Postgame — From the Interview Room

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Carlos Quentin on his home run:

“For a period in the game, the shadows significantly affected the hitters.  It was a defensive swing at a fastball I didn’t see that well.  I got the barrel on it.  Fortunately, it carried out.

“It feels good to come through for your team.  I was just fortunate to be in that situation at that point in the game.”

Ozzie Guillen

On the end of the game:

“I wasn’t going to put the go-ahead run on base in this ballpark.  I told Bobby, ‘You got your best stuff.  This is the guy we are going to get.  Go after him.'”

On the bullpen:

“They are a big reason we are where we are.  It’s fun to watch.  All those guys have been contributing all year long.”

On the game:

“The beginning of the game was an ugly duel.  Sometimes in this ballpark, you’ve got to go by the wind, not necessarily the guy at bat.”

On Lou Piniella’s praise of the Sox and forecast they would win the division by six games:

“That’s nice.  Thank you.  Lou knows a lot about baseball.  Last year, I said the same thing about the Cubs.  Coming from Lou, it’s true.  Coming from Ozzie, it’s crazy.”

On Carlos Quentin:

“This kid has been great.  It’s about 25 guys, not one.  Everytime he hits, we’ve got guys on base.  But he gets big hits.”



Notable quotes from the past, which more than apply today/tonight…

The late Bob Prince, Pittsburgh Pirates announcer, on an exciting Pirate victory….


Lanny Frattere, current Pirates announcer, on an exciting Pittsburgh victory…


The late, great Jack Brickhouse, just about anytime on an exciting moment for the White Sox or the Cubs…


I echo all of those sentiments, plus one…regarding the first two comments, former Cubs manager Lee Elia…

“MY F***ING A** !!!”

But, if you’re going to win anything, you have to have games like this one…especially if you win…

Vazquez… first 17 pitches, STINKO… next 88… some good, some bad…
The bullpen… once again, SENSATIONAL… Logan, Masset,ESPECIALLY Thornton and Linebrink…WONDERFUL…

Manchild?… with apologies to Alfred Hitchcock… he is the NEW “master of suspense”…

10 men LOB by the North Siders, 7 in scoring position… Uncle Lou will NOT enjoy his dinner tonight…

BUT… Ozzie sure will… once we all calm down…

Yet another notable quote from Ron Santo, on the Alexi HR…
“OH, MY GOD !!!”
I didn’t hear him say another thing the rest of the highlights package…

Finally, tc, I should amend my statement of last night…
As you recall, I said that should the boys win three, the series would be a tie… and a tie, it is said, is like kissing your sister…what I say NOW is… I wouldn’t mind that at all…IF my sister looked like… Maria Wagener, Dawn Brusa, Donna(Mommy Mac)Mc Cormack, Marie Mc Dowell,Lisa Munoz OR Pat Klein (fat chance of THAT, Eh, jk?)…
I wouldn’t mind it… I just wonder if THEY would mind it…

I hope, I hope,I hope…
It’s up to Buehrle to see if it occurs, before God, man, 39,000 plus and the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network…

Thanks Scott…VERY enjoyable game today! Props to the Bullpen, TCG, and (in my very humble opinion) to JOE CREDE for a great game saving catch at 3rd! What a phenomenal play!

Also…props to Thornton who just made them look bad!

WHOOP…Bring us the sweep tomorrow boys!

forgotton again Mr. Quaid…. deepintheheart, my feelings are shattered again! LOL

Currently ‘watching’ MN lose… can we pray on stuff like this!!??

Thank you, Scott for all the great “inside info.” Nice to know we Sox fans aren’t crazy when we say the local media is *biased*!!

Let’s get the sweep on national TV tomorrow!

TQ: whatcha sayin’ about me, you know, the one who sends you the west coast programs :-)?? (only kidding, but you know that.)

Thank you, Scott for all the great “inside info.” Nice to know we Sox fans aren’t crazy when we say the local media is *biased*!!

Let’s get the sweep on national TV tomorrow!

TQ: whatcha sayin’ about me, you know, the one who sends you the west coast programs :-)?? (only kidding, but you know that.)

Joe Crede, YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! The guy deserves a gold glove.

This and that:

Great win today. The only negative (and it’s a big one) is that Vazquez spit the bit again for the 6th consecutive start. In those six starts he’s allowed at least five runs.

Maybe he’s tipping something but he needs to get back on track because suddenly with this division playing amazingly great, the Sox can not afford him to go south.

Regarding the possibility of a “sweep” well here is what history shows:

THIS IS THE 9TH TIME in the history of this series, the Sox won the first two games and were looking for a sweep.

They were only able to pull it off ONE time and that was the first chance they had when they swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field in 1999.

Here are the complete listings:

1999- Sox won first two games at Wrigley, then swept them.

2000- Sox won first two games at Comiskey Park, lost the final game.

2002- Sox won the first two games at Comiskey Park, lost the final game.

2003- Sox won the first two games at Wrigley Field, lost the final game.

2003- Sox won the first two games at Comiskey Park, lost the final game.

2005- Sox won the first two games at Wrigley Field, lost the final game.

2006- Sox won the first two games at U.S. Cellular Field, lost the final game.

2006- Sox won the first two games at Wrigley Field, lost the final game.

Mark needs to bring his “A” game Sunday night and the Sox need to buck history.

Oh regarding the Twins winning streak, remember they done this before. In 1991 they had an ungodly streak of winning what, 15 or 17 straight. I think Baltimore finally broke it…maybe it was 1992. Then in 2006, after Memorial Day, they played something like .680 ball the final four months to take the division.

