Inning 5

Sox up, 2-0.

So the Sox minor leaguers in the Futures Game are LHP Clayton Richard (US) and INF Chris Getz (US).

BA reaches on an E6.  Yet another lead-off hitter aboard.

WP moves BA to second. 

Walk to Quentin.

JD to the plate.  Torre to the mound.

RHP Brian Falkenborg the new Dodgers pitcher.

5-3, runners move up.

Here’s Swisher with another run-scoring opportunity for the Sox.

Where’s the Ohio State hater?

Intentional walk.

Crede up.

1-2-3 DP.  Another Ugh.


Bobby Jenks, Scott Linebrink and Octavio Dotel head to the bullpen beyond right field.

Let’s hope this isn’t another instance of missed scoring opportunities coming back to hurt us …

74 pitches for Danks entering this inning.

PH Mark Sweeney lines to left.

Nice running catch by Quentin on Pierre.  Two out.

Kemp walks. 

Nice catch by JD jumping up against the right-field wall.

Inning over.




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Jumping back a few outs, but what a gem by Alexei. I love it when Hawk gives us a pure fan’s natural reaction to a great play. He started laughing at the end of the call, the play was so surprising.

Reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Hawk calls, on an amazing Joe Crede stab at third: “Joe Crede…Joe CREDE…JOE CREDE,” each mention betraying more amazement and disbelief.

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