Inning 9 — Bottom

Sox up, 2-0.  Jenks in to pitch.

Young, Dewitt (PH) and Maza due up.

Young tops a ball down the first base line.  Jenks fields it and tags him.  One out.

One hopper, 5-3.  Two out.

Maza up.

Count goes to 2-2.


Fly ball to JD.  Game over.  Sox win.



Not a lot of offense AGAIN. 15 baserunners and only 2 runs, but another great job by the pitchers. Well deserved win for Danks.

Let’s Cooper is not on the DL too long!!!

no jinx here. White Sox win and stay in first place. just keep on winning series…. j.k.

It wasn’t pretty, but it is a W.

Go Sox! Come back home and kick some cubby butt!!!!!


Well we live to see another night in first place. Good game. Good pitching. No different than that cubs game Dotel came in and K’d the guy, Linebrink and Jenks close the door. That Cooper injury will make for a fun short flight home for the Sox. That is key, hopefully we can carry momentum into this weekend. Tigers win again, Twins win again…gotta keep winning. no room for error.

I’m happy Jon finally got some breaks. He’s been pitching his rear end off with little to show for it. I mean what, 13 of 16 starts allowing only two runs or less, and he only has five wins?


At this point in time I’m just happy for the win, a win, ANY KIND of win….but man oh man the offense is absolutely brutal. 11 more left on base today against a rookie pitcher. Three more double plays.


Maybe coming home they’ll wake up out of their coma. I hope so, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to win A GAME against the Cubs…after all Baltimore just beat them two out of three at Wrigley Field and the O’s aren’t that much better (if at all) then the White Sox.

Good luck this weekend is all I can say.

Mark Liptak

just got home from driving in some terrific storms and other amazingly weird (you only see them on tv and in Texas things… neither of which were pleasant) experiences to find the 9 inning post, my first thought was, ‘has Scott lost his mind or did someone else take over his computer’ but then I figured it all out, and liked it! 🙂

My son told me about Coop… what happened, is he ok? He got ejected, why do I always miss the exciting stuff when I’m gone????

And why doesn’t triple spacing work for me?????

Sox 66:

Cooper was upset over a checked swing call that went against the Sox and the second base umpire walked almost over to the Sox dugout and threw him out. As Cooper was turning to go down the dugout stairs and off into the sunset, he grabbed his leg. Must have hurt a hamstring or something.

Mark Liptak

oh man… hope he’s alright, thanks for the info Mark.

Thank you, Scott, for the “play by play” of this game. As Donna said, it’s a very special treat. Too bad I was away from my internet connection most of the day, but it makes a great recap!!

I’m happy that the Sox are coming home with a win to face the Cubs! I know, they were supposedly on a roll last weekend, but, hey, they’re still in first place, manufactured some runs against the Dodgers, and they’ll be at home, where they don’t have to dodge weight-lifting rats during BP.

Maria, I totally want Alexei to be the leadoff hitter – he was, in the lineup I suggested when some of us were doing that. I happen to believe that a leadoff hitter who can make the pitcher worry about him makes a big difference in the type of pitches the other batters see. Let’s try it – how much harm could it do?


I agree with your post. I think though Ozzie is wedded to the idea of keeping Cabrera in the top spot because of Alexi’s inexperience.

I’d like to see Ramirez in front followed by a bat control guy in Cabrera because if nothing else it may disrupt the rhythm of opposing pitchers a bit…they might start throwing more fastballs to the guts of the lineup because if you toss a steady diet of sliders in the dirt and off speed breaking balls with a guy who can run, he’ll very quickly be at third base thanks to some steals.

And the one thing this club apparently can do is hit fastballs…the issue comes with those sliders in the dirt and off speed breaking balls just off the plate. They can’t hit those with a ten foot paddle.

Mark Liptak

Peggy, to me Alexei is not a good leadoff hitter. I have noticed that with two strikes, Alexei does not seem to hit that well. A leadoff hitter needs to be able to take strikes and grind for walks. Peggy you had the best line up that one day of posting so who am I to argue with success.
Not sure if you are just good or were lucky that day. Positions changes in the line up have odd affects on some players, ex Swisher when he was leading off, became almost passive with the bat. Swisher is , of course, too slow to be a good leadoff hitter. I think Alexei batting second might be good. Owens seemed to be the best leadoff hitter per, second half last yr , that within the orgainization.

Totally agree about the distraction value of good baserunners, that came change the game in a minute.

In spite of OC’s recent success, I cannot seem to like the guy , would still like to see the sox trade OC. Irrational, yes it is.

For those that did not see it Cooper threw his plastic pitch counter to the ground in disgust in the dugout and he slipped when doing so. He immediately grabbed his hamstring. He then limped over to the stairs to go to the clubhouse and stopped about halfway down the stairs looking as if he could go no furthur on his own.

Some musings out here while waiting for my paint to dry (not really).

