a game on the 23rd of August. He asked if we could stay and come too the game on the 13th and if we would like tickets. We said yes and left him our names. Ozzie left us tickets for section 132, row 27. That was a tremendous suprise. My son,wife and I had a great time. I am still a Cubs fan but if anyone ever bad mouths your organization or manager I will defend you guys to the end. Once again THANK-YOU Ozzie you made my fathers day because you made my son and wife smile. Thank you so very much. Sincerly Chip, Susie and Andrew. Your freinds and fans from the Quad Cities.


Looking forward to your blog updates throughout today’s game. I’ll be watching and reading. Nice letter regarding Ozzie, too.

Was that a BUNT by Swisher?

That letter gave me goose bumps. So nice to read that. Glad someone else appreciates Ozzie as much as we do. Even a Cubs fan!!


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