Inning 1

The smog (or Marine layer, according to Ed Farmer) has burnt off and exposed a beautiful day.

First pitch is scheduled for 12:10 p.m. LA time.  All three games here have drawn quite a few White Sox fans to Dodgers Stadium.  Sox jerseys are well represented in the ballpark.

Today, we are wearing our black alternate tops with our grey road pants.

Oh, look, another left-hander takes the mound against us. 

Jeff Cox trots down to the third-base coaches box.  Coxsie, always happy, spent yesterday with his mother on her birthday.  While he had to admit that he never played at Dodger Stadium as a high school athlete, he did proudly point out he was here to accept his first-team all-state honors for baseball (he also was named to the basketball team).

74 degrees

Kershaw is throwing hard.  OC takes him to right for a single.  Nice approach.

BA grounds to third on first pitch.  OC forced out as throw skips to LaRoche at second.

Q GIDP up the middle to second.  Inning over.


E2 as Hall drops a foul pop. 

Crede is at third, bouncing up and down as Piere fouls pitches off …

Lots of kids groups here today as the outfield bleachers are filled with a variety of colored t-shirts.

Pierre slaps a single to left.

Danks almost picks Pierre off first.


Kemp walks on a check swing.

Foul pop to Swish.  One out

Double Steal.

Looping out to Cabrera.  He throws to third to try and double up Pierre.  Crede looks a little stiff trying to field the throw.

fly ball to right to get out of the inning.  John had to throw a lot of pitches.


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OOOHHH!! What a nice treat!!

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