Series Finale

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swisher, 1B; ARam, 2B; Anderson, CF.  Buehrle pitching.


Word from the weather service is that these off-and-on showers this afternoon should not impact the start of the game. 

AL vs. NL

Entering today’s contests, the American League owns a dominating 141-96 (.595) edge over the National League in interleague play.  The Sox, 11-6 against NL foes, have lost 2.0 games in the standings to the Twins, who are 13-4 against the NL.  As several pointed out yesterday, that’s where playing six games against the Cubs — arguably the best team in the National League — hurts the Sox when it comes to competing against the rest of the AL Central …


The Sox have never swept the Cubs at home in Interleague play?

I’ll try to post more later …


What about the years where the Cubs absolutely suck. Then it should help us….don’t like to hear the whining about the schedule. Win the F’n games. About to head on out. Sitting in heaven today- 557 last row. The last time i sat that far out was opening day 1991.

The thing is the years that the Cubs stink it is like the World Series to them and their fans. If you have a bad year you can at least redeem yourself a little bit by playing big and beating your rival. Which as the records indicate (32-33) they have. And of course that goes vice versa as well. No matter how bad either team would be they will always play up for this series, and that goes for all rivalries in sports.

When the season is over though there will be lots to look back at and put blame on if we finish just short of the playoffs. One of the things should be, along with bad play in games, the uneven schedule. I think there is a lot of grumbling this year because it is the first year both Chicago teams are in first, and also the first time the media (national and local) has made a lot of noise about the uneven schedule. Maybe it will bring about change, or things will stay the same. What I do know is that the Sox can only beat the teams they play. Hopefully that will be enough come October.

I’m with Kenwo on this one. Quit complaining about the damn schedule and win the games! The schedule is completely out of the Sox’ control. I’ve never feared a Cub team and will not complain about having to play them six times this year. On top of that, they are missing their best hitter (of course, he’s also their worst fielder), their best pitcher, and one of their speediest and most reliable outfielders. And for the past two days their starting shortstop.

No schedules are easy. All the AL teams are tough and a few of the minor league clubs are as well.

We can’t complain about getting to play a horrible SF team, a beat-up Rockies team, another bad Pittsburgh team and an injury-riddled Dodger team.

I’m still not quite sure why playing the Cubs six times a year is a bad thing. Plus, we’ve faced four sub .500 teams in interleague play. So what’s the problem with the scheduling?

I like playing the Cubs….and by the way Morgan said we are the best bullpen he has ever seen!

Don’t look now, but we just got a compliment from Joe Morgan. He said “The White Sox bullpen is the BEST he’s ever seen”…… now go get ’em…. j.k.

Peggy ( I think), there goes your “Boy” BA….. 3-0 Sox bottom five….. j.k.

Yeah! Baby! Bobby always seems to make things interesting, but we finished that other Chicago team off and now we need to continue against Cleveland.. Don’t let up guys, we need some separation between us and Minn/Det……. Night all,,,,, j.k.

Revenge tastes good.

JK – I am a believer in BA, and it was fun to see him perform so well today. I honestly don’t believe Wise is better, either defensively or offensively in the CF position. I think with regular at-bats, BA could be a solid contributor, but obviously, Ozzie doesn’t. I also think Alexei would be the best leadoff hitter, another opinion that Ozzie doesn’t share🙂

Well, apparently the Sox made history today, sweeping the Cubs at “our house.” And a nice event it was! Enjoyed every pitch!! Nice to get a little credit from the ESPN commentators (a rare treat, to be sure). I know there is joy on the South Side tonight!

Sweet. Sweep! Sweet.

and so are you tq….I just read your comment from last night!

Night all and I’m off to have happy dreams now!


PS…My daughter’s team won the Pontiac 16U fast pitch tournament going 6-0. That makes 13 straight for those girls…keep up the great work Rebels!


Congratulations to Tampa Bay on having the best record in baseball.

Just want to enjoy the sweep . Seems to me that in wrigley field all the call went against the sox, tonight we got all of the calls. I think the sox pitchers did learn when you pitch the cubs inside their hitting falls way off.

Nice win for Mark. Ozzie was fortunate for that double play in the 9th. Jenks does not pitch well in non-save situations with leads. I was hoping once we went up four runs he would use Masset or Russell to finish them off.

Did anyone else hear Jon Miller at the start of the game refer to Thunderstruck by AC/DC as “some sort of techno music” What is that? The Sox should send him an AC/DC cd. Not quite techno music!

Personally I don’t give a damn who we play as long as win. Going to Sox Cubs games at the Cell is fun. The rivalry is good to see.

I know this will never happen, but I would like to see either a home and home with all teams or at the least 3 games with each team rotating home and road each year. I think the latter would be more likely to happen. Doing home and home would take too much away from divisional play. It would expose fans of AL teams to the players and ballparks in the NL, and vice versa. (Plus we usually beat up on the NL)

7 more at home before we hit the road again. Let’s stay hot. Detroit and the Twins play each other 7 times in the next two weeks. Hopefully they can beat each other up a bit, and the Twins have 3 in Boston also. It would be nice to get a little breathing room before the AS break.

dleeun – good point, the Sox located their pitches so much better this weekend. Not sure why it took a whole series to adjust, but their approach worked well this weekend.

What a great game by Buehrle. If it wasn’t for Crede he may have thrown a shut out. That a way boys for getting revenge on them! After 81 games Thome has 15 homers… on pace for 30…not bad. Quentin has been so good all year but even more so on Sunday nights…. Walking down the ramp getting on the cubs fans… nothing sweeter than that except for singing NA NA NA NA to Lou-ser Pinella. Go get the tribe…dont let up they are really struggling.

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