Inning 7

Sox lead, 2-0.

Two runs, seven hits and two errors for the Sox.  No runs, four hits and one error for LA.

BA leading off.

Deep fly ball to right.  One out

Quentin is hit by a pitch and then steals second.

Dye walks.

Pitching coach to the mound as Swisher is announced.

Fly ball to medium center.  Two out.

Crede at the plate.  Full count.

Swing and a miss.


Thornton in to pitch.

PH Maza singles up the middle.

PH Ethier flies to left.  One out.

Pierre at the plate.

Listening to Scully just now, he relates a story about Matt Thornton that is completely new to me.  He’s really good a what he does, and maybe I’m bad at what I do.

Foul ball … just foul, down the left field line.  Dodged it.

Fly out yo Q.  Two out.

Dotel in to face Kemp.

Strike out swinging.



LMAO – Cooper hurting himself in the dugout after getting tossed was hilarious! He is never gonna hear the end of that.

hopefully someone puts it on youtube in the next few days, hilarious

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