NEVER, never underestimate them and the Yankees. Every single time you are ready to write them off, they rise from their death bed and make life miserable.

Mark Liptak


You overlooked one of the most important rules in speechmaking or sppechwriting. Instead of listing your lady cohorts on this fine board, you should have merely stated, “If my sister looked like — and ladies you all know who you are — ” then you would have saved yourself some sarcastic replies!!!!

Bob Prince??? Now there is a great name dug out of baseball’s past. TQ, you dig ’em up better than Crede at third.

While I will not be writing off the Twins too early, I just cannot see them possibly winning this division with the pitching they have. Remember, even the Royals can beat up on the National League. Hopefully we can rebuild our first place cushion a little bit on this next home stand.

YES! They actually can lose!

sox1966 & peggy writes…

My apologies to the, as dey would say on the Sout’ Side, “bota yous.”…

How could I leave off my friendly darlin’ DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS… as well as Palo Alto, California’s gift to White Sox Universe… I AM SO SORRY… (and I know that a lot of the wisenheimers out there would say “YOU CERTAINLY ARE, CHUMLEY !!!)

If there were any of you out at the Cell today, I would be interested in hearing about any friendly, or not so friendly, disputes that may have taken place …

Also, Lip, you are absolutely 100% CORRECT… I have learned, painfully, not to write off ANY of the WS opponents, at ANY TIME… because they can bite you big time in your asperations…when you least can afford it…Just think back to late September three years ago, to deanklub’s Indians… who damn near caught the boys down the stretch…

WS win, Cubs lose…
Milwaukee wins, Minnesota loses… FINALLY!!!
Cardinales win…
Did I mention… CUBS LOSE ???

As Gabriel Heatter (look THAT one up, tc…)would say…


Good night, all…

And Boston lost after being ahead of the Stros!! Always nice to watch them lose!

TQ – all’s forgiven! 🙂

TQ: No hard feelings here! And I would submit that Palo Alto’s (at least the Stanford part of it) most valuable gift to White Sox Universe is TCQ.

A thought – the Sox players always say (for good reasons) that it’s fun to play in front of the noisy home crowd. Do they have any idea how many of their fans are there to see them play ( and make lots of noise) at other ballparks? Just wondering…

Fun game to be at today. Outstanding job by the offense to come back after being down 2 early to score 3 in the bottom of the first. Javy needs to get on track, this “slump” has gone on too long. Bullpen was outstanding again. Especially Matt Thornton and as always, Linebrink. Quentin flicked that one out… beautiful sight.

After that Friday game was over (so i guess it doesn’t count as an ejection) there was one guy on the floor handcuffed and one guy bleeding like Ric Flair at the 538 exit …so it isn’t completely a peaceful series. Not that it is expected to be.

Great game yesterday, atmosphere was really exciting as it was a pretty back and forth game. Thought Dye’s homer was going to be a routine fly just short of the warning track. He had to hit that thing so high to get it into the second stream of wind because the wind on the field was blowing in from left pretty strong.

That play by Crede was awesome, goes right on the list with all the great defensive plays of the last 3 days.

JD looks like he might keep his AL player of the week status for another week, and he should be player of the month too.

What can you say about the bullpen, amazing again. Such a turnaround from last year. Thornton just mowed down his 5 hitters he faced and he deserved to get the win.

We need Mark hitting his spots tonight because he has struggled the last couple years against this team. If he does that we get even with these guys and hopefully pull another one ahead of the Twinkies and Tigers.

As for Minnesota I would not count them out until they are mathematically eliminated, which I hope is about early to mid-September. They have been a thorn in our sides for years. That’s just the way it is in sports though. The scrappers that play the game the right way always give problems to the teams with the supposed bigger, stronger and better players.

So I’m reading the Tribune this AM… Pg 7 of the sports section… and the little gnome (Paul Sullivan)who masquerades as the Cub beat writer has a little sidebar item that Uncle Lou is upset by the “unnecessarily high volume of the public address system at U.S. Cellular Field…
where baseball often took a back seat to sound effects, scoreboard races, a huge brawl in Sec.538 of the upper deck and scattered lesser skirmishes…”

Well, that makes things even… for last weekend, for anyone in White Sox Universe brave enough to enter the sanctotum known here as Jurrasic Park at Neverland… with it’s own little “charms”… The obnoxious lemmings who pay $6.25(I think)for a cup of liquid courage with a head on it…or more than one… maybe ten or twenty…not to mention the continuous loop of “Go Cubs Go” after a win…kind of the Chicago homage to the continuous loop of Sinatra singing “New York, New York” at Yank-me Stadium…

A Cubs fan who lives in my building, but who works at a kiosk at the Cell came back Friday night livid about the language and behavior that he had to endure from White Sox faithful after that game…I held my tongue and did not say a word about Jurassic Park… where, of course, all their patrons are sipping sarsaparilla or pink lemonade and would never consider uttering anything unfit for family consumption…

Well, there IS one thing that both sides have in common…
I think that we’re all happy that this b.s. will be over with tonight…

Unless the apocalypse happens in late October…and 1906 is reenacted…

Someone has to verify this for me. I went to a monthly poker game last night and the wife said that she had just come back from Chicago. She said that as the plane was landing in Chicago the attendant announced the weather conditions and said welcome to Chicago, home of the 1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs. Now that’s one of the funniest things ive heard if it is true. Nothing like living on your laurels of “recent” events….. So let’s put these “champions” in their place back in the 20th century…. Go Sox…. j.k.

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