Lefty Duel

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; ARam, 2B; BA, CF.  Danks pitching.

Battle of Left-handers

Everyone is aware that Cleveland’s Cliff Lee is 11-1 with an ERA of 2.34, second in the league, but how about John Danks, who ranks third in the AL with a 2.62 ERA.

Swish’s Wishes

Nick Swisher hosted Adam Bender and his family today at the ballpark.  Bender, 8, is from Kentucky.  He caught Swish’s eye recently when a wire photo showed Bender catching in his youth league game.  Bender, you see, has one leg.

So Swish invited the boy up to see the clubhouse, play catch on the field and watch BP.  All the guys stopped to say hello.

And for the ceremonial first pitch tonight, there will be a twist.  Swish will throw to Bender.

Here’s the release with the details:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Tuesday, July 1, 2008

White Sox Slugger Recognizes the Spirit, Hope and Courage in Kids With Special Visit
From Cancer Survivor on the One-Year Anniversary of Foundation, “Swish’s Wishes”

            CHICAGO – Eight-year-old baseball catcher Adam Bender, who lost his leg to cancer at the age of one, will join Chicago White Sox outfielder/first baseman Nick Swisher on the field of U.S. Cellular Field on Tuesday, July 1 to catch Swisher’s ceremonial first pitch.  Swisher invited Adam to the game and to throw the first pitch as a sign of inspiration, hope and courage – the virtues that Swisher has sought to bring to so many during the first year of his “Swish’s Wishes™” charitable foundation for kids.

          “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first anniversary of ‘Swish’s Wishes’ then to spend it with Adam Bender and his family,” said Swisher. “I’m a big believer in ‘it’s when you give of yourself that you truly receive,’ and I’m so happy he accepted my invitation to be here today.  He has given me the greatest gift by sharing his fight and no-quit attitude.  He’s such an inspiration, and I think we all can learn something from this little boy.”

             A resident of Lexington, Ken., Adam, who also plays soccer and is the quarterback of his flag football team, professes to enjoy baseball the most.   He prepares to defend the plate by resting on one knee until a runner tries to score and that’s when he hops on one leg to take the throw.  This skill earned him the league lead in put outs at his position at one point this past Little League season.

            Before handling the first pitch catching duties, Adam will get to meet Nick’s White Sox teammates, tour the clubhouse, sit in the dugout and watch the team take batting practice before its game vs. Cleveland.

            “I’m not sure who’ll be more excited when we meet today, Adam or me,” said Swisher.  “On second thought, I’m sure it will be me!”

            “Swish’s Wishes” is committed to assisting with vital medical and childhood care, education, recreational activities and other essential programs that will make a difference in a child’s life.  All contributions to the Nick Swisher “Swish’s Wishes” Foundation are processed through The Community Foundation For the National Capital Region (www.cfncr.org), a 501(c) (3) Tax ID 23-7343119.  For more information about “Swish’s Wishes,” please visit www.nickswisher.net.

Blog Night

We’ve got a date … August 6.  Details on buying tickets tomorrow!

No one complain about the date.  You complain, you can’t come …


I read about Adam before…truly an amazing story of overcoming adversity and not letting anything get in the way of your dreams. It’s great of Swish to recognize him and to do all he does for children. I wish all athletes would do similar…give back and help those around them.

Should be a great game tonight…go get ’em boys!

I read about Adam before…truly an amazing story of overcoming adversity and not letting anything get in the way of your dreams. It’s great of Swish to recognize him and to do all he does for children. I wish all athletes would do similar…give back and help those around them.

Should be a great game tonight…go get ’em boys!

August 6th eh? That’s perfect!! Can’t wait for details, maybe I can make it for my first time! Is family welcome? (I’m thinking specifically of my 5yr old son)

Sorry for the double (now triple) post, tried unsuccessfully to hit stop to add in about the blog date. This technically gives me 4 posts in a row…overstaying my welcome for sure! haha.

Huzzah!!! Blog night III. I’m happy as a clam Scott, can I come? ….. Great story about Swish and Adam….. Very inspirational…. Now, let’s make it two tonight against the Tribe… Go Sox ’08… j.k.

“All” we gotta do now is shut out the Indians and we win…… Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

With Danks pitching, as long as we stay away from the errors, I believe we can. Back end of bullpen (Linebrink and Jenks namely) are rested and ready to go after an entire day off🙂 Just get Danks through 7th and bring them in, I have confidence they can finish the job.

come on Guys.. let’s get this Kid some runs. It’s now 1-1 going into the bottom of the sixth…… j.k.

