Cleveland Returns

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF, Q, LF, Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; Ram, 2B; Hall, C.  Floyd pitching.

Random Notes

Heading toward another sell out tonight with absolutely beautiful weather … Sox have won four straight … pitching opponents the rest of this homestand are tough:  Lee, Sabathia, Duscherer, Blnton, Smith and Haren … Sox finished interleague at 12-6 and lost ground … White Sox are 16-9 so far on this stretch of 26 of 32 at home … the White Sox own an AL-best +85 run differential and are 21-11 vs. the AL Central …

Vote Early and Often

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Kenwo4life Where Were You?

I read yesterday that you were heading to the ballpark to sit in the last row of section 557, so I sent an intern up to find you in the first inning.  He had tickets for the 10th row.  Alas, he said he asked for you until he felt stupid but no one fessed up to being you.  Sorry.

The Stuff You Never See

Prior to tonight’s game, Brian Anderson entertained a group from the Mercy Home for Boys.  Sporting “Team Anderson” t-shirts, Brian met with the group, signed autographs and talked during BP.  They will be sitting in center field during the game.

And Scott Linebrink entertained two Vietnam War veterans prior to the game as part of his “Scott’s Heroes” program.

Anniversary Anyone

June 30, 1988 ring a bell?

At the stroke of midnight tonight (some would say the clock was magically stopped), 20 years ago, the Illinois General Assembly approved an amended stadium bill ensuring the club would remain in Chicago.



So, if I have really bad seats when the Sox come to MN at the end of July, do you have any authority to get me better seats?

Seriously, this blog is a great read and I really like the inside info. At midnight tonight, I think I’ll have a cold one to salute the stadium bill’s passing.

Oh Kenwo, that sucks. What does Kenwo4life mean anyway?

ok, I’m coming up from Texas soon… very soon, we make the long long drive in 3 days….. we’ll be heading to a game in the middle of July, 22-24, one of those days… maybe I can meet someone somewhere, just to say, ‘hey, we met!’ Anybody maybe gonna be around?? I’ll find out the day for sure, my mom has the tickets.

When Kenwo reads that, he’ll just roll over and die! 🙂 I know I did!

kenwo…… Sorry about that! What a miss. Keep pouring it on White Sox… j.k.

WOW. Gavin looks GOOD! Swish is the man! How fun is this?!?!?!

New marketing campaign…Win Hard; Play Hard; Win Games! After a HR, check out the action in the dugout…those guys are what it’s all about! Scott, feel free to share with the PR folks =) -Dawn

Scott- Thank you for the thought….however I think you need a new intern as I arrived at the park at 6 and didn’t leave my seat *557 row 21 seat 10* until the game was over….. Had a great time anyway. As for tonights game, outstanding hitting by Swisher and Thome. We had to beat this pitcher with the two studs coming Tues. and Wed. and they got it done. Crede is making me nervous in the field. He makes a ton of spectacular plays but he also has made a ton of errors this season. This last one got the Tribe back into it but Thornton held em down. Good job guys! Lets take it to the tribe tomorrow and enjoy the Twins and Tigers beating each other up.

KenWo4life is a combination of my name- Ken- and the nWo- who were a group of wrestlers lead by Hulk Hogan in the mid 90s. Their catch phrase was nWo 4 Life. Put it together and there you go.

I just finished watching the tigers hold on to beat the twins, so our lead is now 21/2 games. That’s the good news. We need to keep our intensity level up so the type of finish we had today doesn’t happen too often. I Started to get nervous in the top of the ninth, but Matt finished it off. Let’s see what we can do against Lee tomorrow. Go Sox ’08 …. j.k.

Scott…one more question that i can’t seem to get the answer anywhere…. are the white sox going to be celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the 83 team? I had heard that they will wear the jerseys from that year, but haven’t heard when. I am hoping it is july 20… the day they are putting up Harold Baines statue. I picked that day out to bring my son to his first ever sox game (not that he will remember since he will be 10 months old) but i figure I can always tell him that his first game was when they put up the statue to one of my all time favorites.

I think Crede might need a day off. I can handle when he’s in offensive slumps, but it’s a different story when his defense starts getting shaky.

Being that Crede has hit so bad against lefites he will probably sit one of the next two. My guess would be Wednesday because Pablo hits .419 in 31 at bats against Crooked Cap, while Crede is .158 in 38 at bats. Crede hits .364 against Lee in 22 at bats so the numbers say he should be out there tomorrow.