I would like to see Alexi given a shot at the lead-off spot. and have O.C. in the two hole. Alexi may be young but the way he’s been playing of late, it could be an interesting experiment. Remember when the season started, he was on the bench behind Juan, and really only got his chance when Uribe went down. So why not?

If I had Bud Selig’s ear I would make some changes to the interleague format, so there isn’t any bias with some teams playing/not playing poorer clubs. Here’s what I would like to see:
Milwaukee or another Central NL team comes back to the AL making 15 teams in each league, five in each division. All teams play IL games throughout the entire season and not just in June as now is done. Each team plays the other league on a rotating basis as they do now, but home and away for a total of 30 games each year. Each team plays the other division teams in their league home and away for a total of 60 games. The rest of games are interdivisional, with as many towards the end of the season as possible. total 72 games.

Great posting today Scott. I enjoyed what seemed like a personal chat with you. I hope you can do that again sometime. Do you have a date yet for the BlogIII? I would like to come out this year and need to make arrangements for air and hotel accommodations. Thanks….

I had other things to write about, but maybe later. Now, let’s go Sox and get some revenge!!! j.k.

And another thing Bud: Instant Replay= use it. Any play that generates the manager coming out for clarification S/B eligible for replay. Just like the NFL when the coach throws the flag. Limit of one use by each manager per game. (Two for playoff games) As far as the strike Zone goes. use K-zone or something else to get a CONSISTANT strike zone. No more, he’s Tom Glavin or Grig Maddux so he gets 5 inches off the plate. A strike should be what is in the rule book. Use the home plate umpire for plays at the plate. The game will be faster because there won’t be any stares in from upset pitchers or discussion from the batter. Hey, you don’t like the call, read the rule book! Letters to knees over the plate, period.. Now on to other things.

As TQ would say just nineteen hours till first pitch…. j.k.

i’m glad i looked… game time is @3 & not 7… I might have missed it!!!! … j.k.

I do not agree that Alexei should be put in the lead off spot or in the two hole. He has a nice average, but his OBP is only .321, and he has 22 strikeouts compared to 6 BB. If Ramirez is going to be a lead off hitter he is going to have to cut down his swing, especially with two strikes, and learn to be a little more disciplined at the plate.

Cabrera’s average has been steadily increasing over the past month (remember how close it got to the Mendoza Line?), and I think the only person you could rationalize replacing him with at the lead off spot would be Owens. That won’t be happening anytime soon tho. Also, if I remember correctly, Alexei did not produce the few times Ozzie tried him out at the two spot. I think it’s better just to leave him where he has been comfortable.


BTW, I’m still laughing over the Coop incident. If anyone missed that then you really need to find that footage. I love how the cameraman on the side of the dugout was showing the replay to everyone on our team during the game. Swisher would randomly start laughing to himself over at first base during the next inning. Hawk and DJ could barely hold it together up in the booth. I feel bad for Coop and all the crap he is going to be taking from the guys. Priceless.

Just win baby. kenwo, we live to fight another day in 1st! the battle for the division is far from over.

Remember the Stones song? You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might just find, you get what you need…..2 runs was all we needed. We need to obsess a bit less with the runners left on base. yes its very important but for god’s sake, we won the damn game! The twins left 9 on base yesterday. enough of the analysis paralysis. at least pretend to be happy once in a while.

Cooper won’t be throwing his little pitch count gadget like that again. Coop was hurt when he tossed it against the wall. he lost his footing and that’s when he tweaked the hammy.

can someone get greg walker to show the boys how to hit breaking balls? nice bunt by BA to move the runners over. whew.

I’m nervous about starting this serious with josie pitching, especially if we don’t pull him when he starts going sideways. see you at the ballpark at 3pm!

Mr Reifert served a dual purpose with his posts from 1000 Elysian Park Drive…

He provided a service, and also auditioned for his next life…

He’s coming back at the guy who writes the PBP for MLB Gameday and all the other web sites that do PBP…

Nicely done, sir…

Just remember…

Revenge is a dish best served cold…

Even on a hot, sticky day like today…

Four and a half hours until the big Cuban horse throws the first pitch in anger…

As for Dr Cooper…

Comedy is when it happens to someone else… tragedy is when it happens to you…

I didn’t even know that Coop dis impressions…

That WAS Walter Brennan on “The Real Mc Coys”, wasn’t it?

I didn’t even know I couldn’t type the word “did”… instead it came out “dis”…

Hoooo, boy …

Scott…THAT was priceless! Thank you!! I’m putting on all my sox gear (well, not all, that would just be ridiculous) in preparation for Game 1. Earrings, check. WS Bracelet, check. Shirt, check. Shorts, check. LET’S GO SOX!!! -Dawn

This is a great story on interleague play and the unfairness of it all from Jayson Stark:

Mark Liptak

Sox pitchers need to pitch inside to the cub batters, alot.
Whereas Alexei needs to lay off the inside pitch, that is the pitch that he is getting him out. If Alexei learns to hit more to right and up the middle, laying off the inside pitch look for 330 plus batting ave.

that is getting him out. sp must be the cub game , tom.

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