Going into the ninth! 1-1. We need this win. Come on guys, let’s do it….. j.k.

extra’s… Go Sox…. j.k.

Oh, no! Adam Russel?????????? How about a couple of runs in the bottom of the 10th???? j.k.

Wow!! Shades of ’05. Home run by our eighth place hitter, single and a stolen base by #9 pinch hitter and a single to win it,,,, oh yes!!!! Yea!!! What a fun game….. j.k.

Heck yea! This team is starting to become special.

It’s too bad Danks got screwed out of another W. I’m sure he’ll take a team win tho. His dad chose a good game to attend.

TQ, I am so sorry on both counts. The second one, I do admit, was inexcusable. I was not raised Catholic, so it’s a little easier for me to be forgiven.

Nice come from behind win. It was nice to finally get to Borowski because he has owned us in the past. Excellent effor by Danks tonight. Should have gotten a win tonight. Cliff Lee is a good pitcher and is having an excellent year, but he is guy we normally hit for about a .300 average as a team. I thought we would be able to scratch out a couple and get Danks a win. If we could only get John 5 a game he’d be the talk of baseball. Instead he is the most underrated 5-4 pitcher ever.

In the post game show they showed Danks as the 92nd ranked starter in the AL in run support. By my 5 run rule he is 14-1 after tonight. But as long as we win that is what matters no matter who gets the W.

Curious as to why Ozzie brought Thornton in to face all those righties. Obviuosly Cleveland stacked the lineup with righties to face Danks. Thornton has been great, but that is a Bobby Jenks situation in the 10th at home because there will be no save situation. I give Adam Russell a lot of credit. Being that he has not thrown a ton of very meaningful pitches for us he got a huge out that gave us the chance to win.

6th time this year the Sox have rallied to win a game when trailing in the 7th inning or later.

Two oddities:

1. Three of those games have come against Cleveland.

2. This is the first time in those six wins, the “rally” didn’t happen in the 7th inning!

Mark LIptak

Huge win…took 2 in the series which was my goal…now maybe we can get the bonus and beat CC. I was thinking this was the night we would get to below average joe and Ramirez came through. Wise set the table and Cabrera cleaned it up. Beautiful job by everyone tonight. Twins beat the tigers so that series is 1-1… which is fine with me..let em beat up each other and we keep winning. Chris Singleton just threw out a nice shout out on ESPN..nice to have one of our guys on that show.

What an awesome game!!! IMO, that was the most exciting one so far this year. The crowd was a little too quiet in the 10th, but that all changed when Alexei launched his homer. The Cell absolutely erupted! And then to finish it off by manufacturing a run. That’s the kind of game I like to see us play. Great job, guys!

Thanks for setting the date, Scott. My calendar is marked, and I look forward to seeing many of my fellow bloggers again.

Yeah, Singleton said the Sox would beat the Cubs if they got to the WS. I like the pick. Not to throw a damper on our six day party, but you all know we will love another game before the season is over, so enjoy while it’s rolling and keep the faith whenever we do lose…… sometime after the AS break would be good…… Great win tonight…… j.k.

Freudian slip… love was supposed to be lose…… maybe not…. j.k.

I like our chances tomorrow against Crooked Cap. With the right lineup I think we can scratch out enough runs to win. With Thome seemingly having figured him out (3HR’s this year) and I’d expect to see your fast slap hitters like Pablo and Wise out there, I think we can get enough across. Jose pitched good in his only outing against the Indians this year picking up a win (over Sabathia). They have very little left handed depth to match up against Jose. I’d like to extend this to 7 before we face a serious challenge when Oakland comes to town.

Some momentum into the Oakland series would be big. It seems like every game we win these guys pick up some more confidence.

I don’t think there is any chance Crede does not get tomorrow off. He needs it desperately.

A couple of things noteworthy from last night’s great game:

A year ago, if I told you we’d be one out away from a loss to the Tribe on July 1, 2008, only to come back to win it with heroics from Alexei Rameriz (?), DeWayne Wise (?), and Orlando Cabrera, you’d have thought I was looney.

Ozzie took lots of heat for removing Danks from the game so early at Wrigley two Fridays ago then leaves him in for eight innings tonight and his last pitch hit 93 on the gun. I think that was his high-water mark for the whole night.

So I leave town, the sox haven’t loss since (told you I miss all the good stuff) and be careful gang…you are all starting to sound optimistic!! Caught the A’s/Giants game Sunday and watched the Cubs lose to the Giants tonight after a wonderful dinner with Peggy!! Perfect end to the day!! We were keeping track of the sox on cell phone and I knew they would pull it out after the 10th inning HR!! Have to say McAfee in Oakland…not impressed but At&T park is very nice. There are ALOT of Cub fans out here catching this series. We are making our way toward LA, LA land tomorrow for a date with the Dodgers and Angels. Here’s hoping the good times keep rolling for our boys!! Sorry I’m missing all the fun, but as long as I come home with them in first I’m happy!!