Nice to get 5 in a row tonight. Lots of long balls, but that is the way to win at the Cell. Nice to see Swisher in a really good groove from both sides. Maybe this is the start of a hot streak for Thome too. It would be nice to see him shoulder some of the load for a while, especially since we have the A’s coming in next with their excellent pitching. We really struggle against them home and away so it would be nice to be hot at the plate when they get here.

As for Swisher we know he just stunk in April and May. He certainly has redeemed himself the last few weeks. As he gravitates towards his career average I was thinking about something today. I expect more than .251 from him, and that does not mean just a high OBP with lots of walks. Playing 81 games in Oakland he probably gave away a lot of at bats on foul outs that would be in the stands in 29 other parks. That stadium gives about a half innings (3 outs of the 54)worth of outs per game on foul outs that would not be in any other park. It may be a strecth, but I am looking for more like .265 to .270 in a much more hitter friendly US Comiskular.

In regards to the 20 year anniversary at the time I was only 11 so I did not understand the business side of the game, but I do remember hearing a lot about it. It would have been tragic had the Sox left. Considering the attendance at Tampa Bay games I’m betting that Mr. Reinsdorf would have had trouble selling tickets for the St. Petersburg Sox. It was probably a good thing for all parties that a deal was reached.

Happy Anniversary! And no, it does not ring a bell.

Actually it was the 20th anniversary of Tommy John and Quaid’s favorite team from New York — the Yankees — methodically defeating the Sox (I think it was 6-1). And a few hours later, the South Side boys at O’Brien’s and McCuddy’s were toasting a Republican governor (can you believe that???)

Living in Michigan and being a diehard whitesox fan, it is fun having all the ammo to talk smack to tiger fans. If it wasn’t for extra inning, to watch my sox, it would be a depressing season.
Tigers wins a couple games and they get excited, I always have to remind them that we swept the world series and that they got swepted.
I also love going to comerica park when the sox shows up. My lifetime record is 24-3 when I see the sox play the tigers. O bye the way, I married a diehard tigers fans. I keep telling her if she wants to win convert over to a winner.
My best man is a cleveland fan. I am finally excited that we are putting it to them this year. The last couple of years has been rough.
I always bring up the 2005 year. Funny thing is that the fans whose team hasn’t won a series in a long time always brushes it off like no big deal. I know deep down things would be different if roles were reverse.
I am hoping for home field advantage for the series this year and that we will play the cubs. My twin is a cubs fan. We win at home and another ring and bragging rights for another millinum.

Go sox

Fellow Sox fans, I wanted to share some information that some of you probably already are pondering, but might provide some perspective to others.

Think of a team with a large payroll, in a major market, that has pitching, defense, speed and power (i.e., balanced) and can “manufacture” runs as well as hit homers. That team is in first place, leading their division by 3.5 games. And over the last *four* games they have scored a *total* of TWO runs!!!

No way, you say. Oh, yes way – look at the record of the Angels!

Yep, Angel fans are probably screaming for the head of their hitting coach right now.

Some Halo fans may even be researching how many games they have lost when allowing three or less runs.

Others are probably mad that Mike Scioscia didn’t bunt runners over to manufacture a run or two.

And can you just imagine how inexcusable and ludicrous it was when they lost a game in which they allowed no hits??????

Peggy, are you saying that we should not complain because another first place team is in a slump? Is that it because I am having a hard time making the connection?

Keep in mind the the Angles are only averaging 4.1 runs per game. Not very much for a team that has all the credentials you listed. They are tied for 12th in the AL in runs scored. They don’t score a lot regularly. Does not sound like they are living up to those offensive credentials. Looking at their schedule they are winning a lot of 1 and 2 run games which makes sense considering they have a 3.79 team ERA. They are a +7 in run differential

The Sox average 4.9 runs per game. Unfortunately a lot of that is either 9 and 10 or 0 and 1 to get that average. However lately it seems to be evening out a bit more which is great because it will help us win more of those games where our pitchers hold the opponent to 3 or less. Which if you saw my post yesterday (from Sweep Celebration) about John Danks who has been the victim of the lack of run support could realistically be 13-1 if we got 5 a game for him in games we scored less.

I should have added this to make it a little more clear after re-reading what I posted. Being 49 – 34 the Angels have done a very good job of evening out those runs to have won that many games. You have to give them credit for that. It’s hard to be a +7 in runs scored and be 15 games over .500.

The Angels have lost 6 games when allowing 3 runs or less, compared to the Sox 11. I’d say that is more proof that even out their runs very well.


My take is that Peggy is saying we are not alone when it comes to a first-place team that has struggled scoring runs. Poor stretches happen to everybody.

I also think she may be inferring that numbers and statistics do not always tell the full story.

Am I close with my take, Peggy?

Jim…well played by the way!

