Lineup Update

Friday, June 27, 2008

Juan Uribe will start at 2B in place of Alexi Ramirez, who is with his wife as she gives birth today.


Wow what a year and a half for Alexei. He excapes Cuba. He signs with the w.sox. He has a great spring , goes north to 35 degree baseball games and flounders. He adjusts , not speaking english. He does well, now he will have an American citizen child, quite a yr. All he needs now is a world series and rookie of the yr.

Well maybe Uribe will throw out his back chasing Dempsters splitter and then Pablo can play 2nd.

nice talk Jim… Uribe may not be your favorite or even the best out there but to wish that, wasn’t very nice

No kidding dleeun! What a year is right!!! I bet he’s making a lot more than the $20 per game he got in Cuba, too!


Uribe will come through big today, just wait and see. He’s hungry. Chomping chomping chomping at the bit to PLAY!


I was trying to lay the sarcasm on so thick I thought it would be felt all the way in Texas, i guess not. I don’t really want him hurt, we need to be able to trade him at some point this summer. I just don’t want to watch him miss pitches by 3 feet.

Need a great outing today from Jose. All I hear about is how Dempster only wins at home, but he has a better ERA and opponents batting average on the road. Probably have to squeek out a win today.

Jim, rereading, I guess I can see the sarcasm but there are a few folks on here that would’ve have meant that literally I think. Sorry I misread your comment. You’re right about missing pitches though, when he goes down, seems like it’s always hard core!

Hey, I hope I eat my words. I hope he drives in 5 today, but I would rather have Pablo out there in a game that will probably be low scoring (at least I expect that from our end) because he is better at moving runners, and has better success against tough pitchers. The way Dempster has pitched this year we will have to win a 3-2 or 2-1 game. And of course since I say that it will probably be like 15-14!

as long as we win, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX…..4 minutes till first pitch, but who’s counting???????


Big key today is to hit to the right side with Daryle Ward in right field. Just coming off the DL and he hardly ever plays the outfield. Pepper him and we will manufacture some runs.

Redemption: 2 out of 3

Revenge: Sweep

Jim, I would also rather have Ozuna batting, but he makes me way too nervous when he’s in the infield. I would rather see Uribe out there.

Scam, he is much better at 2b than 3b. I’d rather see Uribe backing up Crede at 3rd. We know he definitely has the arm.

Forget Ward, hit the ball to Patterson. He is a hack out there.

The game’s not over, but WHAT a difference a week makes. 8-0 Sox. Yes!! keep it going Boys.. j.k.

no kidding, they got two infielders playing the corner outfield spots. Patterson could not throw the ball in the ocean. So much for that 3-2 or 2-1 game. Now I just hope it is not 15-14.

I have seen Dempster pitch quite a bit so far this year. This is the first time he did not throw strikes, and when he did we hit them. Shows good patience so far, but let’s keep it up and tack on a bunch more and abuse their bullpen today so they are not at full strength the next two days.

Goodness, back to backs??? This feels a little too familiar. Please don’t let us blow this lead!

Ahhhhhhh, it’s good to be home!!!!

Great catch by Jermaine! I don’t think he was hurt, but he got up pretty slowly. Nice win and a good bounce-back start for Jose. We need the same kind of game tomorrow from everybody and we will win. Except for Swish’s GS we produced ( that’s right Lip) five runs. Good baserunning, hitting the other way, taking pitches and etc. Feels good. j.k.

That was the loudest Na Na Hey Hey when they took out Dempster that I ever heard on tv. How did it sound at the Park? j.k.

Hey Mark L…

NOW who’s the all or nothing homerun team???????????

Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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