Inning 6

Sox ahead, 2-0

DYK that the White Sox are averaging 6.0 runs per game in June, hitting .304 as a team this month.  I mention that now, trying to get our bats going this inning.

New LA pitcher, RHP Corey Wade.

Ramirez and Hall make outs.

Danks singles sharply up the middle for his first BIG LEAGUE hit.  Congrats John.

Line out to second.  Inning over.


I had held out for two days, but I just broke down and am eating my first Dodger Dog of the series.  Check back with me during the flight home to find out how it went.

Minnesota and SD are tied, 3-3 in the fifth.

Upton Sinclair, aka KW, is sitting to my left shaking his head about me eating a Dodger Dog.

Loney flies out to left, LaRoche to center.  Young walks.  WP to second.

Swing and a miss for Berroa.

Inning over.


Well tap KW on the shoulder and tell him that Danks can pitcher after 75 pitches. His two best innings came after that point. Make sure our manager knows that. (Oh how this week could have been so much better had we won last Friday)

Ok – I’ll bite – what’s the difference in a Dodger Dog? It can’t be any worse that a hot dog in NY…

Vienna Beef Forever!

Jim D,

Ozzie has made it very clear ever since last Friday. The pitch count for Danks had nothing to do with his removal. It all centered on A) the normal routine of Dotel in the 7th, Linebrink in the 8th and Jenks in the 9th and B) Danks was due to lead off the 7th and with only a 2-run lead, more runs were needed.

IMHO a Dodger Dog is all hype (especially for the price, $5+ and the wait in line). It is a basic hot dog just a little longer.

TC – Well then it was a very dumb move by the manager. Danks had them off balance all game. If they absolutely had to pinch hit in that situation Dotel was the wrong guy for the situation.


I’m not saying I was in total agreement with Ozzie’s move, but he has consistently done that all year. In fact, he did it again today with Thornton starting the seventh. Of course, Danks was not throwing as well today. Both teams have blown numerous scoring opportunities in the Ravine today.

Danks was also at 106 pitches after 6. Like I said he struggled through the first 4 innings and did much better in his last 2. A good sign for him and his progression.

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