Inning 2


JD leads off

Kershaw’s fastball is at about 92-93

walk to JD

Swish up.  Crede on deck.  Joe appears fine.

Great bunt down third by Swisher.  Even better play by Russell Martin to get him at first.  We can’t catch a break.

Two-hopper to third.  Two out.

The rocket up.  Yesterday, within the same at-bat, he looked bad on a change up and then adjusted and singled on the next changeup he saw.

Broken bat single to left, RBI.  Took second on the throw from Pierre.

1-0 Sox

Intentional walk to Hall.

Danks up. 

Good cut by John. 

Strikeout swinging.


Adam Sandler in the house.

Delwyn Young batting.  When he homered on Tuesday night, KW noted that as a teammate of Delwyn’s dad, he used to bounce a little Delwyn on his knee.

Walked him on a 3-2 pitch after several foul balls.

John’s thrown 31 pitches

FB at 89-90 mph

Berroa up.  Pitcher’s best friend.  GIDP

Important because now the No. 8 hitter might be the last out of this inning.

Base hit.

So much for the pitcher leading off the third.

See ya.

41 pitches.




Thank you wimpy armed Juan Pierre. Any other left fielder would have had Dye by 20 feet.

Adjust – good call Scott. That’s why Alexei has quickly become one of my favorites. Because he is one of the few who does adjust. Says a lot about him.

Does anyone think we might see Alexei in the leadoff spot this season? Good speed, strong at bats. Am I delusional to suggest this?

I’ve thought the same Maria. He seems to be perfect for that role.

Not at all delusional

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