Postgame Remarks

From the White Sox Interview Room:

Ozzie Guillen on …

Jose Contreras:

He couldn’t command his fastball.  He was making the big pitch.  He fought through it.


“JD’s been outstanding.  He and Derreck Lee are the most overlooked players in town.  Over the last five years, it’s been amazing what they do.

“JD’s been carrying us … defensively and offensively.”

On The Offense:

“When these guys start hitting the ball to the opposite field, good things happen.”

Nick Swisher …

On The Game:

“There’s a huge difference playing here than when it is over there.  We’re home.  We’re in our backyard.  The atmosphere, with 40,000 people screaming, is great.  You try to think it’s just another game, but it’s not.”

On The Grand Slam:

“I was just trying to get something into the air to score a run.  I swung through a fastball earlier in the at-bat and missed a slider.  At Wrigley, he got me out on a slider.  I saw a slider on the outside half of the plate, got lucky and put the barrel on it.”




First of all, congratulations to Alexi and his Mrs on the birth…

I was waiting for the first crack, like… “the baby probably weighs more than the father.” … Maybe I just made it…

It has been said that Dempster is a clubhouse comedian…
Well, it isn’t so funny TODAY, is it, funny man?

The others have already commented, so let me just add on…or PILE on, in the case of Cub Nation…

Eric Patterson, I have seen Alfonso Soriano… and you, young man, are DEFINITELY NOT Soriano…

The corner OF’s for the North Siders today were absolutely BRUTAL… And, as Martha Stewart would say, if she were a WS fan, “that’s a GOOD thing.”

When they went up 8-0, I called my friend at CBS 2… I said
“If they blow THIS lead, they should be SHOT.”
What happens in T5?… BANG, ZOOM… The Cuban horse damned near did it… Fortunately, that Cedeno shot off his big rump might have awakened him… because he did settle down… If you can call giving up 3 HR’s settling down…Thank the good Lord they were all solos…

JD… Magnificient T6 off D Lee, and even more so for the final out… If that doesn’t make the highlight reels, like that DP Ramirez pulled yesterday in LA(yes, jk,I saw it later…WOW!!!!), then there’s something wrong somewhere…

To the lovely Maria W… You were worried for no reason, dear… It’s THEIR ballpark, remember?

If the next two go into Jim D’s left hand column, it would be a tie for the season… They say a tie is like kissing your sister… Well, I wouldn’t mind if my sister was Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron or Eva Longoria…(No, NOT the kid 3rd baseman in Tampa…)

BTW, I listened in to the WGN Radio Cubs post game today… Last week, I’m sure that they were laughing and scratching… But today, David Kaplan, noted Cubs apologist, sounded like he was announcing a funeral… and the only peep I heard out of Santo was a low moan on Patterson overrunning AJ’s base hit… Then on the back to back HR’s, he brightened up a little… but then I didn’t hear anything on the rest of the highlights…

I wasn’t the least bit surprised…


I think you just infuriated the ladies of the White Sox board. After all the loving you give them day in and day out in your posts, you go and proclaim that the ones you really love are Angelina, Charlize and Eva. You might be able to crawl out of your trouble by claiming temporary insanity because it was said in a delirious moment after the Pale Hose crushed Santo’s boys at 35th and Shields.

This was an impressive win today for a few reasons…first the Sox had to jet back from the coast, two no Paul Konerko, three no Alexi Ramirez.

But to me the biggest reason this game was important and impressive was because of some postgame remarks by Dan Plesac. “the White Sox forced the action today, they were aggressive on the bases and made the Cubs make mistakes.”

Orlando Cabrera in particular, set the tone for today. His aggressiveness put the Cubs back on their heels and gave the Sox a few early runs. With all due respect to Swisher and Dye, HE‘S the game MVP.

And you know even though the Sox are the slowest team in MLB, they can still do some things to put the other club in a hole, force the issue, take them out of a comfort zone, make them make mistakes…we’ve seen this before.

Back in April on a Sunday game at U.S. Cellular, the Sox ran the Orioles right out of the stadium. They forced them to make errors and throw the ball away so don’t try to tell me they can’t be aggressive.

When they can find some way to score runs without settling into that “all or nothing” mentality, they become a very, very dangerous club.

I sincerely hope Ozzie keeps this approach at least through this weekend. The Sox are getting no help from this goofy, unfair, stupid interleague schedule and they need any edge they can possibly get to keep their nose ahead of an increasingly rabid pack of teams right on their tail who seem to no longer want to lose A game let alone drop into a losing streak.

Oh this link takes you to a few compelling look at certain things going on at Tribune Company:

Mark Liptak

Wonderful post Lip! Thank you for the link. But remember, if we make an out in our aggressive aproach next time, don’t come unglued and rant about “stupid baserunning” or some such thing. It’s funny isn’t it? When the Sox win it’s a beautiful day, but when they lose we need to kill a) the umpire, B)Jeff Cox, C) Ozzie, D)Those Damn slow runners who hit into double plays, or E) Kenny for assembling this @@#&** team.

I guess we will have to keep finding ways to win….. today I love you all….. hey Tom, What’s wrong with that third base kid frim Tampa? j.k.

Wow. that double play in the third changed the outcome of the game. if they scrore, who knows what happens.

nice to see a combination of hits. i won’t fault swisher for hitting that grand slam….for now….

sure did see a lot of smilin faces at the cell today….cubbie fans were a bit quiet after the 5th…..heh heh…..

its a bird, its a plane….no, its JD stealing 3rd…..OMG….

when OC went for second on the hit to left, we must have had a scouting report about patterson and his arm…..he never even hesitated…….

let’s hope we get another one tomorrow. just keep winning baby…..