Couldn’t post last night…power outage but it was nice to see the Sox keep the intensity, they got sloppy at the end and it almost cost them though…they need to watch that.

Let’s see if the Sox can get a game off either Lee or Sabathia and take this series.

Mark Liptak


With respect to Peggy there’s a monumental difference between going into a slump for a week (yet the Angels were still able to win one of those games 1-0) and what the Sox have done over the past few years.

The reason the Angels don’t go into “extended” slumps and have actually won their division four times in the past five or six seasons is partially because, with them it’s NOT all “home run or nothing.” That’s not the way Mike Scioscia wants it or plays it.

I can’t speak for you but I’d be thrilled to have the White Sox make the postseason four out of five years…hell I’d be doing cartwheels if they could make the post season in consecutive years.

Mark Liptak

Not sure that it means much to compare sox to other clubs, too many variables. Cold weather games, Hot weather park, big park, little park, strike outs, double plays, along with probably 100 other variables that makes comparisons mean very little. Thing is now the sox are into hot weather and the line up that they have makes a little more sense. Sox need two teams, a cold weather and play off team and a hot weather team for the cell.

tc… As the late Johnny Carson would say, “You are WRONG, Gotham City Breath…”… My favorite team in the Rotten Apple is the Mets… even BEFORE 1969… I just like rooting fior the underdog… except for the years when Lou Holtz was coaching in South Bend, and thought his team would be the underdog every week…

Lip: Isn’t it harder to hit HRs in Anaheim, even with the short porch in LF and RF?… Ditto for Dodger Stadium, with its short porch in LF?… The reason being the infamous(at least to Farmer)”marine layer”…(NO, deaf and dumb, NOT Maureen O’Hara…remember, jk?)

Peggy… even WITH Vlad the Impaler and Garret Anderson, they still have to find ways to manufacture runs… because Mike Scioscia came out of the Dodger school of baseball…and back then they didn’t have many big thumpers either… so they had to settle for station to station baseball…

As to tonight, Cliff Lee is VERY, VERY tough so far this year…
BUT… that DOESN’T mean that he can’t be defeated…due to the main fact that he is HUMAN… he puts his uniform pants on the same way the others do… one cloven hoof at a time… If you play smart, and do NOT try to go for the Dan Ryan Expway EVERY single time up… in other words, hit the ball where it’s thrown… run smart (BTW, we’ve seen a LOT of dumba** base running by the visitors the last two games, haven’t we?), and go with his flow if he makes a mistake… and it’s surprising how small ball (like the kind the WS did in the ’60’s, early ’70’s before Richie Allen, after ’77 and before ’83, et cetera…)can lead to big wins…

Easier said than done, though, folks…


You’ll have to make do with a cyber hug and a friendly cyber kiss. Any in person hugging and kissing will only be possible if you make it past that big burly husband of mine. Good luck with that.

No groping please. LOL!!!

When the heck is blog night?

Our household has had such a great time these past four days, Let’s keep it going!!!

TC – you nailed it – my points exactly.

Jim – I would never deprive a Sox fan of their birthright to complain. Nor did I intend to imply any precise correlation between the Angels’ performance and the Sox. Just meant to cheer up some of the worriers on this board, make them feel less lonely🙂

Dleeun, you are right, of course, that variables make any comparison suspect. And I agree that some players definitely perform better in warm weather – Barry Zito is the poster boy for that, which is why I thought the Giants were crazy to pick him up and pay him that monumental salary.

Happy Anniversary to former Gov. “Big Jim” Thompson for being the poiltician that he was, and STILL is… He didn’t want to be known as the man who chased one of the charter franchises of the American League down to St Petersburg… so the legislature played “Beat The Clock” to get things going…

That was good…

One thing more, though, Mr Thompson and whomever else would be responsible 20 years later…



Peggy, I am unfamiliar with the weather of Bay Area. Is the weather that much of a difference from Oakland to San Francisco?

LA fans (isn’t that an oxymoron?) are too laid back to complain (or is that too much of a stereotype?). Either way I agree that they aren’t all HR or nothing and that keeps them out of prolonged funks. The Sox continue to ride the wave of the HR.

As for the Bay Area weather (my sis and brother live there), it is amazingly different. Get on the BART (subway) in San Fran wearing a jacket and jeans and get off in Oakland wearing shorts and t-shirt and still sweating. San Fran is always cooler due to the ocean breeze whereas Oakland feels the sun.

Let’s go get em again tonight boys! And don’t fret over last nights end…error and Masset combined to let them back in. Different situation would’ve brought in our top relievers and we would’ve (most likely) seen fewer runs scored.