Never had a doubt last night.

Watch out guys, Adam Russel is the real deal. There is a reason they brought him up this year. You could see he had something special last year in spring training.

I saw the segment on Adam Bender & Swish on CSN. What a great story. The comments by Adams parents were really nice.

Awesome win last night! Great to see Joe return to form at 3rd, he had 3 outstanding plays last night to support John. What a difference a year makes with Danks. He is not giving in to the hitters and is getting better at being more economical with his pitch count which allows him to get deeper in the games. But we’ve got to get him some runs. Alexi continues to grow…what a great find.

If we find a way to beat Sabathia, then you know this could be a special year. We had a different hero every day in 2005, starting to see a lot of that this year as well. Long way to go, but feeling optomistic.


Let’s make CC’s potentially last start against us special…let’s score 10 runs and sweep the series.

I am new to the blog. I love it!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could say so much more, but I’m taking tomorrow off, so there’s too much work to do. Just spectacular! Geuseppi (aka D0gg, these days) and I were so tickled, we used the DVR to go back and watch the 10th again. Kudos to Danks, Alexei, Wise and OC!

Mullet, welcome to the blog. For the majority, some great insight (from Scott and others), great conversation and great people.

BLOG NIGHT IS SET!!! I haven’t even checked my calendar, but I’m there!!! (provided I can keep track of the darn tickets!) In the meantime, let’s keep rolling!! -Dawn

Blog Night – I am so there! Last year’s was my first and I’ll never miss another one.

What hasn’t been said about last night? Probably not much but it was awesome wasn’t it? Totally fun to watch.

Welcome mullet!

Let’s get the sweep tonight on good old CC.


GREAT WIN last night. What a difference a week can make. Gotta love Ozzie’s nickname for Alexei, “Cuban Missile.” The kid is very impressive.
Some stats:
AL Cenral was 58-32 .644 against the NL
11 AL teams won at least 10 games against the NL
welcome Mullet138

IF the second Miracle on 35th Street should occur… remember the date of Tuesday, July 1st… This was one of those “you had to see it to believe it…and even if you DID see it, you STILL CAN’T believe it” finishes…

I do not care if Joe Borowski has been struggling at any time during the course of the ’08 season… based on his past record and reputation, he is one of the toughest closers in recent MLB history… and to get within one out of having the series evened up… and suffering one of a myriad of heart breaking losses… the Higher Authority saw to it that Alexi Ramirez fly ball would have JUST enough to make it over the fence to the ecstatic WS bullpen… triggering those who were left into a similar form of ecstasy…Then the single and SB by Dewayne Wise…and then the (as the late Danny Ozark put it when he managed the Phillies)”coupe de ville” (aka the coup de gras)of the base hit by OC… Sizemore is a very good outfielder, take nothing away from him, but his arm is not the most effective out there(thank you, Stone Pony and Farmio for the point out…)and Wise had JUST ENOUGH to slide in head first… and send the crowd home EXTREMELY happy… except for those who were rooting for the Tribe…

What I am saying is… every year, a team that is in the fight NEEDS a win like this… to pick themselves up off the deck(do you think I could throw any MORE cliches in???)and snatch victory from the gaping jaws of defeat…(GOOD LORD, does this guy think he’s Grantland Rice, or WHAT???…for those of you who don’t know, Grantland Rice was a sportswriter in the ’20’s,’30s and ’40’s…when writers wrote stories and NOT, for the most part, opinions…)

Your NEXT challenge, Mr Guillen, is to take out the left hander whom Jim D has correctly pegged as “Crooked Cap”…

Of course, should you or any of your White Sox force be caught or killed… WS UNiverse will disavow any knowledge of your actions…

This post will self-destruct in five seconds…

Good luck, Ozzie…

If any of you recognize that from the old “Mission:IMPOSSIBLE” series… you’re just as old as I am…

Let me add my welcome on to you, “mullet”… Is it business in front, party in back… or vice-versa…

Believe or not, Ripley… We have a date for Blog Night III…
and, if the old boy is there… brace yourselves, folks… he MAY have a date, too…

The Appocalypse may occur right after that…

TQ, if you bring a date to Blog Night how are you going to pass out kisses????????????????????????????????


Marie: The same way that porcupines mate, and WS fans manuever around Clark and Addison…


Oh TQ, that last post had me laughing.

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