Great win today, and will provide momentum for the rest of the weekend hopefully. They forced the issue and took advantage of two outfielders who just stunk defensively.

Dye made some really nice plays today. Wish he was a little faster so could set himself rather than always having to slide and crash into walls. I’m sure when he is icing down the bruises tonight he may wish the same thing🙂 He has been great with the glove lately!

Go get em tomorrow!


I’ll never rip aggressiveness. Complacency, stupidity, laziness…that’s another story.

The Sox have the capability to make life miserable for the opposition, we’ve seen them do this. They need to keep doing it because suddenly the A.L. Central is living up to the predictions before the season started.

Mark Liptak

I love that picture of Gallagher the pitcher for the cubs tomorrow on the w. sox home page, that is a classic.

It must be a full moon. That’s twice today that you and I have been in 100% agreement. Just viewing Gallagher’s photo next to Javy’s, should be enough to get us the win.

I hope I didn’t jinx anything.


Fun game, nice win, and my personal favorite moment was JD making that last out catch, as if it would be the last out of Game 7 of the World Series. That’s the grinder spirit in action! If everyone steps up like JD, watch out world, here come the White Sox!

What a great win! Everyone else said all I was thinking so I won’t repeat but how fun was today. Darn those pesky Twins though!! Ok gang, I’m off to the west coast for a tour of the stadiums….with the Sox in first place! Let’s hope it’s still that way with a much bigger lead when I get home!! See you Tuesday Peggy!!

Peggy, Here’s hoping you and your family have a safe wonderful trip, and here’s also hoping that you get your wish about the Sox still being in first place upon your return….. enjoy!,, j.k.

Uh, Sorry about that, I meant to wish Donna and her family a safe wonderful trip, but everything else applies….. j.k.

That was a great game. After the sox put up an 8-0 lead i was thinking “this is never an easy win”…then the back to back homers came, but Contreras did a fine job to get out of it. Bullpen locked em down. Quentin and Dye have been excellent. Gotta get em tomorrow as well.

by the way that was one of the loudest na na hey hey’s i have ever heard in the park as well klien. excellent stuff sox fans!

No problem, J.K. – my family and I are not traveling anytime soon, but I will get to see Donna and her family while they’re out here, so staying home is just fine🙂

And I hope the Sox stay in first place the rest of the season, just like in 2005!

Man those Twinkies are a pain. 10 in a row now, Detroit is 7-3 and KC 9-1 in their last 10 games. This division is kickin the NL’s butt for the most part. We gotta get some more wins this weekend. Granted we have the toughest task playing the top team in the NL, but we need to keep pace.

These IL games show you how important each and every game is(and how screwed up the schedule is). Every game is as important as the next no matter the opponent. It’s always nice to beat a divisional opponent, especially one that may be in a pennat race with you, but I don’t care if they beat the Little Sisters of the Poor. As long as we get the win.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but what’s the big uproar over the inter league scheduling? I know that the schedules usually lack some common sense, but I’m not seeing any big injustices here. I read the Stark article Lip provided, but it didn’t really tell me anything I don’t already know, and I wasn’t quite sure what his point was.

Jim, it only takes one stupid error for Headcase Contreras to unravel in a game. Ozuna is much more likely to make that error at 2nd than Uribe. Also, Uribe is much better at turning the double play there.

Scam, it is the fact that teams in a division race are not playing the same NL teams. It’s that simple. It’s not an equal schedule. How many times have Det, Minn, Cleve and KC played the best team in the NL – none, and we play them 6 times. The same thing can be said in the past when the Mets and Yankees are both in division races.

As for Ozuna v Uribe, with Contreras on the mound I see your point. If we were to need someone offensively against a good pitcher like yesterday you have to take Ozuna. Fortunately we kicked Dempsters backside and it did not matter.

headcase contreras unravel after one error? I think you are insane. This is the same Contreras who started game one of every playoff series in 2005. he is the guy who sent you to the world series with his dominant effort in game 5 of the ALCS. He has been pretty good this year besides his start at wrigley. The guys that can’t recover from the errors have been Buehrle, Vazquez and Floyd. Contreras has an era just under 4 despite getting left out to dry by his manager on a day when he clearly didn’t have it. Contreras isn’t the headcase, you are.

Nice win, hope to see some more to come……. God love em’

Tell me how you really feel kenwo. I guess we haven’t been watching the same Contreras over the last two years.

Jim, first of all I will gladly play the Cubs six times every year, no matter how good they are. Also, how are the schedulers suppose to know how good each time is going to be at the time we play, before the season even starts? Sure you could have speculated that the Cubs were going to be pretty good, but what if Milwaukee was in first place and the Cubs were in last? Well then Minnesota would be crying foul because they have to play Milwaukee six times and we get to play the Cubs six times. I know you’re saying that we should be playing them equal number of times, but scheduling isn’t quite that simple. If we only played the Cubs three times one of our teams wouldn’t be getting a home series against the other, and I think that would be a greater injustice. The fact is though, sometimes some teams have a greater strength of schedule than other teams. That’s just the way it works in sports. If you can’t beat the best teams then you’re probably not going to be one of the best teams. If the Sox don’t make the playoffs, then it will be because they didn’t play good enough, not because their schedule was too hard.

Also, haven’t we played San Fransisco, Colorado, Pittsburgh, and the Dodgers, all who are under .500? I’d say we had a pretty easy interleague schedule.

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