It appears that our brethren on this board have taken your post about the Angels (and my “tongue in cheek” comments after it) way too seriously.

So I’ll stop being sarcastic and say this: Yes, the Angels are in a short slump. No, it is not as long as the Sox’ streak of inconsistency. Yes, I believe that Mike Scioscia is the best manager in baseball today (and by far). And yes, the Angels do not play a “home run or nothing” style of baseball. Of course, in their ballpark it would be foolish to do so. Now if they played at US Cellular, it would probably be a different approach. Can you imagine how many bombs Vlad and Anderson would hit playing in our launching pad all summer long???

And TQ, I thought I read a few years back that the Senese family was offered a spot to rebuild but turned it down. Of course, I might be wrong and often am.

Thanks Wink. If I ever travel to the Bay Area I will be sure to pack for all seasons!

I found the photos of the 2006 blog night. Are any of you in them?

I also went back and read the posts from September and October of 2005. There was quite a bit of anger and a lot of people losing faith as the Indians started creeping up on us toward the end of the season. It seemed like most people were ready to disown the Sox for the choke job they were about to complete. Fortunately there were a couple people who didn’t lose their heads, including a Mr. Quaid, and a j.k. in tucson. The board was pretty chaotic with arguments everywhere, until September 28th. Apparently on that day a certain writer from a certain Chicago paper had some not so positive words for this blog. Everyone on here then proceeded to unite against this common enemy. The Sox then went out and clinched the division the next day.

I think every city needs a villain. As much as Chicago sports fans disagree, we all seem to come together in agreement that Mariotti is a ****. (You can fill in the stars with whatever word you want.)

Anyway, I think I have a renewed sense of optimism after reading all of the posts throughout the playoffs. 2008 is our year.


Jim – Winkelmp said it best. When the Giants decided to go after Zito, I was certain they would be disappointed with him, and said as much to all my Giants-fan friends. No joy in being right, though. What I observed was that early and late in his seasons with Oakland (the weather even in Oakland is cooler then) Zito was *much* less effective than during the warm months. That led me to conclude that when he became a free agent he should pitch for the Braves, or Angels, or Diamondbacks, or one of the Florida or Texas teams.

Who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have any better luck in those places, but then again, he couldn’t do much worse for the money.


I know that there are not too many fans feeling sorry for Zito. And there are millions of reasons why.

I’m just glad he is not coming in with the A’s this weekend and shut us down like he used to do.

TC – agreed on both counts.

It was nice, though, to see the Sox beat him in May (when he pitched for the Giants).

Scott any idea who hold the White Sox record for the the most games with a home run from each side of the plate? At this rate Swisher is going to take is over pretty quick. I was at the game last night, awsome weather & an even better game! Lets get one of the next 2 & keep winning series! Go Go White Sox!

scam… I am happy that you went back in time to read our posts from the clinching month nearly three years ago…

Couple of points, though… One, Mr Quaid was my FATHER(God rest his soul… he was the one that got me into the boys back in 1960… JEEEEEEZZZZZ, that sounds so ANCIENT…)… I go by Tom, or TQ, or Q… anything upto and including “HEY, STUPID!!!”… which a few of the bloggers have used, MANY TIMES …

Secondly, you referred to our “friend”… America’s Sweetheart, at the tabloid rag… If I were a priest, I would forgive you for that, and make you say 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys… then make a full Act of Contrition… (anyone out there who grew up in the Roman Catholic church know EXACTLY where I’m coming from…)

I love reading this blog because it seems to give both sides, those who are ready to jump off a bridge and those who are always confident. I believe that’s a big reason that this blog keeps going with so many posts and thus so much life. Also, it helps keep me from jumping😉

Thank you Scam for reminding us all of the chaos we put ourselves through sometimes. Lord knows I need the help as I often enjoy and agree with Mark’s posts! Keep up the good work…and to the rest of you (TQ J.K. et al), thank you for keeping me away from the ledge haha. Now let’s go win the series tonight! Go get ’em boys!

-winkelmp (otherwise known as ‘Mark’) -maybe it’s in the name, that’s why I agree so often with Mark Liptak and enjoy his posts! Always look to get better! Keep finding those imperfections and correct them!

Back in town (for the moment), did I miss anything? (LOL)

Great to see the sweep over the northsiders after the nice west coast series. Was out at the Cell last night and stayed till the very last second (after Ozzie’s press conference). Looked to me like no one left their seats after Cleveland went ahead either. (I think the fans are starting to smell another one . . .) If we can survive against Cliff Lee, can you have any doubt there’s a better than average chance to beat CC again?

Just wanted to say, Mr. Reifert, that catching up on your blogs was great fun. Keep up the good work!

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